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    • This is admittedly a fair point. I got 'treed' by a pack of wolves and only carry a rifle and a handgun, and if it weren't for a conveniently placed high object I'd have gotten eaten. I'm not a fan of wolves with buffed health, and would prefer they were nerfed.
    • All right, here are my two cents on this matter. You don't need an automatic weapon to survive. Many, many people get along fine with a simple rifle or shotgun. I know of one person who doesn't even carry a firearm at all. While it can be frustrating to die to a bear, or wolves, or to three or more infected, that's just the game. The same thing could happen even with an automatic. And it has, to me, personally. Having an automatic weapon doesn't make you immune to bears or wolves or infected, it just makes dealing with them a bit more convenient. Ultimately the best way to fight these three examples you've provided is to avoid them. Avoid the deep woods and you'll never see a bear. If you hear wolves howling run away as fast as possible and the odds are you will lose them. Lock infected in buildings and they become harmless; or just sneak past them.  As for the second part, I'm sorry you feel that way. The RAC confiscates weapons for realism. It wouldn't make sense for a military group to allow civilians to walk around with military equipment, especially when it violates the law. I personally would encourage you to still go into these populated areas even if RAC is there. Because the odds of you encountering outside the area are almost as likely. Ultimately, if you don't want your firepower to be confiscated, don't carry automatics into populated areas. Or, just don't carry an automatic. It sucks to die to a game mechanic, but that's DayZ. We all deal with it, with or without automatics. In the end, guns are very easy to find. You just have to be patient in looking for them. The reason why RAC confiscates them is because, as I mentioned before, they are the military of Chernarus. In real life, in a situation of martial law such as what is being depicted now, the military would not permit civilians to carry any weapons at all. I'm sorry if I come across as rude here, but the RAC is just depicting what a real military would do (to an extent). Gear is gear. It's easily replacable. If it gets legitimately confiscated through roleplay, then no harm no foul. Just find another. You don't need an automatic weapon to roleplay.
    • I play with naught but a pistol and do fine, haven't fired at anything in at least 3 weeks.
    • Unfortunately I don't see how people can realistically have their character survive long periods without an automatic weapon to defend themselves with. I'm not even talking about anything crazy, but rather that if you do not have some sort of firepower and you stumble across a bear or a pack of wolves, you're done for. Even more than two or three zombies and nowhere to lock yourself into can kill you if you do not have a gun. It doesn't make sense for the game play on the game itself. That being said, one of the first things I was told when returning to the server was that I have to hide any auto weapons I have or find because "the RAC will confiscate them on sight." This immediately sapped my desire to go to large RP areas because if my firepower gets confiscated and then I die to an actual game mechanic, that doesn't promote my roleplay personally at all. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this way or is in these shoes.
    • Had a blast this evening! A super big thanks to everyone who attended the cafe in berezino's official grand opening evening 😄 @Craig and @PizzaCat00 bring the mad party vibes 🥳  @The Savior and his cowboy hatted friend - You were hilarious to interact with so hope to see you around again soon ⭐ Loved hanging out and meeting more people from the pub as its always a giggle @Eagles 😄 I promise not to make you cringe with anymore of my bad jokes 😂 @Lord Seal The usual lovelies have been amazing helping me set up the cafe and provide top notch roleplay as always 😄 @Vaetherium @Taffinator @Franklin Ranner @Denniscr I met so many people this evening so sorry if I miss any tags!
    • I would love to see our characters meet again, from our first interaction where I taught you about the political climate and that RAC bad to meet you after you the fact he has joined them.
    • but are the capri variants going to be added as a foldable thing? I think whitename is adding the police carpi retexture I made at some point. Would it be possible to do this? Its technically a different pair of pants so Im not sure if this would be possible. Unless you just did what you did with the bloused variant and made one more variant, making it fold higher up so you can wear wellies. Honestly idk if anything I said makes sense I hope you can understand what I mean
    • worst thing about the gun thing is I dont really see how it can be fixed. Dayz is about GEAR and using melee weapons is so annoying and trash that more or less everyone would prefer a pocket ak lol
    • Already done it for cargopants. Im doing it for all pants except jeans ones.
    • Will this be done just for TTSKO? Or have you got plans to make Gorka or Cargo pants changeable like this? It really does make a big difference. Great work, once again.
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