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Server time (UTC): 2021-12-09 11:25

S1 Vybor - Crossroad


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Server and location: S1 Vybor - Crossroads

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Not sure what time. 

Your in game name: Benedict Falk

Names of allies involved: Anarchy, @Fae

Name of suspect/s: No idea

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Cars stolen. 

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 





Detailed description of the events: Got told about our base was raided and was griefed with basically everything stolen and things that couldn't be taken was dropped on the floor.

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Connection Logs

15:35:58 | Player "Fae Williams" is connected
15:49:04 | Player "Fae Williams" has been disconnected
17:14:11 | Player "Fae Williams" is connected
17:19:06 | Player "Fae Williams" has been disconnected

15:11:21 | Player "Peter Muldoon" has been disconnected
15:12:25 | Player "Peter Muldoon" is connected
16:29:24 | Player "Peter Muldoon" has been disconnected
16:30:19 | Player "Peter Muldoon" is connected
17:05:55 | Player "Peter Muldoon" has been disconnected
17:08:40 | Player "Peter Muldoon" is connected
17:13:39 | Player "Peter Muldoon" has been disconnected
17:14:33 | Player "Peter Muldoon" is connected
19:29:35 | Player "Peter Muldoon" has been disconnected

14:57:52 | Player "Dor Korzits" is connected
15:28:32 | Player "Dor Korzits" has been disconnected
15:44:59 | Player "Dor Korzits" is connected
17:58:15 | Player "Dor Korzits" has been disconnected

15:45:47 | Player "Solomon Yadin" is connected
17:58:07 | Player "Solomon Yadin" has been disconnected

16:54:54 | Player "Emilia Lazaro" is connected
18:10:15 | Player "Emilia Lazaro" has been disconnected

16:54:52 | Player "Blythe Nordahl" is connected
18:10:26 | Player "Blythe Nordahl" has been disconnected

16:57:28 | Player "Alan Muir" is connected
18:10:46 | Player "Alan Muir" has been disconnected

16:43:31 | Player "Erik Nikolaev" is connected
18:57:52 | Player "Erik Nikolaev" has been disconnected



Position Logs

15:47:45 | Player "Fae Williams" (pos=<4478.3, 8841.4, 323.3>) 
15:47:45 | Player "Dor Korzits" (pos=<4297.4, 8969.4, 327.4>) 

15:52:44 | Player "Peter Muldoon" (pos=<3079.8, 8006.3, 303.8>) 
15:52:44 | Player "Dor Korzits" (pos=<4406.3, 8831.7, 323.6>) 

15:57:44 | Player "Peter Muldoon" (pos=<3706.4, 8269.5, 305.0>) 
15:57:44 | Player "Dor Korzits" (pos=<3994.1, 9179.5, 335.0>) 

16:02:43 | Player "Peter Muldoon" (pos=<4402.9, 8191.6, 311.7>) 
16:02:43 | Player "Dor Korzits" (pos=<4165.2, 9199.4, 334.5>) 

16:07:42 | Player "Peter Muldoon" (pos=<4502.9, 8264.7, 320.6>) 
16:07:42 | Player "Dor Korzits" (pos=<4505.2, 8673.9, 319.4>) 

16:12:41 | Player "Peter Muldoon" (pos=<4553.3, 8337.0, 317.9>) 
16:12:41 | Player "Dor Korzits" (pos=<4109.7, 9181.8, 335.6>) 

16:17:41 | Player "Peter Muldoon" (pos=<4104.0, 8145.6, 306.2>) 
16:17:41 | Player "Dor Korzits" (pos=<4716.0, 9555, 339.2>) 

16:22:40 | Player "Peter Muldoon" (pos=<3363.7, 8000.2, 294.1>) 
16:22:40 | Player "Dor Korzits" (pos=<4554.9, 9534.1, 339.1>) 

16:27:39 | Player "Peter Muldoon" (pos=<3038.2, 7751.7, 318.9>) ) 
16:27:39 | Player "Dor Korzits" (pos=<4701.6, 9601.5, 339.0>) 

16:32:39 | Player "Dor Korzits" (pos=<4614.3, 9160.7, 333.5>) 
16:32:39 | Player "Solomon Yadin" (pos=<4592.5, 9154.8, 332.3>) 

16:37:38 | Player "Dor Korzits" (pos=<3994.1, 9180.2, 335.0>) 
16:37:38 | Player "Solomon Yadin" (pos=<3995.4, 9178.2, 335.0>) 

16:42:38 | Player "Dor Korzits" (pos=<3993.7, 9177.5, 335.0>) 
16:42:38 | Player "Solomon Yadin" (pos=<3751.7, 8882.8, 311.0>) 

16:47:37 | Player "Dor Korzits" (pos=<4486.2, 8825.7, 323.0>) 
16:47:37 | Player "Solomon Yadin" (pos=<4482.1, 8825.9, 323.1>) 
16:47:37 | Player "Erik Nikolaev" (pos=<4346.0, 8410.9, 316.0>) 

