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    • Official Radio Thread:   
    • (a Slavic accented voice would come to life on the radio) "Dobryy den, Chernarus! This is Archie, formerly of Legion and now of Red Winter. I am coming onto the radio today to inform you that Red Winter is officially operational, and we are asking that all survivors in the region to report to Stary Sobor for a census. This is for safety and future of humanity, tak? So is best to comply. Hope to see you all soon." "Pa-pa!" (the voice would fizzle out) (Discord: https://discord.gg/pBj8vHQSmH)  
    • Looking forward to meeting you in-game possibly maybe
    • Love to see it, good luck to you guys!
    • Boyko “Archie” Archenko had been optimistic. He thought he had found a source of strength in the collapsing world… but as usual, he came to the conclusion that the only real way to exemplify strength was to take charge, himself. After months in Chernarus spent burning bodies and taking blood, he figured it was time for a change. Archie began getting in contact with former acquaintances, coming to the conclusion that there needed to be a force in the region that struck right to the heart of the infection… and that doesn’t mean curing it. Archie has spent a lifetime searching for strength and snuffing out weakness. Now is the time to really take control and create a lasting source of strength in Chernarus. It’s time for a Red Winter.   Red Winter will not bother to investigate the cause of the infection, they will simply strive to kill anything that is already infected. “The List” will be maintained by Red Winter so that a log is kept of active survivors in the region, along with their infection status. Red Winter is technically a “neutral” group, but they will declare enemies if they get in the way of their goals.   By joining this group, you understand and agree to the following: 1. My character could be executed and/or permanently killed (with my permission) by group leadership should they become infected. 2. I will not initiate on other characters without solid reasoning (i.e. they are infected, suspected of harboring an infected individual, or I have a personal issue with them). 3. I have the option to put entries in “The List”, which is not a requirement but may have IC implications if I do not log an infected survivor. 4. If I am removed from the group due to either IC or OOC reasons, I will not retaliate OOCly. 5. I am not an unstoppable killing machine, and my character has flaws just like any other. 6. I am here to have fun and engage in fulfilling role play while recognizing the need for occasional hostility.   <> "Take care of" all infected that are seen, whether they still seem human or not <> <> Make list of survivors and keep tabs on them <> <> Deal with all those that are opposed <> <> Recruit survivors that seem sympathetic to cause <> <> Make it known that Red Winter is the law of the land <> <> Collect gas masks (1/30) <>   <> Provide competent Hostile RP that is focused on enhancing role play and developing stories, not just robbing or maiming for the sake of it <> <> Provide Non-Hostile and Hostile RP in an even balance <> <> Welcome new players with open arms, giving them plenty of internal RP and encouraging a nomadic playstyle <> <> Establish an active group on the server <> <> Influence lore events and work with lore/event team to provide engaging events for both group members and general population <>   @Novagats - Boyko “Archie” Archenko @Fae - Natalya Reznikova @APerfectMojo - Joseph Nixon   Please fill out the following template and DM it to me on either the forums or Discord (Novagats#9956). Forum Name: Discord Name: Character Name: Time Zone: Why do you want to join Red Winter?: There may also be an in-character interview which can be done either in game or through Discord voice chat. The interview is to give your character a realistic in-character entry into the group, and you can choose if you’d like to do it or not. We welcome new players with open arms and encourage them to join us if they want to learn what being a part of a group is all about!
    • Me bredda, Norway is a dangerous place you know.
    • I played ARK with base building to the extreme before DayZ ever had base building. I was scared having that added to DayZ would ruin what DayZ was like and it feels like it made the game less fun. I had no issue with a door together with a limited amount of stash. But the oversized collection of everything that is behind locked walls does become ridiculous.  I would love a thing of having set storage inside houses where for example you could utilize the cupboards and wardrobes that are in the houses anyways but can't add more storage to it. All you should be able to do is lock it and fill the storage that is naturally there. Sadly the current way dayz is, doesn't have natural storage in houses.  
    • I think there should be a healthy mix of both, limiting storage in bases makes it so that if people want to hoard more gear they'll be forced to make stashes around the map, allowing more weapons and high tier items within the server to be passed around a bit more, stashes get found eventually but keeping only the door barricades mod in allows for people that like to RP out having a home to do so. Optimism is what is needed right now though, regardless of if in the long run they make a difference in the population overall it's something else to cross off the list of changes that people have suggested in the past.
    • I personally think you just just disable building, or make it much harder. I don't think I've ever had as much fun on DayZRP when our group used to just stash tents in the middle of the woods and just nomad it around the map for RP. The vast majority of the suggested changes are just general optimism, I personally don't think they'd help the population for little more than a week, and don't think they'd do much to enhance roleplay either.
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