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Server time (UTC): 2021-12-09 10:57

S1 Green Mountain exploiting game mechanic


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Server and location:  Server 1 Green Mountain tower

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): between the time of 03:00 8th to 00:00 9th

Your in game name: Lucern Lux

Names of allies involved: None

Name of suspect/s: no clue

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 20191009184541_1.jpg.759ba82a5002000aa9134a0dd8a2fbcc.jpg

Detailed description of the events: I logged in to get some work done and when I went to the loot area I found it raided with my planters used as a ladder to get into it. Obviously those planters cant fit there and it is placed into the walls  but this looks to me a clear violation of rule 2.2

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 Connection Logs:


09:31:47 | Player "Abraham Long" is connected
11:02:33 | Player "Abraham Long" has been disconnected

07:49:02 | Player "Dale Goodman" is connected
11:11:04 | Player "Dale Goodman" has been disconnected

Building Logs:


09:32:55 | Player "Abraham Long" (pos=<3696.7, 5965.1, 402.0>) placed Empty Garden Box
09:33:36 | Player "Dale Goodman" (pos=<3691.7, 5963.8, 402.0>) placed Empty Garden Box
09:33:50 | Player "Abraham Long" (pos=<3696.6, 5965.0, 402.0>) placed Empty Garden Box
09:33:50 | Player "Dale Goodman" (pos=<3693.3, 5964.9, 402.0>) placed Empty Garden Box
09:34:01 | Player "Abraham Long" (pos=<3694.7, 5965.1, 402.0>) placed Empty Garden Box
09:36:39 | Player "Abraham Long" (pos=<3693.8, 5966.6, 403.8>) placed Empty Garden Box
09:37:23 | Player "Dale Goodman" (pos=<3696.9, 5965.9, 402.0>) placed Empty Garden Box
09:38:37 | Player "Dale Goodman" (pos=<3693.9, 5966.6, 403.8>) placed Empty Garden Box
09:47:30 | Player "Dale Goodman" (pos=<3693.2, 5968.2, 403.8>) placed Empty Garden Box

Calling in the following people to post their Point of Views & any video evidence they may have:
@iplayb | Abraham Long | POSTED
@Peter Griffin | Dale Goodman | POSTED

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@iplayb & @Peter Griffin You have both been temp banned, until you provide your pov & any video evidence you may have.

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I used a boost method to get in, I boosted Dale (peter) into the little compartment where the lockers and storage cabinets were located. We then quickly realized he was stuck, so we started thinking of how to get him out. It was all done through RP and Dale suggested we use something to make sort of a staircase to free him. We were not aware this was a violation of a specific rule. I do apologize and I can assure you it will not happen again, if given another chance. I do accept any punishment coming my or Peter’s way. Thanks for hearing my side of things. 

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I was boosted in by iPlayB (Abraham Long) into the storage section. After looting what we needed as a group, I realized I was stuck. We started brainstorming ideas, IN rp. Neither one of us went OOC to discuss how to get me free. We came up with the idea of using buildables around us. Hence, came the planter staircase idea. I do realize this violated the server rules and I do accept any punishment given. However, I can assure you this will not happen again. I can also assure you that if given another chance, iPlayB and myself, we will start using recording software any time we do a raid or do anything that may be questioned. Thank you.

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@Peter Griffin & @iplayb You have now been un temp banned, please keep an eye on this report, as we may require you to answer following questions.

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@iplayb - AOGM - NOT GUILTY
@Peter Griffin - AOGM - NOT GUILTY


@iplayb and @Peter Griffin entered the base by boosting one another inside, which is completely fine within the rules. They then found out that Peter was stuck inside the base, and had to figure out how to get outside.

Rather than finding a tool and destroying the base, they decided to roleplay this out and built themselves a staircase out of planters. While the planters do partly go inside the wall inside the camp, we admire the effort of attempting to roleplay out the situation, as well as not destroying the base in any manner, preserving all the work the base owner has done to make the base.

If anything @iplayb and @Peter Griffin; If this happens again try to make sure that the items you are making a staircase out of does not glitch/build inside another prop/building, so it looks more realistic.

With that said


@Peter Griffin - AOGM - NO PUNISHMENT

Signed @Hofer & @Derek Steel & @Peril

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