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A happy and sad day

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This story is based from rollplay in world of warcraft and is a short one portraying a day that started of good and ended badly.
Arong is my char and the rest of the chars belong to other people.


The day has come and Arong stands in front of Vanerna the priestess that has honored Arong and Eleirah by pronouncing them, man and wife.

The ceremony has just ended and Arong turns around to face his friends and takes a slight bow to everyone and thanks to them for coming.

Eleirah stands there beside him and looks more beautiful than ever before in her wedding dress.

What Arong don't know is that this day will not end as happily as it started, No one in this gathering will.


“There will be a grand party at Lion's pride inn and everyone that’s invited here is welcome”, Arong announces and looks proudly down on Eleirahs beautiful smile.

Aron turns around again and asks Vanerna if she wants to come, but she declines with a soft smile a smile that could captive any man on Azeroth or outlands if she would let them.

In a smooth move, Vanerna takes a bow toward Arong and as gracefully as she entered she leaves.

Some short words of thank you are exchanged before and during the walk out of the abbey, first come Arong closely followed by Eleirah and then Eldric and Q

Arong can hear a soft falling sound behind him and smiles as he turns around thinking that Eleirah did trip over her long dress, but the sight that forces its way true his eyes and into his brain is far more terrifying than a simple trip on a dress.

For the moment everything and everyone stops in chock just watching Eleirah as she lies there and her head slightly behind her still with her beautiful eyes wide open.

Arong falls on his knees not able to say anything do to the chock he suffers

Q is the first one that utters a word and when he doesn't get any reaction from Arong he raises his voice saying "Arong let us help her!"

Arong slowly stands up thinking how can we help her...

Some time passes while Val and Q work together and all Arong can see is all the blood smeared over Eleirahs beautiful dress and on the ground, not before she opens her eyes Arong can see her again.

A mage comes to Arongs side as he kneels beside Eleirah and offers him some enchanted water.

“Try to get her to drink this, she has lost a lot of blood”, she says and slowly backs off.

Another voice can be heard saying "Don't hate me but she asked me to do this"

Arong looks up and can see a young paladin standing there and feels his anger...no rage coming and starts to grasp for his sword that’s not on his back.

Arong can't hear a word he's saying beyond this point just hearing thundering noise and all he can see is the all to familiar black shadow that represents all his enemies

Arong can hear the thundering noise come closer and turns his head toward it and can see his loyal companion come running toward him.

As Devil comes closer he can see his sword still strapped on Devils back, he grabs it and in a smooth move cuts the straps and points the sword toward what he now can see as a skeleton standing there.

Are you going to use your sword on a skeleton? Arong can hear it say and just as he is about to strike it he can hear a beautiful voice in his head a voice yet unknown but still a voice Arong feels he must listen to.

Arong puts away his sword and whistles at his storm saber Atemis and lifts Eleirah on the large cat and himself behind her.

The two of them swiftly rides away and as they arrive at Arongs clinic he lifts her up and gently carries her to the bed and starts to work...trying not to think of with who he is working with.

Arong gently lies down besides Eleirah and can see her lips moving but no sound is coming out

Try not to talk my love, he says and keeps looking at Eleirah as her eyes get filled with tears

She is trying to talk again and this time it comes to Arong what she wants and says I will get Cogoran

Arong slowly gets up and says I will be back shortly my love.

What seems like an eternity to Eleirah is only a matter of minutes before Arong stands in the doorway holding there son in his arms.

He walks over to Eleirah and gently lies down the still sleeping baby boy in her arms and can see her beautiful smile yet again, but what he doesn’t know is that it is for the last time.

Again Arong lies down beside Eleirah and all he can see is her beautiful smile and eyes, not even noticing that she is slowly fading away to a better place...A place they might one day reunite.


The end


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I dont understand why you post WoW RP in "Dayz Stories and Journals". As it states "DayZ Standalone lore and user created character backgrounds". 🤔 Or are you planning on transferring some character into the DayZRP Lore? 

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ops I did not relise this was for DayZ only I do like to make storys from diffrent games I playd and no I'm not planing to put any night elfs in to DayZ lore even if I did have the power to do so 😀

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Umm. Would you like this removed or moved to off-topic @Aron73?

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Sure I do so

Sorry I did miss read yes plz move it to off-topic

Edited by Aron73

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/moved to off topic

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