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    I'm Back 😉 !!! One more appt. then I should be good for awhile 😲


    Missed you guys!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. APositiveElmo

    Stamina system - distance modification

    I'd like to have more stamina by default, not a soft-skill.
  4. Eagle

    Stamina system - distance modification

    Double stamina or riot. No need for something complex just extra air in our lungs.
  5. Cuchulainn

    The Railroad

    Congrats, well deserved boys
  6. Hello my name is Karl, I am a 27 year old medical student from Tübingen, Germany. I was in my last year of university and on my way to becomming a neuromedicine spezialist as the telefon rang and I got a call from the Health Minister. He was talking very fast and at first I didn't get what he was saying but as he repeated himself I was in shock as he told me about an outbreak of an unknown disease in Chernarus. I asked him why he would call me, who hasn't even finished my education yet, instead of a professional... If I had to choose the sentence that scared me the most in my entire life, I would probably choose his answer. He told me that most of the specialists were in a plane that was send to Chernarus to find a cure but one of the guards that was there to protect them was already infected. He turned in the middle of the flight and killed the hole crew and all passangers. Two day later I found myself sitting in a small aircraft on my way to Chernarus. I was scared of the situation I had to face now. Even though I had really good grades in university I didn't feel ready for the task lying ahead of me. I was expecting alot of military troups, tanks and a clean and protected environment, but what I saw after the landing wasn't even close to that. Three soldiers welcomed me as I got out of the plane. The brought me into a big building and into a meeting with alot of scientists. I was introduced and shortly after a discussion started about how and where to set up a research camp. That night I could even close my eyes, for all I know there where dead people running around. It was around two in the morning when I got up to get a drink out of the vending machine located in the front of the barracks, when I met Luca, one of the soldiers that I first got to know. We chatted for a bit and I learned that he was a german to who came as the NATO send their first troups to assist the local forces. After a few minutes we decided to go for a little walk since we both couldn't find sleept that night. It turned out that decision saved out lifes, since half an hour after we left four infected found a way through the fence and into our camp. A huge feast was happening as we returned and our only chance to survive was to run into the near woods and away from dead.
  7. Elijah Johnson

    The Railroad

    One of the first groups I ran into about 18 months ago when I joined the server remember Kenneth having this huge trade post in start sobor that was the first coming of the railroad if I remember correctly nice to see you guys back and in business all the best hope to run in for some top notch RP again
  8. Revie

    Impressions and thoughts of Emily

    Her hands are slightly shaking as she hectically writes some things down.
  9. Charlie

    Domorodci Media Thread

    Slava Chernarus filthy foreigners! @Craig @ItsChocolateMan @Fae @Franny @ToeZies @cheeks @Ducky (Sorry to who I missed)
  10. Today
  11. Mikhail was born in Moscow to far right parents, where his father was an important member of the Russian National Unity party and paramilitary organization. His brother began to take after his father and convinced Mikhail to come with him. Mikhail join a splinter of RNU known as "Белая Борьба", and went to Chernarus to spread their ideals. Arrived at Belocerszk before the infection, and have spread east as communists pushed them out. Mikhail follows his brother Konstantin into battle and into spreading what is right to the people of Chernarus.
  12. Born to Alice and Jackson Black. His father being a lower-middle class business owner in Grozny and his mother being a part-time worker in a textile mill. Oliver and his 2 brothers were raised as you would expect. Not too lenient but if they did something wrong they didn't walk away unscratched. His father was a strict believer in harsh physical punishment shortly after something wrong had been committed. Being raised as a poorer family was a difficult time for Oliver's family. Not seeing the harsh reality of the world makes the generation born a lot softer his father would tell them. Oliver's father compensated that by being extra harsh with his punishments. "They'll thank me one day" he thought. A few years after his brother was left unemployed due to immigration and the forming of Alba 19, Oliver helping his brother Daniel when he was stabbed during a protest gone wrong he stood by his brother when Alba was changed from a simple organisation to a group of white supremacists assisting him however he could. In 2008, Alba 19 expanded to over 100 dedicated and loyal members. Daniel and Oliver now organized larger rallies, nightly beatings of immigrants, and looting of small local shops entrepreneur-ed by immigrants. In mid 2008, Daniel and Oliver began to slowly migrate the movement into the arms dealing business. They started with local gangs, gathered a large supply, and sold nearly all weapons gathered for an investment. This investment was purposed for weapon parts. Alba 19 was now manufacturing their own weapons to sell, while making a profit of selling them to local gangs for higher prices. In mid 2009, Alba 19 was consisting of over 200 members, and now dealing weapons to crime organizations such as the Aryan Brotherhood on the eastern coast of the United States, the Coffin Cheaters M.C. and the IRA. Leaving the U.K. for a number of years to oversee a new branch of Alba in Australia, eventually returning to London to assist his brother in a firearms deal heading to Chernarus, where they ended up being stuck due to the outbreak.
  13. @Coco Fun traveling with ya, still confused about the psycho in the woods though....
  14. Konstantin was born to far-right parents in Moscow. His father was a prominent member of the Russian National Unity party and paramilitary organization. These ideals spread to him and before he knew it his extreme views spread all around him. Forming a splinter of RNU known as "Белая Борьба" or "The White Struggle", Konstantin and his men set off to the civil war ridden Chernarus to spread their ideals. Although Pro-Russian, foreigners are no problem, so long as they meet the Aryan standards of the organization. Arriving shortly before the infection near Belocerszk, they have now moved East as the egalitarian communists have shoved them away.
  15. WombatLover69

