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More than Runners Pt. 2


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  • Diamond

“Lopatino was a very peaceful town. There were a lot of people and 3 different group there. I finally got to meet the entire Runner group. The first person I met in the compound was John. He told me welcome and that I should think about hanging around, thus I did. The first task I was given by Michael was to get ammo from the North West Air Field. So I grabbed a hiking bag and went to get ammo. When I came back, everyone was sleeping or out doing their own thing. So it was just me and John. He told me to put the bag full of ammo in one of the tents and then we sat by the campfire for a hour. Then, the Santiago’s came to the base demanding us to come out with our hands up and we wouldn’t be hurt. John and I knew that we had to defend the base as best we can with only 2 of us. I grabbed an AKM and filled a drum mag and laid down that way if any bullets were fired through the wall, there was a less chance of me getting hit. While I laid down, I could see through a hole in the fence that the charity next doing being held up. I fired through a wall hitting someone and John did the same hitting 2 people. Then, I was hit in the back and blacked out. I woke up in the woods with almost nothing. I had no idea what happened to John that day. But, he’s safe now”

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