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John Wahlberg

[Open Frequency] The voice of loneliness.

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Rob sits down on the freezing floor of the airfield's radio station, takes out his walkie-talkie from the backpack, takes a deep breath and then presses the PTT.

"Hey, my name's Rob," he says with exhaustion in his voice.

"I don't know if there's anybody listening to this frequency right now, but-" *gunshot echoes closely*

"-damn it. I'm currently located at the airfield near Stary and Novy Sobor.

I don't know for how long can I keep on going like this.

He takes a deep breath.

"I'm really tired by only scavenging from town to town and I could really use some goal, that would prevent me from going crazy."

"I heard about a group called New Hope Federation."

"If there's some member of it listening to this, I'd like to chat a bit and to gain some more info about you guys."

"Even if you're not from New Hope, but just want to meet and get a bit of a social interaction in this damn apocalypse, I'll wait on the airfield for a bit

and we can even share a can of pudding I've found."

"Somebody come please."


Rob sighs and puts his walkie talkie inside the backpack.

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Rushes to press PTT 

Hello friend my name is Leon hope all is well  with you. hope i wasnt too late and you are recieving this msg in time . Hope is near  are you still at airfield or did you push out 

Release PTT


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Rob removes the back cover of his walkie-talkie and puts the newly-found battery in it and pushes the PTT.

"Hey Leon, I've received most of your transfer, but right when I tried to reply, the noise in my radio cut off and the battery died. "

"I tried scavenging the nearby garages and other places, but I've got lucky just now."

"Yeah, I'm still wondering around this place and I'll be waiting for your next message."

Then Rob removes his finger from the PTT and prepares to get back onto his feet.

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