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    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

  3. I don't know man since I start playing again its usually 50-60 on both and takes a long time to find people it should just go back to the old way and have it locked and I know a good lot of people feel the same way bro I didnt come here for the smoke smh
  4. Diamond


    Yeah Shane wtf you haven’t been here you’re suppose to know we’ve tried this before smh
  5. wouldent it be out of game mechanic to maka it push to talk?
  6. Peril


    I consistently see both servers fill up, or get close to it, quite a bit. Though I will concede that, on off-hours, it can be a drag to find people. As for the last bit, that's a whole other debate about overall roleplay quality, not server population, IMO.
  7. In my opinion and I know this is going to be an unpopular one, from my time on the server I would watch the reports and from what I have noticed a lot of the reports are about the same people over and over. and from what I see the rules usually roll in favor of those hostile groups. not everyone is a fan of hostile RP, I'm personally indifferent, but I like to build relations with people I meet. (I attempt to host multi group competitions etc like a marksman contest up at NWAF) I never get a chance to do any of this because of the constant attacks from people or constantly being held up. a lot of my planning has to happen out of character, and I dont want that. no one would... it takes from the experience. at the end of the day I came to this server to have fun, and so did a lot of other like minded people, and for me at least being held up every time I turn on my game is not fun. I'm trying everything I can to make my opinion heard, as well for those who dont wanna come forward. This was an attempt to change a rule, to reflect how an Item works in game. I challenge everyone to look at the item in game and post any description or indication that the item is intended to be PTT and use the item how I described. my suggestion wasn't an unfair one, all it would do is at least give the victim at least one little edge against the constant wave of hostile RP.. without actually needing to resort to PVP... which usually results in a report against them. (NVFL, RDM, KOS, ETC)
  8. Rover


    squint I don't think that is what I was implying, sorry. I meant that when there was just S1, and it was getting overloaded with groups all building there (cause it was the primary server) some groups tried to go to S2 to encourage diversity in the player population, and wound up getting a form of punishment by having their RP-hub bases inaccessible for portions of the day unless S1 was full. I think it'd be pretty safe to say that settlements do drive RP, if only because they function as gathering points.
  9. FalkRP

    • FalkRP
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    Eagle speaking facts here 

    1. ShanePVP


      good man ya are eagle good fucking man you are

  10. its definitely not fine as is how is 50 on both servers good, 50 might sound like a lot but its takes fucking ages to find people and when you do its just "hi hello how are you goodbye"
  11. Challenger

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    "You drink bottles"

    1. FalkRP


      cans only

    2. ShanePVP


      cans  only or youre a puss thas facts

  12. Peril


    That would be nice, really nice. Unfortunately, it's just not possible while balancing server performance, turns everything into a laggy shithole. I just disagree overall, we've got enough people to populate both servers. It's fine as is.
  13. Eagle


    Shame no one roleplays there.
  14. Crim


    yeah just wall off Green Mountain
  15. if S2 is opened at 60 thats mad pointless because itll just turn into split servers again 70+ is nice
  16. Crim


    60 on S1 then unlock S2 is a good compromise.
  17. Eagle


    What would also be cool is if the staff blocked of parts of the map to make it smaller it's way to big for active RP to happen.
  18. No 100 slots, it causes MASSIVE lag and latency issues. Cars, fire fights, running, voip. ALL SUCK THE BIG D OF LAG at 100 slots, even 90/95 and you WILL notice issues and the threads will start rolling in ... 80 is nice and prime. Also, I don't want to wait in queue if we have only one Server open, make S2 open at like 60 or so. 70, I feel, is too high of a number because in 5 mins 10 people can defo suddenly join and then I'm stuck in a queue or waiting for S2 to unlock. I dunno how long it takes servers to boot up now but it's not instantaneously.
  • yeah i actually never thought of that lmao 70+ would do
  • WongRP


    People shouldn't be building only on server 2 to avoid people. It's silly having split servers. +1 the idea
  • Eagle


    I agree make it open at 70+ other then that keep it locked.
  • what if you acctualy used the raideo in game bc in game you dont half to push the buttion making the rule pointless
  • Saunders

    Rule 3.6

    I personally love how the rule is right now. I was for the change and have being doing this since before the change even happened. It makes things more immersive and helps create some interesting RP when having to come up with code words etc to let others know when certain situations occur. -1 from me mate.
  • I am Alex Crazy The Group that we raided had threatened The Wolf Pack and anyone associated with them. I took that as a personal threat, and when the Wolf Pack told me that @CptPeach's group had stolen some of their stuff including a tent. I was angry, and later on another one of my friends had the same thing happen to him. So we went there, and broke in and took back what was ours. I chopped down the fence, and Brody cut the locks. And about the car it was never there when we raided you. if there wasen't anything in it it despawns over reset
  • regardless this is about locking s2 till s1 is full how can having two servers open be good last night it was roughly 50-60 on both servers its just dumb takes ages to find people too
  • Rover


    The issues with having S2 only open as an overflow is it discourages groups from settling and building if they can only access it during overflow hours. This means even with S2 wide open people will still queue on S1 because thats where their group/base is. I'd say leave both open all the time.
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