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Server time (UTC): 2021-11-28 09:28

S1 - South of Zeleno - NVFL/AvoidingRP - aprox 19:30


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Server and location: S1, Zeleno

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 19:30

Your in game name: IVAN BERNARUS

Names of allies involved: N/A

Name of suspect/s: @daemonium

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://plays.tv/video/5d9ce4cc389d99266c/finally-met-a-guy-after-hours

Detailed description of the events: 

I see a guy. I walk up to the guy. I say hello. He kills himself.

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Death Logs:


19:08:14 | Player "Jaren Ward" (DEAD) died.
19:08:14 | Player "Jaren Ward" (DEAD) died.
19:31:39 | Player "Jaren Ward" (DEAD) died.
19:46:51 | Player "Jaren Ward" (DEAD) died.

Chat Logs:


18:34:56 | Chat("Jaren Ward"): *writes down with a semi shaky hand, daemonium on discord/forums or 96.6*
18:35:33 | Chat("Jaren Ward"): /ooc what was it again on the forums?
19:00:54 | Chat("Jaren Ward"): /ooc im a dude just got unlucky with spawn
19:01:04 | Chat("Jaren Ward"): /ooc hence the gas mask

Position Logs:


17:52:33 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<11157.6, 12092.4, 206.1>) 
17:57:33 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<11188.7, 12282.1, 201.6>) 
18:02:34 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<11181, 12277.8, 197.3>) 
18:07:34 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<11181.2, 12277.2, 197.3>) 
18:12:34 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<11181, 12277.2, 197.3>) 
18:17:34 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<11181.1, 12277.2, 197.3>) 
18:22:34 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<11181.1, 12277.9, 197.3>) 
18:27:34 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<11170.7, 12277.4, 197.5>) 
18:32:34 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<11178.7, 12277.1, 197.2>) 
18:37:35 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<11180.1, 12277.6, 197.3>) 
18:42:35 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<11179, 12278.2, 197.4>) 
18:47:35 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<11131.9, 12256.4, 198.9>) 
18:52:35 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<11154.8, 12286.5, 198.7>) 
18:57:35 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<11178.8, 12272.2, 197.1>) 
19:02:36 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<11179, 12275.6, 197.1>) 
19:07:36 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<11171.7, 12257.9, 197.2>) 
19:12:36 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<1768.5, 5093.2, 172.6>) 
19:17:36 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<2415.3, 5184.1, 190.5>) 
19:22:36 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<2500.0, 5112.1, 193.5>) 
19:27:36 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<2507.3, 5055.5, 194.0>) 
19:32:37 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<2907.1, 4595.6, 271.2>) 
19:37:37 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<2606.9, 4959.3, 193.2>) 
19:42:37 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<1978.5, 4365.6, 185.6>) 
19:47:37 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<10673.7, 5057.1, 184.6>) 
19:52:38 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<10388.8, 4262.9, 84.2>) 
19:57:38 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<10288.1, 3619.7, 49.3>) 
20:02:38 | Player "Jaren Ward" (pos=<10457.2, 3331.4, 77.7>) 

Calling in the following people to post their Point of Views & any video evidence they may have:
@daemonium | Jaren Ward |

@daemonium You have been temp banned until you provide your pov.

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I had the wrong player model twice in zeleno i talked to rover about it and he told me the work around for it i can screen shot that and show you if you would like me to. the whole leaving the rp that way was bad luck he was right there after i tabbed back in to fix my issue with the player model.


as for the talking that was in krasnostav the first time i had died before anarchy raided the place the other two me trying to get the right model the last one is me killing my self to hopefully get the model how rover told me to by going to the main screen setting it and then spawning back in (after i killed myself the second time). would have loved to have some roleplay myself i didnt do that to avoid it in the slightest. @Realize

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@daemonium had reached out to speak with me regarding some things, and one of them was character models. I advised how to get the correct character model at 19:53 server time. I was not aware that during one of his prior suicides there was a player present.

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the dude will likely get permabanned from this report so i will not pursue this further

you can close this

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The staff have reviewed this report and have accepted the request to close it.

However, @daemonium, you may wish to have another look over the RULES to avoid further reports against you. 
The rule you broke in this report is:

  • 3.1 You are required to role play your character at all times while in game. No OOC events or communication may take priority over your role play. You are not allowed to ignore other players attempts to role play with you.

Had @AndreyQ kept this report open, you would have been hit with BadRP, giving you a 5 day ban and 10 warning points. We understand you had the wrong character model, but this is not the way to go about fixing that mistake. In future, finish all roleplay and ensure there is no one around if you need to fix your character model by killing yourself. 

/Report closed

Signed: @Fae, @Rover + @Derek Steel

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