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To the victims of Anarchy.


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*You would hear the sounds of  gunfire coming from Joseph Smith shooting at ranged targets up to 1000 meters*
                           *You would also hear nickelback in the backround*
*Joseph Smith sets down his rifle and lets out a loud cough, blood would come from that cough*
*Joseph picks up his radio and presses down on the PTT*

"This is Joseph Smith, former Bila Ruka Police Department, I don't know what's wrong with me but I fear I will not last long.

I'm asking the people of South Zagoria to equip me with all necessary supplies so that I can lead the fight on Anarchy. 

As a former officer of Bila Ruka this saddens me, but police work will not solve this problem. 

I do not plan on coming back to where I am right now. 

If you would like to assist me feel free to respond to this broadcast or my private frequency that I have given to hundreds of people you may.

I have a couple of people that will be coming with me. Their names will remain classified. "

*Joseph Smith falls asleep*



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*You would hear the sounds a pen writing on paper*
*Luke puts down his pen and grabs his radio*
*Luke smiles as he presses down the PTT*

*Luke laughs hysterically into the radio*
"People of South Zagoria, put your faith in Anarchy, keep being loyal citizens, and get your licenses.
This man is obviously delusional, maybe he hit his head when he was a boy.
He even claims to be a police department, not a rank, but a whole department.
He must be retarded."
*Luke laughs once more*

"If you truly want a safe place, Mr police department, then come and get a license, you fighting is only causing more trouble for the people.
Have a nice day"

*Luke releases the PTT and begins signing licenses*

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The radio goes static before a voice comes over the radio with wind being heard in the background 

"Loyal... citizens? Anarchy has done... nothing for us! Y'all bully and demand respect... y'all have not earned. Maybe if y'all served the people and opened up trade... y'all might get more support. Y'all killed my friend in cold blood and tried to enslave me and took the weapons... I had liscences for. Y'all are liars and cheaters... Try showing us a reason to follow... y'all instead of demanding it!"

The radio falls silent as thunder and wind are heard in the background

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***You hear the sound of the wind in the trees as a lightning storm rolls through and the all too familiar voice of a young Slavic woman***
Faith is blind, it requires someone to be complacent ano.
Trust?.. Earned... 

***she would be sitting there for a moment musing at the sound of the thunder booming overhead and the bite of the stinging cold rain on her soft skin***
Freedom iz gift to those who truly are free, those who are not broken with their hands chained to their labors... Let me ask you, What is the cost of bullets compared to the shame of a person made slave?.  For what iz, I was willing to work hard without question on principal of what I believe in...

***she takes a deep breath the rain pouring hard down her face***
Truth?. I value freedom, I value family, along with pride... what iz it worth when dignity stripped? 
 ***her loving voice turns to tears followed by horrendous thunder***
I leave you these thoughts... 

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