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  2. Ben was particularly cute as a newly-born, the nurses filled the room and everyone tried to get a glance of little Ben. Who could at that moment imagine that the cute baby would grow up to be a 'Bandido' ... Growing up as the only child he often got his will through, simply a curling-child. His teenage period was a real pain in the ass due to Ben always being a rebel in his behavior, he was often involved in fights and was quite the drug-romantic to say the least and heavy drinker spite his young age at that time in his life but he wasn't stupid what so ever, on the contrary, Ben was a very astute business man, especially regarding the black market. But when he was 18 years of age he had to do his compulsory military service, thus getting a great knowledge regarding hand-weapons which would prove very useful for him at a later stage of his life. Both his parents, his teachers and surrounding people who he met on a daily basis were relieved and pleased due to the fact that military service was still mandatory in Sweden at the 80's - they thought the army would make a "proper man" out of him, that he would leave his rebel phase behind him and become like every other citizen, lawful and good. Ben really enjoyed his military service, it gave him a thrill he never felt before, he felt free and badass, like he was almost feared. When his service time was over he applied to join the army on full time and become a professional but he was denied and rejected, due to his behavior doing drills and such - he was seen as way too extreme overall and thus more of a risk than benefit. This made Ben furious, he had always gotten his will through in one way or another, but this time he knew he could not win, he knew his will wouldn't become a reality and this made Ben really start to despise authorities and other officials, he wanted a lifestyle where no government in the world could decide and rule his will and life decisions. Didn't take long for Ben to get associated with the Bandidos Motorcycle club, being a organisation that made it clear for everyone in society, that they were 1%er's. Meaning outlaws. Ben became a patched member of the Bandidos MC Helsingborg chapter, the mother-chapter in Sweden. Years went by, many of them. Ben was in his fifty's and a well respected man with in the club at this stage. The chapter got an invitation to meet up with other brothers world wind at a gathering in east Germany, Ben and his brothers sent their conformation that they would come. The large group of people that showed up made a mighty and quite terrifying sight for civilians. They decided the day after the big party to ride a joint ride together further east. There was many new chapters popping up in East Europe and easterners were eager to show their success to the top boys within Europe. Ben had never been this far east ever, the ride had been on going for days, members did either meth or speed to be able to keep going for so many hours but eventually they had to rest and try to find a motel or something of that sort. This is were the group got scattered causing terrible consequences and many deaths, but how ?! Ben didn't hear gunfire or anything of that sort he just heard screams and witnessed how panic took over everything. His instincts took over him and he quickly got onto his Harley Davidson Night Rod motorcycle and and rode off with a great speed and even greater noise. He got a glimpse of what the thought looked like rotten people, as he processed what just happened to him it became clear for him that something is extremely wrong on a bigger level then could be handled easily... He knew what he saw and that thing was not human, not anymore, is was death itself... Getting out of the country became all of a sudden impossible for Ben, everything was falling apart and not knowing exactly were he was he didn't want to risk it by just going out in the wilderness hoping to find safe ground. He was not alone at this time with very little items of any sort on him, he had to ditch his beloved motorcycle due to it's exhaust-system being very loud, which drew the attention of the dead... His club vest was intact though so Ben kept wearing his Bandidos "rocker" as the vests are known in the biker world, he hoped the he would be spotted by a fellow brother... TO BE CONTINUED
  3. 49 year old man, born in 1970 from Nunda, Ohio. The only child of a middle class family. Is a former Gulf war vet, who witnessed his best friend, Vince, die in his arms. Owned and worked as a mechanic for his garage call "Reds Auto-Repair". Had a wife, Susan, a daughter, Caroline, and a dog, Tank; all died to the infection. Arrived in Chernarus after the helicopter crashed while evacuation. Doesn't know where he is or how he got there, but can remember deceased family, still has daughters teddy bear after crash.
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    Nixon Jones

