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  2. KpopKilla

    Why don't you get in game?

    All my friends got taken out by a dick nugget, and I don't have the time or patience to deal with new people since the community RP's more in the report section than in game. Lets be honest here this game is dead as fuck and when 63 drops people will play for 2 weeks then it will die again. These updates are the equivalent to someone jumpstarting a corpse with shock paddles. The biggest one of all is the rules, usually this place is divided about everything so when everyone is agreeing that the rules need a change maybe admins should listen.
  3. Para

    • Para
    • Buddy

    This shit is why you're widely considered community member of the year like every year you turn up. 




    1. Buddy


      "Like every year you turn up" - I just died 😂😂😂

      You're too kind my friend ❤️

  4. Dan


    pray for my liver

  5. Buddy

    Why don't you get in game?

    I actually like and appreciate the fact that this thread exists a great deal. Not only because it offers each and every member an opportunity to speak their mind as to "what's turned them off from playing," but also because it's consolidating all of the things that clearly need to be improved upon in order for this community to have a chance at thriving again. - Staff; This is honestly the perfect opportunity for you all as a team to sift through this conveniently consolidated list of "negatives" lets call them... and discuss either internally or with the community ways in which each item could be improved upon. There are a few repeated items listed already.. those could be a good place to start. Can they all be fixed? No, obviously no one here is able to snap their fingers and drop beta in our laps or undo some of the less than savory things that have happened within the community. However it is a start, and I honestly believe that this thread wouldn't still be attracting attention if some semblance of those responding didn't want to see this place make a comeback. Just my two cents. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I no longer play because; - I've recently acquired a new job position and it does not exactly allow much of any time for play. <-- this one kind of seals the deal with or without the ones that follow. - Very few people are "willing to lose" in a situation and be the hostage / willingly give good hostage RP. Thus the reason so many are quick to pull triggers and throw up reports. So much potential role play is completely ruined because someone chose to have an itchy trigger finger instead of attempting to expand the scenario and take it another direction which could change everything entirely. - It seems to a be a trend that there are those who have difficulty differentiating IC from OOC and become... "emotionally compromised" in role play, thus contaminating the natural events which could otherwise naturally unfold / creates unnecessary conflict on the forums. - The removal of dynamics or at the very least, defensive dynamic kill rights. Along with a few other questionable at most rule changes. - Edgelords, edgelords and even more edgelords. - This game itself is honestly stale; updates are non-existent and the lack of new content makes for a very unenjoyable experience for those who (like me) thrive on exploring new map territory or game items / mechanics. - Give us a mod server so people can get their jollies off of mag dumping people in there instead of where role play should be happening. Also... because mod... ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I really do hope that more people respond and contribute to this thread. There are many good points are being brought forth and I genuinely hope they're not going to be overlooked.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Gaylaxitive

    Why don't you get in game?

    1) Real life. 1.1) All my friends quit, moved on with DayZ or died. 2.) Community is clickier (I don't even know if that is a word). All this dumb "RP" thing after your name OG bullshit is the most recent thing I can remember which just makes these forums even more depressing than it is now. 3.) Roleplay storylines are the same, we are at prelorewipe (Not if we weren't already months ago) where no one consistently plays in groups or characters as people stop giving a shit about people's roleplay 6 different ways under different names. 4.) Discord came along, completely killed the purpose of having the voice channels.People just stagnating in boring conversations and we still don't even have a meme channel. The chill social aspect died since no one is going to join a shitty discord room where you feel you a being monitored when you can make your own one in 2 clicks and do whatever you want. With teamspeak it was easy, make a locked room, everyone knows where to go but since Roland wants to keep his pennys in his pocket (Not that he is paying for it kek) we are on discord. 5.) DayZ is shit, beta was released on xbox one before PC. Fuck supporting bohemia to be honest, i'd rather play games that actually have updates. .63 won't save DayZm ild interest will come back maybe even a full server for nearly a week then people realise its the same stuff and leave again, and to be honest anyone now who has already played it I doubt will play and new players will join this for mildly active forums, realise its dead and leave as well. (Not that statements like this support that and saying it makes it even more true but eh)
  8. JackZRP

    Why don't you get in game?

    Not trying to force anybody to do anything, i completely agree that changes need to be made. Was just implying that if all the people who were as active on the server as they are on the forums it would be full, a lot of the time.
  9. Eagle

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    • Ark



  10. Phatal

    Why don't you get in game?

    Along with a lot of people's answers. I stopped playing this game for various reasons: 1. A majority of my previous friends no longer play on this, have been banned, or are waiting for beta (the latter are the far minority) 2. The game is boring and repetitive and even though rp is supposed to make it better at this point it isn't, it's just the same stuff recycled with an occasional new idea that gets bantered to death. 3. I loved being an antagonistic force on this server rp wise. Especially because Antagonism is a double sided coin, where each side considers the others the 'bad guy' but at this point in time, the kind or rp and groups I'd want to form or be part of can't exist or would have to jump through so many hoops and still not be played properly. 4. Other than some rule changes that didn't need to happen, I've just noticed that there are so few familiar faces around now that, even if I did come back and start a group or try to join one I wouldn't know anyone, and trying to bring your past experiences and role play into a new group of people with set standards and expectations is probably one of the hardest things to do, especially in the current state of this community. Overall, I don't know where a lot of people I used to see went, and I don't know how many people intend to comeback. But I don't intend on playing until Beta comes out, and even then if the rules don't change to ease up on antagonists, I still may just wait and see.
  11. Eagle

    Why don't you get in game?

