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  • Posts

    • G'day boys good to be here i'll be one of your guards
    • If we're talking about another map, I noticed this one a while back, could really turn all the 'Apocalypse' up a few notches. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1580589252 Haven't seen it in-game, so i don't know how well it looks from the ground.
    • It can be argued Chernogorsk has things happening, but that's because the groups encourage that behaviour. It's uhh, symptomatic? In a sense. It also encourages bad roleplay, I won't speak of any names, but I've seen this come from people who very clearly aren't whitenamers fresh of the boat, and it causes a claustrophobic environment where PVP is almost definitely going to happen because everyone's on their nerves. PVP wouldn't be a bad thing if peoples play and roleplay styles weren't orientated around it. I've been forcing myself to purposely approach dangerous situations, despite obvious connotations of going against NVFL because far too much it's either running away, the other roleplayer or both basically looking at each other and doing the danger dance, or there's clear breaking of IC behaviour for the sake of character preservation. It's not to say I'm exempt, but honestly I feel like map size isn't an issue, I've ran into people, even on 25 players only. The problem comes from players lurking in city centres. If you follow trails, roads, or travel through towns or cities rather then lurking in the trees or going cross country mode (Or staying in one place) you'll find yourself bumping into people so long as they're not in their camps. Just to clarify, I'm not negative about to the community as it might seem. Despite having gone on a hiatus, I've found a decent chunk of good roleplayers roaming, and groups to my liking which give me a sense of nostalgia. If there's anything which would likely make people roam in the same direction it could be dynamic stuff, but major and a load of other people are already consulting on this as it seems, so I don't really see the need to interject.
    • *squints* Trying to find a point in there other than just negativity.  It's about increasing natural RP engagement across the map, making the map the tiniest bit smaller is just a step towards trying to promote that. The map for 80 players roleplaying is too big. I think the reason why people congregate in areas like Cherno is because this is seemingly the only place where there's anything of interest happening. As I said almost 3km square per person assuming the entire server is full. That's too much space. Either make the map smaller or increase the population of the server, the latter isn't possible right now. The ethos is about creating more opportunities to run into people whilst traversing and exploring naturally, as you seemingly would.  I'm excited to see what Rolle and the rest of the team have planned, it's a change, one which hasn't come for a while. Let's see what it has to offer.   
    • When I first made this thread the argument of it being summer and people being on holiday was a pretty good argument. Summer is over and school has started. It goes without saying that real life comes first and this should not be prioritized first. But, for the people who here and there got time to play it is straight up depressing seeing s1. being 50 players and s2 often having around 20 people. If s2 was closed s1 would almost be full most of the time and there would be a lot more roleplay to be had around the map. Instead, we have people, for whatever reason,  pretending to really enjoy roleplay, yet hides behind their wood walls and talking about a virtual deer they saw in the woods earlier to their group members.  It makes no sense to have both servers up when the server population is decreasing. People are waaaay too attached to their compounds and would rather keep that safe instead of interacting with other people.   Also this ^ There is this thing called 2.3, look it up. So if it turns out being constant attacks, simply report it.  To sum it up, rather have one "almost full/ full server" than 50 people on s1 and 20 people who get a hard on looking at wooden walls on s2.  tyty  
    • Welcome @allanman123 and @Jinx 💪
    • Sounds like a personal problem. But heres an easy fix: Don’t be a member of Potius.
    • Well there goes all our hard work. 
    • I don't think a wipe is going to stop people from dicking about behind walls, nor will a map exclusion area make anything better. If anything as some people have already sugguested, it'll just throw people in cities. Spend a few minutes standing outside Chernogorsk or other populated towns and you'll get a pretty clear idea of what'll happen if you cut off people's area of play. Or fuck, just look at solved reports and/or reports. CTRL + F Cherno. Someone could argue that the number of players likely increases the chances of reports, and that's a valid criticism, but fuck me dead if hearing gunshots every five minutes for 2 hours isn't a dead giveaway that pushing people into hotspots is a bad idea, I don't know what is.
    • Ooh, shiny. Map looks nice. Will definetly give this a go.   Maybe a ferry connection of sorts has been established between the two provi-*slaps self* no....no lore thinking Tomeran, control yourself!
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      I feel sorry for Tom Holland in all this drama with Sony and Disney over Spiderman
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      Happy birthday to me 🤘🏼
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    • Mikey

      So today i went out to shoot some real Guns for the First Time.and i have to say it was fucking Awesome . Especially the slugs out of a Pump Action shotgun and the 50AE out of an desert eagle.but it was also kinda weird to Hold a real Gun for the First Time .

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    • Crusader-chan

      Day 21: The recent and brief map switch on S2 has worked in my favour. Roland has been exposed for the cruel dictator his is and the mob is rising up against him. The day will come when he is usurped and the natural order is restored. It won't be long now until my brothers free me from the confines of this prison and I can be released, knowing I have fought the good fight against my oppression. It has been some time since my last update, I have had to fight off the daily barage of Roland entering my cell and slapping me in the face with his waifu pillow.
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