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    • The sneaky bastard almost got away as well, too be fair though the tree falling and the hostage try to make his escape because of it was kind of a cool scenario though!
    • According to everyone, Miscreated is shit. Personally I had a blast on the short lived RP server I played on and it's a superior game compared to what DayZ currently is.
    • Was fun hanging out with some of your guys today we still need to have that talk tomorrow, I’m looking forward to it.
    • *A wet Kenneth smelling off fish picks up the radio* People of Chernarus! It is me, King Kenneth the Hobo. I am back from Looking at turtles. And now more then ever i think you, yeah you are looking to make a deal. What ever you wish for us hobos Will make happen. You need guns to take out that pesky pirate robbing your caned corn? Come get guns and ammo. Your mother is nagging you about cleaning your room? We have handcufs and knifes. Is your dog epileptic? We have garden tools! We have it all folks!! *Deep inhale* So call your local hobos today and we come and make you a deal my dude. And hay, can't pay today homie? Well then we just make a written contract and you pay later dum dum. It's not that hard is it? Hobos care about you like We care about glue! It keeps you Warm at night. And full. Call now for 66.6% off. Peace! *Kenneth passes out. Snoring in backround*
    • @Ryan Shepherd Had some fun, sorry for dropping a tree on your hostage.
    • Yeah man, was dope finally meeting you outside of a gunfight / hostile situation, had a lot of fun. Big cheers to @Descendants, @Nihoolious and the rest of New Moon for the RP in Grish and Vybor, hope to meet y'all more in-game!
    • Great roleplay from you aswell man love the interactions. Who knows were this will go you slimey bastard haha
    • Really enjoyed my first actual chat with the District outside of hostilities and gunfights. Hope to speak to you gents again, I'm sure that your company could benefit greatly from my services. @Ryan Shepherd @OxeN @Challenger and anyone else that I missed, great RP. Nice to run with the New Moon boys as well, I'll be leaving the CP again tomorrow.   EDIT: I don't know what's wrong with me, fun times with @yuthee and @ScarletRose afterwards.
    • Jebidiah POV,  we were chilling in Vybor then  we find someone who sounds exactly like someone who initiated on me earlier, and i had planned to interrogate.  I complied after lewis initiated to instill a sense of fear in OP. Then after quite a while of Nargulok not going down the ladders as instructed until i gestured "After You". I made my way down as the others instructed him, then he randomly full sprinted into the school building. I didnt hear any of OP's voip after he went down the ladder. He was instructed to drop his weapon and bag multiple times before being shot for not complying.
    • Enjoyed rolling with @Cipher today, first time meeting you IG!  
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