    -1 Not playing with on hand. + you can't force people to play a game that is pretty dead at this point along with the stale RP you receive with the current atmosphere/rules.
  12. *An unknown man picks his radio up and clears his throat* To all survivors of the epidemic, Polis opens their door to you Trade, Food Medical supplies and Protection Everyone is Welcome Our location is North of North West Airfield *Static*
  13. Lucky1911

    Why don't you get in game?

    @Cid Thats like the nicest way of saying what i really wanna. But i agree with your points. Most of a lot of great rp'ers have left to other communities or games for rp cause of "Insert generic bitching" sad what has happen. Im up to giving this place another chance just not anytime soon
  14. Eagle


    Dam I thought the tendie was bad for the pop.


  15. BorisRP


    I am now a reformed man

    1. Crim


      You mean teenager

    2. BorisRP


      you dont know how old I am

    3. KyleRP


      Man, pfffffffffffffffft.

    4. DallasRP

      I vouch for his reformedness. He’s a good egg.

  16. -When you notice the name change-


  17. JoffreyRP

    • JoffreyRP
    • ReaperRP

    Hello new fellow RP brother! I'll try to forget when you tried to get me banned because you died to a zombie, and welcome you to the family.

    1. LouieRP


      BIG OOOOF. :trolle:

    2. BorisRP


      another fake one

    3. KyleRP


      Hahahahahaaaa yeet

    4. BenRP


      Image result for dab gif  O'Daddy Reaper ❤️

  18. Harold was born in Oslo, 1 December of 1989 to a Irish father and a Norwegian mother. He grew up on a farm and since a young age only enjoyed working alone in his wood working station. Harold hated interacting with the other people, but the one expectation was when he was talking about woodworking where he could spend hours talking about it. He grew up alone with his mother and always had the desire to find his long lost father. He continued searching for his father up until 2017 where he finally found out that he was a Irish man named Finbar O'leary. It didn't take long until he got close with him and his new found siblings over the phone. Hearing that his father was travling to Cherussia to find his new bride, Harold decided this would be a perfect time to meet everyone. WIP
  19. Chewy


    Ah yes after a weekend away I completely forgot that windOWS NEEDS TO INSTALL UPDATES.

  20. SomeWeirdAssGuy

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    No idea to be honest, 2/10 cos I might've seen your name once or twice.


    Been practicing with my OG's @JakeRP @ReaperRP




    1. BorisRP


      @JimRP whats happening im scared

    2. BenRP


      Man got shot innit


      Image result for dayz gif

    3. BorisRP


      you suck at pvp Ben

    4. Chewy


      Bög* get it right fam

    5. Tiviyl

      Here is some encouragement to help you practice and play harder.


    6. Sleepyhead


      Weren't you guys already warned several times now to knock it off?

    7. BenRP


      huh? are you talking to me or?

    8. Sleepyhead


      I'm talking to most people who are involved, actually. Constant thread after thread and status update after status update, and yet you all keep taking low jabs at each other. When is enough going to be enough?

    9. BenRP


      Come on, we're literally joking around  there's nothing bad here. I'm chill with all these guys as far as I'm aware so. 

    10. Sleepyhead


      If joking around is what you're calling it these days, sure.

      Both sides need to knock the baby shit off. Stop with the petty threads and the petty status updates. If you have a problem, talk it out like adults. The staff team and the rest of the community don't need to see or put up with this bullshit anymore. It's petty as hell and labeling it as "joking around" makes it no better.


    11. BenRP
  22. Cobe


    I am really sick of tired of being an Overthinker, it makes things so much worst and people fall out with you because of it, uhhh 

  23. Been great Vasco, see you when they finally release beta.
  24. Svenne

    Hasta la vista baby

    Sad to see you leave! Looking forward seeing you back once the uppdate drops.
  25. Can't think about the person above me. I am more famous than the most famous famous person in the history of famous prople. I am famous af. 10/10 Jk. ExoticRainbow, you are a solid 9/10
  26. Cid

    Why don't you get in game?

    I obviously haven't played in a shit ton of time, but the reasons why I stopped playing a while back basically apply now. 1. My friends don't play here anymore, so it doesn't hold as much appeal. In all honesty it could be pushed through so it isn't my concrete reason compared to the other reasons down below. 2. The rules are pretty garbage when it comes to hostile roleplay. It's been on a slow decline and instead of putting on their admin pants and telling people no proceeded with a swift kick to the face, the rules changed to make the server much more hand-holding for those who focus more on storytelling in a more passive way. As much as that fits my playstyle, the server antagonists kept on getting chopped at and chopped at to a point where being an antagonist is almost against the rules. Obviously it,s an exaggeration, but you have to go through so many hoops and bounds to even start hostile roleplay that it's not even worth the time of day anymore. 3. People stopped being creative a long time ago because of various different reasons. Dank memes became more important than dank roleplay and that's just fucking sad. There are still gems in this community and everyone is capable of decent roleplay, but it just doesn't happen. 4. The community has been a toxic cesspool for a while now and though it has moments of ups, it typically has a lot more downs. When the community is like that on a more consistent basis, you simply don't look forward to logging in or checking the website.
  27. EdgyNova

    Why don't you get in game?

    Pls no roasterino I’ve been playing for 5 hours now
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