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Question Regarding Verdict

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The hostage volunteered to be a neutral negotiater between all sides. No intentions were to circumvent any rules. The hostage was initiated on after negotiations failed.

Edit: A firefight kill is a Miss-ID in a firefight. The reason this rule is in place is because we wanted to allow people who made simple mistakes in the heat of the moment to get a lesser punishment. The report in question was not a Miss ID during a firefight, it was a very conscious decision to execute the hostage during the firefight, making it an invalid kill roleplayed. Just because the situation broke out due to a firefight, doesn't class this kill as an invalid kill firefight.

Edit 2: There is no such thing as "no way of telling if they were part of the group or not" They obviously didn't ask the guys affiliation then. Had they done that and found out the guy wasnt part of either group and was just a neutral negotiator, they would've been able to tell that he had no part in what was happening.

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