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  2. Hey @Eagles make sure you are following the suggestion guidelines! Failure to do so will result in your thread being locked.
  3. The Good Doctor had every variable accounted for the moment he was captured
  4. Korean Jesus planted the tree there to take revenge for the capture of his disciple Sung Ho.
  5. As one of those people who's literally died twice today for that very reason, I'd appreciate it. I wanted to run solo at least a little bit on this new character for the new lore, and run with a simple shotgun but it's clear to me that it's impossible to roleplay a character like that if I'm just going to die to wolves constantly. Guess I gotta go hit up the military bases and get myself a full kitted M4 or AK for my peaceful civilian girl who barely knows how to shoot a gun regardless.
  6. The title says it all, as it currently stands it's damn near impossible to survive Wolves as a solo player if you aren't using some sort of automatic. There's been multiple occasions since lore wipe that I or my friends have been killed or nearly killed by wolves due to the sheer amount of health they have and damage they do. It shouldn't take multiple shots from a shotgun at point blank range to kill one wolf. With this lore wipe I know there are more people that want to have a more civilian loadout and not run with plate carriers and M4s/AKs, it's not going to be possible to do that when you come across wolves if you aren't in a major city or near something you can jump on top of. I'm sure everyone has had a case of being caught with their pants down in a field when you see wolves coming at you. So pls Rolle, save our civilians.
  7. reply to this so i can beanz you for thanking the developer team 

  8. Robert grew up in the sprawling city of Colorado Springs where he learned to hunt and camp. he would spend days to weeks in the lush forests with his hunting buddie. When he was up in the mountains he was free, relaxed, no worries at all, but when it came back to the real world he was a bit left behind. Recovering from a recent nasty divorce and a dead end job that could hardly pay the bills he decided that a trip is what he needed. Robert saved up for years where he could sacrifice the money and decided a hunting trip is exactly what he needed! After looking into places such as Africa and South America he decided on a more remote location, Chernarus. For what he didnt know was the last time, he gathered all his gear and friends, made it to the airport and took off for Russia. Three days before the outbreak would hit, the hunting group landed on a small militarized airfield called balota, they were then brought to the international hotel where they slept in a bed for the last time. They rented a small car and drove all the way out to the west end of cherno and began to hike to find a good spot to camp. at this point it was noon just two days before the outbreak. a couple of the other guys headed out to scout for small clearings and good game to hunt. Robert stayed with the camp with one other of his buddies. As day began to turn to dusk the scouting party had yet to return, that was very odd. these guys werent new to hunting they each had years of experience, so what could be taking so long. with no other options Robert and the other hunter turned in for the night. When they awoke they saw no signs of the party. Robert and the other decided to head out in the direction of the scouting party and walked for miles to no avail. it was now almost 3 in the afternoon and no sign of the party still! They had decided to go back to the camp again and on arrival they saw the camp had been destroyed and everything including extra weapons and ammo and food were gone. They had tried to return to the car but found that to was gone, only faint tracks remain. they hiked to a nearby town called Sinystok but when they arrived all they found were the remnants of a town. Confused the duo pondered what to do, Wolf said to keep moving but the other hunter wanted to settle in and get some rest in a nearby tavern. Finally agreeing to get some sleep they went for the tavern only to find it baron and only few scrapes left. deciding to get some rest on the tablers and bar they slept, right into the end of the world...
  9. Oh cool, the Mosin Hunting Optic actually still exists in the game, just renamed and not attachable to the mosin. This change will be proposed today and will (likely) ship with DayZRP 20.6.2.
  10. I believe Roland stated they wouldn't allow DayZRP to use the mod.
  11. Today
  12. We can just allow the hunting optic on the Mosin rather than adding a new mod. Since I won't be working on the crashing investigation until Sunday I'll just go do this real quick right now. This will be coming in the next DayZRP patch.
  13. mnjn,m,nlik there you go, smashed my face on my keyboard. I personally think it would be a good edition.
