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  2. *Bill would pick up his radio and respond, you would hear the man speak with a thick east end accent* Eh, you wan summin' moved eh? And you said that they will be a payment? Mate. You just found your man. But, before I move this certaint ''object'' I will need some more... ''information'' about the job. *Bill releases the PTT but before he does that you could hear this american man yell PROSSSPEEEEECCCTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Bill responds with ''you fuckin' what? and he starts to yell at the president of the Pagans MC Damien*
  3. Sounds like an interesting character! I'm not quite sure of the restrictions placed on Jehovah Witness missionaries, but I wonder if he would have been able to actually go off and do his cult stuff. I was tempted to make a character at one point (minus cult and stuffs) using a Mormon missionary. Thing is, with Mormons, the missionaries aren't allowed to go away from each other. Do Jehovah Wittness's have similar restrictive rules? I don't know the first thing about 'em. Keep at it! Hail Satan!
  4. So is the group officially done with now? It seems a shame to end it like this.
  5. Please keep any further discussion on this topic here in order to keep it all neat and organized thank you. /Closed
  6. #FreePepeJones

    1. Eagle


      #FreePepeJones :ph34r:

  7. I've played a bit of this new update and personally I love it. It really changes the feel of the game and the map changes are great. I just wanted to know if y'all have tried it and what you think about it?
  8. If someone asks a specific question I will give a specific answer. That doesn't entail the entirety of what is going to be written will be that complex, it means you need to ask more general questions. Simplicity will be there, and whatever pre-conceived idea you have about what you will see is just that, a prejudged opinion based upon loose information you are handed. As many have said nevertheless, stories no matter how simplified or watered down are like an iceberg, a small amount is visible but a massive amount of it you won't ever see.

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  10. gEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifAyyy Happy Brithday fam, here is a present! gEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gifgEDTb8j.gif

  11. Image result for 101 salt

    1. lukzo2024


      haha that gave me a chuckle. 

  12. Here's a butt-load of screenshots!
  13. That was some very good top quality RP on top of the building.
  14. Between then and 27 minutes was the most surreal and amazingly hilarious experience of my entire DayZRP gaming
  15. 25:50 was hilarious
  16. Custom clothing's and things like that. ( would love to have some special armbands for each group)
  17. I'm ok with 1pp server but only for pvp cuz 3rd person view kind of belongs on an RP server.
  18. You guys know what Saturdays are for right?


    1. Puncture


      I thought Saturdays were for pvp

    2. Hebee
  19. And now all I get from the group is "Bring back Duncan!". Still worth it. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the role-play, but I just felt awkward the whole time. Since it made no sense to get involved (also we had way too many people waiting for their turn to torture someone). I was touched to see how many people cared about the character though, well in their own twisted way I guess.
  20. I currently have a 6th gen i5 and it runs DayZ like a greyhound. Unless you plan on playing games more demanding than DayZ, I would go for the i5.
  21. Well intel cpu's have always been the best way to go until recently with AMD ryzen being released. but I'm still gonna say go with intel maybe a i5 6600k or a i7 6 or 7 ,700k . But the more pricy cpu u buy the less u can spend on a gpu so depends on budget if it's the same as the laptop u linked. I would say to the i5 is the one to go with and then look into a 1060/70 or a rx480 /580 for the gpu
  22. PCJames

    I've never understood why Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is regarded as the worst of the franchise. Besides the whole Calypso portion I think the movie is great. The final battle is truly epic in my eyes. But maybe that's just me

    1. Stiflex


      Every movie is amazing, haven't seen the newest one though.

    2. PCJames


      I've heard the new one is just plain average. 

    3. Spooky88


      I watched the last one and i'll tell you straight away that its not something that will knock you of your feet.

  23. I would support this, except how are staff going to prove this? Unless the accussed just admits to it , then no one will ever get punished because of lack of evidence.
  24. Welcome back!
  25. +1 Phoenix
  26. Oh I almost forgot. BEARDS. Custom hair. New body models.
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