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    • I think he needs help.  
    • I look forward to meeting you in game! have a good time!
    • Welcome to dayzrp!! I hope you enjoy your time here 
    • Hi, my name is Mateusz, I'm from Poland. My ingame name is Robert Perele. Happy to be here!
    • You could threaten to nuke a nursing home for cats and nothing will be changed on the server. This isn't the case of circlejerking, it's a case of talking to a brick wall. Owner made it clear no changes will be made so if you like the current state of the server you can play, if you don't then no point hopping in waiting for things to improve. 
    • Welcome!! Hope you will enjoy your stay!🌸 The only find out is to try it! If you have any questions we are here😄
    • Welcome! Do enjoy your stay, I also recommend what @Takticmentioned, the radio section is a good start if you want to ping the neighborhood about your presence 😉
    • Not sure I agree with the points brought forward, first and foremost, weapons are plentiful. And yes, I'm talking about high tier. I've sold numerous AUG's, M4's AK's. Along with ACR, tons of SPAS12's a million hunting rifles, sub-machine guns etc. They are all over the place. And I still have more weaponry than I would really need. The infected are buffed yes, but they are still not a real threat IMHO, if you are an experienced DayZ player. Melee weapons are plentiful, find a mace or a sword and you'll be a zombie slayer. Knife behind them is also an instant kill. In order to get thrown out of a vehicle you need hold down F, so this was most likely a DayZ moment.
    • You can make a poll in suggestion for infected spawn. You got dayzed it happens even if it is annoying when it happens. If you see a bug you can report it to us in #bug in the discord. There is a community that made many radios thread, there you could find people. We want to reduce Nyvoll infected spawn but takes some time to be implemented, sorry it happenned to you. You can also kill infected easily using à knife, aim for the head but I understand that if there is à lot of infected it is another story, sneak around is the best to do especially in big cities like for exemple: Nyvoll
    • Sounds like you got DayZ'd, and are now panicking and rushing around to get back to where you were loot wise before you died, and in doing so, are just getting yourself killed. Considering that you're learning how to drive a car, you're considerably new to the game, and being new on a server where it's zombies are more difficult than vanilla isn't going to be a good time. As much of a headache it can be starting out, zombies are actually a threat and not just some minor thing like they used to be. I, myself, also got aggravated at their difficulty as a fresh spawn, but I haven't died since the mod update came out, so it's not impossible to handle them. There are plenty of other players as well who also are striving, considering. I think the difficultly adds another layer to the server. If anything, if you so desperately need help, use the tools the server has at its disposal. Forums, the radio, and discord. Get IC and radio for help. Start up possible interaction and give some other players something to do.
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    • Nova

      losing last little bit of hope, i tried to help but no responses

      ggwp dayzrp !
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    • Jamie  »  Roland

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    • CutieSnow

      First you kidnap them, steal them, lie about them
      Deny their god, offend, separate them
      If any dream dares to run, stop it
      And sends them to debate with the bullet that pierces them...
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    • CutieSnow  »  EaglesBR

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    • Otto Pilot

      The return of the mac.
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    • CutieSnow

      I would shoutout for my boys and everything we passed throught, but they got banned for imo not even correct reasons.

      Slava KAMN
      · 4 replies
    • CutieSnow

      Everything started going wrong when @Spessleft.
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    • Plankt0n  »  Salted

      😞greens gone
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    • boring  »  Cal

      sometimes the memes just make themselfs

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    • Salted  »  Cal

      This fucking knocking man. You need to be stopped.
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