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  2. ItzThatcher

    Zia Reporting LIVE [Open Broadcast]

    "Duly noted. I will wait at the house."
  3. "I am alone. I will meet your man.'
  4. Law

    Order Of Demons

    Trust me I understand what you're worried about, I've had this exact thing happen multiple times. I wasn't trying to call you out our anything like that, I was just letting you know you're not alone.
  5. ItzThatcher

    Zia Reporting LIVE [Open Broadcast]

    **The frequency would light up once more with the soft spoken man.** "There are only two of us as I recall. I believe I see some of you running around near the hill house. I stepped out for a minute if you wish to return there. The green one. My friend is out running to check up on the others."
  6. wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing wip, still writing
  7. "There is man lurking in woods. How many are with you?"
  8. We'll see how we handle the things, there are just out of character goals. Plus creating story arcs are our primary goal, creating instances where people walk away from us and are affected by our RP etc etc. Executions would be rare, because they would also mean the character that got executed would forget what lead up to it.
  9. Definitely the work of an enemy Stand.
  10. MoodyOG

    The Freemen [Strict Open OOC/IC Recruitment]

    Goodluck with this, hopefully you can achieve your goals!
  11. you can still execute people, theres just no guidelines on what exactly grants the rights. If you have a good reason and roleplay it youre fine
  12. Major

    Belozersk People's Republic to Free Territory Front - Open Broadcast

    - The Colonel would finish consulting with one of his men before broadcasting to South Zagoria - "This is the Colonel, we in Belozersk have been a bit busy of late. News has reached us of the murder of Commander Kirov Grigorievich, and even though we are in the midst of warfare on behalf of the Republic I'd like to extend our sincerest condolences, and we pledge to you that we will assist you in making those responsible pay. Please contact us so that we may normalize relations and ensure a clear path for the future, we await your response." - fades -
  13. Well execution rights are no longer a thing, so. I never RPed with them, or bumped into them in-game before. Nor do I think any of the members are from that group, so, probably not. Hopefully we'll be able to add some more graphics and such as the group grows, thank you for your suggestions we appreciate it!
  14. Logs have been updated to show the rest of your connection Logs.
  15. Uhhh if you look at the logs that staff posted, we clearly tore down the fence on server 1 and then after that it clearly shows that we broke it down on server 2. Are you really missing that?
  16. I assumed we solved that shed situation, as i passed earlier and everything was unlocked and open, and then it was shut. I thought our chat had solved that, but if that's why brandon had suspicion that is fair enough and perfectly sound reasoning, even though I explained it and settled it with some ammo and manual labour.
  17. ItzThatcher

    Zia Reporting LIVE [Open Broadcast]

    *The man would reply with a grateful tone.* "Why thank you very much Ms. Zia. We will await your arrival." **The transmission would then go silent as the man departed from the frequency.**
  18. Lumen

    S1: RDM/BADRP Kabanino around 19:45

    My POV: I heard that @DK_Majorwas being robbed by @Puncture and some other guys. I went to the airfield as @Jackfish was notified as well, he was in Kabanino, and mentioned that they were there. I ran back, and we started talking a little bit. As they walked away for a moment (I was planning to shoot 'em but, could barely move due frame issues) after it got better, @Puncture came at me, pointing his gun at me and telling me to put my hands up. I attempt to shoot him down, but he had me first and got killed. END of PoV
  19. Jackfish

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Yea you are right man. It is nice to roleplay without being non stop hostile. And Well.. lets not talk about that before people start spreading fake news about Peter.
  20. Shroud

    New Moon Media Thread

    Yeah I was confused as fuck to why you died in one shot, I wasn’t complaining though
  21. Lovin the new graphics boss Looks even better IMO.
  22. ItzThatcher

    Zia Reporting LIVE [Open Broadcast]

    **The frequency would light up from the soft-voiced man once more.** "Ah, yes of course. We are currently affiliated with several survivors, but we do not reference ourselves in an official capacity. We are not too far I would think, within the vicinity of Gorka, one of the houses there. Is that too much of a distance for you Ms. Zia?"
  23. Gotta say, it's actually pretty nice being able to roleplay with you again without it turning full on hostile. First time Peter got some ass huh?
  24. I am involved in 5 reports in under 24 hours, with a total of 6 in the past week. Playing DayZRP these last two weeks, has been more "paperwork" and stress, than fun. I don't want to keep on doing this...

    1. Para


      So try talking things out with the other parties? 

      Sometimes shit happens but people are often mature enough to use it as a learning curve, believe me resolving things between yourselves if people aren't cunts about it relieves a lot of weight off your shoulders.

  25. Aleksandr Ivanov was born in Moscow, Russia in 1990. He was the son of a Cherno Russian and followed in his father's footsteps as a Hunter. In his youth, he was skinny and painfully shy, afflicted with a stutter and severe acne that left him permanently scarred. Shunned by the people in school, he grew up Despising all of them and having fantasies of cruel revenge. Throughout childhood and adolescence, Ivanov was described as being quiet and a loner and he had an unhealthy relationship with his domineering father. He started to practice both hunting and archery and often found refuge in these past times. On December 7, 2008, he was arrested for burning down a few homes of the people he hated, for which he served 12 months of a three-year prison sentence in Anamosa State Penitentiary. Over the next few years, he was jailed several times for petty theft. In 2009, he moved to Vybor, with his wife with whom he had a child with. In Vybor, he was well liked by his neighbors and set several local hunting records. In 2010, Ivanov was convicted of assault; he was placed on a work release program after serving six months in prison. In 2011, Ivanov pleaded guilty to larceny after he was caught stealing a chainsaw from an Russian department store; he was sentenced to five years in prison and required to receive psychiatric treatment for his bipolar disorder. The Russian Supreme Court reduced his sentence to 1 year was and was released. He would then go onto to fight in the civil war. Where he would commit many atrocities. He would enjoy the death of those he caught. He didn't finish it quickly. He liked to let them suffer. These killings would take somewhere around 1 hour and sometimes more. He enjoyed these. You could say he is a sadistic if you want.
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