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How many points can a group get before being force-archived?


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  • Emerald

I noticed today after two reports were solved that a certain group (We all know which one) Received 85 total warning points. This is all in ONE SESSION, not even 24 hours 

Pamyati received 90 warning points in 1 MONTH and was force archived. Will anything be done about this group receiving 85 points? 

Evidence:  (Keep in mind this is only points that us normal people can see, if any of these people have been pointed for flaming it will be 90+, making it far worse than Pamyati)


Mostly looking to ask the Admins, @Saunders @Voodoo @Randy @Roland @JimRP (After the break) 

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  • Server Manager

Anywhere between 0 points to infinite points. There is no magical limit beyond which we archive a group. Group archival is usually caused by long term inability or refusal to follow rules, not single isolated incident.

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