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Staff Feedback: Crim

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Link to the situation: N/A

Any supporting evidence or notes: 

CrimToday at 11:24 AM


Wana try and get this fixed? I am free in around 30mins

Aron73Today at 11:29 AM

Sorry I'm currently at work

CrimToday at 11:30 AM

My first response fixed the same issue for someone else, let me know when u get home. Have a nice day

Aron73Today at 11:34 AM

I will be home in about 4h and you to have a great day

CrimToday at 4:34 PM


Aron73Today at 4:49 PM

I'm home

CrimToday at 4:50 PM

gimme 2mins, gonna grab a drink

Aron73Today at 4:50 PM


CrimToday at 4:55 PM

joining waiting for staff plz




DayZ Crashing

Can anyone help me out? Not quite sure what to do. DayZ keeps crashing. All drivers are up to date. Cheers, Ron

Crim started a call.Today at 5:08 PM

CrimToday at 5:52 PM

Have him open the launcher and remove all parameters. If there is an option under battleeye, have him turn off battle eye. See if he can start then [16:51] Rover: And remove all mods

Aron73Today at 5:53 PM


CrimToday at 6:16 PM

ready for round 2?


CrimToday at 6:29 PM


You missed a call from Crim.Today at 6:30 PM

Aron73Today at 6:39 PM

nop not working

CrimToday at 6:55 PM


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CrimToday at 7:12 PM


Open and run DxDiag.exe

Open and run DxDiag.exe

Aron73Today at 7:14 PM


97.93 KB

Aron73Today at 7:34 PM

It worked not with my new windows acount but when I logged back on my standard acount I got to the title screen of DayZ


You missed a call from Crim.Today at 7:41 PM

You missed a call from Crim.Today at 7:41 PM

CrimToday at 7:42 PM

lol weird but happy days

Aron73Today at 7:44 PM


lets hope it holds up with mods

CrimToday at 7:49 PM

all good?

Aron73Today at 7:50 PM

It fucking works!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy!!!!!

Feedback:  This was by far the best interaction and support I had so far! The amount of dedication to get my game to work was incredible and the patience with me having a hard time understanding his dialect, well I give this man the end grade of 11/10 possible. We started around 4:30 pm and finally got it to work now at 8 pm. So again thank you so much and also to the other support and game master staff that gave their advice.

Suggestions for improvement: N/A

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Any supporting evidence or notes: NA

Feedback: I had a question about my account. I had a dual one apparently and Crim helped explain the situation and offered many tips of how to carry myself in game. He gave me great information and made me even more excited to enter this world. After he solved my problem he went out of his way to help me with my mods and how to adjust to this new world. Top notch fella and top marks, made me feel very welcome and also helped me understand the rules. Highly recommend this guy for anyone with problems, I left our convo even more hyped to join in on the servers. Big shout out Crim!

Suggestions for improvement: NA

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