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  2. Alexander Menendez

    United States Marine MARSOC Operator Staff Sergeant Menendez was apart of the 1st Raider Battalion in Camp Pendleton. He joined the United States marine in 1999 when he was urged to join his father, Him being a past marine during Vietnam. After completing his 13 Weeks of Boot camp plus School of Infantry for his Machine Gunner Training he was shipped off to fight in the Somali Civil war. He fought in Operation Avid Response and some other Operations before his tour was over, He re-enlisted and fought in the War in Afganistan and was promptly noticed by Force Recon and taken to training, After completing his training and Becoming a Force Recon Operator he was taken to Operations in Afganistan to Kuwait. By the time 2006 Came by he was a Sergeant and was offered a Position in MARSOC. Accepting he was sent on his first deployment with the group, Afganistan. He was in a small group of 6 tasked with taking out an HVT [High-Value Target] located in Daykundi. They completed the mission with only 1 causality. In 2009 and in-charge of his own unit He was tasked with making his way to Chernarus and taking out a Lieutenant with the Rebels. They took a small boat to the Southern Coast of Chernarus and landed close to Kamenka and were making their way North to what Intel suggested was the Lieutenants Location. They made their way to Zelenagorsk before being ambushed by the Chernarus Military thinking they were rebels. All but 2 of them died, The two being Staff Sergeant Menendez and Sergeant Candler. The Marine corps called the Mission a Failure and all Operators KIA. When the Outbreak happened and slowly Chernarus started to fall the Guards of the Prison camp that the 2 Operators were in left, leaving the prison open for leaving and they both left. Sergeant Candler was however stabbed by a Prisoner on his way out and Menendez was left on his own with nothing to survive in the wilderness.
  3. [Game] Rate the cover photo

  4. [GAME] Rate the person's signature above you

    it's simple but good 8/10
  5. [GAME] If I was..

    Yes I would rally behind you If I was the greatsword ice would you choose to melt me down or keep me intact
  6. Awesome GOT remix? I'd loose geek points if I didn't enjoy it, 10/10.
  7. Staff Feedback: Brady

    Link to the situation: Any, and all! Any supporting evidence or notes: This is overall, so no specifics. Feedback: I just wanna thank Brady for always, always, being so helpful and easy to contact/communicate with. Every time I have had a question, or a concern, a issue or I just need to confirm some site or Community Rules Brady has been there as a valuable resource to me. He's gone above and beyond for anything that I, as a member of this Community, may need and I know he does this for others as well. When it comes to his role as a Moderator he treats it professionally and respecfully, he listens to concerns and applies solutions as needed. I see him sit in the Help Desk all alone just being available for others. He's even willing to get IG JUST so there's someone to RP with to create popualtion. Knowing that we have such a dedicated member in Support/on the Team makes me glad I chose to be a part of this Community. I'm happy to say I feel comfortable going to Brady when and if I need assistance with DayZRP. Suggestions for improvement: None! Keep doing you, boo. <3
  8. [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    10/10 House Mormont nothing else to say added bonus of Jorah
  9. BeanZ WAR

  10. [Game] Lame Super Powers

    Granted but you collect every bit of dirt and leaves and guck and is never cleaned I want the ability to corrupt someone else's mind
  11. Yeah, I have loved it so far. Far more enjoyable now to play than before.
  12. We All Need To Chill Out

    My issue with a cannibalistic group this early is that food naturally would still be abundant. People who would actually eat another human are in very minimal numbers so an entire group of them just seems too remote to work. Plus like i said, it's not like many people would be forced to eat another human at this point as food would still be abundant. Now i don't think they shouldn't exist... i just think give it a little bit longer than 2 weeks for this shit to crop up. Fortunately all of the RP i've actually seen is highly realistic and very enjoyable to take part in, so far.
  13. [GAME] How does the person above you die?

    I'm sorry just but death by greyscale
  14. It spreads like diesease....


  15. Howdy

    I must say I do remember that username from those glorious days aswell! Glad to see someone else who is from those day still being here!
  16. @Rolle & @Aiko & @Lyca and other weebs do you approve 

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    2. Western

      Yeah, get a chicken curry from Tescos its mint  to watch then

    3. evanm23


      tbh i could do with a chicken curry lmaooo


    4. Western

      Buy 1 get one free

  17. I like it 8/10 https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-84/
  18. When it's only 3 days into the lore but the griefing has already begun S2sRw5y.png


  19. Don't hate on me :( 

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