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Hope Burns Bright!


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  • Diamond

As the radio goes to static, a southern voice comes over the radio

"I've got a message for y'all. Courtesy of the New Hope Federation. This message will be on repeats once its done."

The rustling of paper is heard and the clearing of his throat

"In brightest day, in darkest night,
We will never stop the fight.
Anarchy reigns across the land,
But here we make our stand.
When you feel lost and filled with fright,
Look to the Island, where Hope burns bright!"

The sound of paper being set down is heard then a light chuckle

"If you're all wrapped in fear, come on by, we got the beer. Come sing, rest, and enjoy your time. Enjoy it all, just like this rhyme. Anarchy is the enemy you must avoid. They're quite a pest, you'll get annoyed. Come trade and sleep in a place free of fright. Anarchy is the darkness, we are the light."

The radio is followed by a chuckle and then static finally silence

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  • Legend

*Dimitri Tarasov reaches for his radio, yawning.*

"If 9 of us managed to shoot down about 24 or more people, imagine what's going to happen when we come on down with 25 people."

*Dimitri laughs as he throws his radio towards Jonathan.*

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  • MVP

*Michael reaches for his radio*

"Hm, you lot really love to bolster up those numbers huh.

*Ends his transmission.*

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  • MVP


"Yeah of course. You have a good day now, good sir."

*Transmission ends*

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presses PTT 

Hello  hello is anarchy there just wanted to give big thanks for the amount of weapons and nvgs you guys dropped off  last night it did sure help out alot because of your generosity we will keep you in our hearts full of hope 

releases PTT 

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  • Emerald


"Come on down on the Island Of Lemons... You Bring Your 25 Chav's I will make sure that you all will be killed by the Islanders.. We've fought the numbers like that, and remember people running away from the Island, Probably All of you Anarchy..!"
"Please Enlighten Me how we lose on living on the island, I can't Seem to look pass on your simpleton logic..."
"I'm positive that I have plus 40 Kills confirmed on Island at least if not more."
"Keep you're Communism Number 9 for yourself, we all know you came with a stronger force and lost."
 "This what happens if people get sick and tired of you guys, they band together and kick you down...."

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*Uses PTT*

"Another victory to the alliance . .Happy to hear you guys came out on top . . Sooner or later the oppressors will no longer be a threat . .
Im sorry i could be no use but i was severely wounded after being taken captive . . While the bullets were flying i clawed myself through the sand and dirt to safety . .
Again . . .May our hope never die

*Releases PTT*

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  • Sapphire

*A man would reply*

Brother that sounds real familiar. Like you took it from a comic book and changed the words up a little..” 

*He would release the PTT*

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  • Emerald

*Micheal Presses the PTT*

Man you goofy niggas been getting slapped everyday by the gang, ain't none of that gonna change

*Releases PTT*

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