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  2. Billy

    How is the RP at this current state?

    You can always meet a few special out there who wander the roads looking for others like you.
  3. Roland

    Coupon code

    No, when there's a sale it is clearly announced on the website.
  4. "I'm at a point in my life where nobody's stopping me
    I need my green and blue cash on monopoly
    Ex friends on my page and they steady stalking me
    But there's a X for a reason so they can't talk to me

    I do this shit for my grandpa like Rest in Peace
    I know he watching my success like he was next to me
    Yeah, a lot of people was friendly but now they dead to me
    Now a lot of people I once loved, they enemies"


  5. My name is christos a Cypriot citizen with a wife and 1 children i was an ex military while i was at work some thing that no one believed happen there was a call wich we din't believed was real there was a outburst of infections we did not realy understand what it was we got inform that in a town above turkey call Chernarus at the time the were dead people walking as soon we heard we were told no to say anything to any one iven our families the stared to explain what happen there was a virus wich turn people to zombies after a couple of hours the first hits started in cypus as well the army were not allowed leave to go see my wife and child to bring them to safety after hours of information we had to go secure the town and make sure the civilians were safe and go to the specific areas wich were secure by the army and there going to be tasted it was 24 july 2017 when i saw the first zobie and i was afraid for my life as days pass everything started to fall apart we lost all power wifi we have no phone signals we all be able to ue our radios wich the batteries.after we went it the town i finally found my wife and child wich were safe but the have to be checked if the were infected wich my wife was when i heard that i felt the world fall off my feet my only son thank to god was not but his mother was she looked at us and said survive and do not let this break you and kill you iven if you loose each other. After couple days the army call me to on trip to find suplies over to turkey wich is not far from cypus we got in a boat but the weather change so fast that we got lost the boat flip i was swimming for days i must to lost consciousness beacus i dont rember how i got here all i know is that am not in cyprus or turkey wich i was suppose to be i hope my son is ok and will survive in hope to meet him again.
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  7. @Saunders Hello Saunders, Thanks for the speedy response, the only account that I have access to is https://steamcommunity.com/id/__Gold__.
  8. Saunders

    Todd Osok - Blacklist Appeal

    Greetings @Todd Osok, Would you kindly please link us all of the Steam accounts that you have access to? Thank you in advance.
  9. I have taught you well.
  10. Kez

    Lonely nights...

    LOL thank you
  11. Crimson_Tiger

    Lonely nights...

    The door opens as Frank looks inside and stares at the person sitting before him. Slowly closes the door and walks out of the house... then runs. And... saved to my desktop. Nice!
  12. I was in med school and was conducting an internship in Stary Sobor when all of this broke out. My name is James Reginald Havoc and I am a med student from South Carolina. I am 24 years old and was two years into med school when I was in Stary for my internship. I was attending MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina). I always enjoyed traveling and history. I chose to come to Stary, because I loved Russian history so much and this city was not too far from getting into Russia to visit all of the historical monuments. I grew up hunting and camping, as I am a southern guy, but I shaved off most of my accent while in medical school. I am hoping that my knowledge of medicine can allow me to help those who cannot help themselves and luckily my southern background gives me a hand with survival and hunting. I do not have any family. I played collegiate soccer. I started to learn some Russian before the outbreak and can say a few common words, but nothing more. The Doctor I was studying under died shortly after the outbreak, as he was rounding up zombies and working on experiments with them to find a cure, but ended up dying when he was bringing zombies back to the office when a zombie broke free from the ropes he shackled and killed him.
  13. Crimson_Tiger

    Disaster Recovery

    "I can make that jump..." "5 Bucks says you cant do a back flip!" "You're on!"
  14. "Hey Julian if you're out there it's me Bil. You scared the shit outta me when I woke up, and we ended up traveling to the airfield and got seperated. You ever wanna find me again I am based down in Grishino near the airfield. Hope you're alive out there. You seemed pretty alright."
  15. Crimson_Tiger

    Back in style .png

    Start the heavy base and guitar "I'm a bad ass" music
  16. It's a hard go most days considering the level of ultra hostility that seems to be ongoing. thick skin is a definite requirement...
  17. Kez

    The Adventures of Wade

  18. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): (Only showed this and a steam ID) Why the verdict is not fair: I am now the proper age to play on DayZRP, and it has been more than one year since the verdict. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: As stated above I am now the correct age to participate in RP. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To get unblacklisted and enjoy my time on DayZRP. What could you have done better?: Be honest.
  19. @ImNovaaa @Hunter8008 @Hampze @Harry Taylor really good rping with you, Hunter it's good to see fresh faces in the community. hope to see you again!
  20. Quenton Wesley was a 22 year old seminarian who was studying to become a Roman Catholic priest in the Vatican city during the year of 2016. 2017 would be the year he would become ordained as Fr. Quenton Wesley. Before his ordination, he and his brother seminarians were asked to make a journey to Charnarus where protests and political demonstrations were breaking out. They aimed to bring as much unity as they could in the religious communities and offer some guidance in many of the parishes within the country (specifically to enlighten the eastern orthodox influence in the region). This is what lead Quenton to Chernarus in and his stay became permanent due to the outbreak. Brother Quent held up in an Orthodox Church with his surviving fellow seminarians, their guide Fr. Schmidt, and parishioners from Elektrozavodsk. It would be only a matter of months before their community enclosed in the walls of the church would fall victim to the plagues of the new world; sickness, madness, hunger, thirst, and fear. Brother Quenton Wesley continues his survival looking for a new community to make refuge with. His internal battle with his vocation, his faith, and the friends he saw turn to monsters on-top of the disaster that is the infection will fuel his achievements, his mistakes, his new dreams, and his new fears.
  21. FalkRP

    How is the RP at this current state?

    Depends on how you make it. Find a group and you will have roleplay. Players are getting harder to find so finding a group is the best thing to do.
  22. @Dutch game crashed after restart so won't jump back on for now Had a damn good time playing with today, was a lot of fun
  23. FalkRP


  24. Born into a wealthy family of oil tycoons, I got everything I wanted in life. From being put onto Varsity Basketball team, bribing teachers for strait A's, or having my father's lawyers take care of my DUI to be completely expunged from my record. I felt like a god among men. After high school I was placed into Harvard business school where I got my degree in business finance, after I started working as an executive for my father's oil company making over 300K a year. It wasn't long until my father passed, leaving me the reigns to his multi billion dollar company. Given it was a private company not open to investors, I had full control over it. It didn't take me long till I realized being a CEO wasn't the life I wanted, so I sold the company at my mothers dismay for 3 billion dollars. After 2 years of retirement I realized the huge mistake I had made, wasting away in my million dollar suite in New York. I decided to go and look for jobs in Russia where I could pay money to be put into a high level position for one of my fathers friends oil companies. After landing and discussing positions I landed a Job in Chernarus where I would be an over glorified Email recipient making 200k a year.
  25. Major

    Staff Feedback: Craig

    I'm on break because I'm adjusting to a new college you fucking tool. - A note for new staff members. Me and Nozzy are friends and this is not flame - I'll be back in the next week. Nice to see the Discord I made ages ago is finally being used as intended.
  26. Mia

    Mia's Never Ending Footsteps

    The golden hour in Lopatino right before the clouds rolled in.
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