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  2. Mak

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria

    My character is 100% percent Armenian, born and raised there.
  3. Welshie

    [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    7/10 the photography bit was interesting.
  4. Greetings @Cadias, 3 of your 6 listed members haven't played in over a week. As a result I will give you 48 hours to bring your total up to a minimum of 5 active players before archiving the group as inactive.
  5. As the owner hasn't been around succe the 10th, one member is temp banned, and a 3rd of 5 hasn't played since January I will be archiving this as an inactive group. PM a mod or higher if you wish to return.
  6. Hey guys the clowns are back


  7. Gremlinco

    Base Raiding / Destruction Time

    It seems 2/3’s wants some form of change with longer demolishing actions. I see many of the replies are about the action timer and how they really don’t want it to take longer, but what about a designated raid time? Do people want this to prevent offline raiding? It could be 4-7 hours a day that raiding works, then outside that time period it doesnt or it takes a very long time? Its around 45/55 with the raid time period currently and it seems it’s being overshadowed by the action timer. As a side note I don’t think the destruction time will be upped a lot, since it is a continuous action that if broken needs to be completely restarted. Might be upped a minute, so it takes at least 2 minutes for a wall or lock. After my tests 2-3 minutes doesn’t feel too annoying and feels more realistic, as breaking a wall in real life would take way longer. Anyway I have heard and listened to this point and I don’t seeing it being upped more than to 2 instead of 1 minute, if even at all. Let us discuss a designated raid time period if more people want to voice their opinion.
  8. MrSalty

    The Observer

    Good stuff
  9. lout aged 19 jonathan morningstar who grew up in the little town of cambridgeshire in the united kingdom he lived a quiet life being adopted and still in a care home before being sent to juvie at the age of 16 a trouble maker or terminoligy in cambridge for a young trouble maker is called a CHAV "Council Housed And Violent" with many misdemenours including GTA arson and assult along with many other charges, once released he would go on to anglia ruskin university where he had a steady and stable job and turning his life around picking up vital skills and little quirks he likes doing for entertainment it was until he was on holiday in chernarus one year when the downfall of society happened, with no family and no way home, everything was looking bleak for the young man until he started trying to survive and got the grasp of making makeshift weaponry hunting the local wild life and living in and under small bashers in the chernorussian forrests going into houses trying to find new clothing as soon as he would grow out of them or make them too torn to be able to be wore anymore, suffering with anxiety the young man has trouble trying to reach out for help or even aproaching people who seem nice enough but no body can be trusted these days? human instinct is a powerful tool he has always told himself and most of the time he is right, now to continue on he must step out of his comfort zone and enhance his chances of survival
  10. Squillium

    Dredgens Media

    It's been an eventful couple of days
  11. OldSchoolOG

    [Game] GIF Response

  12. Had some fun roleplay yesterday fellow videogames players
  • OldSchoolOG

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Get ou1 0f here stalker/10
  • Tewudin

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

  • Ugur born in 15th December, 1986 in Turkey. He brought up in Chernarus with his nucleus family because of reason of economical crises in Turkey. Ugur educated in City College of Chernarus until his graduation of high school. He graduated from the College with a good mark. Ugur was happy because of getting good mark from the graduation. After from his education, he started to work in a shop as a cashier. He worked there for six months. After his working for six months he dedicated to go University and started to studying of his lessons. He registered to schedule of exam. After registering the schedule, he became stressed and unmotivated. He imagined his success in the exam but his stress and motivation turns it to negative. Ugur took a deep breath and started to think about his study. He believed to be successful in this exam. After the exam, his face was smiling. He rached the success in exam. The announcement day has became, he checked his mark via internet browser and observed to passed from the exam. After his observing the marks, he ran to the cellarege to take his clothes for the suitcase. He made his suitcase and took the road of Chernarus University, but something happened. At the road, cars stopped and so many police, military and emergency vehicles start to go through. Ugur was scared, he tried to turn his car back to his house but he cannot turn it. Suddenly couple of people started to run towards vehicles while shouting desperately. Ugur just stared to them, started his car and managed to turn his car back. After couple of hours, when he managed to return at his house back, he sat down front of TV and countrywide emergency announcements started to be broadcasted. At the broadcast they said do not open doors, stay at home and do not contact with any other people. Ugur was scared to death, he ran into a store close to his house. He started to take whatever he manage to get his hands on it. That's how everything started, will Uğur survive?
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  • OldSchoolOG

    [GAME] Rate the person's signature above you

    Cool STALKER vibe, 8/10 would cheeki breeki iv damke again.
  • Hollows

    Chedaki's Claim

    *Charles Hackett picks up his radio and presses the PTT* "The world's gone to shit... Dead are literally rising from their graves, many people are out there starving and trying to survive and you faggots want to worry about a specific form of government? What kind of whack-ass shit is that? How about we actually worry about getting rid of the whole zombie thing before we worry about whose form of government is better. I like that idea, because all that is realistically going to happen is y'all folk will capture a town or two, claim it a province and push your ways for a while before something goes wrong and it collapses. Nothing and nobody here is permanent." *He releases the PTT and clips the radio back on his vest.*
  • Heard this before, yet to meet an Armenian character IC *shrug* That being said I'd love to hear Wongs Armenian accent as well. Also please change your name back Boris. Its very confusing.
  • Watchman


    I'm on a mini Vacation until monday yall, see yall monday ✌️ 

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    BeanZ WAR

  • Mugin

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

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