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S1: Killing a Complying Hostage Prison Island - (UTC): 2019-10-12, 02:23

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Server and location: S1 Prison Island

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  Server time (UTC): 2019-10-12, 02:23

Your in game name: Andy Nguyen

Names of allies involved: Runner, New Hope Federation, Odezva, The Quarantine

Name of suspect/s: Logs will show/ Anarchy

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 


Detailed description of the events: Got invited to a meeting on prison island to talk about having a alliance with all groups stated in the allied involved. A verbal fight broke out which resulted in some NHF members to chase a man in a OREL uniform back onto the mainland. This resulted in the pursuing NHF to be held up on the shore by members of Anarchy. They executed a couple NHF members and then requested a person to represent everyone on the prison island to come towards the mainland to talk about terms and conditions. I volunteered considering I was the only one there without any affiliations to the groups present on the island. I swam towards the boat to be verbally commanded to stop where I am and not step any further. I complied. In the video it will show me trying to communicate between the Anarchy member and a Runner on Prison Island. No terms or conditions were met and the Anarchy member commanded me to put my hands up. In which I complied. He told me to keep walking forward and follow the sound of his voice. In which I did. All of a sudden a volley of shots starts coming from Prison Island which ignited a gunfight. A member of Anarchy peaked around the corner and sprayed me down with my hands up. 


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POV: I am the one who executed you. As you can see in the video, I take him hostage, his allies begin to fire upon me and my allies almost immediately afterward. In addition, they refused to accept and negotiate with us. The rule that allows me to kill him is 4.6, specifically "Approved group of the hostage or their allies refuse to negotiate or open fire on hostage takers." Keyword here is "allies", as he was the man they sent to do the official hostage negotiations for their side, he is obviously an ally of them. If they valued the lives of their allies and men they would not have fired upon us, and would have negotiated with the terms. 

Edit: (Very important) Your character was in Legacy for weeks, and people holding the prison were as well. In particular from the Castle fight we had with Legacy. As one of the men inside shit talked me about that particular fight, which you were also a part of. There is no reason to lie and say you aren’t affiliated in anyway. It is also important to note that they had a sniper on shore side that was later captured, leaving me pinned on both sides with no choice but to execute the hostage and retreat.

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Connection Logs:

20:21:46 | Player "Andy Nguyen" is connected
02:40:20 | Player "Andy Nguyen" has been disconnected

01:56:16 | Player "Zac Grayson" is connected
02:58:04 | Player "Zac Grayson" has been disconnected

Hit Logs:

02:33:35 | Player "Andy Nguyen" hit by Player "Zac Grayson" with M4A1 from 38.5244 meters 
02:33:35 | Player "Andy Nguyen" hit by Player "Zac Grayson" with M4A1 from 38.4264 meters 
02:33:35 | Player "Andy Nguyen" hit by Player "Zac Grayson" with M4A1 from 38.394 meters 
02:33:36 | Player "Andy Nguyen" hit by Player "Zac Grayson" with M4A1 from 37.5908 meters 

Kill Logs:

02:33:35 | Player "Andy Nguyen" (DEAD) killed by Player "Zac Grayson" with M4A1 from 38.394 meters 

Calling in:

@Agent_Fishy | Andy Nguyen | POSTED

@G19RP | Zac Grayson | POSTED

For their FULL and DETAILED POV and any un-edited VIDEO EVIDENCE they have.

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@G19RP - Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) - Guilty


The staff team handling this report have examined this situation closely and have come to the conclusion that @G19RP will be found guilty of the reported rulebreak in question.

First and foremost I would like to form a brief summary of what happened here to help everyone understand why @G19RP will receive a punishment.

The OP of this report was sent over to the mainland in order to negotiate a deal between a few groups and Anarchy. The OP was completely unaffiliated and acted as a neutral representative as stated in his POV here.


I volunteered considering I was the only one there without any affiliations to the groups present on the island.

The groups on prison Island then begin opening fire onto the mainland, where the hostage takers had members of their group captive. 

Hostages may only be killed when the captor in question takes fire from members of the hostages approved group or the hostage's allies which also have to be an approved group. In this scenario, the OP was not part of any approved group or the groups residing on prison island and was only playing the part of a neutral negotiator between all  sides. Whether the OP was previously affiliated with an allied group of NHF does not matter here as he is not currently affiliated with either of these approved groups. We did not find his name on any roster.

A person unaffiliated with the group in question cannot be held responsible for said group's poor actions whilst attempting to negotiate between them.

You may only execute a hostage when

  • Approved group of the hostage or their allies refuse to negotiate or open fire on hostage takers.
  • Demands from negotiations with approved group of the hostage have not been met after a reasonable time has elapsed.

A post by @Roland regarding a situation that occurred in the past can be found here in order to be used as reference for this report.

Furthermore, the hostage was complying at all times and was never a threat. @G19RP was in cover on the boat whilst taking shots from prison island and a possible sniper on mainland but, as we believe, would've most likely been able to get the hostage to walk over to him in order to further the hostile RP and call in backup to deal with the sniper on mainland. The hostage definitely wouldn't have needed to be killed in this situation.


@G19RP - Invalid Kill (Roleplayed) - 3 Day Ban + 10 Warning Points

Signed: @Phoenix@Samti + notes

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