    The Railroad

  16. NozzyRP

    The Railroad

    Congrats lads, great things to come i'm sure
  17. King

    S1 / Kabanino / Invalid KOS

    victim POV: I was in Kabinino sitting around with the vipers. I had been involved in the two attacks a significant amount of time prior to this engagement. I hear people saying that we were being attacked out of nowhere so I run to try and find the guy with other runners. We find him at yellow brick, and then he domes both of us. If you need any other information about the two prior engagements, I am happy to provide them. I do not have video evidence however.
  18. JimRP

    The Railroad

  19. PaulB

    Can't Join Server

    Glad you have been able to solve it.
  20. Diamond

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    All the jayshyati boys and my friends in the state yard
  21. WombatLover69

    What do you listen to ?

  22. Jack (Jackie) Tiiger was born to a very loving mother and father. His mother was Jane and Father was Jack. He inherited his father's name per an old family tradition. Jack was born in Tallinn, Estonia in a hospital. His mother was an America Airforce Pilot on leave when she met Jack, a conscripted soldier of the Estonian Defence Forces (EDF). They had a baby in the capitol. He was born 2 months early and due to a birth defect, he suffered from poor pigment production thus making him either pale or have very bright blond hair. His eyes were a light shade of blue or grey. Jack was born in Estonia but due to him being a child of active duty servicewoman, Jack was granted American Citizenship at birth. His parents never got married but instead lived with each other and staying together. When his father's required conscription ended, the family accepted a new post in the United States. There they stayed in Alaska and lived there. His childhood was peaceful and great. When he became an adult, he attempted to join the military but was denied due to being underweight. Never the less, he developed a fascination with firearms. His father often taking him to go hunting or shooting. Jack never went to college but instead worked in a warehouse and did overnight security up until he was 24. At 24, he moved back to Estonia with his parents since his mother was relocated to Ämari Air Base to prepare for NATO Operation Atlantic Resolve. While there, he took on a few jobs as a freelance journalist and YouTuber that mostly talked about Estonian culture and how Americans can adjust to living in the country. He also did small journalism reports on Estonian events but translated to English with the help of his father. In 2015, Left to visit Chernerus as a vacation and to meet a local writer. He wanted to get into writing and interview this writer for his mostly western audiences on his YouTube channel. He spent a lot of time in the country but then one night, everything went downhill...
  23. Jackfish

    Failed Robberies Thread

    Old one from back in -2016 As you can hear I was a pleb who got angry when robbed. I am a changed man now.
  24. August 13th of 2019 I keep writing in this journal but every time i wake up again it's always gone? People are saying that i haven't been around in a while and that some Russian dude named Mikolai is me? Mikolai died one year ago, so i have no idea what they are talking about. When i woke up all of our boxes were gone, and for some reason i had all black clothing on, The stuff i had on me looked like it would belong to Mikolai so maybe they knew him and thought i was him. I don't remember putting all this on though... I remember walking to a bush and not really having any control over my actions, and any thing after that i don't remember.
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