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[A distant broadcast hits your radio] Dream a little dream of me

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*The day came to an end and with no light pollution darkness surrounded Valentin very quickly. The horse that he managed to buy for a low price of a bag filled with food and medicine was slowly carrying him towards the outskirts of Kirovograd. Val wasn't sure how the animal escaped the butchers knife. It was behaving pretty well and remained calm even when they were passing couple of infected strangled in barbed wire. Undead creatures quickly noticed both of them and tried to reach out for at least a handful of fresh meat, starting a song full of hopeless growls that echoed between empty walls surrounding the street.

Millions of shining lights covered the velvet dome above their heads. Val searched his pocket for a short second and finaly pulled out a cigarette pack. Upon opening it, he discovered there was only one cigarette remaining. "Best, hand-rolled Kirovograd sweetness. You might be the last one on the whole Earth, you little bastard" - he thought to himself. His radio was already picking up transmissions from the east - voices of hope, warning transmission and some more inaudible chatter. On the side of the road he saw a white sign with the red line striking out the name of the city he was leaving behind - "Kirovograd". He decided to hold the cigarette with his lips and using one hand he pressed the transmission button, with other one he reached to his pocket in search of a lighter.

You can hear the lighter striking a spark, as he starts smoking. He takes a look at the stars, while silent shrieks of infected can still be heard in the distance.*



"Stars shining bright above you
Kirovograd seems to whisper "I love you"
Infected growling in the sycamore trees
Dream a little dream of me

*he takes another quick drag on his cigarette*

Say nighty-night and kiss me
Just take the pill and tell me you'll miss me
When you're high and blue as can be
Dream a little dream of me"



*His singing turns into humming, humming into a laughter before the transmission suddenly cuts out. Val stops laughing, as different thoughts start rushing through his mind, bringing back brutal pictures and memories. While figting off the temptation to reach for his sidearm he notices another sing along the road - "Miroslavl' 32km, Chernogorsk 59km".*

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