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S1 KOS by a red car - On the coast

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Server and location: S1 somewhere on the coast

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Like 3am or something

Your in game name: Alan Woods

Names of allies involved: Noah Russo( @Masonn ) and some other fella

Name of suspect/s: RED CAR (VV GOLF WANNABE)

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Noah's LADA

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

Detailed description of the events: So me and Noah took 2 cars, I took it hostage by ripping its door so it doesn't run away, we run around the coast, trying to escape a truck following us, we stop to see if some of our allies are the house in the video, me a good boi, get and decide to give the car its door back, since I was feelling a good person and wanted to provide some nice RP to it, but all of sudden the car just bounces and bitchslaps me, killing me. I demand all these damned RED CARS BE KOSED ON SIGHT !

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Brov! These red cars are only here to PvP, i think admins need to ban them. 

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Detailed POV: We were driving 2 cars on the coast when I slam on my break 0.0001 cm away from a roadblock which is when we see a truck. We turn our cars around and drive away fearing enemies. We stop at a house we thought a friend of ours was in. He was not there. I run back to the car and I see the car start doing spins and then bitch slap @Alan Woods. I grab what I can and put it in my car and drive off. 

I would like Ruleplay, Invalid kill, and troll RP added to the red car that killed @Alan Woods.

The ruleplay being that the car seemed focused only on killing Alan.


Invalid kill because we never engaged on the car but the car thought it has defender rights for no reason and probably just wanted @Alan Woods gear.


troll RP because the car spun in circles for no reason and didn’t even talk.

Actually upon further investigation, I talked it out with the red car (didn’t talk but whatever) and I would like for this report to be dropped. 

for future reference to ALL cars across chernarus, please try not to focus on PVP. I get that you want us foreigners dead but spinning out of control and killing us kinda ruins the RP for everyone involved.

Edited by Masonn

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