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Attachiing assault vest to belt slot with plate carrier


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Hello, me and my friend were playing S1 yesterday and my friend told me that you could attach the assault vest to the belt slot when you have a plate carrier on, and to my amazement it worked!

however I am playing deer isle right now and I cant seem to get it to work anymore. Anyone have an idea what's going on here?

I have a plain black plate carrier with mag pouches and I have tried to attach a black and a green assault vest with no attachments with no success.

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Just now, rhothar said:


It's a particular vest that got added in with the Mass Many Items Overhaul, it will specifically tell you in the description of the vest that it is a mass vest that can go in your belt slot. I'm not sure if they can be found on deer isle currently or not.

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As any other clothing item added by the mod it is most likely in the loot tables on Deer Island as well.

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