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  2. MeenMuginLovin

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    sounds like an average day in RP these dayz.
  3. Jamie


    Leaving my job I've been at for 4 years today since school. Feels weird. 

    1. Mexi



  4. Roland

    Battlefield V

    IGN will be like "10/10, can customize my soldier and turn him into a pirate with a hook and wooden leg, yarrr"
  5. Whitename

    Battlefield V

    BFV Battle Royale™ didnt you know rolle? every WWII soldier had a big machine gun and shot down planes no problem i won’t be buying it unless reviews are absolutely 100% 10/10 5 stars
  6. Whitename

    The Game

  7. Roland

    Battlefield V

    Wow, talk about disappointment. "We want players to have immersive and realistic WW2 experience" Plays a trailer that showcases shirtless soldiers without helmets, soldier with a katana, transgender woman straight out of madmax with braveheart facepaint and prosthetic arm, shooting down airplanes with large machinegun while sliding on the ground. What is this, Battlefield or Fortnitefield?
  8. Interesting day with @Mace , @Simon, @Malthis and @Otto and a bunch of folks from The Riptide Collective / Anarchists / Rose's crew -- got to watch a good camp that we've spent time building up tear itself to pieces by some nasty misinformation/threats/lies and a dash of confusion. Had some little bits of character development to play off on, and Ace even had herself some fun getting fake 'married' to @Eagle over a bag of apples -- and meeting back up with @Empress Nino after an age. Thanks for the RP today folks!
  9. KennethRP


    Hi friends, Im not dead Im just working and playing slot off golf. But i Will jump on the server today. 🙂

  10. Kain

    • Kain
    • Major

    Rare image of Major searching for his love (Circa. 2018, colorized)

    Image result for german shepherd

  11. Who_Will_Survive_5.thumb.jpg.011dd127812647d14f296f18166a18c9.jpg

    "Remnants of an old pauper's past are the guide for the young king's future."

  12. BorisRP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    *writes a pov* well its fun you are the only group that gives us a fight
  13. Stannis

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    cya in the report section, noob joking, was fun - learnt from our mistakes, we'll be better next time.
  14. Today
  15. BorisRP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    A good day killing Svoboda and black roses. And then Roach and kriss moment
  16. Limpan

    Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    I always injure myself on accident one way or another at parties.
  17. Malthis

    Anarchy media thread

    Anarchy "killing" a 14 year old kid What happens when Anarchy borrows vehicles...
  18. The usual wonderful nights RP with @Taryn @Lyca and the rest of the Riptide family. Good tense RP from @LouieRP and the Anarchy guys Some good one hit fights for Robbie with @Eagle and @Kibbens (and no, I don't have brass knuckles, I swear lol )
  19. LouieRP

    The Moretti Famiglia

    Thanks for the roleplay today. This image below sums it up pretty well.
  20. Eagle

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Interesting day today. Two people were thrown off a cliff, Threw the Riptide out of there camp and getting married to @JkpFrog with an apple and Robbie killing a Morettii member with a mean left hook.
  21. LouieRP

    • LouieRP
    • Roland

    Can I have a cool star on my name?

    1. Roland


      But you're not a MVP

  22. MeenMuginLovin

    The Damned

    It's not griefing if you repurpose it!
  23. Stannis

    "Where is everybody?" / SOS [Open frequency]

    *A Chernarussian accent responds, similar to the original broadcast the speaker first speaks in fluent Chernarussian, followed by decent English. Stay down south if you don't want to get shot by Chedaki scum - It's the civil war all over again except there's the dead walking about. Northern highway has been hijacked mostly by foreigners, criminals and bandits, so don't even bother going up there. From your accent I'm assuming you're one of us - don't trust foreigners. The south-eastern part of South Zagoria is empty because everyone's been through that area at least once, head west across the coastline and when you reach the western boarder of the Oblast head up to the local capital of Zelenogorsk. You should bump into one of us around there. *The message comes to an abrupt stop.
  24. G19RP

    • G19RP
    • Zero


  25. BorisRP


    Amazing morn i ng

  26. Lori

    The Damned

    4/5 stars Great moving company, would hire again. Would give 5 stars but guy ran off with a tent and we had to radio him to find him.
  27. G19RP

    • G19RP
    • groovy tonyRP

    H...He....Hey... I saw you over here all alone, and uh.. I wanted to know if...uh...maybe you'd like to go to a movie some time or something you know?

    1. groovy tonyRP

      groovy tonyRP

      you make me feel sexual

    2. BorisRP


    3. Major



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