16:52:37 | Player "Dor Korzits" (pos=<4477.2, 8844.3, 323.1>) 
16:52:37 | Player "Solomon Yadin" (pos=<4478.2, 8842.4, 323.1>) 
16:52:37 | Player "Erik Nikolaev" (pos=<4077.0, 8897.1, 324.6>) 

16:57:36 | Player "Dor Korzits" (pos=<3996.6, 9176.2, 334.8>) 
16:57:36 | Player "Solomon Yadin" (pos=<3993.9, 9179.6, 335.0>) 
16:57:36 | Player "Erik Nikolaev" (pos=<4764.5, 8788.7, 330.8>) 

17:17:34 | Player "Fae Williams" (pos=<4481.7, 8837.3, 324.4>) 



Calling in the below players for their POV and any video evidence they may have. The player below being called in were in the vicinity within the timeframe provided.


@FalkRP - Benedict Falk - OP

@Fae - Fae Williams - Posted

@KingForADay - Peter Muldoon - Posted

@McDonald - Dor Korzits - Posted

@SlyKestrel - Solomon Yadin - Posted

@Kolya Vorona - Erik Nikolaev - Posted


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My POV: Was at college all day, came home, when I got on my friend @McDonaldtold me that the Anarchy base was open or whatever, he had taken things from it, I came on the server and when informed ICly I went to poke around to see what I could find, the base had basically been looted but we took some things, however we didn’t just leave things laying on the floor we didn’t take.

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Yeah I was heading up to airfield. Saw it was open and took a crap ton of 5.56 and a mosin etc. Didn't drop shit on the floor though. I took a large green tent but syphoned basically all of the stuff inside of it to the other tents / wooden boxes to avoid exactly this. Hence why I was there so long moving everything around so I wasn't littering. 

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-Myself, Dookie and AlanM had been rolling around looking for casual drugs and water for our up and coming business.

-Did not find anything aside from an improvised tent which we quickly made use of, on our way back to Vybor we headed to the checkpoint as we do whenever we are around as of recent.

-When we arrived looking for another odd job.

-We found the base empty, made our way in through the back and realized a lot of the containers we saw last time were gone, I checked a tent and found nothing apart from a 2 use roll of duct tape. Made quick use of it, the lads had found nothing of interest either.

-We walked back where we came from and up to the airfield to look for some humans.



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POV: I'm an Anarchy ally and had just gotten back to the area from a firefight I helped the boys in. I walked through the area and saw that it had been wiped out with all sorts of stuff dropped on the ground, tents filled with dropped items on the ground ect. AFK"d for five minutes in the area while talking with them over radio before leaving back to Vybor. 

Edited by Kolya Vorona
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Fae Williams POV:

Logged in to the checkpoint to see some of our tents and cabinets gone. We had three tents left. I have a look around but then just log out. I log back in an hour or so later and another tent is missing, with its contents dumped all over the floor. 

I'd like to add that the blue tent was EMPTY when I checked it the first time I logged in. The things on the ground in that tent had been in the green civilian tent that was stolen, and for some reason had been moved across to the blue tent but then just dumped on the floor?

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21 hours ago, McLeranth said:

-We found the base empty, made our way in through the back and realized a lot of the containers we saw last time were gone, I checked a tent and found nothing apart from a 2 use roll of duct tape. Made quick use of it, the lads had found nothing of interest either.

Hello @McLeranth You state in your pov that when you came to the camp all you could find was 2 rolls of duct tape, now I find this hard to believe as the screen shot provided by @FalkRP shows the items on the ground, which means that there was indeed more than 2 rolls of duct tape when you were raiding the base.

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@KingForADay has failed to respond to this report within 24 hours and will be temporarily banned from our servers.

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1 minute ago, KingForADay said:

Why did I just get banned and didn't know I was given a warning.

We require you to post your POV of the situation described in this report. If you provide us with it your temporary server ban will be removed.

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Don't you have any recollection of the base which is screenshotted in the opening post of this report @KingForADay?

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I removed your temp ban for now @KingForADay.

Please make sure to check in if you are required for more questions. If you don't reply we would have to temp ban you again.

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I will correct the miss communication, a single role of duct tape with two usages left on it. This tape was found inside a blue tent near the still sealed door, to my recollection I did not look into any other containers at the checkpoint. And this blue tent only had this one single role of ducttape with two ussages on it.

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Griefing - Inconclusive


The staff team have looked over this report and have come to the conclusion that the griefing accusations will be found inconclusive due to the lack of evidence supporting this case.
As unfortunate as it is, there is nothing at all we can go off. Position logs show people in the area, but we cannot blindly punish people for something they may or may not have done.

We respectfully apologize for the inconvenience this situation has caused.

With the above said, the following applies


Griefing - No actions taken

Signed: @Phoenix, @Derek Steel & @Peril


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