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Server time (UTC): 2021-12-04 16:30

I think someone just combat logged


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Server and location: Chernarus, around Polesovo. 

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): date: 10-14-2019  (20:31) gmt +1 (amsterdam)

Your in game name:  Victor Mikhailov

Names of allies involved: Victor Mikhailov

Name of suspect/s: i dont know

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): no

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): no

Detailed description of the events:  I had a chat with a american player i met at my base. which was a bit strange,  since he said that he had spotted our base before. He then went up north to Polesovo. After a few min i decided to check because there is a friend living near by. and then i noticed that his base was raided. presumably by the same person i met before. So after doing some stuff around our own base i decided to head south a bit.  And then i noticed the same guy again so i tried to aproach him and ask him about the raid. He decided not to talk to me and just ran off. so i decided to give him a warning and then i shot at him.  He fled into a barn wounded and i kept my distance and watched the barn with my scoped kar89. After a few min the door opened and he ran / stumbled away. I put my scope on 300m and landed another hit.  after that i tried to locate him, since he was behind a haystack. but he was gone and im quite sure he could not have walked or ran that far. my guess is that he logged off.


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17:38:01 | Player "Victor Mikhailov" is connected
18:06:33 | Player "Victor Mikhailov" has been disconnected
18:11:31 | Player "Victor Mikhailov" is connected
18:18:48 | Player "Victor Mikhailov" has been disconnected
19:09:23 | Player "Victor Mikhailov" is connected
19:13:06 | Player "Victor Mikhailov" has been disconnected

14:47:36 | Player "Liwanu Langundo" is connected
19:08:39 | Player "Liwanu Langundo" has been disconnected



17:55:29 | Player "Liwanu Langundo" hit by Player "Victor Mikhailov" with Karabiner 98K from 96.5171 meters 
18:01:41 | Player "Liwanu Langundo" hit by Player "Victor Mikhailov" with Karabiner 98K from 449.983 meters 

Calling in the following for their POV and any video evidence they may have:

 | Victor Mikhailov | OP
@Liwanu | Liwanu Langundo | POSTED

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@Liwanu You have been temp banned until you provide your pov and any video evidence.

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With all do respect go ahead ban me but where is the video proof i logged bc i stay on no matter what. today some guy shot me 4 times an didnt even come an talk to me an i still lived i didnt log i dont do that . an video proof aint a thing bc my pc cant record so if i have to wait out this ban im gonna be disappointed but ig that is what i get for not being able to record. ik i didnt log in not one scenario i would take my death like a champ that guy who was shooting at me for whatever reason was terrible its not my fault he couldnt find me i was watcxhing him the entire time he is lucky i didnt have 308 for my m70. he ran from me to gain distance an still couldnt kill me. i wish i had a recording software to make him look like a fool rn. sorry im a lil upset i am getting banned bc a guy thinks i logged bc he couldnt kill me . no i didnt log i watched you for ab 10 min till i had regained my health an then i went to go get 308 ig you logged after that bc i couldnt see him at his base. i can not believe im fuckin banned rn for this shit man. this guys a fuckin pussy shoots me in the back as im watching him walk past me . just bc i didnt introduce myself he shoots me now hes sayin i logged after . hes buggin. check the logs or something the only time my health went down to red today was from that asshole shoooting me in the back i took cover he ran from me to gain distance bc i had a shotgun. i wanted to take this out in rp but hes a bum an filed a report. thank yall for yer time sorry its being wasted on this fuckin idiot ask him if he has video evidence of the situation. bc i bet if you zoom in you can literally see my gun barrel poking over a hay stack 

sorry if i seem angry this is frustrating bc ik i been playing fair i aint petty like that if he killed me he killed me but i took 4 shots from his KAR 98K 

i rlly wanna get back to building. do yall know how long this is ab to take i dont need my base getting raided over this. 

maaan i didnt even have nothing i care ab on me if i would have died it would have been whatever i had no reason to log out. plus even if i had shit i like loggin out aint what makes the game fun i dont mind starting over. on ps4 all i did was create new characters to run up the map just to loot i do not log out in combat scenarios

i do not think i should be banned until we see this guys "evidence" bc i guarantee all he has is him running away from me. then he shoots at me an lost me behind a hay stack an now im banned. i get yall are human too an all an yall gotta look at all the evidence but i dont think i should be banned just bc this guy tells yall i "combat logged". which is definitely something i didnt even almost consider doing. ive spent dayz of my irl time on this server i love rp an ive died to the most bs i aint afraid of dying its just a learning experience for the next life. i definitely did not log out i probably actually logged out after ab 2 hrs after this all happened around 3 or 4 for the first time all day since i woke up at 10 or so. 

cant yall check the logs to see when i logged out? bc it wasnt anywhere near whatever time that last shot hit me. 

yo wait whaat arent the first logs my log in an log out?


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@Liwanu I have removed your temporary ban since you responded with your POV.

In the future do not spam the report with 7 replies. The reports are dealt with as soon as a Gamemaster or Admin is available. You were temporarily banned to get your attention towards this report. Keep an eye on this report in the following hours for further questions.

