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  2. Get out of jail card idea

    Pretty much that.
  3. The Knights Templar

    This group likely needs to be archived as its still a huge W.I.P. but hopefully its next rendition will..make a little more sense.
  4. Get out of jail card idea

    Seems alright, you're getting 100 euro, people who are willing to pay 100 euro to come back here probably really do just want to come back and play, so I say go for it.
  5. Get out of jail card idea

    I don´t know about this one. Many of the permabanned people are banned for a good reason. I do miss some people that are banned and would like to see them back in the community. But then again most of them are banned for a good reason. For me, it sounds like a way for people with money to ignore the rules and as far as I know, we are not the Russian government. But if you decide to do it. Let them back for 100€ and put them on final for a while just to see if they have changed for the better.
  6. Get out of jail card idea

    I'm all for second chances as people do change. 100euros is a bit steep as I don't think most would pay that to return. However if they do pay to return then maybe they will think before doing anything against the rules. 50euros, if they mess up again it's their loss. Maybe consider 100euros for a clean slate or 50euros with 15 warning points already allocated for the first 3 months. I do like the fact the Admin team have to agree there 'get out of jail free card' app. People do change but not all. Typed on my phone, I'll think some more about it.
  7. Get out of jail card idea

    This is a great Idea do it.
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  8. Get out of jail card idea

    Do it, do it now
  9. Enigma

    New Profile Song is Fire

  10. hello, roleplayers. 

  11. Get out of jail card idea

    Those who got banned got banned for a reason, perhaps a monetary loss as a result of bad behaviour would be an incentive for them to not repeat bad behaviour. I don't like the idea of people being allowed back in because they have money, as opposed to a legitimate basis for being allowed back in, so I'm wondering will this be applicable to all permanent removals regardless of their reason, case legitimacy and/or any other possible factors? <- (excluding those who are deemed too malicious, invalid etc).
  12. Get out of jail card idea

    I think 100 euro to come back on final is too high. Maybe 100 euro to come back on 0 points but like 20 to come back on final.
  13. Get out of jail card idea

    I seriously dislike the concept, you are essentially making sure that the people that have 100 eur to throw around are able to get a second chance in the community. If I were to be permabanned tomorrow, I would not be able to fork out that amount of money because I would need to spend that on living but I would want to rejoin this community but I'd never get the chance because I would not be able to fork out the cash. Keep the system as it is now or maybe I'd consider lowering the price. For a lot of people, 100 eur is a lot of fucking money.
  14. Get out of jail card idea

    I think its a good idea to repopulate the servers and to get The servers Filled back up and we get s2 back because these 23 queue's on the weekends are annoying
  15. Get out of jail card idea

    I think this get out of jail free card is a good idea to make some juicy P R O F IT while giving players another chance YES
  16. Toughs on vall? @BillyR @RogueSolace @Irish@TiviylScratch @Spartan and all the other peeps

    1. Irish


      Really funny charasser that is easy to talk to and has great stories, always a pleasure to rp with :D

  17. Get out of jail card idea

    So I recently got a 1Gbit connection upgrade for DayZRP servers and now I would want to buy another dedicated server to host a bunch (10-15) of miscellaneous game servers and services, mostly unrelated to DayZRP as of right now, but who knows, maybe DayZ will one day go beta and we will be able to use this box to host our own DayZ server. I have 2 other boxes from before, but these are quad core Intel i5 from 2012/2013 that were used to host DayZRP mod servers and not really up to the task, as I can only host max two game servers on one of these boxes. Anyways, the business is going good, however anything extra DayZRP earns goes straight towards the taxes, so there's not much room for new purchases or investments. So I got this idea this morning after chatting in staff Slack how to make some extra cash to buy this hardware and bring more players to the servers at the same time - allow people who were banned to come back, but for a price. So the idea is to allow some of the permabanned players whose appeals have been previously denied to come back to the community under final warning by purchasing a "get out of jail" card for 100€. Yes, I know, #sellout. The reasoning is that so far I have instantly denied all of permabanned people because I didn't trust them and I was pissed off about people disregarding the rules, but with time the rage has subsided and I think that if they lay down 100€ people will keep their word about wanting to improve like they wrote in the appeal emails, because nobody will lay down so much cash just to fuck up again with a stupid meme or flame comment. Admin team didn't seem to be too much against the idea, this was tested before with another member, but in his case the money worked more of as a collateral and it was returned to him (he chose to exchange it for a Premium rank, but basically yes) after he behaved good for a few months. In this case there would be no refund. Who would be applicable for this? Those who got permabanned, but haven't done anything too malicious or attempted to circumvent the ban. The suggested procedure was: Check with admin team through email if you are applicable Admin team votes on whether it's OK or not - majority decides If answer is yes - transfer the money Send another email with transaction id from PayPal If everything ok - account is unbanned and placed on final warning Now I know this is me being a sellout, it's a cashgrab move and it goes against everything I said in the past about the bans and the fact that permanent bans are not really permanent. But sometimes I just gotta swallow my pride and do what's best for the business, even if I don't like it (like ads, various annoying perks). It doesn't help that we are also down to 160 players / 24h, we need all the extra players we can get to spice things up in game and bring back S2. And of course that dedicated server with dual Xeons is a good future investment. So I thought I'd like to ask you the community about this first, if you do want to see permabanned players back in the community, or do you want them to stay gone? Do you think a payment of 100€ is enough to keep them in straight line? I ask because it will be you who discuss and interact with these people on the forums on daily basis and meet them in game and it would be real shitty if more people left community because of this idea than come back after a move like this. Make no mistake, these people have been banned and removed from the community for a very good reason and it's a risk to bring any of them back. I may think it's worth it because I will be the one on the receiving end of that cash to buy the hardware I need for this and another community, but what about you? You, the players who are reading this are the most important asset that this community has and no short term flow of cash or new dedicated server can replace you, you take priority and I won't move forward with this idea without a major agreement. Let me know your thoughts and vote in the poll. And please remember that this is only an idea at this stage, nobody is getting unbanned yet.
  18. [GAME] Continue the Story

