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  2. Anarchy media thread

    I was excited! I turned into Mickey Mouse. And I don't aim down sights because it makes you move slower and I'm used to using hipfire spraying.
  3. Since someone close my discussion topic.....

    I would say find out IC, but nobody seems to want to roleplay these days. Severograd and Northern Highway is your answer. Or, check obscure corners of the map. I'd say it's a valid point, though. The general community consensus states that this place has lost its touch.
  4. Server and location: S1 Severograd Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2018-02-25, 21:47 Your in game name: Clyde Matthews Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: I was in Severograd hanging on the roof of the shack and casually waiting for RP since there was barely anybody in town. I hear a shot and I'm shot directly in the head, I have no weapon drawn. I die, nothing else really happened besides that.
  5. Just putting this out there, but a program called malwarebytes is a good tool to scan and remove malware.
  6. Ban Appeal Whitelist

    Hey Fiizio, The admin team has reviewed your appeal and your witelist applications. In all 5 of your whitelist attempts you answered a total of 7 questions wrong. This, in the grand scheme of things, is not overly terrible. We will allow you to take the whitelist application for a 6th and final time but we highly suggest that you utilize the staff resources available to you. If you need assistance with your whitelist application, join the Waiting for Staff Help channel in the DayZRP TeamSpeak. We also suggest you wear your glasses if that will help you as well, that is not our responsibility. Outcome: Appeal Accepted; 6th whitelist attempt granted
  7. Nothing like a little bit of easy-bake baby batter to fuck your life up all at once. Hope everything is alright. Welcome back! Whoever... you... are?
  8. Hello fellow humans

    Welcome! Nice to see a fellow Actor around here !
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    Welcome to the whitelist! Glad all your Steam stuff got figured out

  9. Glad to see another returning member! I hope everything is alright with you and your girlfriend. Also swing by the helpdesk in TS and ask for a GM or Admin regarding questions for your donator perks. Again, welcome back!
  10. S1 KOS 13:23

    This whole thing can actually be really easy. Lets say he did interact with me before he killed me, and lets say i did had my gun in my hands. In any case I did not point my gun at him or showed any hostilities towards him whatsoever and he killed me anyway. Is this allowed in the rules?
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    I like your avatar :^)

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      Thanks, I like yours too

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      Shane Is Dead

      we're cute :x

  11. Oh, well welcome back
  12. Hey everyone, I kinda left outta nowhere a while ago. Accidentally got my girlfriend pregnant and had to figure some shit out. I'm back now and look forward to reconnecting with some of you guys! Got my life together and I'm ready to roll! also, what happened to my profile and donator perks? Anyways, I was a Ugandan Pirate and part of MS13 if anyone remembers me
  13. Yeah, was going to say, that wasn't an awesome deal on that 16 GB one. I've bought 64's for less than double that. Good luck with your fix. If you think it's just some simple malware I'd recomend trying to find the malware process and hitting it with Killbox then running CCleaner to tidy up registry. Your call.
  14. Is this a good external hard drive? (Computer tech stuffs)

    Yeah, I'm looking into a 32 gb usb instead for cheaper, since my only real plan is to get a windows 10 disc onto it and then reseting my pc from it. THank ya!
  15. A USB is a USB, its decent for the price, just don't rely on a USB as your only backup!
  16. S1 KOS 13:23

    Are u sure i'm the only one u killed today? Cause it seems to me your talking about another situation here. IF your telling the thruth here, then your mic was muted or not activated and for some reason u thought i had my gun in my hands. Don't know how to explain this any further. I would definatly want to talk this out on TS, i'm fine with that.
  17. I got my status updates back ty


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  18. This is not really a "Guide" but i'd like to make it more of a collection of nice tools to help roleplayers with their acting and accents. (If that is allowed?) I searched the guides on the forum looking for something that helps players with their accents/dialects but couldn't find anything. But if something like this is already around than please delete this or let me know and I'll delete it myself. With many different characters in a world you're bound to meet some of differing nationalities, giving you inspiration to maybe not play someone of the same nationality as yourself or whatever you're currently playing. This is ofcourse great for your own creativity but maybe you do not know how to use the right accent? You can of course find a RP solution to why you have a American accent as a Russian or a Spanish accent as a Chernarussian. Or maybe the words you're saying just aren't exiting your mouth the way you like them to. So let's take a look at some stuff that I myself use. This stuff is mostly for aspiring voice-actors, but hey... We're role playing right? We're acting out a character with strong dependancies on our voices so in a way..we're voice actors. If anyone has anything that they can add as a good tool to this list then please let me know and it can ofcourse be added to the list. The first tool I personally used was to get an accent right. As the roleplaying language in DayzRP is english, people will need to make an accent if they wish to come from another country. That's where this site comes in. This site serves as a archive to the english dialects and accents of the world. Here you can find about 1400 samples of people from around 120 different countries talking english. It's a great way to study english dialects/accents from different countries. for example: You're playing a Chernarussian. If you'd like to speak like a chernarussian than you can search the site for Chech samples and you will find real Chech people speaking english and be able to study the way they talk and make that your own. http://www.dialectsarchive.com/ The next tool is a handy little website I once found that aims to help aspiring voice-actors. Maybe you don't want to be a voice actor but the lessons may still help you. Though the enitre site is really handy, I chose to pick a more specific link of the site wich really helped me practicing voice acting at home. https://iwanttobeavoiceactor.com/are-you-ready/ *More will hopefully be added to the list* I hope the tools in this guide will help some players as they did for me. If this guide isn't good enough or there's already one like this out there then i'm sorry for wasting your time.
  19. S1 KOS 13:23

    That's enough with the back and forth lads, thank you. If you wish to talk this out with eachother you can do so in PMs or TeamSpeak.
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  21. Hello fellow humans

    Welcome to the community! We have alot of friendly faces around so make sure to stop by the newcomer's channel on TS to talk to some people! Good luck and I hope to see you in game!
  22. Today
  23. S1 KOS 13:23

    U are right u didnt had ur gun in ur hands while i was saying to you to give up after this u took ur gun into ur hands so who is lying my friend and why u lying...?
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