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  2. PMC's Win the skirmish against Angel-2 Assault. Thank you for participation of the event : PMC Fighters : @HDragon - Cpt. Ivan Petrov @NillerSB - Shura Vulkov (Killed in Action) @MrBurke - Abdulaziz Baghdadi (Killed in Action) @HampzeSB - Julek Abramow (Killed in Action) @ChaseRP - Dimitri Legasov @Lil Timmy - Vlad Vladislov (Killed in Action) Angel-2 Fighters : @Pepsi - Cpt. Robert Valentin @Nonplayer - Vladimir Tarasov @SynO @Knight - Bobby McCoomer @Carswell - Anton Markow @Oliwer03 - Matthew Valdiva @Timberwolf - Runian Kuzco @Aron73 - Matz Grabner Kill Count : Lil Timmy | 5 kills NillerSB | 2 kills Knight | 2 kills Nonplayer | 1 kill Hampze | 1 kill Pepsi | 1 kill HDragon | 1 kill ChaseRP | 1 kill I wish to apologize to @YAKMOUTH for mistakenly misinform the time to be present, will work on not harming that next round! Update : 17/01/2021 Angel-2's attempt was unsuccessful, Kiril Popov, was taken by the Mercenaries... Who knows what will happen to them now. The Plane is actively being worked at, there will be all hands on deck now. Majority of the crew and help were wounded, lucky for them, they still live but will be out of commission for some time. Transported out of the warzone back to Angel-2 to be taken care off.
  3. Hell. It's about damn time.

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    well deserved old friend 

  5. Born on December 28th, 2000 to a single adoptive mother, and his brothers, Will and Tim, Luke had personally taken up the role of the "man-of-the-house" he went shopping for his mother, and helped his brothers with homework. This meant that he had to mature at a young age, he was also very academically smart, getting straight A's on most of his tests in school. He was a very good child, and the teachers would describe him as "gifted". In July of 2005, his mother, who had been suffering with her back for a while, was admitted to hospital, and was later diagnosed with cancer. She died one year later, leaving Luke all alone with his brothers. This caused Luke's mental health to deteriorate due to the loss of his mother, he had struggled with the depression of losing his only parent, but late came to grips with the passing of his mother, and decided to live with it. They ended up staying with their grandparents in London, when one day his brothers decided to go on to Chernarus after seeing a brochure in the mail. That same day, they went to the airport and boarded their flight to Chernarus.
  6. Link to the situation: This thing. Feedback: I'll start off by saying in my opinion, you were the least likely person to take on the mantle of Loremaster, and at the same time just go at full speed and create such a big and fun event. You are on the right track but there's some things you gotta fix before proposing more of these types of events: - Choose a time where both EU and US players are active, this way more people have the opportunity to join up ; - Get more staff support, especially with tools to make the preparation phase much easier to take care of and you aswell not have much pressure on yourself ; At this moment, these are the only things I think I should point out, other than that, the event was nice and fun and it was tight Suggestions for improvement: One thing you should look out is yourself. Don't burn yourself out, share the weight with your other Loremasters and the other staff members. Other than that, I am proud you have ascended and I wish you good luck with whatever you are going to throw out at DayZRP.
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  8. OG Kabanino Gang >> any group ever ez

  9. Callum spent a lot of his early life in Cyrpus, partly due to his father being in the RAF. At the age of eighteen Callum decided it was time to take in the world around him, setting off travelling to never again be united with his family and friends due to the eventual outbreak. Having travelled for so long Callum had developed a love for the great outdoors, eventually being able to master the basics of outdoor survival. Using these skills he's developed over the years, Callum enters Chernarus knowing that the dead weren't his only worry.
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  11. its traditional

  12. * Elijah would be sitting at his desk, looking outside and listening to distant chatter of the people outside, he would smile and adjust his glasses on his face as he hears a man's voice come through his radio * Hello Good sir? This is Dr. Williams from the Asclepius hospital in berezino. I have heard a lot about that place bad of course but I'm not the person to judge if I haven't seen it myself, I would love to come by and talk with you and others that attend. Will this be peaceful meeting or do I have to bring someone. I'm a peaceful person and the hospital is natural ground I'm not so sure about this Black lake from what I have been hearing. I just want to make sure myself and whoever I bring will be safe. Please come back to me with a time and I'll confirm with you if I can do it or not, I'm a busy man and taking time away from the hospital can be hard for me, I hope you understand. * You would hear him talk to someone in the background " What is this Chernarus United factions " The radio would go silent *
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    Im so old this year wtf.

  14. Thank you papa @Roland for the redness.

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  15. Well done on the promotion matey!

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    Congratulations mate! Well deserved, it’s good to see you in red! 

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      Thanks man ❤️

  17. Welcome to the community buddy
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    shoutout to daddy @Roland for giving me this chance ❤️ 

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      Well done big fella 🙂

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  19. Welcome DagothUr! Hope you will have a good time around here.
  20. A bit late to the party, but welcome back! Hope you will enjoy it around here again.
  21. Welcome RandomDobby! Hope you get through the whitelist and will have a good time around here in the community.
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