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Weapon spawn help

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Hi fellas, I'm mostly used to other servers and recently got into rp. Just a question about mid to higher tier weapons, where do they spawn? We have checked balota, troitske, various military tents, pavlovo, most everything except NEAF, NWAF, and Tisy Military and all I have found in a week of searching other than the usual ump45, PP1901, PM's, 133's, and a APS pistol (none of which were at any military area) is ONE B52 or whatever it is. Can anyone give me any tips on where to find weapons, all I find is military clothing and helmets. For reference I use the izurvive map and look near "helmet" and "pistol" icons and the pistol icons is a metric crap ton of weapon attachments and magazines but have never found a weapon at these locations. B52 was in a shipping container not actually in a base.

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Honest answer here,

You'll never be the first one to a military base, and loot doesn't respawn/reset during server resets if that makes sense. I've never found a high powered rifle myself at a military spawn, just low tier stuff like you mentioned in your post.

Raiding or looting a base tends to have good results for me. If you keep an eye out its pretty easy to run across a base and hacksaws are fairly common.

If you're aimed a bit more towards hostilities, I usually have luck robbing someone but most players dont have high tier weapons and if they do they are going to be rolling around with their friends.

Ive played for a while now and ran into the same issues you had, I recommend robbing players, raiding bases, helicopter crashes (both smoking and non smoking spawn items) or going to places far away like Tisy up north west. I hear Tisy almost always has good loot but I never go. 

You can also trade items but that involves time and risk and you can never be too sure on who you can and cant trust.

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Thanks for the reply, now as for base raiding, I'm under the impression that you may only take what you 'need' to survive, so am I mistaken that if you have weapons you can't raid a base and take weapons? I may be misunderstanding this rule. Anyone have clarification?

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you can take whatever you want from anyone's base. the rules only state you cannot grief anyone's base, like dump all the loot your not taking onto the ground to despawn or destroy stuff simply just to destroy it. if you had beef with a group though, it would give your character reason to maybe trash someone's base out of revenge if your so inclined, as long as its within reason.

4.8 Griefing is act of damaging or destroying a player base, storage container, vehicles or their contents using OOC knowledge, ill intent or doing so without IC reasoning that is proportionate to the damage done

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