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The Haunted hunter

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After a long and tear-filled talk with Maggie, Mikael hesitates for a moment as he is about to leave the house and turns around in the doorway blocking Maggies way out and hugs her.
"I'm so happy to see you again," he says knowing she can't hear a word he is saying nor read his lips.
They slowly let go of each other and he says in a low tone "Stay safe" and continues to walk away.
After walking for a few hundred meters he takes a detour into the woods and picks up his radio, knowing what he is about to do will put him yet again at risk.

"Mikael here, remember don't answer this call. I found Maggie she is close to where me and your brother did meet you and Caleb, she is looking for you"
Mikael ends the transmission by turning off the radio and walks away.
After a few hundred more meters he finds a small cabin and walks in, closing the door behind him.
As he sits down on the bed and starts to clean his MP7 he starts to think back on what he said to Maggie and even though he doesn't want to believe it, it makes sense..."The runners simply don't trust me yet"
"But how can I blame them, I'm after all their newest member and trust have to be earned"
He looks at the radio and for a second he considers to contact them but for what reason...apart from him almost shooting someone he thought was apart of the Anarchy I don't have anything to report.
He sighs deeply as he assembles his MP7 and dry klicks it before lying down and slowly falls asleep.

As usual, the dreams return.
Phoenyxx smiles at him and behind her stand Hutch and looks angry as usual.
"There was nothing you could have done Phoenyxx says and right after Hutch stabs her in the back.
"No that's not right!", Mikael screams
And as Phoenyxx falls on the floor Hutch is no longer there but is replaced by Vlad.
Mikael wakes up as always bathing in his svet.
"God this has to stop"

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Day 1

As always Mikael feels completely unrested as he wakes up and as always wonders where he is before remembering.
His radio with the built-in text option hisses in a low tone but for ones, it been quiet all night.
He turns off the radio and leaves the small cabin that seems completely untouched by time and the apocalypse.
As he sees the dirt road he grabs his MP7 that's stuffed in between his back and backpack and follows the road to the west.
He can hear some bucks in the distance and considers hunting one of them but concludes he has more than enough food.

A boar can be heard not too far away from him and he decides to sneak up on it.
He crouches down and walks into the woods and it doesn't take long until he can see a heard of boars and slowly makes his way toward them. with his MP7 at a ready, he closes in on them, well aware of the danger.
One of the boars turns toward him and even though he looks straight at Mikael it doesn't see him.
as it turns away again Mikael continues to move toward them and stops just a few meters from them lying flat on the ground at this point.
Mikael´s heart hammers as if it is trying to punch its way through his chest as the large male boar turns toward him.
"god! He is huge!", Mikael thinks to himself as he looks at the boar.
Suddenly the wind turns and the boars catch his smell in the air and run off into the woods.
Mikael stands up and makes his way toward Electro feeling happy with his achievement.

As he walks he decides on a task for himself and starts to investigate several cars and after searching most of Electro he finally finds an Ada
in good enough shape to be fixed and starts to look for the spare parts needed One tire, Cooler, Battery, and some spark plugs.
As he starts to fix the car he hears another car and hunkers down behind the Ada as a BMW passes him in slow speed, trailed by a few infected. After it has passed he continues with his task feeling yet again happy to do something normal for a change.
His hands are black with oil and dirt when he finally is done and sits down in the car.

As he hotwires the car an engine light turns on and he curses it and leaves the car to investigate what the problem is.
to his surprise, he finds a data port on the engine and concludes he can't do anything about the engine light and closes the hood.
As he sits down in the car and pushes the third wire against the other two the engine starts up and bellows a plume of black smoke for a short time before the exhaust is cleared.
he looks at the sifter and gets the car in reverse and slowly backs it out from the parking lot before shifting it into first gear and rews it making the weels spin and screams as he drives away toward the southwestern checkpoint with a happy smile on his face but still a bit concerned about the engine light on his dashboard.

As he shifts it to the fought gear he kicks down the gas pedal to the floor and looks at the speed reaching a hundred and screams in a kids happiness as he takes the sharp S curve in about the same speed and rips the grass next to the road to shreds as his wheels start to spin on it
and only as he reaches Cherno he lets go of the gas and slows down before the roundabout and slowly makes his way through Cherno before flooring it again.
as he reaches the Southwestern checkpoint he slows down and comes to a stop and turns off the car.