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@Pr0z4c can you explain a bit further what was said between you and @Liwanu when you talked to him?

Also. Can you confirm this, you saw him raiding your friends base, not your own?

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yeah he walked up to my base and he was talking about how he liked my base and design. He also said this was a populated area.
i said to him that we didnt knew that since we where just starting. I told him that we wanted a car so we could drive people all around chernarus, so he gave me a c an of gasoline. he walked away and returned later asking for plyers and if i had spare nails. i tossed him the plyers because i was in my base. he then took off.

Some minutes later i decided to check my neighbours house and surly he was banging at it with a sledge hammer. ( my neighbours where not there)

i told him to go away, and that this was the last time i was being polite.

several minutes later after i went further up north i returned to my neighbours place, he removed a wall and i gues he got scared when i aproached.

I waited for daylight,  then decided to go south and look for stuff, and then i saw him running, ( he was killing a zombie and he was about 20 / 30 meters away from me, i aproached him and tried to talk to him to get info about the raid. he didnt respond altough he clearly saw me. i was trying to talk to him but he ran off, so i warned him,  he didnt respond. so i shot at him.

he turned around with his shotgun and was moving from left to right towards me so it was difficult to get a shot. i moved back and then shot at him a couple of times, resulting this 18:01:41 | Player "Liwanu Langundo" hit by Player "Victor Mikhailov" with Karabiner 98K from 449.983 meters .

yes i can confirm he was using a sledge to break in. the wall was removed and so was a piece of barbed wire. he removed the barbed wire with my pliers i gave him in good faith.

as seen above it is true that i logged off after the whole situation. my pizza was burning.

4 hours ago, Liwanu said:



If you want to join us in our little group, Liwanu you are welcome. it might be a better way to roleplay instead of raiding peoples places while they are not there.

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4 hours ago, Pr0z4c said:

I waited for daylight,  then decided to go south and look for stuff, and then i saw him running, ( he was killing a zombie and he was about 20 / 30 meters away from me, i aproached him and tried to talk to him to get info about the raid. he didnt respond altough he clearly saw me. i was trying to talk to him but he ran off, so i warned him,  he didnt respond. so i shot at him.

Please describe to the best of your memory what exactly you said and did when you 'warned' him.


Thank you

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I noticed him attacking a zombie with a knife. i said hey you! hold up, i want to ask you someting about the base you just raided. i got no reply and started running after him,  again i said stand still, i'm warning you! i repeated that a couple of times i believe,  stand still or i will shoot. 

When i saw him raiding the base i said i was being polite before, but thats over now since he raided my neighbour, so the second time after i saw the base got raided i was in a mood to open fire if needed, after a couple of warnings during the second time we met i did. i know he could hear me. so im my view, not responding and running away was a reaction of him  confirming he raided my neighbour.

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@Pr0z4c meets @Liwanu near his base around Polesovo, and exchanges a few words. @Pr0z4c notices his friend's base nearby has been raided and questions @Liwanu about it. @Liwanu apparently runs off instead of replying to any questions, so @Pr0z4c opens fire on @Liwanu, hitting him twice before @Liwanu gets to cover to recover from his injuries. @Pr0z4c attempts to locate @Liwanu, but is unsuccessful. 


@Pr0z4c - you log out 17 minutes after shooting at @Liwanu, and don't log in again for another 50 minutes. @Liwanu didn't log out after you shot him for another hour, which well exceeds the 30 minute combat timer. You, however, have broken the combat logging rule below. Since you initiated and shot at @Liwanu, the minimum 30 minute combat timer also applies to you as well.


4.5 Combat logging is leaving the server during or shortly after a hostile situation or when your character is still involved in active role play. After a hostile action has occurred where you were involved, you may only log out from the game after a minimum of 30 minutes have passed since you broke the line of sight with others involved in that situation. This rule can be ignored if the other players give you OK to log out earlier.


@Pr0z4c, due to lack of evidence we cannot come to a conclusion on whether or not your shots at @Liwanu were valid. We cannot determine whether @Liwanu heard your initiation before you opened fire, as your PoVs conflict each other. In future we recommend:

  • Using recording software to ensure your claims have the proper evidence behind them. 
  • Ensuring your victim has actually heard your initiation before opening fire
  • Making sure your initiation is clear and unambiguous. 


  • Make sure you keep an eye on the time you initiated, so that you can properly wait at least 30 minutes before you log out.
  • The combat timer applies to both the attackers and the defenders.
  • If you are unsure of the exact time and wish to check, you can join the 'Waiting for staff help' channel in the DayZRP discord, and a staff member will help you determine how much time you have left before you can log out, or help you get hold of the defender so you can ask for permissions to log out early.
  • Don't engage in hostilities if you know you have to log out soon.


@Liwanu | Combat Logging | NO PUNISHMENT 
@Pr0z4c | Attempted Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) | INCONCLUSIVE
@Pr0z4c | Combat Logging | 3 day ban, 10 warning points

SIGNED: @Fae, @Derek Steel + @Hofer

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