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    • 7/10
    • it's simple but good 8/10
    • bear
    • 2
    • Yes I would rally behind you If I was the greatsword ice would you choose to melt me down or keep me intact  
    • Awesome GOT remix? I'd loose geek points if I didn't enjoy it, 10/10.
    • Link to the situation: Any, and all! Any supporting evidence or notes: This is overall, so no specifics. Feedback: I just wanna thank Brady for always, always, being so helpful and easy to contact/communicate with. Every time I have had a question, or a concern, a issue or I just need to confirm some site or Community Rules Brady has been there as a valuable resource to me. He's gone above and beyond for anything that I, as a member of this Community, may need and I know he does this for others as well. When it comes to his role as a Moderator he treats it professionally and respecfully, he listens to concerns and applies solutions as needed. I see him sit in the Help Desk all alone just being available for others. He's even willing to get IG JUST so there's someone to RP with to create popualtion. Knowing that we have such a dedicated member in Support/on the Team makes me glad I chose to be a part of this Community. I'm happy to say I feel comfortable going to Brady when and if I need assistance with DayZRP. Suggestions for improvement: None! Keep doing you, boo. <3
    • 10/10 House Mormont nothing else to say added bonus of Jorah
    • 60
    • Granted but you collect every bit of dirt and leaves and guck and is never cleaned I want the ability to corrupt someone else's mind
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