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More than Runners Pt.1


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“Being alone for a long time kinda sucked. I never knew anything and I always had to watch my back for groups like Anarchy. I mean, Anarchy wasn’t formed by the time I joined the Runners. I was usually held up by the bad Cherno-Russian groups. One day I went up to the North West Airfield and was startled by a man named Michael. I thought I was going to be robbed or slaved or something along the lines of that, but Michael was a pretty happy chap. We talked to a while and he warned me that there could be Nationalist near by so he advised me that I should follow him to a nearby town. As we walked he told me about The Runners. A group who wanted to help to the right thing. I asked what the requirements were and he just told me to stick around and that’s what I did. We ended up getting to the town of Lopatino. That’s where I saw a whole settlement set up with a bunch of groups. It was really amazing to see how much there was. Ever since I met Michael and joined the Runners, I’ve had a lot of fun with them.”

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