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  2. @neom @FireDude its mainly due to community requests for this storyline... People OOCly have been asking me for usage of the comfort. They been wanting to have a way to use it IG and have a control on the certain item. I asked around a couple of the DB/Vultures and they don't want comfort used anymore. I respected that and decided not to use it anymore in the server. However these people where still asking for an alternative. So we are trying to do something for them, an alternative for those groups that are drug focused.... Of course...the story won't be "Entirely" focused around this. I don't want to give spoilers..I just hope the RP that can be provided from our end is something you can enjoy.
  3. The set up here with the story written is fantastic. However like @neom I also am a little worried about how similar it’s going to be to comfort. None the less if we have some awesome events regarding the drug and have some guidelines on what it does and how we should use it for Rp, such as that “truth serum”, I can 100% see this poison working well.
  4. A new kind of drug ? and it's an ingame item ? can't wait
  5. I hate to be that person but this whole drug thing with comfort and now this is getting old and boring, its been going on for 8 plus months now for some of us dead bats and vultures, I do not find this inviting at all. But maybe some people do but thats just me. I'm bored of it, it feels played out and done
  6. I'm going to assume you knew that there were other members guarding you in your immediate vicinity; Why did you feel it was fair to take advantage of them relogging to run away when the closest 'guard' to you was nearly 100 meters away, not one of those directly supervising you?
  7. --- Heard about that blue shit, huh? Real smooth, hits hard and rushes in all at once. One tap to your vein and you’re in. Keeps you out of your own head for a bit, everything feels nice. Feels right, easy. Hell, you’re even up to try things you never would have thought of before. New experiences, new horizons. Everything sounds like something worth giving a shot, even spilling those secrets you keep locked up tight. I mean, when you feel that good there’s no way opening up can be that bad. Pretty great, right? Yeah, as long as you keep dosing. Otherwise, well… Let’s just say that the comedown isn’t so great. Ever see things you thought weren’t there? Shadows out of the corners of your eyes, feeling like someone is watching you, voices whispering your name somewhere in the static of a television? It’s like that, but worse. Just builds and builds. Creeps slowly up on you, like some sort of animal, before it grabs you by the throat and well, by then you’re already fighting something that isn’t really there. I’ve seen it before, seen it break a man completely. I also heard stories they snuck that stuff in, dropped it off in those hidden stashes for people to pick up, straight from Kaliningrad. The right people, that is. Not like you or me, but if we find it … Who’s to say they’d know? As long as you can keep your mouth shut. I’ve heard people use it for all sorts of stuff, sometimes just to get high, to get away from it all. Other times, like some sort of truth serum, but I know it doesn’t work the same on everyone. Some people it doesn’t even effect, they take a shot and sit there like nothing’s happening, or the unlucky ones they get all the comedown with none of the high, none of the fun. Shit luck, huh? But, let’s keep this between you and me, okay? I know they’ll keep supplying it, bringing it into the country, and to me that sounds like an opportunity. --- OOC:
  8. "I am still looking for someone to help me round up a few boxes of nails, a spool of metal wire and a few hatchets to finish a fence. If you feel so inclined hit me up on my private frequency- 86.5. If not, I will try and drop by Topolin to say hello. As soon as we get our little home up and running I would be happy to provide you with a nice homemade meal."
  9. You logged in before me, I saw you moving, I assumed you were watching, I took my chance and ran. We were stood closer than you make out, position logs show that, I ran for a good few seconds, and you missed at least 7 shots, in which I gained more distance, so 170m is probably more like 100m taking into account missing shots.
  10. Born in Houston, Texas went to the Marines as soon as he turned 18 and served 4 years, after he was sent back home he joined the PD in his hometown serving 8 years there, on one of his last calls before the outbreak he was called into a bank robbery in progress where he almost took a bullet. After the near death experience he later took a vacation to Livonia, a seemingly rural area to get time away from his chaotic life, however while there the outbreak happened, leaving him desperate to survive.
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  12. Groups should be able to have their own prefabs, HOWEVER it needs to suit the group and their goals. There's not reason to have a big ass prefab if you are a group of 10 people with no goals of expanding/adding things. (I am guilty of this in my first prefab) For example, the Wolfpack prefab I am currently working on is going to be made to implement a community hub feel, where people can come and actually reside within the community or simply have a shop for whatever their interests might be. If the prefab was strictly just for Wolfpack and not to follow our goal of making a community hub/trade post than we wouldn't be building it as such (size/building count). We are actually are speaking with a few groups to see if they want in on the idea with us to create a more community feel rather than just us there. I do understand though where people are saying no, because I can agree housing with another group can run into some serious problems, Wolfpack had done that before (prior to prefab stuff). We ran into a lot of issues that would take me all day to list. The other thing with restricting prefabs to groups specifically is that for example: Wolfpack has a lot of people who run dynamically with us and are willing to house with us but don't wish to be in a group, these dynamics could equal the same amount of people as another group. It would restrict say us from making a prefab because we don't have that 'two group' requirement. A lot of people don't wish to be in a group but want to get involved in some sort of community. I 100% agree a video should be taken of the base. I did this with our second prefab request (although I didn't show too much cause first time doing it but now after reading things from community feedback i'd be thorough when our next prefab request goes up). I really think that the idea @Ducky proposed about prefabs being an open community discussion should happen more. Council leaders should take the initiative to make a community thread to get feedback from the community. It really helped with Wolfpacks second summercamp base and I got some neat ideas from it.
  13. @Rover Not before i logged in, but before his direct 'guards' logged in. I was a fair distance away from the hostages, and believed them to be on the road in town. After i heard noone was with them as they were in queue i started running towards Grabin and spotted 2 people in the field, i quickly noticed they were the hostages and then saw accused running a bit to their right(east) after confirming over the radio that he was for sure one of the hostages i took shots at him. And even at that point i was 170 meters away from him. Had the people who had been directly involved in escorting them been online then there would have been no way for him to escape right there. Where as i was mostly looking out behind us for a potential rescue party because i had seen people run from soup kitchen towards the an pobal base after the initiation.
  14. Howdy there 😄

