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General Questions

Q: I need help or have questions, how can I contact a staff member?

A: Our staff can usually be found on the forums and Discord. The easiest way to contact them is to send a message in Discord #help channel. If not sure who to contact, please message one of the Support team members, they will be able to assist you with most questions and escalate the problem higher up if that's required. Do not message GameMaster or Administrators directly unless it is an emergency.
You can also create a thread in our Question forums if you have generic questions that are not covered by this FAQ or Troubleshooting forums if you have issues with your DayZ game, our servers, website or other DayZRP related services.

Whitelist Questions

Q: How do I get whitelisted?

A: Whitelist page is available here Follow the steps on that page.

Q: What is the passphrase?

A: It is a hidden word that you have to find on the rules page in order to prove that you have indeed read the rules and can proceed with whitelist application. If you can't find it - you are not reading the rules carefully enough. Nobody can help you find it, as the passphrase is unique to your account and shows up in random places on the rule page.

Q: I have been blacklisted, what can I do to apply again?

A: Different types of blacklist require different procedures.
If you were blacklisted due to recent VAC bans, create a ban appeal once 365 days have passed since your last VAC ban.
For all other blacklist reasons, create a ban appeal as normal, remember to use the template present in the sticky thread in the ban appeal forums.

Q: How long does it take to have my whitelist reviewed?

A: It is hard to say because it is determined by many factors like admin activity and the quality of your application. Usually most of the applications are handled the same day they were submitted. However during peaks of activity when we have many applications to review it make take several days.

Q: If I buy Premium, will I have a better chance of getting accepted?

A: No, Premium users do not receive any special treatment or privilages aside from priority in the whitelist application queue. Premium users still have to meet all requirements and they have to answer all questions correctly just like non-Premium users. Buying Premium does NOT guarantee being whitelisted nor does it whitelist you automatically.

Q: How will I know the verdict on my whitelist application, where can I see the status?

A: You will receive a notification on the website. You can also see your application status on the whitelist page where you applied.

Q: I was under the age of 16 when I originally applied for whitelisting. I now meet the age requirement, but my account is blacklisted. What do I do?

A: We no longer have an age limit. Create a support request and your blacklist will be removed.

Account Questions

Q: I forgot my forum name and email address I used to sign up on the website. How do I access my account?

A: Create a support request and provide as much details about your account as possible like SteamID64, we may be able to find it for you.

Q: I have received warning points. How long will they last?

A: Warning points expiry depends on how many points you have received in the last few months. You can check the specific date and time your points will reset, as well as information about your warnings by clicking your warning percentage located underneath your avatar or in your User CP. For details about the warning system, check newcomer guide.

Q: Is there a way to buy Premium without PayPal?
A: You can also use Bitcoin, see Premium overview page. Sometimes we can also trade Steam gift cards for account credit.

Gameplay Questions

Q: Am I allowed to use the name of a famous person in game?

A: Famous names have been used as a means ruining immersion and trolling in the past. As such, DayZRP does not allow users to play with famous names. We prefer characters to be original creations, with their own unique backstories.

Q: Can I change my name/character from the one I described in my whitelist?

A: Players are completely free to change characters and/or names at will. Just remember that a new character will not possess any of the memories or knowledge of your previous characters.
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