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Halloween Party, Guglovo Carnival


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  • Diamond

The sound of people chatting in the background and footsteps break the static, and a female voice clearly broadcasts a message.

"Hello Chernarus!
There is a Halloween party down here at Guglovo Carnival, starting now, ending when we're drunk or dead.

We have booze, food, drugs and hopefully music at some point. 
Feel free to stop by, costumes are encouraged.

Come meet the one and only Vladimir Putin, who is doing an excellent job of keeping the party in motion.

Keep your beef and shit at the door.

See you soon!"

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  • Diamond

*Conor picks up the radio half drunk and half high as he slides around the back of his taxi towards home during the night.*


"Ggggrrrrrrrrrreat party! Thhhhhhanks for the booze and such, I didn't know you had such a soft side for me Miss Fae, til' next time. Let Laura know I ap-appreciate her services as always."


*Banging his head against the window of his taxi home he blacks out letting go of his radio as he slumps on the seat out cold.*

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Panting could be heard over the radio, followed by a man tripping and falling, a few curse words later, he'd speak.

"The party is over, four dead. Why must you all shoot each other? I couldn't even give last rites.. It doesn't matter. The party was killed or ran off. Apology if you are going there now. I would recomend not going. Your choice, however."

He flicked the radio off, and got back up, now jogging away from the scene of the slaughter. Halloween really is the day of the dead.

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  • Diamond

Fae pushes the PTT

"Y'know it ain't a party until someone dies.
Just wish I didn't have to be bomb disposal for some morons who tried to blow up our porta-potty.

And Conor.. I'll see you very soon. You never said goodbye, after all..."

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