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  2. Giraffel

    Random stuff of derNils Archive

    Awesome times with many fantastic RP memories, glory to ZBOR!
  3. GaryCash

    Kamensk Radiation and Victims

    in b4 every fire fight culminates with the survivors being walked up to Kamensk with t shirts and jeans on
  4. Mexi

    Kameníci | The Sons of Chernarus Media

    “Hey, susie” Good shot and video bud.
  5. Today
  6. ornberg

    How to get a group approved?

    Gotchu, my bad homie!
  7. Finn

    Kameníci | The Sons of Chernarus Media

    Something I just put together out of boredom, hope everyone enjoys it.
  8. California

    Bet You Can't Pretzel Like Me...

  9. California


    someone whitelist this man we need more adults on this server :^)
  10. kani


    I’m back into DayZRP sadly.....

  11. Zanaan


    You know every so often I'm amazed a username wasn't taken... Welcome to the community.
  12. CamoRP

    Nighttime rebalanced

    Today it was night for a few minutes, I loved it! It got dark to a point where I needed to whip the ol' flashlight out, but it was enjoyable.
  13. Major


    I'll be back on the 8th.

    1. RogueSolace



  14. Falk

    Nighttime rebalanced

    Back on the mod days it would be pitch black and sometimes fog which made it even better. I think we would need longer night time as it would be more immersive and haunting as well as you cant see and you need some sort of a light source to get around. Which I have been dong in the fog.
  15. Marcus Moreno was born on the 5th of April 1998, He grew up with his mother and one brother in New York, New York. His father left them at a very young age and, Preston being the oldest, neither his brother nor Marcus remember their father. Marcus didn't have the best upbringing, he constantly failed classes and had to find new schools to attend all while moving around the New York area. His mother would have to find new jobs as she could not break the habit of doing drugs and would constantly get laid off from her previous job. Despite being fired so often and her drug abuse she always looked after Marcus and his brother. Although Marcus had his brother and his mother he was always looking to do more for his family, but with Marcus only being in high school he knew he needed to get through classes and make it to college to get his family out of there bad situation. Four years later Marcus graduated high school and college with almost all straight A's and got a business degree at the University of Stanford. During Marcus' time in school he met someone who was going to school for criminal justice. This person taught Marcus how to shoot a pistol in a firing range and would take him hunting because that was his favorite past time and wanted to share it with Marcus. Marcus' friend ended up transferring schools but Marcus always considered him a brother and continued to go hunting in remembrance of him. In the middle of his first year at college Marcus' brother had left them, and his mother had told him that she knew where he went but was told to keep it a secret until Marcus finished schooling. That made Marcus even more determined. After his graduation Marcus took his mother to a restaurant she loved growing up and that's when she told him... Marcus' brother never felt like he fit in where they were and wanted to stay somewhere in the country. He decided that the United States wasn't for him and wanted to go to a country more in touch with its nature side. Chernarus. Marcus couldn't wrap his head around it but he knew that he had to go find his brother and talk to him. See how he was doing. Make sure he was doing good for himself. A few months later, after making some money for himself and making sure his mom could strive and be successful on her own he set out for Chernarus. He flew to Italy and decided to take a boat to go the rest of the way because it was cheaper and wanted to see the beauty of the country to understand why his brother chose this path. The captain of the ship announced they were getting closer to there destination. Marcus started to get butterflies in his stomach, he was so excited yet nervous to see his brother, he wanted to catch up with him and see how he was doing and tell him about mother and the success he had in school. Marcus was leaning over the edge watching the country side past and everything seemed perfect but, Marcus heard a scream from the bridge followed by "OH FUCK, OH FUCK, SHIT SHIT SHIT. DO SOMETHING!" Immediately after there was a shot. Marcus' adrenaline went into overdrive and he went to see if everyone was okay. He started to make his way toward the bridge when out of the corner of his eye he saw that one of the starage containers they were hauling was opened. Marcus then went to go look inside... What he saw was too much for anyone to handle, pieces of flesh everywhere and blood marks all over the walls. Marcus' first instinct was that they were hauling cannibals and they escaped. Marcus then continued with his search and made it to the bridge. It was a mess, almost like a murder scene. Marcus then opened the door to the bridge and was immediately grabbed by an unknown arm.... It was the captain. He said "The bridge has been over run by, by, by.....I dont know what they are but you need to run!" the captain handed Marcus the pistol he had then ultimately died. As soon as Marcus went to turn to go down the stairs of the bridge and find an exit he noticed the boat was heading on a crash course for land. Marcus tried to make it to the edge of the boat but the boat hit land too fast... Marcus thought that was it, so many thoughts going through his head at once, he hoped to see his family again in Heaven. Marcus, still in a concussed state woke up on the beaches of Chernarus. He didnt understand how he lived or why it seemed like he was the only one to live because there was no one else in sight but Marcus still knew what he came to do, no matter how hard the challenge has now become, even if he may die trying, he had to find his brother, now more than ever. Marcus just hopes his mother will forgive him.
  16. Elmo

    • Elmo
    • Major

    Legend tag when?

  17. As soon as night time hit today I logged off, still annoying and I can't see jack shit. Used to work fine.
  18. 420


    Hello everyone, was hoping to get whitelisted before my days off rolled around but …. still waiting.
  19. Elmo

    • Elmo
    • Roland

    Bro you gave me beanz, are you dying?

    1. Roland


      It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! 

    2. Falk


      where these beanz at

  20. If you've ever wondered what mongolian throat singing would sound like as metal-- you're welcome.

    1. Aristocrat


      I wonder no more. Though personally I still prefer Sea Shanty Metal.


  21. Roland

    2 questions because I'm confused

    Groups are approved on admin discretion, we can deny and archive groups for any reason for example balancing (of there already are too many hostile groups), lore, originality, potential, or even if we like the idea or not. 1. I didn't outright ban all terrorist groups all of a sudden. Just gave example why a group like IZIZ, NRB, Al-Keida, Poko Haran etc would be denied. Groups affect the entire server and are a focus area of the game play and community, 2 players having ERP session in the woods is none of my concern. 2. Because those things require permission of people involved and therefore it didn't feel necessary to outright completely ban it if some people are OK with it.
  22. Dan

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    8/10 i suppose
  23. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair:due to a bleeding glitch that is formed by eather after u have been injured or a new spawn Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: What would you like to achieve with this appeal: INSERT_TEXT_HERE s the only evidence i have to prove my point unfortunately i have no footage from that day because i didn't know that it would be a report nor do i have that program set up at the moment . while the glitch was happening i asked the group i was in what was happening and they explained that there was a glitch that caused u to bleed even after healing the only thing was to log out to prevent your character from dieing. at the time i didnt know the person who we where in combat with or did i know that it was agents the rules . What could you have done better?: Reporting the glitch to the admins or a mod to help fix the problem that i was facing to help prevent this from recurring again.
  24. Mexi


    Can someone please for the love of Christ bring up another hub elsewhere? The north is boring as fuck. Thanks!

    1. Roland


      Inb4 Elektro docks safe zone

    2. Mexi


      Not a safe zone, nty 

  25. Jack the Ripper

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    To the two guys I met in Pustoshka, “James Warren” and the other fella whom I forget the name of, I really enjoyed the RP, right up to the twist you pulled at that shed. I am sorry things ended the way they did, as I was interested to learn what everything was about, but it was good fun regardless.
  26. Biggsbe

    Savior's Media Thread

    @MoodyOG @SkippeeDee @NinjaBen @NinjaCam @GrizZzDaGawd
  27. Cocomii

    • Cocomii
    • Elmo

    OOC hate, hello? Recorded reported!


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