As he picks up some stuff left behind by the military and starts to return to the car he hears footsteps and turns around not to see anything.
he puts the stuff he picked up into the trunk of the car and again hears footsteps and picks up his gun as he turns toward the sound again.
as he looks he sees a man running with an infected trailing him and can hear the man fighting the infected before emerging from a tent and sees him.
"Hi, there!", Mikael says keeping his gun lowered but ready for anything well aware that a car is an attractive price to gain.
"Hello," the man answers and to Mikael's surprise with a Cherno Russian.
"I just hear looking for some gear" The man continues 
"Ok, what are you looking for?" Mikael asks as he moves closer 
"Well a scope for this rifle", he says and Mikael looks at his UMP thinking that the rifle he means, after all, it's easy for someone with no weapon knowledge to mistake a Submachine gun for a rifle.
"Well you're in luck I might have one", Mikael says with a reassuring smile.
"I'm Mikael by the way, what's your name?", He asks as he walks over to the car and looks in a box on the back seat.
"I'm <Name comes later>", the man answers.
"Here it is", Mikael says as he turns around almost expecting the guy to hold his gun pointed at him but is really happy that he was wrong.
"No, I mean for this rifle", he says as he shoulders his UMP and grabs his Karabiner 98.
"ahh sorry, No I do not have one of those, except for the one I'm using my self. But they can often be found in summer camps, I can even give you a ride to Electro. There is a camp just north of Electro", Mikael says as he starts to trust the guy.
"Well if your heating that way I would not mind a ride to Electro" 
"It's not a problem just jump in and we can go"
"Let me just search these tents it will only take a few minutes if it's ok for you"
"I don't mind I'll wait here at the car for you", Mikael answers as he sits down in the car.

After about half an hour's drive, they finally reach Electro and Mikael turns of the car and steps out.
"There we go, just follow the road here and you will find the summer camp on the left-hand side of the road", Mikael explains as he looks over the car.
"Thank you for the ride, here take this MP5 as a token of my gratitude"
"Thank you, I'm sure it will come to good use", Mikael says as he puts the gun in the trunk of the car.
"Well it's getting dark so I should get going"
"Yeah me to, but thank you for the company, always nice to meet good people", Mikael says as the look at the sun setting.
"Well stay safe out there", Mikael says as the man starts to walk away.
"You to my friend"

Mikael sits down in the car and pick up the radio and makes sure the guy is out of hearing range before making the call to the Runners
"Mikael here, any runners around?"
"Martin here! What's up Mikael?"
"I got a car here fixed up and with some goodies in it"
"Great job Mikael! Take it to Electro and we can pick it up there"
Mikael sighs and thinks to himself "I guess I don't have their trust yet"
"Well you're in luck, I'm in Electro now"
"Sounds great, We will be there in ten"

After ten minutes become thirty and Mikael almost fallen asleep in the car he can hear two cars coming up behind him.
He sinks down slightly in the seat and places his hand on his MP7 that's on the passager seat.
"Mikael! You in there?", Martins's voice rings through the night.
"Yea I'm here", Mikael says as he steps out of the car holding his MP7
"This is a great find"
"Well the engine is not in top shape but I got it to...a hundred"
"Well thank you, Mikael, This is a great find"
"Well keep it safe until I can come to camp and fix it for you guys"
Martin can most lightly see that this is an issue for Mikael and says nothing as Mikael walks into one of the houses for the night not saying another word.

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Day 2-3

It's almost morning when Mikael wakes up and looks at the sun slowly creeping up the horizon to the east.
"Well I got a long walk ahead of me so I better get started", He mumbles to himself as he eats a cold stake and washes it down with a Coce.
He opens the door and lets the cool morning wind wash over his face before he starts to walk over the road and into the woods to the northwest.
As he walks he listens to the lonely ho of an owl and starts to look for it.
He stops as he spots it, high up in a pine tree and looks at it for a moment and realizes it looks completely plain, no hint of sickness.
After standing there for a solid five minutes he realizes he is wasting time and continues to walk toward Vybor.

