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  2. Oh, I love that fluff. It helps with role play remendously. I mean, I imagine it does. I havent role played long. But I actually found a bible last night while scavving. And I was like, "Oh dude, someone could really play off of this. Religious sects. Religious scholars. Satanists looking to collect and burn all copies. I mean, if you really think about it, things like books in good condition would become treasures in a post internet world. So finding anything like Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Austen in good shape would be a real find to post apocalyptic collectors. So yeah, any sorta "fluff" items like that are great, imo. Hell, I dont care if it is "Collectors Edition McDonalds Space Jam" cups. Anything could be someones obsession. Unopened boxes of favorite cereals. Coins. Wombat taxidermy. I mean, the list is kinda limited only by ones imagination. I say the same thing about smokes, drugs, and alcohol. People will still have vices. How much would a junkie (RP junkie) give for a vial of Dilaudid found in some hospital? I have kicked around the idea of being a junkie paying top dollar for morphine injectors in game.
  3. Honestly, it's hell. I recently had to swap from my character's normal bolt action hunting rifle to using an AK full time, just because it's getting nearly impossible to manage the infected and wildlife with something that you have to cycle after each shot. Not happy to see these changes, personally, even with the updated "balances" Roland mentioned.
  4. I suggest taking them back to their standard strength, maybe even their standard numbers (outside of military facilities) but giving them the ability to injure/infect you. They will go back to being your typical one-shot-with-an-axe trash mobs, but if you aren't careful and you allow yourself to get swarmed, you might get scratched and infected. And if you don't have a cure vial handy, you had better head out to a hospital and start looking for one. Or holler to friends that you need help. Or beg/borrow/steal one from anyone around you. It would make dealing with mobs far less tedious while still keeping you on your toes. Yeah, theyre easy to take out, but dont get sloppy or you might get dead. Mods= Disease Injectors, Medical Attention, Virus
  5. Maybe Just increase the damage of .45 To allow the pistols to become more helpful and more importantly UMP would be more appealing
  6. Marik


    Hope you have an amazing time here
  7. Numenor, visibly upset that packing this cabinet is for naught, decides to head off for some much needed rest as making sure the people were ok weighed heavily on his mind. Reluctantly he goes to sleep, tossing and turning as he wonders what could have been. " 10-4 Sgt, some people will never learn" he mumbles in his sleep
  8. Hello weeb witch

  9. Marik

    DayZRP 20.2.4

    I think the only way to really balance the infected is by having a headshot multiplier added to them that makes carrying lower caliber weapons relevant again; it won't do anything against players. To counter this 'nerf' to the infected we could also start looking into buffing them in other ways; I've seen not nearly enough crawlers and they, in my opinion; represent a infected that just keeps on going whatever happens until it's shot in the face.
  10. Jason was born in Chicago Illinois grew up happy with his family throughout his childhood. Most of his life was just like everyone else's. But whenever highschool had rolled around he started to experiment with marijuna with his friends. With it being in the 90's the whole thing was really still a taboo ordeal. Starting to hang out with his friends he started to have to be around his dealer. Slowly but surely he starts on the heroin with his friends. His use eventually made him drop out of school for a year. But his family really wanted him to better himself for his sake, and for the sake for the rest of society. So he was in rehab for an entire summer.
  11. Hello *Connor/Qnr

  12. -USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST- but not by staff xx
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    5.0.3 Media Thread

    @Rolandis this true?
  15. Looks good @FalkRP can't wait to bump in to you boys in game. A lot of potential
  16. In the mids of working OOC on Section: 20 and spamming my forum message up to 100 then I'm having a great time roleplaying with @AndreyQ
  17. Great RP from @Phoenix and your two guards. Enjoyed it
  18. Jack listens to the transmission in it's entirety and begins to frown, "Damned if you do and damned if you don't," he says to himself, shortly afterwards he finds his men that had been putting together supplies inside of a cabinet to be delivered. "Privates, don't worry about that anymore, it seems those will no longer be needed, continue on with area beautification and cleaning your issued gear and rifles." He then turns on his heels and throws his radio in anger against the fence breaking it causing an explosion of plastic pieces to ricochet around the area, the battery landing at his feet. He had zero intention of replying to these individuals again or addressing the situation further, he had in his mind tried to do the right thing.
  19. Hello @TurkRP, A separate team of staff has reviewed your appeal and come to the conclusion of denial. As mentioned in your warning from Para, our community rules apply not only on the forums, but Discord as well. We do not tolerate flame baiting in this community, and at the surface level, that's what this was. You were attempting to incite a negative reaction from RiZ by prodding and subtly insulting him; whether or not he is "your boy" is irrelevant, as not everyone reading will know what relationship you have with him. This kind of behavior is not something we wish to permit, so your warning will stand. We do not wish for other members of the community, new or old, to see messages like this as being okay, regardless of who they're directed at. With that said, Appeal denied. Warning remains. Signed by @Peril, @Scarlett, & @Conor
  20. Zombies next please! It's the only way to make pistols worth it! Please reduce zombies! Up their numbers but bring them back to vanilla PLEASE Also thank you for adjusting animals more fairly
  21. Lawrence was born in San Antonio, Texas. Being Mexican American, Lawrence didn't have an easy life. He was teased alot as a child and being poor didn't help the matter. As he grew up he, like many from the poorer side of the streets turned to crime. He started off as just a petty drug runner but soon realize that it was harder than he thought and, of course, got caught. Since he was under age the courts took pity on him and just gave him some time in juvee and community service. While serving his time, he ran into a officer by the name of Nathan Greene. He and the officer would become, somewhat, friends and soon Lawrence was being mentored by officer Greene. Lawrence knew he didn't want to live the life of the streets. He wanted to do something more than just being nothing a statistic. After highschool and with officer Greene's recommendation, he soon applied to go into law enforcement himself. Not really wanting to become a cop persay, officer Greene recommended the Border Patrol. Fresh air and the great outdoors. Lawrence was made for this. He takes great pride in protecting, not only his home but country too.
  22. I'm being framed for something i didnt do. worst wingmen ever
  23. Atrix17

    5.0.3 Media Thread

    LMAO u sure about that? Edit: Also thanks to Atrix for writing it and signing it with my name What do you mean? I didnt write anything?? All I know is you wrote a lovely love letter to @Phoenix In Character. Its okay to express your feelings...
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