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  2. Guess 500$ didn’t do the trick..

  3. With that said @Ashley TimsdaleWhere would you and your comrades form this group? Livonia or Chernarus?
  4. That’s a massive fucking LAWL from me 

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  5. Hello there, @Hofer is inactive so I shall steal this honour. PM a Mod+ if you wish for this group to be unarchived. /Archived
  6. The good ol "force archive" I feel you boys Good luck on your future endeavors
  7. Shooting the prison walls was fun. 07
  8. Shame to see the Can Opener Bandits gone. In all seriousness goodluck in the future @CJ o7 5.0.3
  9. I'm more thinking of it on a real life standpoint but aight.
  10. It's been a blast shame It had to be this way, guess sitting in soup for hours is the only option now.
  11. Its been a good time! See you all soon!
  12. Time for other games i guess. Was fun while it lasted. Sadly the community does not seem to agree.
  13. As per community and "Biased" staff request @Hofer would you do the honours of archiving this `PVP` group of mine as some would call it. Been fun guys, Ill still play now and then. Ill bring the group back up at a later time. -RIP hostile RP.
  14. Why isn't @PhoenyxxRP together with @Aron73? I thought ya'll was doing so good
  15. God

    Rae's Adventures

    Rae is getting married everyone! And to explain any confusion that has recently came up family wise. @Unii made her a family tree thank you @Malthis @FaeRP @RiZ @PhoenyxxRP @Unii @Blisna @HayleighJ @Havikar and thy fiance @Poster it was a fun time last night drinking with @Morytania, @Eagles, @Dongle , and @HeartlssHeretic (sorry to @Jade and @Banshee if yall couldnt understand me last night ) oh one more thing @Lamb nice soup kitchen, since i cant reply to status's
  16. Goran grew up in the town of Sanok, Poland along with his mother and father who taught him how to hunt game in the Carpathian mountains. His late father Gordon was British and his late mother Anna was born in Sanok. Gordon and Anna met in the County of Yorkshire in the UK whilst Anna, only a teen a the time, was on a foreign exchange trip with her school. They stayed together ever since until their unfortunate demise shortly after the outbreak. Goran grew up a happy go lucky boy and event though his family weren't the richest they always had enough and he understood the importance of true values even at a young age. The most terrifying and life changing moment of Goran's young life came when he was only 14 when he and his father Gordon were out on a standard monthly hunting weekend in the Carpathian mountains. This time was different because they decided to venture a little further into the forests than they would normally as they had all weekend this time around so time was not an issue. It turned out to be a very bad decision as before they knew it a bear was charging upon them and went straight for Goran. The bear took numerous shots from Gorans fathers rifle in his attempt to stop the bear ripping his son to shreds. Eventually the bear keeled over in a lump and that's when Gordon saw the devastating results of the ferocious attack. The attack left Goran with multiple fractures and broken bones along with needing multiple surgeries resulting in over 500 stitches being needed mainly on his back where he had managed to turn over to try and protect his face from the bear. After 3 years of surgery after surgery and many, many stitches later Goran was on the mend again but he had missed the most important time of his education and he refused to go back knowing all his friends had finished their studies and left. Goran pursued a career in the PAF (Polish armed forces) and soon became a promising soldier due to his commitment and dedication to do his parents proud and show them that the path he had chosen was the right one. At the age of 27 and after 9 years in the PAF they created the PSF (Polish special forces) to which Goran was assigned to and more specifically GROM - Poland's premier special missions unit. The unit was named after the Silent Unseen of World War II and trains regularly with the best special operation units from around the world. Goran gave his service and did his time in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars along with the civil Syrian war aswell. It was during the civil Syrian wars, which literally started off as a protest, when Goran's view on the PSF changed forever when his team were set upon in their vehicle with a missile from a rocket launcher in which all of the passengers died except for Goran. Goran survived however his leg was so badly damaged the PSF decided he was no longer fit for service and was given no compensation or reward for his injuries suffered due to the service he had given. Goran couldn't except the decision, he was one of the best and in his head even a 50% Goran is better than 100% of most soldiers. This drove him to a life as a mercenary working as a professional soldier for the highest bidder. This disappointed his parents Gordon and Anna to the point they disowned him as they felt he had brought a shame upon the family. Shortly after the outbreak Goran returned to his mother and fathers house unsure whether or not they still lived there bearing in mind it had been 3 years since their last contact. The village was a ghost town with nothing but a few infected scavenging on a dead corpse further down the street. Goran finally arrived at the house, the door was locked, he smashed it down and looked around downstairs to no avail. Everything looked as it should, tidy and clean as if everything was normal. There was a rotten smell in the air and as Goran climbed the stairs the smell slowly got worse, Goran raised his neck scarf over his nose and mouth doing his best not to breath in the rabid fumes. Goran came to his old room and everything was still as it was when he initially left at 17 to join the military, his parents had clearly kept it clean and tidy just the way he left it. He finally came to his parents room and again the door was locked. Goran kicked it through and the smell was horrendous, Goran starting coughing and upon seeing his parents rotted corpses in each others arms on the bed he couldn't help but throw up. He wiped the remnants of vomit away from his mouth and picked up a note which was left on the dresser next to multiple bottles of empty pills and medication. '' To my darling Goran, me and your father love you dearly. We know you will return because we know you are a survivor. The town has become over-run with these...things... monsters, and me and your father do not want to go out like that. I know if you were here you could have protected us and though we cannot change the past I ask you try and change the future. We will always love you son and we will pass being immensely proud of you love mum and dad'' ………. Goran scavenged town to town after that day with no real purpose other than staying alive. Bandits that had formed had met their match and Goran discovered it was not just the infected we should fear but our own alike. He had heard through murmurs from other survivors that there was an airfield in the North West area of a place called Chernarus which still had planes in working order and from this point on Goran made it his goal to get there by any means possible.
  17. Day 15 of quarantine. Every day starts to feel the same...

  18. Today
  19. Avery was born august 21st, 1994 to a military family which made his early upbringing difficult with his father being deployed over in Afghanistan for most of his childhood. Being told many stories of his father by his mother Avery grew to idolize his father wanting to follow in his steps and enlist when he was of age. At the age of 13 Avery's world would be shattered upon hearing the news of his fathers death, his mother being an american decided it'd be best for the two to move back to her hometown of Clarksville Tennessee. Avery set on honouring his fathers memory would enlist in the American military at the age of 17, spending a few months within basic training before being forced to drop out due to a Patellar Fracture which Avery never got properly treated. After a few years of searching for jobs or internships Avery finally managed to land a job as an administrative assistant within the Baku embassy in Azerbaijan. Eventually abandoning the position once the world went to shit, travelling on his own until he eventually wound up in Chernarus.
  20. Nice to see a Mercenary group again, always loved contractors. Really enyoyed the 503 witch hunt at Soup the other day, great hostileRP from these boys. cant wait to see more of you ingame lads
  21. Das a good song. Greatly appreciated.

  22. This idea is great, i had a experience with a cannibal last night and it was fantastic and horrible rp, a group of you would be fantastic as long as youre providing good rp. What i will say is though, Don't make yourself KOS'able. Although it's honourable etc people will just abuse it and use it as an excuse to give you minimal rp and then claim they 'killed the cannibals'. I hope you form the group, good luck.
  23. I was referring to the game. Not real life.
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