As he approaches Novi Sobor he makes a quick decision to move along the Southern tree line to avoid getting spotted and hearing gunfire to the Northwest makes him think he made the right decision.
As the sun sets he lies down in the cover of a tree, unable to sleep he lies there and listens to the low noises that nature is doing, but when he hears someone reloading a magazine just a few meters from him he looks in that direction hoping this person will not have night vision.
As the sun starts to brighten the sky with its first rays Mikael starts to move again and soon notices Veresnik military base and moves more to the vest of it and toward the next tree line that contains mostly bushes.
He starts to look around for this infamous Checkpoint that the Anracy has set up just outside of Vybor and soon spots a huge tower looming about five hundred meters away.

he slowly losing his long rifle and looks at the tower through his scope and notices a man in the upper part of the tower and yet again his finger moves down to the trigger before he realizes what he is about to do and shakes his head as if trying to forget a bad thought.
"You're on a scouting mission nothing else", he murmurs to himself as if reminding him of his task.
As he moves around to try to see what kind of defenses they got he soon realizes that he is on the completely wrong side of the structure and can't see much at all.
He thinks for a short time before deciding to move on to his second task and starts to move to the Northwest again.
After a while, he sees what he is looking for as Lopatino castle looms in the distance.
He quickly drops to the ground as he sees a blue truck moving to the southeast along the road and thanks the heaves they did not spot him.
He mumbles a curse for beeing so clumsy before standing up and continues on his travels.

Mikael slowly approaches the main gate of the castle but soon can see someone made a gate there. Without saying anything he moves around to the southwestern bastion, knowing there is a large opening there.
He slowly makes his way in and can soon see freshly fallen trees.
As he makes his way around a tower he spots a female coming toward him.
She stops and looks almost surprised to see him and seems afraid of him.
As he realizes he is still holding his MP7 he quickly puts it away.
"Hi! I'm sorry I did not expect to find anyone here", Mikael says after a few awkward seconds.
"Hi...Who are you?", she asks with what seems to be a shy voice and its one that Mikael seems to remember but can't place it.
"I'm Mikael", he answers and looks over her shoulder as a person moves behind her from the right to left.
"There is someone moving behind you, is it a friend of yours?", Mikael asks as he watches the guy coming toward them.
Mikael tries to remember what the red barret stands for and the purple armband he is sure he had seen before.
The girl turns slightly as the man passes her and Mikael turns to face him as he stops and looks at him.
"Hello, and who are you?", He asks with a calm voice that really puts Mikael at easy.
Some close by gunshots can be heard right after the howling of wolfs and Mikael looks at the direction and is surprised he did not hear the third man coming, standing on top of the wall shooting at the wolfs.
"I'm Mikael, I'm guessing you all live here?"
"Yes we are planning to make a trading post here"
"Well that's nice to hear, we could use some more of those", Mikael says with a smile
"So what does that armband stand for? it seems familiar", Mikael continues
"Nothing really it was just something I did pick up"
"Okey, Well I have seen that color before, but it was a long time ago"
"So are you apart of any group?", The man asks and for a moment Mikael hesitates but knows that if he lies now he would most lightly be caught in it.
"I'm apart of the Runners...I'm sorry for hesitating but like any group around we do have enemies."
"Yea I have heard about the Runners, So what exactly do the Runners do?"
"Well we try to help people but right now we are in hiding mainly because of the Anarchy", Mikael says with somewhat a heavy heart.
"but maybe soon we will open our gates and help people again.", 
"anyways if you wish I can report in this place and maybe we can help you guys or if you want I can wait until you have fortified this place a bit more"
"That's nice of you, just tell them I'm Lorcan and this is Lee"
"Okey I will do so"
Lorcan and Lee...Those names also sound familiar, damn my memory Mikael thinks to himself
"Well I should get going I feel like I have been disturbing you all enough now, but can I ask for some wather, I'm starting to feel parched"
Lee walks over with a cantine and gives it to him
"Thank you", Mikael says with a smile before he starts to drink and for a split second wonder if there is something more then water in this cantine but shrugs it away.
After taking his fill he hands the cantine back to Lee and thanks her again.
"You can take it all", she says with a low voice
"Thank you but I'm fine"

