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  2. I'm not going to start a back and forth, but some of the things you said were horribly incorrect, such as the following: First of all, unless I'm mistaken, none of us were "black clad" in fact I think I was the only person wearing anything black, and it was a black quilted jacket and a black beanie. This is actually quite funny to me. The questions we were asking were all logical questions. You guys claimed you were 3 different things, A government, Peacekeepers, and a Military. So we asked questions regarding that. As for the "insulting" well, that kind of ties into the questions. We commented, or as you say "insulted" you bottle suppressors, asking why would a Government, Peacekeepers, or Military have bottle on the end of their guns. We also commented, or "insulted" your clothing, saying none of you matched, a Government, Peacekeeper, or Military would surely match each other, no? We also had no intentions of initiating on you guys at first, so you saying "other than an cheap excuse to initiate eventually" is completely false. We didn't have any plans to initiate, until one of your men insulted us as you were walking away. I believe one of you said something along the lines of "Go away you commoners" and screaming at Sleepy to go away as you walked away, that didn't make us happy. That is what led to us initiating, not the insulting. You knew very well we were all armed, and we outnumbered you by at least 2 people, hence the NVFL accusation. That does not contradict my statement at all, actually. As soon as you raised your gun, both of your friends did as well, which is why they were shot. We didn't say *you* were talking in teamspeak, but rather that your group, or two friends with you, were talking in Teamspeak and not ingame at the same time.
  3. As I've previously said... The rest of the conversation in the PMs has nothing to do with the report and will only clutter the thread with useless information. However, since you seem to consider more sarcasm and insults to be important...
  4. *nods a hello*

    *greets in spanish*
  5. Help a friend of mines son

    My friend is about to have a son and he is going to be born with only half of a heart. I would really appreciate if some of you great role players would help him and his family out. Thanks so much for your time. https://www.youcaring.com/FixingQuintinsHeart
  6. Jonah Blanks POV: As me and my team arrive in Severograd to find a group of black clad bandits who robbed one of our men, as well as to hopefully recruit new members to the cause of starting a government. We walk around, talk to some people, and eventually we spot 2 people dressed in an attire that somewhat matches our description of the robber. So, we keep an close eye on them. After some desync issues,the 3 of us begin to talk in chat IC to another group, who begin asking us many questions, along with insulting us for no real reason other than an cheap excuse to initiate eventually. Once it is apparent that they plan on initiating, I attempt to vacace the area with my group. they follow, once again. Once they circle us, a woman armed with nothing but a silenced pistol initiates, and I raise my gun, and fire. After the short exchange was over, @Polat, my brother in arms at the time, told me via steamchat that he got shot in the head as soon as the bullets began to fly, as well as our other member, who was shot dead as well. This would contradict the statement made by @Rainey's statement, in which he stated: If this were true, the logs will show it. Also, do you really think I would textRP in DayZ while use voip teamspeak in another. In other reports and conversations in general, I have always stated my lack of a microphone. And thankfully, the fact that I only use textRP will disprove the fact that I said: "That we get airdrops from our country". In fact, I never said we were from a country, but building a society down in Shakhovka. But ANYWAYS. After the incident I was pmed by sleepy, which went as follows, only she forgot to add the rest of the logs, which I will do when I am able to screencap it using my computer. As more information and more POVs are posted, I will try to elaborate.
  7. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    I honestly don't think we will ever see another proper staff faction, but as long as I am around there won't be a Lore Faction running around duking on people for fun with stuff like that. We might play around with some stuff for realism but it's a very thin line with that sort of thing. At least there will actually be RPG's. However if Rolle hops in with a T-90 we better hop there are some tandem rounds laying about.
  8. My rp highlight for the night was me being held up by a bandit. It was concerning when he went the "long way" there. Then I was bamboozled, he robbed me. It was heart racing action. It was crazy when two people came by to check out the house and warn us about wolves, and fuck you btw for doing nothing lol. But what made this real good rp was how he portrayed himself. At first I thought "hey this guy is pretty nice", then I thought "oh shit I being robbed, what a butt", then to "Oh god I'm going to die, please no". It really made me think. I think I started developing Stockholm syndrome, he cared for me. He cared for my well being. He saved me from wolves as I was at his mercy. So thank you Mr.Bandit guy for making a interesting and fun rp. I would recommend. But my only suggestion is maybe not use your gun so much and use your knife to be a little more creative. Thanks again and keep it up.
  9. Enjoyed bumping into @Vartax and @Darra near my evil lair. Sorry I gave you guys a spook.
  10. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    In my opinion the server will never be good as it once was as far as enjoyment in game. But they'll probably be a fuck load of people come Beta so at least there's that. Honestly this too. Spawning in hordes and occasional guns for events is one thing, but once there's a staff faction going around completely kitted out on spawn because there's too many "dirty PVPers" then things will really start going downhill.
  11. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    Hoping the admins don't go too crazy with spawning stuff. Gotta be careful with that sort of thing.
  12. Since you're so smart, be my guest