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      Gratz on getting the orange hat mate. Carries alot with it do us proud 🙂 

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  15. Told you! Good job mate!

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      Thanks 😄 

  16. Trying to build a small fence around a camping cabin is way more difficult than I thought it would be.
    Peeps keep stealing the bare minimum food and supplies we have in our little barrel- lmao what a pain in the ass

    One day you will be finished tiny house- one day....

  17. Welcome to my Feedback Page
  18. Short Summary Jim was born as one of five sons of the Milton Family on the Milton Ranch in Texas. The Milton Ranch was known for various accounts of incest and slavery which resulted in the nickname of "The Milton "Ram" Ranch". Every activity that took place on the ranch stayed on the ranch, outsiders weren't allowed to be on their private property, without any exceptions. Late in the evening they often celebrated which included campfires and campfire songs which you could hear when you were near their premises, which often included shouting and a various range of instruments. The FBI later got track of the weird ongoing on the "Ram Ranch" which resulted in a house search. That search ultimately got rejected by the Milton family in which local police and SWAT forces tried to storm the ranch. Fighting occurred and multiple gun shots were exchanged. Both sides suffered casualties which resulted in six officers badly wounded, three of which died, as well as four dead Milton family members. Jim took a secret tunnel to get out just in time before detonating, and thus collapsing a part of the mansion they lived in. Jim took a boat around the west coast to reach Stuart Island, an Island which he bought a house on to retreat to in case things got too heated. He's still on that Island to that day, trying to survive the chaos which roars around the world.
  19. I say no to Stuart Island. But, if it has to be, allow us to travel between maps. Otherwise you are creating a different universe. Those groups (of bandits, and not bandits) that travel between maps are what keeps the community together.
  20. i'd defo like a rouge mil group, super gritty and dirty, band of brothers style
  21. "Um....so- Are you helping or?" There was a pause of mild confusion about the two voices on the radio. "Well if you are still willing , hit me up on my private frequency 85.6 and we can discuss." @GaryCash
  22. #BringBackMapDevs EDIT: also its not been long enough for me to see my monstrosity that was altar castle haha
  23. Gib Russian military RP. That's what I want or an only LDF group. I need military RP as good as my time in the 31st NBC.
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