"Well thank you all for your hospitality and I wish you all the best of luck", Mikael says as he turns to walk but stops in his tracks almost pulling his gun as he hears Lorcan tell him to put his hands up with the same calm voice and as Mikael looks around, all of them have their guns pointed at him
"So this is how your planning to trade", Mikael says with a voice dripping of sarcasm.
"Don't touch your weapons and there is a chance you might survive this", Lorcan says with the same calm voice
"Now drop your backpack, plate carrier, and guns to the ground"
"I hope you realize I have to touch my weapons in order to drop them to the ground", Mikael explains still with sarcasm in his voice
"Yea just don't do anything stupid", Lorcan says and it seems like his calm is swaying a bit
Mikael starts by dropping his backpack reviling his MP7 then his long rifle and MP7 slowly not to make the four of them jumpy.
He then continues with his belt dropping his sidearm and last his plate carrier.
"That's enough, rais your hands and face the wall over there", Lorcan commands.
"Well, it's true we are traders but not the kind you think. We trade in guns, ammo, and slaves and just as it happens we like what the Anarchy is doing. What we don't like is that the Runners are accusing us of being cannibals"
"Now I want you to tell me where the Runners are located"
"Well, That's going to be a problem, I'm new to the Runners I just joined them a few days ago and they have not told me where our new base is", Mikael lies but showing no hint of it and it seems Lorcan is believing him.
"Walk over here and kneel down", He commands no doubt to see Mikael's face.
Mikael does as told and looks up at Lorcan to make him believe he got nothing to hide.
"So how long have you been a member of the Runners?"
"Just a few days", Mikael answers
"Then I'm sorry for doing this to you, You obviously did not have anything to do with the past events"
Suddenly Lee steps up
"Do you remember me?" she asks
"No, Well you seem a bit familiar"
"Well maybe you recognize this voice", She says with a voice allot different and almost shy.
"Images flashes in front of Mikael as he remembers the shy girl from the wolf pack and can't help but feel sorry for her being in this company.
"I was apart of the Wolf Pack remember?"
Mikael nods unable to say anything at this point.
Even thought of the current circumstances all he wants to do is to save her from these people.

"This is what I want you to do, I want you to head back to your boss and tell him this Where we are located and remember we are Vatos and I'm Lorcan. Now pick up your backpack and go."
"Now keep your hands up and follow me", Lorcan commands
As they reach the edge of the castle wall Mikael starts to slowly walk down and almost expects to be shot as he stumbles and lowers his hands
"Now remember its Vatos and I'm Lorcan", he shouts as Miakel moves toward the woods.
After a while, Mikael looks through his backpack and finds a sewing kit among his combat knife and a cantine of water.
He puts the knife in his boot and walks toward a small village hoping he can find a Musin or something similar.
As he leaves the first house Lee stands outside. She holds his old journal. She hesitates a bit as Mikael is still holding his knife.
"You forgot this", She says with the all to familiar shy voice and places the book on the ground as she keeps an eye on Mikael.
She backs away almost afraid of him...or maybe just maybe ashamed of what she had become.
Mikael picks up the book almost as if it was a priceless relic and puts it in one of his jacket pockets.
"Thank you", Mikael says but wants to say so much more.
They look at each other for a few seconds before she backs away and runs back to her friends leaving Mikael in his thoughts of what Maggie wrote to him "But you did not shoot, that means something is still there Mikael"
"I guess you were right", Murmurs to himself as he walks back into the house for the night

