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A sad broadcast to make


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  • Sapphire

Father David finally gets the courage to speak on the radio for what is a sad and upsetting broadcast to make…..

Dear listeners, todays broadcast is not one I ever wanted to make but I will come onto that in a second………... Yesterday a few of Redwood radio were back at the old tower in Krastanov to check on the old girl long since abandoned  but still walled off. We had a radio call that two strange chaps were at the tower so I made my way over only to bump into them in the field after they nearly walked right past me. We had a nice chat about the weather and how they were looking for a priest called Father David as they wanted to join the rebellion…….It was clear i was speaking with Dumb and dumber. As flattering as the impact of our broadcasts is, they weren’t very convincing and with a whopper of a rifle on my back it did cross my mind to just show them the quick way to hell but I decided to play along. It was quite disappointing really. I even managed to get their contact information from them and I walked off, promising to let them know if I found myself……We stopped short of having a group hug. We had a good laugh about that when I met up with the rest of the Radio crew. One thing is for sure, these anarchist people may have all the guns and grenades but they are all a bit lacking in the brain department. 

He pauses for a few seconds, clearly not knowing how to get the words out…….Speaking of Guns and this is the something I hoped we would never have to broadcast but we have had news of a tragic massacre in Krastanov later that evening. These Anarchist people decided to mow down a charity organisation calling themselves New hope Federation. I had met them before and they were very friendly to all who came, housing and giving shelter to innocent travellers. Travellers that have abided by Anarchists self declared rule, Women, children, Old and young. It didn’t matter to these barbarians. Blood was blood. His voice starts to raise through anger…..Quite how they expect to form a realistic government with this type of brutality is beyond me. Have they not yet realised the will of the people will always be a greater power than any government, especially one that murders innocent people. Im sure if these brainless terrorist thugs are listening they will try and justify it with more threats of violence.

He pauses and the tone mellows……..I’ll be honest, I was actually lucky to escape with my life. I had only just left the town when this atrocity occurred. I have said a prayer for every single civilian who has fallen. I was going to light some candles too but as it was dark, it would be too dangerous. I do promise to do this though. They wont be forgotten. Im sure most will join me in wishing the survivors a speedy recovery and we are all thinking of them.

I would say this to those citizen’s listening… take heed of the crimes these anarchist people are committing, don’t let these terrorists win. Stand tall and face them with your neighbours, you are never alone. Say no to these ridiculous licenses they insist on waving around, say no to oppression. Say no to the fear but do not put yourself in harms way unless you are able.

The holy book tells us two things about the path these evil do-ers have walked down....."It is written: 'It is mine to avenge; I will repay,' says the Lord." (Romans 12:19) and "The Lord is a jealous and avenging God . . . . The Lord is slow to anger and great in power; the Lord will not leave the guilty unpunished" (Nahum 1:2-3). It is quite clear the lords intention. 

He lets out a sigh, and puts the radio down before neatly folding his old clergy scarf.

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  • Diamond

Presses down on the PTT as a southern man starts to talk

"Well now... we can't be having that. We ain't dead yet. Looks like their ganna have to try harder! Chin-up Preacher man! We're still kickin'." 

Releases the PTT

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