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  2. @Imation11 It was nice to meet the psychiatrist, get a chance to chat and stroll around, sing some songs... Lollypop, lollypop...
  3. MoodyOG

    To the Rapist aka Pamyati (Open Frequency)

    *John hits the PTT* "We know who the good ones are, they won't be hurt. But Pamyati will pay, Yuri will pay." *John releases the PTT*
  4. Watchman



  5. Roland


    New design for character pages. Feedback?

    1. ornberg


      It's alright, will take some time to get used to it, but liking something fresh and new!

    2. Ducky




      Pictures are way too close together.

      Text boxes are misaligned and you removed names from underneath the polaroids on the newly created character section.



      I like the background story being centered at the bottom however ❤️ didnt include that in the pictures though.

      I'd say let there be a bit more space between the polaroids and re-add the names to the newly created pages.

      And eh... I guess we can fix the box issue by formatting the text better... Maybe...

    3. Para


      It's a change, i like the layout 👍

  6. GaryCash

    Potius Cras

    yoooooooooo I just wanted to thank everyone in this group that's joined us so far, we look forward to gaining new members in the future, but to you all who are already with us, thank you for making this group what it is, its always a blast logging in game and playing with you all Cheers!
  7. “ well Kevin....that was a hard day at the office huh? “ Kevin is looking at himself in the mirror, gently washing his face with a water bottle over the sink, it starts to fill with bloody water. He can’t stand straight due to his stomach starting to bruise and he leg starting to get feeling back, blue berry did a amazing job on his leg but what ever he used to numb it is starting to wear off and the pain is starting to surface. He just wanted to do his rounds and check in on everyone and maybe get some new clients, instead he gets drawn into this ball shit with a group trying to make a name for themselves by sending a message to the saviours. “ patient confidentiality “ he smiles, its the reason they kept hitting him harder because he wouldn’t tell them nothing, he was proud he kept to his word. He stumbles over to his bag and all his notes and starts packing, collecting all that he owns, he has to leave. The people here are good people, strangers coming together for the greater good, to care for each other. He will come back but he needs to go for a walk around south cannibals, murders, hardcore nationals and as some people have said to him “ they are all crazy “ this is the challenge kevin seeks, the thrill the adrenaline! He has gotten comfortable here. He just needs to see what it is truely like down south, maybe he can really do some good there, it would be a like crazy to say he wasn’t excited. It’s night time the darkness is perfect cover to get a head start down south before the sun rises. He picks up his bag and walks towards the door, he looks back to check to see if he has forgotten. On the table is a bag of lollipops mouse has given him, he walks over and picks the bag up, opens it, takes one and places it in his mouth. “ lollipop lollipop oh lolli lolli lolli lollipop “ he walks out the door and starts heading towards the city limits. safety will soon be behind him and what awaits him, he can only guess.
  8. Today
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: So ive only just came back to DayZ RP today, I do remember this situation though. I was online with "Theodore" Phelps, But i was not with him in game, he was with someone we had planned to recruit into the grey family. I looked back through all my recordings and such but to free room in my PC i do delete what i haven't clipped every month cause i do a lot of recording. I tried to get in touch with Phelps about the incident yet he has me blocked on discord, steam and according to a gent called marcoddonna who is someone Phelps and I used to play with, Phelps doesnt play much dayZ anymore and spends time on Apex legends so he was unavailable to verify this. They had told me they were robbing someone but that was at alter, If i remember correctly i was in Vybor when this happened just coming south as I had been to NW. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I'd like to think that Ive handled my reports very well in the past, I mean id like to think im good with role play as I've only ever had one report and in such report, I took time and made a video of the situation, I completely explained every point I had and was very apologetic as it was a rigorous situation. This is the link to that one report. I had left the game DayZ in total when this report was made. I decided to take a break til the winter map was removed, I did not purposely skive a player report. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to be un-banned on DayZ RP, I understand why the ban was put in place but at the same time im back now so i believe it should be removed. What could you have done better?: I could have still been playing dayZ ?
  10. i loged in twice after trying to fix it bt then the fight had finished and they said the only way to fix it is wait for the restart at that time it was early so i thought i would just get on tomorrow i am so sorry well late for me cause of my time zones
  11. GaryCash

    • GaryCash
    • Denton Fitz


  12. Samaritan

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    10/10 see you plenty on the forum.
  13. ToeZ

