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    • Yes he is rather special...
    • isn't he the dog that fell down stairs?
    • Congratulations @MeenMuginLovin  
    • That really means a lot to me  Thanks a lot  
    • "I'd fuck vampires"
    • Hey dude, I thought your character was cool. I've met you yesterday with my new character (Mexican I am cool guy) first time I played him. But I've also once met you when I was walking around in full Police uniform and both times I really liked your RP. I used to go to a school for chronicly ill children for a short while and have seen many kids with autism and I have to say that you nailed it.
      I hope you'll return to him soon
    • @Scarlett - Thank you for the short RP, was fun.   @N-Tox - Time to find @dimitri?  
    • Reported.exe
    •   So.. did you or @dax99 handcuff him @TheElderTurtle? Seems like your friend is basically saying you did infact hold him up?  Also did you guys point guns at him or not? @dax99 you state you hold them up, what did you do to hold them up?  
    • *Logan flips through his notes, and thoroughly read them over, before reaching over for his radio. He presses down on the ptt, clearing his throat.* "These claims you've made... I've checked over every report and there is no logs of any children even being met... This would be a surprise considering I haven't even seen in children in this country. And trust me, there would be records, it's a part of what we have to do. So either this was a frame job, or you're lying out your ass, my friend." *He grins.* "There's also an important thing to note... Why would we do such a thing... If you die, then the samples are useless... So why would we kill someone, let alone children. You can't find a cure if the person who may have the possible key to curing it is dead. What logic would that follow?" *He lets go of the button, before setting the radio down.* "Who would kill children anyways? That's just heartless..."  

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    • When someone doesn't agree with whats happening in Novy.
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      *When the club takes out their bylaw books and surround you*

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      Staying up til 5am with drunken people on ts my sides hurt from laughing so much. @Kuljukka @TheTrueHawk @Finn @Jim Lahey  Nev playing drinking games again I feel crap! I believe @Rebel Pado Graced us with his amazin flute, is a vague memory lol and I hope Jim isn’t in too much trouble with his neighbours lol 
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