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Tiger Time!

Player 1

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  • Diamond

As the radio goes to static, a southern voice comes over the radio. The speaker sounds energetic and clear but with a southern draw

"Good morning Chernarus! You are listening to the made up radio show, Tiger Time! You don't know what Tiger Time is, well don't worry, you are not alone. I will be relaying randomly over the radio about my thoughts, feelings, interviews with survivors, and... drum roll please... propaganda! Oh no! I hope to make you laugh, cry, sing, hard, wet, dry, and everything in between! I sure hope you enjoy my random radio roll outs. Let's begin the show!" 

He clears his voice and the creaking of a chair can be heard as he leans back to grab some paper

"I've got a message for y'all. Courtesy of the New Hope Federation. This message will be on repeat once its done."

The rustling of paper is heard and the clearing of his throat

"In brightest day, in darkest night,
We will never stop the fight.
Anarchy reigns across the land,
But here we make our stand.
When you feel lost and filled with fright,
Look to the Island, where Hope burns bright!"

The sound of paper being set down is heard then a light chuckle

"If you're all wrapped in fear, come on by, we got the beer. Come sing, rest, and enjoy your time. Enjoy it all, just like this rhyme. Anarchy is the enemy you must avoid. They're quite a pest, you'll get annoyed. Come trade and sleep in a place free of fright. Anarchy is the darkness, we are the light."

"Well I hope you enjoyed the first show of many to come, hopefully. I will be seeing y'all next time!"

The radio is followed by a chuckle and then static finally silence

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  • Sapphire

*Luke would pick up the radio and speak* 

"There is no hope for you guys" 

"You live in your own shit and piss" 

"You claim to be this beacon of hope yet, you hide behind massive walls and in fear you stay there 24/7" 

"There is no hope or no claims of victory or nothing" 

"It can take a potato to hold a corridor"

"You can spew shit on the radio all you want we don't care" 

"Enjoy living like the rats you are" 

*Luke releases the PTT* 

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  • Emerald

*Petri sits alone in Electro when he hears the broadcast. He picks up his radio*

Greeting Mr. Tiger. My name Petri. I am new area and live myself in town. I am collector of thing. There is not hope alone for self. I come to you, da? You friends?

*Petri let's vi off the PTT*

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  • Diamond

The radio goes static as a southern energetic voice comes over the radio

"Good morning Chernarus! This is the one and only Tiger Time! Roar! Hahahaha! I hope I didn't scare ya too much! Enough with talking about my furry life, let's get to the latest neeeewwwws!" 

The sound of shuffling papers can be heard

"Alright we have the latest on mysterious reports! It seems some man or woman, is running around Electro scaring people to death! Witnesses say he is wearing all black... well that narrows it down. If you see this mysterious figure, it is believed that taking your jacket off and raising it... over your... head- DAVE! Are you sure you didn't just see a bear!?" 

A faint voice is heard in the back ground

".... maybe.... it was scary."

"Dave is scared of bears... I wonder what kind of men he likes then."

Laughing can be heard in the background 

"Well that's that! Now onto the latest in a message from your local Anarchy outpost! They are telling all people, which doesn't include furries, to take your weapons to the check point in Vybor and have it registered so they know who has what. If you ask me folks, find yourself some of those cat ears so you can avoid persecution! But what do I know, I'm a voice on the radio." 

Voice is heard in the background

"We still love you!" 

"Awww well thank you Dave, I love y'all too."

He tosses the paper behind him

"And that was Tiger Time! Thank you for tuning in and remember, grab those cat ears so you don't have to register your weapons in Vybor! If you don't have them, make sure to get your permits! That's all the time I have so I best get going! Got to find me some cat ears! Ahahaha!!!" 

The radio goes static and goes silent

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  • Diamond

The radio comes to life as a southern man speaks frantically

"BREAKING NEWS! There is a serial killer on the loose in the Chernagorsk! He has killed and eaten 6 people since 3 days ago! He is described to be a male wielding a pick ax! We are calling him... The Pick Ax Killer! Please travel in groups and keep your weapons close and loaded. We will bring you more as this story develops!" 

The radio goes quiet

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