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Hey guys, I've been playing for about a month but I have yet to properly introduce myself. My name is Brennan, and I'm a huge fan of gaming. I've played games since I was about 5 years old and I've never stopped. I started role playing about 4 years ago. That lead to me role playing on a game called Miscreated. Shortly after doing that I came into contact with the many developers and I became a Q/A tester. After that, a Dev Tester for the game. I still am to this day. Games are kind of my escape from reality, I guess. I'm so busy outside of the roleplay life so when I finally get the chance to sit down and forget about all of it, it's a relief. I'm an aspiring artist. I'm going to college for music. I've been making music on a platform called Soundcloud for a few years and I've caught the attention of some bigger producers, which is how my tuition is being paid for. I enjoy listening to artist's like Lil Peep (rest in peace), Mac Miller (rest in peace), and XXXTentacion (rest in jah). I am diagnosed with a condition called bipolar disorder and sometimes things can be a little rough but this server has helped me have sort of a ''getaway'' from all of the struggles of everyday life. I hope you all enjoy my presence and I hope I get to know everyone, so I can enjoy your presence! I hope to see everyone in Chernarus and I'm always here for anyone and everyone in the community. Thanks ?

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Welcome to the community bro! Hope you have some good times here.

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Welcome to the community.

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Welcome man!

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Welcome to the community. If you have any question do not hesitate to hit me with DM! 

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Jah is king - LLJ

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