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  2. Born in Seattle, Washington - Morgan Dixon was a regular man, and a soccer player in his better days. After literally hitting the jackpot in July 2009, he decided - with his deeper-than-ever pockets - to tour multiple European countries. By mid-October 2009, Morgan's voyage took him to Chernarus, where he was to spend three weeks. However, unfortunately, he was caught up in the Civil War of September 2009, which forced him to remain in Chernarus for the next few months. In January 2010, with the war over, Morgan decided to not return to the United States, and to live in Chernarus permanently. It seems that his horrors during the Civial War had taken a toll on Morgan's mental well being; he took to torturing wild animals for pleasure, and at some point, he began wearing a lime green armband for unknown reasons. Gaining citizenship by early 2013, Morgan enlisted in the RAC, becoming a fully trained soldier. He was discharged after a failed mental well being check. Morgan found himself stranded from his home during the Hrůzy events; mistaken for a Sympathizer by the RAC, he bolted for the forest and remained there for days with no food or water. After those events eventually calmed down, and his face forgotten, Morgan went back to find his home trashed. He decided to live in the forest, also for unknown reason, taking with him the clothes on his back, some food, and a baseball bat. During the most difficult times of the Frenzied pandemic, and while soldiers "visited" the citizens door-to-door around June of 2020, Megan watched with concerned eyes from his bush, sometimes under the rain. By July of 2020, Morgan was used to his homelessness, moving from town to city and back to the wilderness, often scaring people with his mysteriousness. He took to stealing from others to survive, and killing infected with efficiency. People around knew him simply as, "Greenband" - as no one knew who Morgan was. He had not talked to anyone for years.
  3. Cas

    DayZRP 20.8.1

    Cheers Rolle lad. Hopefully this will raise the numbers
  4. dank loremaster pls

  5. Tony78

    DayZRP 20.8.1

    Moredoors need more health unfortunately. If a person trying to get in has a melee weapon, they're essentially useless I feel like with the absence of fences and walls we need another building mod with more RP-friendly stuff. Beds, cabinets, doors that are actually worth a damn. I just want to be able to fortify a house nicely
  6. Days of Terrors - Next time Russians could take YOUR family! - Join the liberation front!
  7. *There would be a moment of heavy breathing into the radio, someone clearly struggling to find the words to speak. After a moment of silence, there would be sorrowful voice coming in through the radio* "I-I.... She i-is not dead. P-please do not do... from what I hear, she would be the angry. You should... know where to find." *There would be another moment of silence, before the woman would speak again, her voice raising in a strange pattern as she spoke her next words* "I cannot give you more information. BE... very caReful when you are in places you do not recognize. Each of us are very sorry."
  8. *alex picks up his radio* "Hello mr, you seem to be using cheap .223 cartridge, if your rifle is .223/5.56 then i can help you with military grade bullets. " *alex wants to put his radio down but he notices a small bit of sympathy for the man* "also don't kill yourself over girl, or anyone in that matter , at least give us the pleasure" *he puts down his radio*
  9. Rate your DayZRP enjoyment currently from 1 - 10: 1 What you enjoy most about your DayZRP experience: Reason(s): I used to enjoy the RP and the storylines that were created. What could help improve your DayZRP experience: Staff and loremasters need to start doing some events to progress the lore since the lore factions arent capable of doing so. Removing hotspots would fix alot but there is no way you can implement that. Reason(s): How could this be implemented: Loremasters and staff need to sit around the table and talk about some events that will continue the lore. Any further comments: I don'tt think it was a smart move to add a new map or keep two servers if we cant even get one server half full.
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  11. chair broke, any suggestions ?

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      @Inferno i hate you

  12. Balance has been restored. Thanking you
  13. Born on the Aran Islands his father taught him how to fish at a young age. His father was a fisherman and worked hard at sea making a living for the family. Following his father's footsteps he became a fisherman himself, a rather good one at that. He was in a dependable crew and had great comradery with them, they dabbled a bit in the smuggling business to make extra dosh. Recently he went on a fishing trip with his son to a place called Deer Isle or Cernyelen. He's been here stranded ever since.
  14. Dan

    DayZRP 20.8.1

    Sounds like a step in the right direction
  15. Hegarty being an Irishman admired places that had fought for independence. He knew the history of Deer Isle vaguely but when he heard the news in 91 of the vote for independence he set his sights. Him and his friends planned a holiday to see the sights but he never returned home. Hegarty got a job at a local factory and started to rent a home in 1992 and has never looked back, he loved the country & the people. He fought the Russians when called upon and evaded capture when the battle was lost. The Irishman lived off the land and avoided capture for a long time.
  16. *A sound can be heard breaking through the deafening static of the Radio Waves, a heavily accented New York man begins to speak. Sounding depressed and Lonely*
  17. Simon is a simple man living a simple life, but not by choice, as beautiful as his home island is, it didn't offer much in the means of opportunity. He found work as a steel worker in Miroslavl, staying and working in the city for most of the year, visiting his family on the island in the off months. His mundane life forced him to take enjoyment from where he could find it and as a result he grew quite a cheerful and humorous personality, despite having sub par jokes most of the time. He was visiting the island as the infection hit, and found himself trapped within the confines of his home town, trying to follow the sporadic demands of the local RAC forces and keeping out of trouble. Once stability faltered and the infection seeped into the town and he lost connection with his parents, Simon realised he had no choice but to fend for himself. BIG WIP
  18. MVP ew

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      Ye it stinks, not what it used to be 😞 i miss my VIP

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      Legend soon™

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  19. just the pre-existing ones got removed
  20. Kofi

    DayZRP 20.8.1

    ive just found a car...
  21. all cars on deer isle were removed with that "wipe"
  22. I’m glad we’ve finally got base building out again. It’s unfortunate that base building has to go, I think it has a great potential. But, alas, it was not being used to make cool things and instead anchored people inside their forest bases. Unfortunate, but necessary DayZ also has KOS, but seeing as it’s detrimental to roleplay it is not allowed. Just like fences. You can still build MoreDoors for your base
  23. neom

    DayZRP 20.8.1

    you can see from this thread the people who care more about gear then actually RP'ing, sad really. Glad to see the back of base building
  24. That's the thing tho. What I've gathered from this is that you just expect the RP to be given mutually, which I understand, but if you really wanna create storylines with randoms don't let it be "Need anything? Aight [email protected]". Make the roleplay interesting on your behalf and maybe they will follow. That's all EDIT: in the wise paraphrased words of my boy @ImScouse "RP isn't meant to be spoonfed to you, create it yourself" Quote goes something like that
  25. Hell yeah! Congrats on the approval, lads!
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