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Day 4

It's been a long walk all the through the night and Mikael starts to wish he did not leave his friend behind at camp, but in the end, this is a solo mission and he doesn't feel to be a baby sitter for someone that wishes to learn how to become a scout.
Gunshots ring out in the night signaling he is close to Novi Sobor.
As he clears the woods he carefully moves over the open field just to the East and enters the woods to the south and slowly makes his way toward the summer camp to spend the few hours that's left of this night.
As the first rays of sunlight start to light up the sky he continues toward 
Lopatino Castle and by the time it's a full day he reaches the castle and hides in the bushes just outside.
To his surprise, he doesn't see or hear any sign of life except some gunshots that are close enough to make them react in some way.
Mikael presses the PTT and in a low tone makes his report "Mikael here! I have arrived at the location and so far no movement has been noticed. I will move in for closer observation" Footsteps can be heard over the still open radio "It seems they have moved. Doors are open and cars are gone. End field report" Mikael releases the PTT
Martin's voice can be heard over the radio
"Ahh well shit... Good work on finding out and scouting the place Mikael. Since they moved the only logical thing I see is finding out where they moved. Again good work on finding out and I'm sorry that you had to run across the country to find out. "
Mikael hears a few gunshots sounding really close.
He turns off the radio and slowly makes his way over the river and the two railroad tracks and drops to the ground under a pine tree as more gunshots are heard more or less than a few meters in front of him and he can hear faint voices but can't make out what they are saying.
"It could be good people but they are at least two and as far north as I am its most lightly bad people", Mikael thinks to himself
An inner voice tells him to get out of there and he slowly makes his way back toward the small village to fill up on water before leaving for Green mountain

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I'm sorry I did not write anything today I have started on Day 5 but it's far from finished due to the fact I did have a lot to do at work today

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Day 5
Mikael slowly makes his way back to the coast when his radio walks up and a short message is transmitted.
“Novaya Petrovka, factories. Try that.”, Michael says no doubt keeping the message short in case someone tracks his signal.
"Copy that boss, moving out"
Mikael grabs his compass and turns Northeast and starts to jog.
by the time he arrives, the sun is high on the sky and he can clearly see Novaya Petrovka just behind the railroad station.
From the cover of the bushes and trees, he starts to look for any sigh of modifications on the buildings but sees nothing.
As he starts to move east he remembers that a group way back when used to have a base at the two apartments and looks at them through his binos.
The first one seems empty but the second one to the east he just barely spots a green tent in one of the windows.
He scans the entire building but can only see this single tent and no movement around the building.
"So is this where you moved" Mikael mumbles to himself as he looks over at the school next to the road before crossing the road and slowly makes his way to the apartments.
As he moves around he soon notices a makeshift gate and another tent clearly seen through a different window.
He takes another polaroid and starts to walk away to make his report.
As he moves into the woods he turns on the radio.
and gets blasted in the ears by a panicking Krasimira.
Mikael tries to make out what she is saying but her, at the moment high pitch voice makes it near impossible but it is clear she needs help.
"I'm way too far away to help her", Mikael thinks to himself but still feels compelled to run and hopes the other runners are close by.
After a few minutes, he can clearly hear several gunshots through The radio and Michael voice giving orders to mobilize.
It feels like time speeds up and Mikael starts wondering if he will see his friends again or if he will be the last again...like the last time beeing the last Sentinel and the last Wolfpack member...

Mikael runs as fast he can stumble several times over tree stumps and roots and finally everything turns black as he falls headlong in a bush from exhaustion.
As he wakes up almost sure everything he owns will be gone but to his surprise, nothing is missing and as he turns his head he notices something red and shimmering deeper in the woods to his left and as his eyesight returns to him fully he realizes it is a car.
He quickly jumps in not even checking the surroundings and to his surprise, the car starts up on the first try.
Dirt and gravel spray from behind the car as he drives up the slope and floors it toward Berezino.

The radio is completely quiet and he wonders if all of them are dead.
"Common Mikael get a grip on your self it's only radio silence", He thinks but the closer he gets the harder he finds it hard to believe his own thoughts and as he gets on an asphalt road he floors it again and doesn't let go before he spots a barn and decides to hide the car there.
He sits down for a while planing his approach but soon realizes he knows very little about the mainland area in front of the isle but comes up with some sort of plan he really doesn't like.

As he moves out and avoiding the infected mainly to not leave a trail of dead infected after him he changes his plan and moves on the opposite side of the road in the woods and keeps a close eye out for movement down below him but not before he reaches the three houses he hears gunshots to the north of him and hunkers down, trying to see any movement on the isle but can't see anything over there and decides to swim over.
Before he even has the chance to cross the road he hears the familiar engine sound of a BMW  and quickly hides in a bush.
As the engine sound dissipates he decides to call it in on the radio.

