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    • Forgot to welcome our new monkeys homies since the making of the roster @[email protected]@[email protected] [email protected]@Rex [email protected] Welcome to the group boys 💕  
    • I think it's more to simply 'start afresh' and put meaning into the devs changes to certain item spawns that so far haven't had much of an impact due to them being found/bought in stupid amounts before the change. I hate wipes and would rather not, but in all honesty at this point it's better to just do a surprise wipe and be done with it.  Will it unfairly screw most of the server? Of course it will. But the ammount of PKP/SCAR-H STILL floating around and creating crap <5 second PvP scenarios is not fun for anyone. 
    • No because it won't solve anything. People storing stuff doesn't affect spawn rate of stuff. Roland and Devs have clarified this so many times that it is baffling some players don't realize this yet. A wipe won't fix players preferred play style or habits. Just raid their Base like a good little bandit. 😁
    • 1.12 is gonna shake up the 'meta' and possibly break the game.  Again.  So I'd say wait until patch day to wipe. It won't change much, other than 'what flavour of military hardware will I repeatedly die to due to balance changes' - which is a good thing because 308 fighting do be boring. 
    • Entry 36 When we left the church to go to the after party, there was one car behind us. Deebs and Ales was further behind. The way to Riffy boat was quiet for the most part. Just chatting about the wedding and how well it went. At some point, a black Gunter sped off past us while shouting "Get out of the way you slow asses !" with some kind of music I didn't recognize. AWOL said that it was some kind of Chernorussian music. Meh, there's always gonna be impatient people. We arrived at the boat in maybe 10 minutes. Sophia and Christian arrived right after. We were looking around the inside and started to set things up for the party when we heard on the radio that Deebs and Ales got attacked on the way back! Apparently, a black Gunter forced them off the road and armed men got out of it. That was the last information El Familia got from Ales and Deebs... We had suspicions that it might be Chedakies that attacked them... Immediately, I told Sophia and Chameleon to stay with AWOL and Tammy. I ran to the road to keep an eye out for a Black Gunter or a White Ada, the car Deebs and Ales were in. But no cars passed on the road... Not long after, Ivan asked me if I still had the Olga. When I told him yes, he asked me to bring it back to the bar immediately because they'll need it to go search for Ales and Deebs. We were running out of cars lately... I ran back to the car as fast as I could but these dress shoes weren't good in this rough terrain... I contacted Sophia informed her that I was going back to the bar. She told me that Chameleon was asked to bring AWOL and Tammy to a more secured location so they'll take Christian's Sarka. I told her that I'll pick her and Christian up on the road in a few minutes. I got the Olga, placed my AKs74 between the door and my seat just in case and drove to the road, picking them up before going to the bar. Once there, Ivan asked us to stay at the bar and keep it ready in case Deebs or Ales shows up. Himself and others from the bar left to look for them. The wait at the bar was long and stressful. After a while, Chameleon asked me on the radio if the bar was safe. Since it was, he decided to bring AWOL and Tammy there. It was safer than the warehouse since we already had people here. I went back home and changed cloths to be ready. The suit wasn't the most comfortable nor the most practical... I grabbed 2 extra plates carrier and my extra AKM with some magazines and brought them to the bar for the married couple since they most likely were still in their wedding cloths... Once they arrived, that confirmed it and they gladly took the gear. Sophia grabbed an M16 from the bar's armory and gave it to AWOL while Tammy grabbed my AKM. To be honest, it was kind of funny to see them armed and wearing a plate carrier while still being in their wedding cloths. Not something you see every day hahaha.  I started to have a bad headache a bit after they arrived. I tried to ignore it for a while but, the more time passed, the worst it became... I tried to hide it from the others because they needed me but Sophia saw it anyway. She asked me if I had eaten or drink since this morning. It was getting dark already. I hadn't ate nor drink anything all day, to busy taking pictures at the wedding and to busy staying on alert at the bar... Sophia told me to go home, eat and rest. She would contact me on the radio if anything happens. I refused but she insisted and insisted. I knew I couldn't really convince her so I accepted... I went back home, ate a piece of dried Steak with some rice, drank a lot of water followed by a can of beer and layed in bed. I quickly fell asleep for a few hours.  I woke up to the voice of Sophia on the radio. Ales and Deebs just arrived at the bar! Ales was in a bad shape but Deebs was somewhat okay. I quickly got up. The headache had subsided enough that it wasn't a problem. Sophia wasn't lying, Ales was in a really bad shape... His back was covered in blood. A large portion of his back had been carved but most of it was cut off, like someone tried to *erase* the carvings. Killian and Deebs were working on him. Desinfecting everything and covering his back with bandages. Ales was laying on his stomach, a bottle of vodka almost empty in his hand, a second bottle full on the table next to him. A Chernorussian only needs his vodka to do through anything I guess...  Surprisingly, Deebs was alright. She got shot but her plate carrier she had just put on after leaving the church saved her, redirecting the bullet towards the top of her shoulder, only scraping it. She was more worried about Ales. If they could stop the bleeding and stop any infection from happening, he should be alright... After a few hours, Ales back was covered in bandages. He was passed out on the table from all the Vodka. Manuel came with car and we helped put Ales in the back seat. Deebs got in front and I gave AWOL and Tammy a ride back to the warehouse in another car. When I came back to the bar, I went to sleep fairly quickly. Being tired from the long day.   
