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    My bad not Cowboy the denim pimp
  3. I was born to Jim Baggins and Molly Nikola, From what my Father tells me I was somewhat of a problem child, always throwing tantrums. From a very young age I knew that I wanted to be in a branch of the U.S Military. At 14 I joined JROTC to begin my informational stage of Joining the armed Forces. At first I didn't really know what exact branch I wished to enlist but soon enough I realized that the Air Force was right for me. At 17 I joined the ROTC in my senior year to try and guarantee my slot in the Air force. At 18 when I Graduated High School I was brought strait into a training camp, I spent 3 long years in this camp learning everything, and I mean everything. I had to pass a fitness test every year to keep my enrollment active, and I flew many flight simulators before I was able to get behind the joystick of the real thing. At the age of 21 I was saw fit as a fighter pilot and I was deployed for my first tour in Taiwan for four years. I was honorably discharged with two purple hearts and a medal of honor. When I returned to my hometown Los Angels, California. When I returned home my father informed me that him, my mother, and I were going on a celebratory trip to Chernaurus. I happily agreed because I had never been to Russia. A few days after we arrived all modes of transportation off of cherno were shut down and we were stuck there. One night I hadn't realized that our neighbor Egor Pestov had been turned so when using a flashlight I attracted him to the door, my father was furious at me. A few moments later he was at the door pounding on it trying to get in. Both me and father told my mother not to answer it but she insisted that he may need help. When she opened the door she was immediately bitten. I thought of the first thing that came to mind and I grabbed a candle holder off of the dining room table and bashed his head in with it. My mother had already known what was about to happen so she willfully was locked in a room while me and father tried to figure something out. She had told us that she wanted it to be over so we gathered supplies around the house to make a make-shift suppressor. We attached it to the end of the barrel of a revolver loaded with one round. When we entered the room mother was already starting to turn and she begged father to end it. She got on her knees and pleaded with him. When her eyes started turning white and she began moving towards father I yelled at hime to shoot. He then did and shot her in the head. Both him and I were traumatized from this and we decided that we wanted to survive the wasteland together.
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    Sending off the Great Denim Cowboy/Ninja
  5. Childhood (1981 - 1999) Belyy was born in a small scientific town, Dubna, to a small family of three (father, mother and his brother), with him being fourth. From a young age, just like his older brother, he showed strong sense of patriotism and interest in military and political actions. This was even more backed up by his parents who were both members of CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union). At the age of 9 his parents decided to sing him and his 10 year old brother up for Vladimir Lenin All-Union Pioneer Organization as the Youth Pioneers, where they would learn all sorts of new skills and attend Soviet pioneer summer camps. Most importantly, here they would learn social cooperation and ideas of Communism from a young age. Sadly, this didn't last for long, having in mind that the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, just a year after they joined the pioneer program. Fall of the USSR has led to great problems, not only for this family, but for many more families across Russia. Over the years, many people turned to crime in order to escape poverty. It was the 90es and country was in the crisis thanks to a sudden switch in ideology. Belyy's father, who has been a member of CPSU until the collapse of the Soviet Union was left without a job, just like his mother. Luckily, His mother managed to find work in a small market, but his father had only one option left as an Soviet-Afghan war veteran. He was called for service once again, to serve in the First Chechen War. He didn't have a choice, it was either that or crime in order to feed his family. He died on the battlefield in 1996, last year of the First Chechen War. This left a big scar on his family, Belyy's mother barely made enough money to keep them fed and his older brother turned to small criminal activity, stealing food and valuable items from street markets. Belyy's mother, due to stress and sorrow, became ill which led to her death a few years later in 1999. With her both children in the army at that point, she died alone on her bed from a hearth attack. Russian Army - Second Chechen War (1999 - 2001) Shortly before Belyy's mother died, he was called for his mandatory