"This is Mikael anyone around?", Mikael says with a low voice.
"Mikael? are you ok?", The voice is familiar but Mikael can't remember his name.
"Yea I'm ok, but was it one of you guys driving that Bemer close to Alpha Bravo?"
"Yea that was me, Do you need a pickup?"
"Yea but I need to get some sleep soon. is there a safe area where I can get some rest?"
"We lost the isle for now but you can sleep in my car just come to the road, but be careful there might be hostiles in the area still"
Shortly after the BMW returns and Mikael quickly gets in.
"You was neer Novaya Petrovka, how did you get here so fast?", he asks as he drives away toward Electro
"I found a car", Mikael mumbles almost in tears of happiness that he is not the last again and slowly falls asleep.

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Day 6
Mikael shakes his head trying to make his vision less blurry.
"What the hell happened?", he asks himself as he starts to check his gear and notices except for his clothes, everything is gone.
He sighs deeply and starts to move through the forest.
It doesn't take long for him to figure out he is close to Gorka and starts to head in that direction.
As he enters the first house he spots an IZH rifle lying on the floor.
He picks it up and spots a few rounds lying under the table.
As he breaks it open and going to load it he notices the chamber already has a bullet in it.
"Thank god for gun safety", he thinks as he closes the gun again and puts the spare ammo in his pockets.
He slowly makes his way down toward the church and as he does he can hear some infected that seem to be upset over something and carefully looks over the wall and spots a well-armed female with an AK on her back.
She seems busy with the infected so he decides to sneak past her toward the Police station.
As he slowly sneaks past the infected one of them spots him just outside the police station and runs toward him.
He curses his clumsiness and cuts the throat open on the first infected just to notice two other infected running toward him.
The next one he stabs in the middle of the forehead and stops it in its tracks before spinning around and using his momentum slams his fist at the third infected nose punching the nose bone up in its brain before entering the garage pretending not to have seen the girl watching him from a distance, fighting the infected.
As he hears her approach the garage he puts his hand behind his back and grabs hold of his knife.
"Hi...Are you okay?", She asks as she carefully peaks the garage opening, Still with her AK on her back.
"Yea just had a warm-up with these infected", Miakel answers as he releases his grip on his knife and shows his empty hands.
"Warm-up?... Did you do that too?", she asks looking slightly a bow him and as she does they can both hear a growl from a 5th infected on the roof.
Mikael slowly makes his way out and looks up at a female infected on the roof glaring at him.
"No I'm innocent when it comes to her", He says with a smile as he turns to face her.
"Your voice sounds kind of familiar...What's your name", Mikael asks
She seems to hesitate just enough for Mikael to notice before she answers.
"I'm Kathryn she says", she answers and Mikael tries to figure out what she is saying is true or not.
"Well, I'm really bad at names but I'm sure we have met before". he lies
"Well, are you not apart of the wolf pack?"
"No not anymore, now I'm apart of the Runners", He says and curses himself for blurting that out to her.
But she seems to not mind him being apart of the wolf pack as she asks her next question focusing on the Wolf pack
"Oh, what happened to the Wolf pack?"
"The short story is that Phoneyxx died"
"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, I have met her and she seemed nice, So how did she die?"
Mikael has a hard time picking his words and he is sure that she can see his expression change to something darker as Vlad pops into his memory as if it was yesterday it happened.
"The short story is that Vlad killed her. The longer story is that he forced her comfort and...she died", he answers refusing to say she committed suicide.
"I was planning to kill Vlad but my friends in the Runners convinced me not to"
She looks at Mikael for a while before moving closer to him
