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    • I mean, can't they just pay the 100..then like.. flame and meme and then just charge it back from your acct? I have no issues with payment to come back, why not.
    • I'm not afraid of anything really, except for the idea of being stranded in the middle of the ocean. Yea that freaks me out, the thought of being in the middle of the ocean stranded with nothing but water all around me as for as the eye can see. Don't get me wrong I love to go to the beach and jump in the water n shit, but being in the middle of the ocean? That freaks me out.
    • This group likely needs to be archived as its still a huge W.I.P. but hopefully its next rendition will..make a little more sense.
    • Seems alright, you're getting 100 euro, people who are willing to pay 100 euro to come back here probably really do just want to come back and play, so I say go for it.
    • I don´t know about this one. Many of the permabanned people are banned for a good reason. I do miss some people that are banned and would like to see them back in the community. But then again most of them are banned for a good reason. 
      For me, it sounds like a way for people with money to ignore the rules and as far as I know, we are not the Russian government. 
      But if you decide to do it. Let them back for 100€ and put them on final for a while just to see if they have changed for the better.
    • I'm all for second chances as people do change. 100euros is a bit steep as I don't think most would pay that to return. However if they do pay to return then maybe they will think before doing anything against the rules. 50euros, if they mess up again it's their loss. Maybe consider 100euros for a clean slate or 50euros with 15 warning points already allocated for the first 3 months. I do like the fact the Admin team have to agree there 'get out of jail free card' app. People do change but not all. Typed on my phone, I'll think some more about it.
    • This is a great Idea do it. 
    • Those who got banned got banned for a reason, perhaps a monetary loss as a result of bad behaviour would be an incentive for them to not repeat bad behaviour. I don't like the idea of people being allowed back in because they have money, as opposed to a legitimate basis for being allowed back in, so I'm wondering will this be applicable to all permanent removals regardless of their reason, case legitimacy and/or any other possible factors? <- (excluding those who are deemed too malicious, invalid etc).
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