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  2. [GAME] Name Mixup

    Skipped me. T-19RP TarynRP
  3. DayZ RPuppy Thread

    Yes he is rather special...
  4. [GAME] Name Mixup

  5. DayZ RPuppy Thread

    isn't he the dog that fell down stairs?
  6. When someone doesn't agree with whats happening in Novy.


  7. Winners of the Screenshot of the Month Contest

    Congratulations @MeenMuginLovin
  8. Character Ideas

    That really means a lot to me Thanks a lot
  9. Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    "I'd fuck vampires"
  10. Hey dude, I thought your character was cool. I've met you yesterday with my new character (Mexican I am cool guy) first time I played him. But I've also once met you when I was walking around in full Police uniform and both times I really liked your RP. I used to go to a school for chronicly ill children for a short while and have seen many kids with autism and I have to say that you nailed it. I hope you'll return to him soon
  11. Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Scarlett - Thank you for the short RP, was fun. @N-Tox - Time to find @dimitri?
  12. Top gun, and why it's the best movie ever made.

  13. Ivan Ivanov

    My character's name is Ivan Dima Ivanov, aged 39. He was born in Bolshevi 1979, a small farming village located just North of the Black Mountains. He and his brother, Vladeem, grew up in the midst of the Cold War. When the two of them came of age, their father Dima, gave them two choices; To join the Russian Army or go to a University. The two brothers decided to join the Army. They were assigned to the 4th Guards Tank Division located in Moscow. The two brothers part of the same T-90A crew. Ivan being the commander and Vladeem being the gunner of the tank. Ivan spent many years of his early adult life training with his comrades as a reservist. After many years of service Ivan's crew would deployed to Chernaurus in 2009 to assist in the civil war in efforts to support NAPA. Months following their deployment, NAPA disbanded and CDF took it's place shortly after. Ivan's unit was taken under new command and renamed to 6th Bloody Armor Corps. Several years after the events of 2009, the two brothers were to be honorably discharged. However, hostilities grew between Russia and the CDF. The two brothers were at an impass, to defend the land they had fought so hard to protect. The Ivanov brothers were now fighting against their homeland in efforts to defend Chernaurus. In the midst of the new conflict, Ivan found himself leading an armored column just North of Severograd to help keep the order. In early July, Ivan's column was reassigned to Krasnostav to investigate mass civil unrest. Shortly after arriving, Ivan's column discovered an abandoned Krasnostav along with hundreds of bodies. Ivan radioed back to his commanding officer about the status of Krasnostav. There was no reply. After several hours of waiting for orders, Ivan ordered the column to fall back to Severograd. As the column was heading back to Severograd, they started to hear heavy weapons fire in the distance along with the sound of Mi-24s. Ivan could hear the Hinds approaching the column's postion. Ivan ordered the column to find cover along the northern treeline. As the column was moving, the Hinds spotted the armor column on the ground and immediately engaged. Ivan was the first to make it to cover, however, four tanks were destroyed by the Hinds. Several of Ivan's comrades were killed in the ambush. One other tank was disabled, but they could not dwell on this for too long. Ivan's tank trekked further north. Eventually, their tank ran out of fuel just south of Novodmitrovsk. Ivan's crew decided to stay put in Novo and await further orders. After a few days in Novo, they learned that the infectious disease was surely heading into Novo soon. That turned out to be true, and Ivan knew he had to move out of Novo fast. Unfortunately, his driver was bit by a sick man while he was trying to help. The driver succumbed to his infection a day later. After the crew said goodbyes to their comrade, he apparently woke up from his death. They were shocked. Their loader thought it was a miracle only Stalin himself could work. He decided to talk to his now seemingly alive comrade only to have his neck ripped in half by the jaws of his former friend. Ivan and Vladeem ran as fast as they could and as far as possible. They ran until they met the coast.
  14. *When the club takes out their bylaw books and surround you*