  14. *A tape is found with a recorder, if you play you can hear* “This is agente Jake Silva, i’m part of the Civil Police of the São Paulo City State, i’m being send right now to the reinforcements units on Chernarus, i hope everything goes well, Brazil!” * So Jake take his sit on a crew travelling to the chernarus, but in days people start desapearing and he sees himself, lost on the high seas No water, no food and no idea where he is, he checks and has no diesel in the engine and no flare, There is no chance to be seen, to be saved by whoever is in such a situation, easy to lose reason, Jake begins to wait for some explanation * - Shit shit .... – Jake says * There's nothing left to do Jake can hardly believe that has a storm forming on the horizon The charged cloud coming towards him Turn the knob, but the radio does not respond * - Come on, come on, it has to work ... – Jake says * Water level rising ... Hoof in the bow is cracked ... The boat is already sinking One months ago, when he left the dock He left the land on which he would never tread, With the wind that beats, It begins to freeze * - I do not want to die .. Not now. – Jake says getting up his stuff * Neither fishing boat nor coast guard, As much as Jake try he doesnt see any plane. Flooded basement with no alternative...Total to drift The sea getting restless You get dragged Until fading into darkness then .... Days ago he recovers his mind on the beach of chernarus... *
  15. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Kira Mantis (Dante Madsen) wasn't clear with the information He gave the staff, I'll give my whole detailed account of the session. I had DDR (Dynamic Defence Rights) considering we recently Role Played together, this wasn't clear in the initial report. I didn't RP with Kira Mantis before His game crashed I found His dead body next to our Car and about 1 hour later He either broke NLR or didn't not My issue there. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: This will be a report with as much detail as I can recall. I was online earlier than everyone else so I went looting around Zeleno Military when I came across a man getting attacked by Infected I attempted to save him without any luck this is when Emanuel Kane and I first met. We stayed together for sometime, we left for Vybor to try trade and get a car wheel or parts. Things got out of hand at the checkpoint when Kane was arrested leading to other people showing up and a shootout began then everyone robbed the checkpoint, Kane managed to ‘find’ car parts so we made our way back to Zeleno. Once we arrived in Zeleno (OC everyone was starting to get online at this time Kira Mantis was killed by Infected after His game crashed) Kane and I got back to the car and found Kira’s dead body, we decided to remove all His gear and store it within the car. Kane and I waited around the car from 30 minutes to 1 hour when Joshua & Emil arrived with 2 strangers Luna and Vincenzo, we waited and spoke around the car for a little while and also did some looting. Kira finally got back and found his gear in the car. Josh met these military guys and left for Green Mountain. Emil, Kira and Myself went to find a wheel when we heard loads of gunfire from Green Mountain, Emil and myself left for Green Mountain to help after all that had happened we moved to a Camp just outside Zeleno when Kira said He was being kidnapped (His English is fairly questionable) and all of us went to help Kira. Emil and Myself went ahead of them and created a plan to act friendly then save Kira quickly (as seen in the video), I’m not going to lie my adrenaline was running high and I was terrified at what was about to happen or what could happen. Kira’s passing of information was unclear so I thought all 3 men were involved trying to play dumb and then capture us also, then everything happened 30 seconds for straight tunnel vision. I look right to remove that anomaly/threat from the situation then deal with the last man, this was when Emil almost killed Kira. Discord went crazy with OOC confusion, I was already questioning what actually just occurred. After this I went into a call with Woodzie and Drake and discussed the whole incident everyone was civil. I apologized and explained I thought they were with the kidnapper and everything seemed ok. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Reduced punishment or Lift of Ban (Maybe even restoration of Character) What could you have done better?: I already stated in the initial report I was under the impression that the 3 men were all together, I made a split second decision to deal with the threat of the two other men first. In the event I did what the Gamemaster stated in His/Her verdicte the 2 other men would gain defender rights and then quite easily have killed Myself and other friends. I spoke with another Gamemaster (Woodzie) and Drake (One of the Innocent men) right after the situation Woodzie, Drake and Myself seemed to agree, with Drake stating “wrong place at the wrong time” for Drake and His friend. I’ve already learnt I shouldn’t rush into things in the future. If this situation even happens again I’ll take some time to discover who is involved before removing the threat. I’m going to say this again, I'm very sorry that I thought You and your friend were involved.
  16. @Hez "You come on here grouping every American together thinking we're all terrible but I want you to take a look at your own people. Slaughtering your own and foreigners alike. Focus your anger where it belongs not to me some random fucking civilian. I'm part of no military nor do I represent my government I haven't even been there for the past year-and-a-half but you say I'm like all the rest. Take a goddamn minute and think about what's important, human fucking lives. I'm sure if someone made the decision to repatriate the foreigners that your country called here with a goddamn global marketing campaign for fucking tourism the virus that we are dealing with would probably go away sooner than you think."