    To the supply runners of Chernarus

    *Toez quickly grabs his radio and pushes down the PTT to respond* "Last night was a difficult situation. As previously broadcasted, we in fact advised all civilians to stay clear of Novaya until we had properly reclaimed the area due to an attack whilst we were asleep, we had to reclaim our compound, and be wary of many attackers retaliating. We still have yet to give the all clear fully. Unfortunately, you are right, people had to be turned away yesterday under the fact that the enemy have been using infiltration tactics to get inside the compound and to try and destroy us from within. We deemed it necessary to send all civilians away, especially since Moody himself declared the temporary evacuation." *Toez takes a breath and thinks about his next words carefully* "You are right, the doctors were the real heroes in that situation, which is why we called them in. We're not claiming to have done major chest surgery, but we certainly made sure that the real doctors, heroes, had a place to do it and were safe the whole while. The issue is, we weren't trying to brag about this as you claim, we are trying to push the understanding that we're working to help the people. We've been working constantly on ways to ensure the civilians are safe during conflict. We know we've not been great at this previously, but as said, we're working on it." *Toez assesses some movement in a treeline nearby before continuing* "In multiple recent conflicts we have let civilians into the compound to ensure their safety. You never hear about these people bragging about it over the radio correct? I'll tell you why, it's because people like these, who make threats and torture people just for being affiliated, knowing or hearing of us. They will not jeopardise themselves to big up our name. Those who know us and trust us, whilst not running around telling anyone, will rely on us once again, because there IS that trust." *Toez coughs heavily and takes a break from speaking for a minute or so* "As i've said to the other fellow, I'm extending a hand, why don't you take it also? I'm not claiming to fix anything and everything, but for all that it's worth, I can show you the evidence of the spent fuel rods from the Russians, I can show you the bullet I took fighting them, the pictures and information we took of and from their bodies... I'm not trying to swing dicks here. I'm trying to be civil and proper. Let's talk about these things before it's too late and neither of us have a chance?" *Toez sighs, hopeful that they'll speak with him on civil terms, and releases the PTT*
  14. California


    this man is a gift

    1. ToeZ



    2. California



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  15. My Brother-In-Arms, Kamenici will pay for the unjustified crime they have committed! -- May you rest with Aiden and watch us from above from where the Legends rest -- - Brian Boru - Your Brother. o7 (You got me with the Halo 3 Menu Music you prick.)
  16. new project coming soon 


  17. Wong

    To the supply runners of Chernarus

    *Jamal presses down the PTT* Protect people? Someone came over a megaphone last night and shouted "Get out of my country dogpig" the civilians who looked towards Saviors for help was refused entry to safety and no offence but whenever they think something is going to go down they all run inside their compound and hide while they let the locals stand their ground. Ms Mouse you claim they provided chest surgery but all they did was call over the radio which anyone could have done and the REAL heroes arrived to help your husband. The only time they come out of their compound and actually patrol the town is when there is double digits of them able to show forc. "BUT Jamal you don't know what's like to defend a town and people in it" *He says in a mockingly voice* Don't forget I do and we never hid even when getting constantly attacked maybe I can come by and teach you a few things. *Takes a breather* Oh I nearly forgot, doing your best to protect the country from Russian invaders? I heard over the radio that it you guys stopped them ONCE but it's funny how it's only you who have seen these invaders and it was YOUR town only that was attacked. Smells like propaganda to me, I don't care what you say, A bunch of Saviors or anyone from these lands couldn't take on the Russian Federation shit y'all couldn't even take on their girl scouts. Anyway stop acting like Saviors are gods gift to this shit country because at the end of the day you guys aren't y'all hide inside a base and claim that you protect people but when the time comes you leave them outside for the dogs and when they get hurt protecting the town you ignore that and claim the victory all to yourself. Au Revoir
  18. Osku

    Annabelle Smit Ban Appeal

    If you claim that you were only trying to fix the glitch by re-logging, would you mind explaining why you never logged back in after trying it once?
  19. California






  20. ToeZ

    I'm back.

    Hola Amigo.
  21. Queerios


    Its so lonely, round the fields of South Zagoria.


  22. Elijah Johnson

    Nerf Zombies Please

    So I agree with some points and yes they did present a threat before if you got hit and your bone stat was almost gone you could be full HO get hit in the legs and instantly die. Now you have to use stealth or go the long way around and either fight or flight . Arn’t we role playing a Zombie apocalypse ?? Why wouldn’t they be a threat ?? truth is they hit hard and have a mad aggro range yes trick is to silence before they scream or shoot and relocate quickly to clear an area failing this shoot them all. Adds to the role play that element of risk if you make too much noise and you get attacked from behind or overwhelmed because your gun jamms while they rush you. Travel light so you can out run them ?? Use suppressors. I think they’re still pretty easy Dayz 101 aim for the head .
  23. ToeZ


    Getting powercuts at work and you know what that means...I can't sit here and scroll through DayZRP forums constantly

  24. +1000 I liked the night time yesterday as well but it was so short. My group loves to travel and onces the dark came. We had to make a fire and wait it out as the forest was way too dangerous. We felt like we were really surviving
  25. Mademoiselle




  26. * Kevin hears the radio conversation as he lays on the sofa. His face, stomach and leg in constant pain, but still he cracks a smile and laughs as he picks up the radio * ” patient...........confidentiality!!.......remember that.....because....no matter....how hard you and....your people hit me......I stuck to my principles...what happened to yours?!. The Saviors are good people!.....you.....you are nothing to them.....Nothing!....what’s coming...it’s bigger than all of us...if we don’t stick together....none of this will matter....make...your....choice!!! * sound of laughter followed by the sound of sharpe pain can be heard as the radio clicks off *
  27. Mademoiselle


    I’ve been listening to these two northern ladies bicker on the bus... My god this is better than television....

    1. ToeZ


      Bloody Northerners 

    2. Queerios


      Up the North.

    3. FireDude


      Yeah I totally understand this! 

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