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    • mans speaking facts again bro would love this +1
    • Quick note, the rendering issues is my PC. it shouldnt be caused by the pre fab itself. I just so happen to play on an awful PC
    • I'll be honest here, and I'm sorry if I step on someone's toes. This is the most toxic forum I've seen! Hell, I have seen competitive game forums less toxic than this one. I endorse every suggestion you have and would love to see it happen. I'm going to share something here that got me banned on another forum that no one would even bother with, or maybe someone that felt hit by it in a whole different topic would react on and pour some salt over it. So yes, as I always say to my mother, please less salt next time. PS and it was a 10 day ban
    • Hello fellow Council members I am here today to present to you our prefab.  @Nyx @Dongle @[email protected] [email protected]@[email protected] So, just quick rundown incase you have never seen or done this before, this thread is for you guys to leave feedback and approve or deny our prefab. As approved groups, we are permitted to have a prefab under the stipulations found the Group Settlements thread. Though the thread is a bit outdated, you will understand the gist of it. Your job here is to leave feedback and critique of what I will post below For your added benefit, here is an example: "Wow this settlement is sick +1 pls add"  or "I don't quite like this prefab, here are my reasons x y and z" Anyway here we go, Item count: 90 Location :  Screen Shots: I have also gone ahead and recorded a video that i will link now   Anyways, please let me know your thoughts on it 🙂   
    • I voted yes, good suggestion @Jackfish. This mod will definitely help with immersion
    • Ok, I'll come here and tell you why I don't agree with these: 1. No. This is for the fact suggestions needs to be visible and discussed. People need to know what has been suggested in the past so they either making a thread about it, or if they decide to, they could bring a new reason as to why the suggestion can be useful for the community. And it needs to be discussed, especially for mods, as sometimes mods are not up for monetized servers or have compatibility issues, which could be overlooked by the OP. 2. Off-Topic serves for people to talk about stuff that is not related to DayZ or DayZRP. No need to remove this section. Plus it also has the great Aron73 Appreciation Thread, an amazing and lovely thread about an amazing and lovely man. 3. No. Believe it or not, DayZRP is the place many people come to fix their game. Most issues are posted here, and most of the time solved. When people that are not in this community go on Google to search for fixes to their issues, DayZRP usually pops up first, or on the first page. It brings traffic to the forums and even people that are interested into the community. 4. It is, but with moderation. People need to have the freedom to discuss about whatever itches the community. If a thread about goes sideways, we will solve the issue. Otherwise I see no reason to make it even more hard to post into.   The forums are going to see some changes Soon™, as to make them more streamlined and user friendly for new people who are not used to using one.
    • Sounds nice, and I guess there would be no harm to it as it only makes changes to some sounds.
    • Closing this thread as the general suggestion revolves more around fixing the game itself, rather than adding a mod that would improve performance. If you come up with a mod that actually does that, then you can contact someone to reopen this thread and add it up on the OP. /Thread closed
    • There are a lot of good comments here, but the question is, have the mod author made any changes to it? If that's the case, maybe it is worth trying, but in the end, it is all up to us.  
    • Alrighty, if there's mod like it and you'll happen to come across it please send it to me via PM, I'll then post a suggestion. 
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