    1. Kuljukka



  15. BeanZ WAR

    • Kuljukka
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    1. Marcoooz


      Biggest baddest fucker in the states

  16. Vladimir Orlov

    Vladimir was born and raised in Nizhny in Western Russia. He spent a majority of his childhood growing up in his hometown, working for his parents in their restaurant. He learned from his mother about basic cooking skills, and he eventually turned into an excellent chef. When hitting the age of 19, he joined the Russian army as an Army cook. He went through basic training and became pretty skilled with a gun, but he was more interested in cooking on the field. He wanted to shoot shit and make pancakes. He made several brothers during his occupation, but he missed his home comforts and being with his parents. After his first term, he decided to go home to Nizhny to visit and stay with his parents for a few months. The day of his arrival, he came home to the restaurant being completely smashed and vandalized. He stood in the doorway and walked through the smashed glass. "Mama? Papa?" Nobody responded to him. He walked pasted the turned over tables into the backroom where he uncovered a sight which left him traumatized for the rest of his life. After that, his life went down the shitter. His attitude and morale hit an all time low which he never bounced back from. After his parents funeral, he turned to drugs and alcohol for comfort, since he did not have anything else. He spent his years prior to the infection sleeping at drug dens and holding people up for money. He committed several crimes to get by in life, and he'd never felt so alone. One night, the den spot he'd been sleeping was raided by the local police, but he managed to escape through a back door and ran for his life. Since he had nowhere else to go, he slowly just wondered aimlessly through Western Russia, eventually stumbling on the South Zagoria border. The only thing Vladimir owned was the clothes on his back. He was starving, and he hadn't got many options left. Stay in Russia and eventually be caught for his crimes, or take a chance and go to South Zagoria as an attempt to salvage his life back together. Upon arrival, he came across a food bank where he met a local Chernarussian man called Piotr. They spoke and Vladimir opened up to him, and Piotr decided to take a chance on him seeing as he really wanted to get his life back. Piotr was a businessman, and he owned several small hotels and pubs throughout South Zagoria and offered Vladimir the chance to preform as a chef for him. He was sent to a small town in Chernarus called Msta. It was a small town, but he had a moderately big house with affordable rent. He had some fresh clothes and a job. He was getting his life back. The hotel he was sent to was one just south of his town called Chernogorsk. Upon his arrival to Chernarus, there were talks about a fever breaking out, but he did not take much notice since it didn't directly effect him at the time. But, on his first day of work, he was taking a bus down to Chernogorsk when the bus was swayed off the road and hit a tree, knocking him out. He opened his eyes to find himself feeling the comfort of the grass brushing his face. It was completely silent, and he felt someone peaceful. It was only after reality slowly began to kick in, he heard several screams from behind him, and blood running between his eyes. He slowly opened his eyes and tried to look up and behind him to assess the situation. He couldn't move his neck. He put his hands beneath him and attempted to push the ground in efforts to get himself up, but it was no use. He grunted and mumbled for help, but nobody could hear him. The screams echoed through the windey country lane, and he had no idea what was going on. Eventually, he heard a voice in his left ear, followed by a sharp pain in back. "Davai, davai!" Reality hit him hard, and he felt the tugging on his collar. He stumbled to his feat and followed the hooded figure into the woods and away from the screams...
  17. S1: RDM in NW Airfield - 19/04/2018 Roughly 22:30

    So.. did you or @dax99 handcuff him @TheElderTurtle? Seems like your friend is basically saying you did infact hold him up? Also did you guys point guns at him or not? @dax99 you state you hold them up, what did you do to hold them up?
  18. Propaganda Broadcast Pt 2: Skintakers and Mountain Men

    *Logan flips through his notes, and thoroughly read them over, before reaching over for his radio. He presses down on the ptt, clearing his throat.* "These claims you've made... I've checked over every report and there is no logs of any children even being met... This would be a surprise considering I haven't even seen in children in this country. And trust me, there would be records, it's a part of what we have to do. So either this was a frame job, or you're lying out your ass, my friend." *He grins.* "There's also an important thing to note... Why would we do such a thing... If you die, then the samples are useless... So why would we kill someone, let alone children. You can't find a cure if the person who may have the possible key to curing it is dead. What logic would that follow?" *He lets go of the button, before setting the radio down.* "Who would kill children anyways? That's just heartless..."
  19. Time played on character?

    Yeah that's the thing, i was thinking that it might still be working and Rolle could maybe add just that one tracking thing on char pages like it used to be. In case it still works. Cause i would like to see time played on my chars without having to "nerd it to the max" and go top 10.
  20. S1: RDM in NW Airfield - 19/04/2018 Roughly 22:30

    @dax99 Thank you, your temp ban has been lifted.
  21. BeanZ WAR

  22. Time played on character?

    Oh right. Those hour do go up when you play on the specific character that is in the top 10 list so it is being logged still (I think). Since I've 844 hours on that character while I've 866 hours in total due to a different character. Maybe Rolle can give some clarification on the matter when he sees this post. EDIT: There might be a possibility that the system used to track characters and show the stats on the character page might not work due to these features being disabled, but the individual character playtime can still be logged due to some other method. You just won't see it unless you are in the top 10 list.
  23. Time played on character?

    @Dino I mean you've still got this here, with showing hours. Unless the counter is just stuck ever since @Rolle's post you have linked me to. Haven't really noticed if the hours keep going up or not.
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    I don't make suggestions solely for me. Don't be silly. (Yes i do.)
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