military service at the age of 18. He and his brother were situated in separate military camps in different parts of Russia, His brother was situated in Novosibirsk Oblast and Beliyy was situated in Volgograd Oblast. After the death of their mother, two brothers lost touch. With the start of the Second Chechen War, fresh recruits like Beliyy were sent to fight for many different reasons, volunteering, punishments, etc. Some recruits from Beliyy's company were caught selling military resources like guns, car equipment and rations to outside buyers (gangsters, hucksters, etc.). People caught were imprisoned and the rest of the company with Beliyy was sent to fight in the Second Chechen War until the end of their service. Here Beliyy proved his excellent marksmanship, taking out multiple enemies of numerous occasions. He learned to fire a gun since the age of 7 when his father used to regularly take him to hunting trips. With the end of the first phase of the war in May.2000. Belyy was pulled back from the battlefield and once again stationed in a camp close to Moscow this time. His accomplishments from the war were noticed by his superiors and he was offered Spetsnaz FSB Special Force training. He couldn't refuse this and passed the entry tests with excellent results. Federal Security Service - FSB (Федеральная служба безопасности Российской Федерации) (2001 - Today) When Belyy was a kid, back in the Soviet Union, he used to look up to the KGB and has always dreamed of becoming one of their agents. Having in mind that FSB is the main successor agency to the USSR's KGB, this was like a dream come true for him. This wasn't like mandatory army service, here he was trained harshly, both physically and mentally. He passed a series of brutal tests which made him stronger. Over the years, he rose up to the rank of Major. In FSB he served mainly in Counterintelligence and Counter-Terrorism on some occasions. Belyy also did work in Foreign intelligence and Targeted killing on the territory of the CIS countries, but this has never been confirmed. There was one notable action in 2006 when the FSB caught 27 foreign intelligence officers and 89 foreign agents. Belyy played an important role in 37 of these actions over the year. For his accomplishments, he was also later, in 2005, offered the Foreign Intelligence Service - SVR espionage training. Foreign Intelligence Service - SVR (Служба внешней разведки Российской Федерации) (2005 - ???) SVR, successor to the KGB's First Directorate, unlike the FSB, is tasked with intelligence and espionage activities outside of the Russian Federation. Though, if necessary, all law enforcement and intelligence agencies in Russia work under the guidance of the FSB. Over the years, Belyy was participating in numerous missions, protecting his homeland from crime and foreign military interests. This allowed him to take the Foreign Intelligence Service - SVR training in the Academy of Foreign Intelligence. Sadly, only this is known about Belyy's experience with the SVR due to Russian laws. All, if any missions he was participating in with the SVR are classified. Any information pertaining to specific identities of employees (officers) of the SVR is legally classified as a state secret, the same applies to non-staff personnel, i.e. informers and recruited agents. Post Chernarussian Civil war actions (2010 - 2011) As the Chernarussian Civil war was coming to an end, with the victory of ChDKZ, arrests of Military leaders and Politicians was underway. Government was dissolved with the support of the Russian Federation. Organizations such as NAPA were recognized as terror organizations due to factors such as Moscow bombing. Belyy along with some more agents was sent to Chernarus in January 2010 to help with the arrest of Politicians and CDF leaders and track down those who are hiding. Later on, he participated in counter-terrorist actions, arresting NAPA members. He was recalled back to Moscow in 2011. Outbreak (2020 - Today) As this Caedesviridae infection (Frenzied Flu) experienced a rapid resurgence in Chernarus and suddenly mutated causing those who were affected to have violent outbursts and attack everything around them, Chernarus Liberation Front - CLF decides to take advantage of the infection in order to "Liberate Chernarus". Belyy along with other agents from FSB is being deployed to Chernarus once again, precisely, South Zagoria, Chernogorsk. Nikita Belov's Mission: Carry out a detailed reconnaissance of the area and pinpoint any and all CLF camps, patrols and activity in the area [in progress] Collect information about CLF actions and report it back to HQ [in progress] Sabotage any CLF operations if possible [in progress] Get in contact with 320th Motor Rifle Batailon [in progress] Get in contact with RAC [in progress] Assassinate CLF high ranked officers [in progress] P.S. This backstory is still a WIP, it will be also updated from time to time as events in game take place.