    These are images captured within the community - Enjoy them, that's what they are for .
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    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    goodbye australian monkey move to new ape tribe
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    Random Death Match in Starry

    @Ben crain will be banned from our servers until he responds to this report with his full POV and any video evidence he may have, due to both playing and being on the forums since being called into this report.
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    Can't wait to meet her ic!
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  12. Born in the wheat belt of South Zagoria to a working class, nationalist family, Bron would be destined for a role in the Chernarussian Defence Force. His father was a staunch nationalist whom fought for Chernarussian independance come the fall of the USSR, his older brothers would continue this fight for Chernarussian independence in the 2009 civil war, both of them losing their lives to Chedaki forces. Despite his mother's push for him to take into the civilian field, Bron believed it was his manifested destiny to join the armed forces and serve his country, but most of all protect the sovereignty of his nation.
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    DayZRP 19.6.3

    That would be a nice improvement. Finally make underground stashes worth a damn.
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    Kyle Mckenzie's Travels

    This is the story of Kyle Mckenzie
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    Kyle Mckenzie's Diary

    The Fifty Two boys looking fierce, ready to raid the people who raided us
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    Trials And Tribulations Of Kyle Mckenzie

    Journal Entry 4: First Time Raiders
  17. We get initiated on by The Time while in the trading outpost, i have a nice talk with a man called Carlos while in cover before getting shot in the head from some distance. Thats my only real involvement.
  18. Jackie was born and raised in Kc, Mo. She was an only child that was shy and suffered to make a connection with people. Most of her time growing up was spent on reading books and novels. Her mother was a nurse for the hospital and her father was a construction worker. She grew a long distance friendship with Robin Olken from Cali. When she was 17 Robin suggested to sign up for this Political program for exchange students. Jackie signed up for it and when she graduated High School at the age of 18, she was accepted and sent off. After arriving here, Jackie met up with her long lost pen pal friend Robin. But once they landed, they were told to stay at the airport for safety because they might need to get an immediate flight out back to the United States. After a week of chaos, some students decided to leave the airport realizing they'd never get the flight out. Jackie was going to join them, but got separated from them right at the last minute. Being scared, she chose to stay at the airport as long as she could. After only a few days, she decided to go looking for her friends.... Jackie's Journal - (Day 1)
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    ERP at it's finest m8
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    DayZRP 19.6.3

    Since, rifles are no longer to be stashed... Can you revert the stash despawn time back to 45 days or whatever?
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    What the actual fuck did I just view...
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    Ha! Nice meme!
  23. When born, Will always had an interest in story books, those where you turn the page to 57 is you decided to take a left into the cave. Will was outcasted by the general population for wearing capes out in public, and was separated from the public school system into a private school where he met many more kids just like himself. Will did not feel outcasted with the group he was with and even grew into LARPing at the NERO conventions every year. His friends and him always lost but kept up good spirits even through defeat. Will and his alliance always sought to be the good guy, the ones who rescued the damsel in distress from the evil witch king. His identity as Balgrad the Breaker was born after one LARPing event where Will swung his styrophome sword so hard it broke someone’s expensive shield. Will took on the identity and made it his own in everyday life, at the grocery store, at work, at social gatherings. Many ostracized him, but with his friends, he never felt more popular. One particular event caught Will’s eye, The Battle for the Ring! An event that was held by every major LARPing coordinator inside of Chernarus for a special event that would take multiple weeks until the event was announced over. In the event the parties would camp out in the woods and try to find the Dark Lord, whom if slain would grant the slayer a signed ring by Ian McKellen (Gandalf from lord of the rings). This is where we find our young, noble hero, still thinking that the games are still on, and that the uprising of the zombies are the Dark Lord’s servants.
  24. Was in the camp when the attack happened. Talked trash on megaphone for a bit, got shot when the peps I was taking cover from were teleport around due to connection. Died before the ladder thing happened. Sorry no vid. I honestly wasnt really involved, the initiation I head seemed valid and just got boring during the fight.
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