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Vote for Obama


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*Jael looks around at his loyal voters before pushing the ptt*
People of South Zagoria, this is your future leader Jael Obama here. I would like to ask you to vote for me for a better Zagoria. I promise to increase security within the region and increase prosperity for all citizens. My name is Jael Obama and I approve this message.
*Jael smiles and walks out to address his people as he releases the ptt*

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Jonah enjoys the scenery of the coast, inspecting a pair of pants for any holes when the radio blares its static message. He folded and put the pants in his backpack, letting the man speak before unclipping his radio, and pressing down on the transmission button. His voice would be deeper, and sound slavic in origin.

"There are elections in South Zagoria, now? Are you from that republic, based in Novigrad? From the traders, all that time ago? Gee-Ale.. Ob-ahma."

He clipped the radio back on his vest, being sure to leave the reciever on, in case a message came through from anyone. He continued his walk, the crunch of dusted concrete and gravel pressed against his shoes as he did so.

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