  6. Born and Raised in omaha, Nebraska, Tommy had an upbringing much like any other country kid growing up in a small town. He worked from a young age, however hung around the wrong group of people and worked himself into trouble by the time he was 15. From checking car doors for loose change, to small scraps at the local McDonalds, Tommy could never seem to behave himself. After getting arrested in relation to a robbery that occurred at a house party when Tommy was 18, he was given an ultimatum by his parents once being released from custody. Either he would join the military or serve a sentence. Choosing the military path, he joined the United States Army In 2010. After completing his training, MacDonald spent only a year in battalion with the 325th Infantry regiment, he was deployed to Afghanistan for a year total. He came back and went for selection with the green berets, and eventually would come to spend 4 years working with them. After retiring, Tommy MacDonald took on life as a Private Military Contractor. After taking a job with his co workers to Chernarus in an attempt to neutralize a HVT, responsible to the coordination of RF tasks in the country. Only 2 hours on location however, and Tommy found himself alone after taking heavy contact from CLF members who saw the helicopter come in, resulting in a crash that left him badly wounded and his friends much worse. That was a over a year ago, and Tommy MacDonald has come a long way since then. His story is far from over, either.
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    Day 2: Sung Ho meets a crazy murderer Video added to OP
  8. It was great! I'll try to stick around for a bit longer next time
  9. Billy Bob was born in the Appalachia region of Virginia. Till the youthful age of 19, he lived and hunted in the mountains almost entirely self-sufficient with his parents and three siblings. Once he turned 18 he got drafted into the military for the Vietnam war and served 10 years. After he got out he went back to his home and started living back on his land. Paranoia started happening as he grew more distrustful of his surroundings going into bouts of insanity believing that people were out in the woods out to get him. (Still working on it)
  10. @NorwayRP @Craig @Searoz @Ducky @Watchman @Serf & I think @Kessik Thanks for the RP
  11. Foreigners post lorwipe:

    "I've never been to this country before but let's conveniently run into the right direction because we totally don't have thousands of hours on this map"

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      One of the reasons I've been sticking mostly to the coast since the wipe.

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  12. Anatoli Weston was born in Chernarus and he was raised in Stary Sobor as a younger fella. He worked in a mill for most of his teenage years to earn some money to save for later in life. As he got into adulthood he had saved a pretty penny, so he rented out a home and just worked for the most of his early adulthood.
  13. @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@Mr Smoking [email protected]@Brayces (sorry if I forgot someone, I still love you!) Last but not least, I feel that this gif accurately sums up our final encounter @Bryan
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  15. Vladimir Kozlova was a retired police office from Krasnodar raising a son and daughter with his wife he spent all his life dedicated to law enforcement his sons became soldiers and served in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. They are sent to help stabilize the region of Chernarus in January of 2016 With the pandemic spreading, Quarantine soon falls upon Chernarus is daughter was with some old friends in that area so he told is wife that he would get her back to there home country after arriving to Chernarus searching high and low for is little girl i found tracks of her on the border hearing stories here and there he made his way deeper into the country when all was stopped people got sick fast armies came in force to get a hand on it and all he wants is his little girl back waking up to the sound of the running water and crashes and screams.
  16. Hello and welcome back! Hope you have fun IG .
  17. Good profile song, although I would've personally gone for this classic Excision banger.


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      Aaaaye it is a classic, was a tossup between my current and this actually.