    1. Major



    2. ExoticRainbow


      Do I have to do D)?

    3. Squillium


      I wouldn't do that to you

    4. Macbrine


      No one is doing your hw for you m8 especially not @ExoticRainbow. This is elementary school shit, just do your hw damn

    5. Squillium


      I wish this was my hw, this was a test the whole class fucking bombed

  13. Had a GREAT time! Wish we could of seen more of Sid. I always end up being so passive and watching the adults work but GOSH was it tense today!! Looking forward to more RP as time goes on!!
  14. Today
  15. Ditto. And @Mr. Blue don't forget Max in that aswell. He was a good sport about the whole thing. Also, @Roach, just remember: "Ask for the Devil and he shall appear."
  16. Thank you to @Dvlinhb, @Blake Quinn, @SportingStrike, @Carg0cult, @fiaboi, @TateRinefield, @Ronin47, @Roach, @trent_rouls, @Matthews, and everybody else for the amazing RP tonight! Sorry that I left a bunch of people out, but everyone I interacted with was gold today! Thanks everyone!
  17. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    Probably the reason right there tbh. Never forget the naked mole rat.
  18. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    *Looks at the first line
  19. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    MOSHI MOSHI! AIKO DESU! SUGOI ADMIN! As most say, to me its not he community its mainly the game being well boring to me. Most are wanting/waiting for that beta to hit. When, hopefully, they will have the base building the loot tables we can mess with and the spawning of thing. To make events and what not random and more fun. Despite that, recently, from looking at it from my side we been getting a good influx of new whitelist as can be seen from the home page of new white listed users. There are others still needing to whitelist and are waiting to be reiviewed. I dont think its dying really, just at a slow time. Honestly I am excited to get mods and spawning things! Just how much fun that could be!! Makes me all hyped hehe.
  20. Christ

    Not that hard to be fair, just read the rules. This didnt need its own thread either so /Closed
  21. @trent_rouls @Lyca @SoalXtractor @Brayces @Jack the Ripper Fuckin' WOW! Loved the RP and that whole situation. What a way to start off the night. One of the best things I caught I stream Also, thanks to @Fil Vandren for rollin' with us. Dat slowness kek Thanks to @Mr. Blue and his pals for bringing @TateRinefield to us and for the dank IC Radio RP. Thanks to everyone else in Svet for the Roleplay (Sorry just too many to name but you know who you are) Great night!
  22. Boston

  23. Christ

    I've had an easier time getting whitelisted than getting laid. True facts.
  24. Christ

    I've had an easier time getting actual jobs than I've had trying to get whitelisted. I love role play to death and I've been doing it for years, but this is just ridiculous.
  25. Day Next: Survival is actually fun and it upsets me

    fuck you for proving me wrong, @Bubblegum


    1. Bubblegum


      I can't help that im always right 100% of the time.

  26. S1 | BadRP / OOC VOIP / NVFL | 11:40 21/10/2017

    I agree to the terms of Galaxy and will sign up for the mentor program and read up on the guides. I am ok with the report being closed.
  27. S1 | BadRP / OOC VOIP / NVFL | 11:40 21/10/2017

    I have talked to @HazardousMaterial935 and as he is a newer player and no one but me died during this encounter I would like to close this report if the accused signs up for the Mentor Programme also if he reads up on a "Crazy Guide" and a "Hostile RP" guide, he assured that this was a mistake and it won't happen again and he wants to improve as a roleplay and continue contributing to the server population!
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