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Registered without having bought the game, then bought the game (no steam in account error remains)

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Getting whitelist error

"We could not find DayZ on your Steam account!"

Indeed, I didn't have DayZ when I registered. Bought it a few minutes ago (for its amazing RP potential), but the error doesn't want to go away. What do I do?


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You need 10 hours of playtime on your Steam account on DayZ.

+ You also need to set your Steam to public.

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Hi Larpushka

As mentioned so kindly by @Duquesne you are required to have played 10 hours of the game before you can play on our servers.
If you need any help at all you can also come to the helpdesk channel on discord and one of our support members will be able to guide you through the process!

Good luck 🙂 

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Friendly community-helper Banshee here!


Make sure that your Steam-library and details are set to 'Public'

  • Go to your Steam profile
  • Click on 'Edit Profile'
  • Click on 'My Privacy Settings' on the right hand side
  • Go to where it says 'My Profile' and set that to 'Public'
  • Go to where it says 'Game Details' and set that to 'Public' (Achtung! Make sure to un-tick the box that reads: "Always keep my total playtime private even if users can see my game details")


If done correctly, it should look like this:


Edited by Banshee

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