  18. Summary: As seen in @Angel's video evidence, she is making her way through Kabanino where she encounters @sKz. sKz decides to hold her up for reasons not shown in the video, taking her behind the church and demanding that she tie herself up with a piece of rope he provides. After a bit of protest, she complies and is then stripped naked by sKz, who spends most of the interaction silent and sifting through gear, only occasionally interjecting one liners, often about her gear. Rulebreaks: @sKz, the behavior you displayed in this situation is nothing short of unacceptable. The most egregious mistake made during this robbery was your decision to strip your hostage entirely naked, which we now know was literally just, "to change it with [yours]." While you can rob someone for gear, drag and dropping it off of their tied up body is not an acceptable form of doing this. When looking at this in-character, you decided to leave a women stripped entirely naked in the corner of a churchyard. This is not tolerated here. Throughout the rest of the robbery, you provided next to no roleplay to @Angel, despite her repeated attempts to engage with you. Sure, you want some gear out of your risky endeavors, but we'd like to clarify two things regarding this. You do not "really need," the gear and you certainly can't leave your hostage in nearly complete silence whilst you rifle through their belongings in the inventory menu. These behaviors are nothing short of BadRP and will be punished as such. Suggestions: @sKz, in the future, you should do anything but stripping your hostage. Use text emotes to pat them down for weapons, verbally strong arm them out of their jacket you really like, force them to hand over their bag, but do not tie someone up and just drag and drop items off of their person until they're nude. Additionally, if you intend to rob someone, please make it engaging for the victim. Standing in a corner tied up and incapable of doing anything whilst their captor stands their silent for two minutes at a time is not fun and something we don't want to see happen on this server. It's officially day 2 of the outbreak, society is still present in some forms; let the state of society influence how your character roleplays robberies, whether that be through motive or methodology. Take the time over your ban to reflect on how you can better your hostile roleplay. Consider looking to more experienced hostile roleplayers as guides along the way, I'm sure many of them would be happy to show you the finer details of it. Verdict: @sKz | BadRP | GUILTY. 5 day ban, 10 warning points. Character reset. Signed by @Peril, @Eddie, & @Inferno
  19. @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] Smoking [email protected] and of course @Finn even though it's all Radio Chatter, haha. Had fun today! Even got demoted! Was fun rolling around and whatnot! I hope we get more chances to do "Team Building Exercises".
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  21. Amazing quality RP at the Vybor compound, comrades! I am happy to see this group rolling, being positive and welcoming! Father Serafim blesses your guns and weapons for +20 Holy damage! And remember, Jesus was a communist!
  22. Grew up on a ranch where I learned many skills such as how to survive and how to build fencing, barns, est. As I grew up I learned how to work on cars which I later made into a side-job, Further down the line I eventually graduated High School and became interested in the police force, I excelled in the academy and was the top of my class. I later graduated and became an officer for the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department). I then met a girl. Her Name was Molly Nikola. Me and her talked and soon dated which eventually led to our Marriage. We had a little girl Named Lisa Baggins, and a little boy, Elius Baggins. They were 2, and 20 when me and Molly decided to take a trip to Chernaurus with our son Elius. We went for a week and the Pandemic was getting pretty bad when we got stuck. Molly got caught and bit. With one of my last bullets I put her out of her misery hoping that Lisa had remained safe, and longing for her safety.
  23. Good night, sweet prince, I didn't manage to capture your entire love story, but we will remember your rejection for weeks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zFGbB8YK-g
  24. Hello @SovietPj, A team of staff members have reviewed the ban given to you by @Voodoo and have reached a decision regarding it. Your conduct was not acceptable at all. You are not portraying a realistic and in-depth mental health disorder, you're trolling. There is no other way to put it. Screeching in game as you run around, being a general nuisance, insisting on constantly disrupting RP by making irritating noises. There is no other way to describe this than trolling. If this is your character it's time to make a new one, as character flaws / traits are never an excuse to behave in such a manner. Frankly, this portrayal was just disrespectful to those that actually have the condition. Your ban and warning points will be aggravated to 7 and 15 respectively, the standard for a trolling punishment. Take this time to reflect on your conduct as to not make this mistake again. Outcome: Punishment aggravated to 7 days and 15 warning points. Signed: @Para, @Peril, @Eddie and @Inferno.
  25. @Hampze And the other line boys that I never knew the names of, fate will reunite us one day, and I hope the Denim cowboy never forgets his roots in our beautiful song. It was a mess, but a beautiful one. Click 'em Bois!
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