    • Please don't part me from my PKP Nah but fr we should wipe the server whenever the next patch rolls around
    • I see this come up a lot and I'm gonna have to say yes to get rid of the reliance on SCARs and PKP's as the meta pvp guns, but also to give a heed to wiping. It's just a temporary solution to a long term problem. Unless a continual loot wipe cycle gets implemented....and I hope to God it's not, you're going to see stashing. It's a realistic thing too, people don't want to carry everything they own on their person, and they want a secure place to dump belongings so they can be light, be more useful. It's how the game operates, and not much more can be done to change the loot problems we have beyond what the devs already are doing. And for those that need an explanation on why regular loot/server wipes are a negative, here's one How would you like to start from square one every week, or 2 weeks, or even month? I understand the want to have everyone be nomadic, everyone just carry all their gear on them at all times, like back in alpha, but that's unrealistic, and can honestly get in the way of rp. Hubs exist for a reason, and consistent and regular server wipes disrupts rp. thanks for my TED talk, have a nice night.
    • Entry 20 I'm uncomfortable. Can't keep intrusive thoughts...no... Memories, out of my frame of mind. What Peter and Frederick both say they saw... I don't know what to make of it. I'd say its borderline lunacy if I hadn't seen the blood on Peter myself.  What is happening? There was a young girl around today... In retrospect, the way we all surrounded her was negligence on our part. She was clearly unarmed, no threat. We've become too accustomed to the world around us, too quick to position ourselves in an imposing manner. It was unfair to her, and couldn't have made her situation any easier. For that, Anna, I owe you an apology if I ever see you again. She was skittish, for lack of a better term. I tried my best to keep my voice level and soft for her sake. I tried to show her she didn't need to be afraid of us. Yet the fear persisted. The unease grew. I firmly believe she lied to me today. That's fine, I try not to make a habit of divulging my business to strangers, so I cannot fault her. Yet... She got defensive, agitated, as I tried to inquire about her wounds, trying to gauge if she had been given any treatment. Her tone... It almost seemed fa-... I digress. She was uncomfortable by Frederick and Peter's continued presence, antagonized more so by their silence. It all culminated with her leaving, despite my attempts to soothe her. I failed her today. I cannot shake that feeling. I feel as though I let her down. "Thats what they all say" I'm sorry, Anna. I tried. I hope if you need help, that you know you can come back. That I'll do whatever I can for you. When I told you we wanted nothing from you, I meant it. I'm sorry that you seem to be used to less than pure intentions.  I only intended to help.   Peter came to me later in the evening, after Frederick went to bed. He told me more about what happened to him today... Yet despite it all, he was worried about me, I'd say more than he was for himself. I had trouble keeping myself calm during the conversation. Trying to keep from stuttering and stammering was next to impossible, and I wouldn't be surprised if he noticed the shaking either.  "Has Frederick ever laid hands on you?" Of course not. The man has saved my life more times than should have ever been necessary. Yet the things Peter said he was told seemed to trouble him significantly. Couple that information with the behaviors Peter and I have both witnessed from Frederick lately... I can't entirely fault him for his concern. I've never been able to fully predict Frederick, yet, of all the people out there... I don't think he'd ever do such a thing. Right? But I've been wrong before, I suppose...
    • A wipe isn't really going to solve much.
    • It'll be interesting to see how the more tamed and professional RAC characters still in SZ interact with you guys. Very nice dichotomy that could be tense, but in a fun way! I've already met you guys, and I can say, I'm impressed! See you in game, tovarische!
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