  17. I technically count this as a failed robbery. I am a good driver. @sung @Morytania @burRP @Jade @Trijim @vanon02 @Eagle
  18. Welcome to the community! Hope you get whitelisted. Remember to give our new lore a good read. I wrote a handy character writing guide you might want to take a look at: Best of luck with your whitelist!
  19. /moved to troubleshooting
  20. Rules, scroll down and accept them. Also make sure you have a character created and set to whichever server
  21. https://www.dayzrp.com/rules/ My guy
  22. so ater waiting it kicked me when i got in game and said accept new rules, where would that be?
  23. *A muffled, but clearly angry, Chernarussian voice comes over the radio* You come to Chernarus and claim your freedoms are violated? Fuck you, Americký! You no nothing of violated freedoms. USA abandon Chernarus in time of need, and sit by whilst Sons and Daughters are taken from their homes. What you have experienced is just small taste of the injustice that has gripped this land since 2009. You have gall to come on radio and cry about your 'freedoms', ignorant to the ghosts of suffering that plague this land. Another stupid americký to join the rest. Maybe you take time to learn history before you make grand statements, ano?
  24. You're literally bordering Russia. I understand that this part of the world is not one most of us are too familiar with, but come on. How about living it up and feeling like you're actually in that part of the world? It make so much more sense, NOT to have any overbearing western influence here. Yes, it's going to be easiest to write a Chernarussian/Russian character for this lore, but there is nothing stopping you being literally anything else? The only thing you CAN'T do is be a UN / NATO / US soldier that has been deployed or is otherwise on active duty. That's basically it. Get creative, come up with some good story. There is nothing stopping you here. If you looked into it, there are similar Russian organizations. The Red Cross literally has a Russian sector. Do some research and find something new to base character ideas off of. I feel as if a lot of these changes are unwelcome for some because you now have to put actual effort into some research to capitalize on the surroundings of the new lore. That's a good thing. It's new and it's interesting and it hasn't been done before. Pretty much everything you have mentioned, we have seen before. We have seen it over many years, even across different lorewipes. It's boring. We all know those stories. There is nothing new about them. I employ all of you to look up what new options there are in this part of the world, because there are plenty. Again, get creative. There is so much new material here that you can tap into that hasn't been done before. God, there are way too many Russian expanses that hasn't been interviened in to even list here. All in all, yes. It would make perfect sense for the US and NATO not to interveine. Historically it has happened before, and it most likely will again. All in all, this change in the lore is so new, and so fresh, and the loremaster team did such an amazing job of putting everything together, and the best part of it. IT FEELS REAL, AND IT MAKES SENSE. The story isn't finished yet. It's going to continue and evolve with the players and community. It feels like you're knocking it down before it has even gotten off the ground yet, just because it's not what you're used to, or because it's going to take you more effort to achieve what you did before, just because there are a lot of new things you don't know enough about. Honestly, the new lore-wipe is fantastic, and all of staff have done a good fucking job with all of it. I don't see the issue.
  25. Nea was a girl from the inside of Chernarus, she used to live in a farm nearby Kamishovo, it was a calm life there, she and her Brazilian father knew how to plant everything they could, it was really rare that they would go out and do something different, her dad would teach her Portuguese, how to hunt, her mother taught her how to cook, and they were living this calm life. But one day, she woke up at night because there were some noises around the house, and she thought someone was breaking in, so she took her dad's shotgun and went out to check it, once she opens the outside door, someone walks in acting like a crazy, her dad wakes up and sees that there was someone trying to attack his daughter, so he took the shotgun and shoot him. They thought that the nightmare was over until a horde of these crazy people started to come. her dad put her and her mother on the basement and told them to wait there, they waited, and they could only hear him screaming, after that, days passed, and they had to manage a way to get out before starving, so her mother said she was gonna attract whatever those things were too far, so she could escape, and that's what happened. Now, she got her shotgun and will figure out what happened to the world.
  26. "Then we just cannot agree. It seems you are the type to stay for no reason and take pain. But I'm not just going to sit around and do nothing." "and let me clarify one more thing. I by no means wish to invalidate your trauma. But it's the decisions you make afterwards that show what type of person you are."
  27. Iris


    love my new car blue rocks on me
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