"First I wanna say your Runner friends did a good thing convincing you not to go after revenge. Now Vlad is my fiance and I can tell you he did not kill Phoenyxx nor did we give her comfort"
Mikael looks at her and can only see she is telling the truth, but still can feel anger toward her and Vlad.
"My brain wanna say one thing right now and my heart something completely different", Mikael says with a dark voice.
"The friends I trust said one thing and you the fiance of one of my worst enemies Say another...I hope you understand that I will believe my friends over you", Mikael says and at this point watches every move she makes
She must have noticed his watchful eye as she starts to speak.
"Don't worry about me, I only hurt people that are hostile toward me"
She seems to listen to the radio for a moment.
"Tell Vlad I did say hi", Mikael says in a neutral tone but what he really does is mocking Vlad
She smiles and pushes the PTT
"I got a Mikael here that says hi"
"He doesn't seem to remember you"
"Tell him its the guy one of his men shot just under the knee"
Mikael can almost hear Vlad's voice as his temper flairs and can't help but grin as Kathryn starts to make some strange noises and smiles slightly
"Well, he said something about chopping off your legs if he finds you again among other things", she says and smiles slightly
Task complete Mikael thinks to himself as he smiles at her
"Anyways you should leave before he arrives here, but he is pretty far away so you should have time to search this police station"
"Okay, anyway it was nice to meet you and travel safely", Mikael says as he walks into the police station"
"You to Miakel", she answers before walking away
After searching the Police station and the close by Radio tower finding an MP7 mag and some ammo. An MP7 gun in the trunk of a police car he starts to move back to Berezino.
As he walks up the street toward upper Berezino he starts to search some houses and soon finds a Kar98K
He slowly makes his way past a few infected and enters the hospital.
"God I'm tired", he murmurs to himself and barely notices the infected coming up behind him before it scratches him on the neck, making him bleed profusely.
He stumbles into the next room and almost pulls his gun out as he sees someone is there.
"Are you okay?", a female voice asks with concern and she puts away her splitting ax
"Yeah sorry I did not mean to scare you...I'm just tired", Mikael admits as he looks at her and the color on her face seems to drain away.
"I'm Mikael by the way"
"I'm <name will be added>...Are you bleeding?" she asks.
Mikael looks down on the floor and a sizable pool of his blood is on the floor
"Damn...that infected must have scratched me", Mikael says as she approaches him
"Please sit down and I'll help you", She says with the voice of a doctor.
"Thank you", Mikael says as he sits down and realizes he must have lost a lot of blood since the room starts to swim in front of his eyes.
She carefully starts to clean the wound on Michael's neck.
To his surprise, it is completely painless, unlike other similar wounds he has had in the past.
She carefully wraps the scratch with some bandage and starts to look in her bag.
"I will give you some saline if you don't mind. You have lost a lot of blood", She explains and waits for Mikael's answer.
"Yeah I think that's a good idea"
After resting for a while she starts to speak again
"Maybe we should go before the infected comes through the windows and walls.
"Sounds like a plan", Mikael answers as he stands up and draws his knife.
As they go out an infected comes running toward him through the narrow corridor and Mikael stabs it in the forehead killing it instantly.
As they come out Mikael jawns loudly
"I'm sorry about that, but 24 hours without sleep is my limit"
"Oh my, yea you should get some rest. Beeing up for that long is not good for you"
"You sound like my sister, she use to tell me that to", Mikael says with a smile.
She smiles softly at Mikael.
"Well I'm going to find a house and get some rest", Mikael continues as he starts to look around.
"Well, I hope we will meet again", She says as Mikael starts to walk.
"I'm sure we will, and travel safely now"
"You too"
Mikael walks over to a close-by house and outs down his backpack as a pillow, since there is no bed in this house.
"One...maybe two new friends today...Not bad for one day", Mikael thinks to himself before falling asleep.

