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The Doc Checking In [99.4hz]


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*the frequency would come to life with an American sounding man's voice*

Hello to those it concerns this is Jeremiah White, or Doc for those who have met me. I was a traveling medic in the past but have found a home to setup my clinic.

*a patient could be heard talking in the background*

I have setup within the Green Mountain Charity walls as a place where I can be found indefinitely. If anyone needs medicine, checkups, or bullet wounds stitched up and cauterized this is where I can be found. As my practice requires I am that of a neutral party and will treat anyone who requires my service. No fighting or bickering will take place in my clinic or you will be asked to leave.

*transmission dies*

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*once again a man in his mid 20s can be heard across the waves*

This is the Doc once again, letting those know that I am taking patients at this time. Come in and get your medicine or a physical done.


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