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Add zombies when population is low?


Zombie count  

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I do not know if this is possible, but say, when server population is low on players, could we have an increase in zombies? And when the population rises, we can have zombie count drop down to it normal levels. I do not think it's possible to have this programmed but if it is, should we have it? 

What do y'all think? 

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  • Sapphire

The way DayZ works (Not sure if you know, if so ignore this) with spawning zombies is that for every 1 player, there is a set number of zombies to spawn within a radius of that player. e.g. 1 player is running through Kab, 4 zombies spawn in and around Kab.

Perhaps if it's possible to reverse engineer it, so the server would check the player count by itself and spawn according to that? I doubt it's even possible, coding is a lot more complicated than it seems.

+1 if possible though.

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It would possibly affect the server performance and as far as we all know Dayz... but yeah, I would love to see more infected at least when the population is low (with server full the performance... well...). On a sidenote as a funfact here's how the infected apparently work according to reddit (not sure how up-to-date it is):


I was working on tweaking zombie spawns some time ago and Baty elaborated on it to me.

An example of a zone/spawn point:

<zone name="InfectedArmy" smin="0" smax="0" dmin="4" dmax="8" x="620.333" z="13648.7" r="75"/>


Minimum zombie spawn = smin + dmin

Maximum zombie spawn = smax + dmax

X and Z are the map coordinates.

R is the radius (in meters) from the coordinates on where they can spawn

Here is Baty's take on it:

Zone is basically a sphere where infected "lives", they can leave zone, but are also bind to it - should return and wander where unless disturbed by player.

parameters of the zone:

center 2) radius 3) type of infected - set of all subtypes from dynamic events table/ xml - name is link 4) smin + smax = (static infected) range between those two numbers 5) dmin + dmax = (dynamic infected) range between those two numbers

static infected are always where - unless some cap has been reached or player killed them all dynamic infected - their presence depends on nearby player(s)

actual number (within range) is random - number will be always different and can change from time to time to allow re-distribution and variability dmin=10, dmax=100 = anything between 10 and 100 (including)

there are lot of other rules affecting this as well, for example there is global infected limit per map limits exist also per different types of infected to allow better variability

spawning and choosing when infected can be spawned/ despawned has a lot of rules, lots of timers and ranges - some of them are set cause of performance, others for distribution when player clear zoneand all infected vanish - timers affect re-population, etc. etc.

Zones can be also created dynamically upon events and certain places.

About dynamic zone and player presence, close player is considered somewhere between 500 - 1000 meters to zone edge or within zone, it's configurable.

If you look at the default zombie_territories.xml you'll see that 90% of all zombie spawns in DayZ are dynamic. I've played around with these and they seem to only spawn if it's not within sight of the player, so around building corners and generally places you wouldn't see. This explains those times where you scout a village ahead and don't see anything and when you arrive there you suddenly see zeds crawling out like roaches outta thin air.


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1 hour ago, William89 said:

No, I want to play with people, not stupid zombies. Zombies are just cosmetics, like the broken buildings.

If player count is low (which it is in Deer Isle) players should be unbanned (for free and without final warning).

Zombies are a cosmetic some of us enjoy. It adds an extra challenge. 

And if you are demanding players be un-banned, why not make a thread so you can get your idea more attention? 

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  • Game Master
2 hours ago, William89 said:

No, I want to play with people, not stupid zombies. Zombies are just cosmetics, like the broken buildings.

If player count is low (which it is in Deer Isle) players should be unbanned (for free and without final warning).

Please no, some people are better off staying banned.

On topic: It would be nice, but this map would become another Deer Island if more zombies started spawning in, I enjoy their presence but when you have so many of them, it becomes too hard to play and it's gonna turn off lots of inexperienced people.

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  • Diamond

I believe this is just a job that the dev team do not need, seems like a needless change, why not just up the amount of zombies that spawn in general rather then writing a script for when the server pop is low to turn on? I just think it’s another task that doesn’t need to be done 

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