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Day 7

As always the fog is thick as Mikael slowly approaching the isle most call Deer isle mostly due to its large population of Deer and other wildlife.
As always the huge oil rig appears almost out of thin air and Mikael adjusts his course slightly to the east to avoid the rapids that made him crash into it ones.
As he makes it to the land he hides the small boat and changes his clothing in case someone would recognize him and picks up an M4A1 and a Musin from the boat before leaving it.
Gunfire can be heard from the northeast so he decides to stay on the docks as he walks east.
As he walks he can see a person hiding behind a container, completely unarmed as far as he can see so he keeps moving toward his last known location as if he did not see him and turns the corner.

"Hi, there!", Mikael says as he spots the man again.
The man looks startled and seems to almost panicking when he sees the M4 in Mikael's hands.
"Don't worry about me, I'm friendly", Mikael says as he shoulders his gun.
The man looks slightly more relaxed and starts to speak.
"I'm Tom, what's your name"
"I'm Mikael, You seem to lack a weapon. I have a Musin that I have no use for if you want it"
"That's really generous of you, Do you need anything?"
"Well if you have some 556 I gladly take that", Mikael answers as he hands over the Musin and some boxes of rounds
"I think I have a box unless the Russians did take them from me, oh yea you should stay away from the apartments behind you. Those Russians are not nice"
"Thank you for the advice, I was actually heating over there when I spotted you"
"Oh really, Then I'm glad I ran into you,  You seem like a nice guy"
"Well I try to be", Mikael answers and as always don't like those words, it makes him feel like he did something bad in the past.
"So is there anything else I can offer you?", Tom asks
"If you have a sidearm I gladly take that"
"That I do", he says and shows a few guns, one of them is a P1
"That P1 I do have some magazines for so I gladly take that one", Mikael says as he inspects the gun that seems to have seen some action
"I'm glad I could offer you something for this Musin"
"Well, It was nice to meet you but I have to go", Mikael continues as he starts to walk.
"Ok stay safe out there and I hope we will meet again"
"You too", Mikael answers as he pulls out his M4 again and keeps moving east.

As he almost walks closer and closer to the edge of the city he spots some garages and decides to check them out
In one garage he spots a cabinet that seems to still be closed and shoulders his M4 as he opens and starts to look inside.
"Hello there", The voice comes from behind him and Mikael pulls out his M4 as he spins around.
"Woa, Woa! I'm unarmed and friendly", The man says as he peeks around a corner.
Mikael can't explain why he feels this man is safe more than that he wears casual clothing and have no visible weapons and shoulders his M4 again and shortly after a second guy shows up and seems to secure the area.
"Hi! Sorry for startling you, I'm Nixon"
"Nice to meet you Nixon I'm Mikael"
Gunfire rings out more and more frequent and Mikael keeps a close eye in the direction of the shots.
"I have not seen you before, Do you come from the mainland?"
"Yeah", Mikael answers shortly.
"So what brings you here?"
"It's a long story but, the group I'm apart of and I have some difference of opinion"
"Well, I'm apart of Heros nation, we are the opposite of Anarchy that most people seem to have a problem with"
Mikael turns his gaze toward Nixon immediately interested.
"We do try to keep some law and order around here but not like the Anarchy"
"Really, That sounds interesting"
"Well if you want to talk to us or maybe even join us, then take this frequency, it is secure so we can talk in private", He says as he gives Mikael a small paper
"How secure can it be if you give it to strangers", Mikael thinks to himself as he takes the paper.
"Thank you, I will stay in touch but for now I need to get some rest"
"ok well I'm looking forward to hearing from you"
"Well stay safe out there", Mikael says as he starts to walk

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I'm sorry for the long wait but here is the next day Enjoy

Day 8 A few days later

Mikael slowly makes his way through the forest in the darkness and after a long walk finally finds the cabin he is looking for.
He enters the cabin and as always it is in pristine condition literally as if the apocalypse never happened here.
Mikael breaks a chem light and drops it on the floor as he walks over to the small bed in the far end of the cabin and pulls out a wooden box, slightly larger then what you normally see and opens it, reviling a large rifle.
He picks up the military looking sniper rifle and puts a battery into the scope, before looking through it.
He then places the rifle back into the box and picks up a large box magazine and starts to load it up with the .338 Lapua magnum rounds and pockets the ones leftover.
He places the magazine back in the wooden crate and picks up the rifle again and pulls back the receiver to make sure it is unloaded before cleaning the gun even though it really doesn't need cleaning.

As the sun rises he puts the gun together again and loads it up before placing his trusted old Karbine98K into the crate together with the ammo for it, closes the box and slides it under the bed.
"God I forgot how heavy this gun is", Mikael mumbles to himself.
As he starts to walk toward the exit of his cabin he scoops up the chem light and hides it in his pocket and starts to walk toward The Anarchy's last known location, their checkpoint.
As he reaches the southern treeline it is already dark, but knowing the Anarchy has night vision he is still moving carefully next to the stream.
He lies down on the slight incline, but to his surprise, the checkpoint is no longer there.
"So you moved huh...Well, I will find you guys again", Mikael mumbles to himself.
Mikael picks up his radio and turns it on.
"So you Anarchy bastards moved, Well no worries, you will live for another day unless you leave South Zagoria then I will let you all go", He says with his Texan accent and releases the PTT.

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