    then he got drunk at 7 - 11
  19. How would you introduce a new character in-game?

    You're approach to how you explain how you got there is completely dependant on what kind of character you made. If you are native to Chernarus, you should have a good understanding of what's going on. If you are foreign, you need to study what's going on in your part of the world prior to showing up in Chernarus. Of course, if you are a foreigner who was in Chernarus during the outbreak, than you should have as much understanding as a native on things that have happened after the outbreak If you gave an example of a character, it'd be better to explain
  20. ToeZ


  21. Permadeath/Storylines Discussion

    Having witnessing a LARGE number of players running around calling people "Fags" and being extremely hostile with little RP, I can 100% back this statement. Just because I had little time in before the lore wipe doesn't mean what I am witnessing in the CURRENT LORE isn't becoming problematic. There are too many people who are acting like this is PVP with a no KOS rule. Very little Roleplay, and very little reason to do anything really. When you try to RP out being out of breath, and you get called a "stupid little B**ch" when they are running the same distance with more gear, you start to wonder if these people have ever ran more than 5 minutes. Realism has gone out the window with a lot of these people, especially the ones that hang around severograd.
  22. Worst Fears

    Current fears - The sea. Never been a fan of swimming in the sea with sharks and shit. - Stairs, ever since i fell down stairs as a kid and cracked my head open ive been taking stairs carefully. Old fears - The library ghost at the beginning of Ghostbusters
  23. Findley Michael

    Born in the city of Bristol to a small family my upbringing was pretty uneventful. Besides the occasion fight and exclusion from school I did pretty well even finishing school with some half decent grades. The smart idea would be college next and possibly university after that but after doing some construction jobs with a friend I decided to stay on as a contractor as I enjoyed the guys company and the money wasn't to bad either. Skip ahead a few years I i was doing pretty good for myself I was working for a company based in Elektrogorsk in charge of some of the small regional projects in the area. I accepted the job in Cheranus for a bit of adventure in another country as well as to escape some bailiffs back in the UK which were looking for me after I took a loan out and couldn't repay the 60 or so grand. It was just a regular Tuesday on my way in my Elektrogorsk office and out of nowhere a man covered in blood foam and bile spewing from his mouth charged straight out onto the road straight into my car. I attempted to swerve out the way but his him straight on and the car went flying into a tree. I awoke to find myself completely outside of the car with the man crushed underneath it screaming and clawing at my directed acting as if he was trying to reach me. I approached him attempting to help when a woman grabbed me from behind and bit down hard into my upper back.I shrieked in pain and managed to turn on her and tried to push her away. She was fighting me the entire time, my blood oozing from her mouth and dripping down her mangled torso. I used all my strength to push her back up against a tree which had a sharp branch sticking out from the trunk which I ended up accidentally impaling her on and even then she carried of trying to reach me it was insane and so I just ran, ran and ran until I happened on a small farmhouse and from the loss of blood passed out on the porch of the house. I awoke to and striking pain in my back and sores around my wrists and ankles as I looked around I was inside a house chained to a bed frame with a large bearded man staring down at me holding a crowbar as if he was about to beat the shit out of me with it. I asked him where am I to which he seemed to calm and dropped the crowbar and untied the restraints around my wrists and ankles. We talked for quite a while, I learned that this man 'Leon' had found me on the porch passed out and had patched my up with the help of an elderly couple who owned the house. I had been out for a few days to which he asked what I saw out there to which I gave him my honest answer I didn't have a clue. The bite wound on my back eventually healed although it left behind one hell of a scar. Me, Leon and the couple ventured into the local town to see what was going on as well as to find food and water which had completely run out back at the farm. It turned to shit real quick the man and his wife died- ripped apart. I was split up from Leon who fled one way and I the other chased by those fuckers. I managed to lose them after a few minutes and by some miracle managed to meet up with Leon again a few days later and from then on we travelled from town to town looking for enough to survive on and at the same time looking for a purpose in this new crazy world.....
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