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Ranger Spyke OHara
Character information
  1. Alias
    Ranger Ohara
  2. Mental
    Calm and polite, but cautious. Becomes crazier when pushed.
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1980-04-26 (39 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Devon, UK
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
    White, British
  8. Languages
  9. Family
    Old Man Sheriff OHara (deceased), Connor O'Hara (whereabouts unknown)
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    180 cm
  2. Weight
    88 kg
  3. Build
    Average build
  4. Hair
    very light brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Good
  7. Features
    He has a pleasant, easily trusting face.
  8. Equipment
    The SRD comes equipped with their own uniform. Black combat fatigues, black combat boots, black tactical shirt, black high capacity chest rig, Black cowboy hat and eye protection. Each with a colour coordinated Mountain backpack, preferred weapons and a fire axe. Ranger Ohara is equiped with a skull facemask, blue mountain backback, an M4A1 and fire axe.
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
    Sheriff's Ranger Department
  11. Role



585868911_SpykeOhara.png.fee7c8d057ef264576fb10e53596160e.pngRanger Captain Spyke O’Hara.
Surviving member of Sheriff's Rangers.



Formally an Army Cadet leader before the apocalypse in the United Kingdom, now a surviving member of Old-Man Sheriff’s Ranger outfit. A group of cannibal hunting and bandit pacifying rangers formed from ex-military and civilian survivours of the apocalypse. Rangers who once patrolled the lands of Chernarus but who now live in exile on the borders of Russia and the Ukraine.

After escaping the UK with a handful of friends and accumulated comrades the group survivors traversed through Europe seeking refuge. Just as one would have thought, no safe haven was found. Different stories from different survivours the group acquainted themselves with along the way yielded nothing but false hope and broken dreams. During their travels they encountered the degraded remains of humanity. Unforgiving, bloodthirsty bandits and even people fallen far enough to become cannibals who hunt and torment anyone. It was during these times that “Old-Man” Sheriff O’Hara, Spyke's father, a retired US Army Ranger and town Sheriff, took it upon himself to train and mold the group into an effective and brutal fighting force.

The Sheriff’s Rangers were not officially formed until the incident with “Old Man Sheriff”, a valued and loved member of the group. After the group was ambushed by a brutal gang of cannibals they’ve had previous dealings with, Old Man Sheriff was captured during the midst of battle by a surviving but wounded cannibal. Even though the rangers prevailed over the gang, no one realised Sheriff’s disappearance until after the fight. They eventually tracked them down but by that time it was already too late for him. They captured the cannibal and after a heartbreaking goodbye, Sheriff mercied himself and the group vowed to never let cannibalism go unanswered. They executed the cannibal and left him to turn after they buried the old man. In their eyes, that is the ultimate punishment. Being left to wander forever as a servant of undeath.

After that they continued to wander around until they came to a place on the borders of Russia and the Green Sea. A small country known as Chernarus. The group found an unusual amount of survivours in the local area rife with bandits and cannibals. They took it upon themselves to set up and hunt some outlaws. See video for Cannibal Case File: Filthy Frank - 



(The Following Paragraphs are real in-game events that transpired on DayZ FlashMob)
All went well for a time, the Rangers made a name for themselves with the survivours of Chernarus and more so with the rivalling criminal factions. The Rangers helped a lot of people in their time. Many battles were fought and lives were lost and for a time, the SRD made a difference. They made Chernarus a safer place to live. Until the rise of a criminal element that was orchestrated by one of their own. The Ranger’s former Medic and friend of many years, Cab Bruce.

During the SRD’s time patrolling the lands of Chernarus, they hunted and executed many cannibals and fought with different bandit groups subduing them all. They were never able to catch one cannibal, though. That was because this cannibal lived and operated right under their noses. Trusted friend of many years even before the apocalypse, Cab masqueraded as the groups medic when in secret he was torturing and killing chosen patients that were not associated with and taking pieces of them with him. Eating and fulfilling his sick cravings without a single notice from his comrades.

That was, until, Berezino. During a simple dispute between to people, the contents of Bruce’s bag were revealed in full view of the Rangers and after an altercation that left multiple civilians injured and one ranger injured, Bruce fled and got away. A the same that a bandit faction rose up and in the streets of Berezino and convinced the terrified public to rise up and push the SRD out of Chernarus. Thus began the Battle Of Berezino.

A brutal battle that transpired first on the streets of Berezino with Bubsy The Bear and Erica The Red heading the the fight against the SRD alongside Cab Bruce, their traitorous medic. Even with their training, the Rangers were pushed back by the sheer amount of numbers against them. They retreated to the police station in the center of Berezino where they regrouped and planned their next move. Bruce followed and laid siege to the station. The SRD, surrounded, outgunned and left bloody and all but broken made a final stand before choosing to retreat out of Chernarus. They fled the Police station but lost many lives in the process. What few remaining members survived retreated out of Chernarus to heal and regroup.

Now, after many years in exile in the Ukraine, one of the surviving members of the original SRD has returned to Chernarus. His mission, to establish a foothold, build a base and recon the area. It’s his job to build up information on the surrounding areas and the gangs that inhabit them so the SRD can return to Chernarus and pacify the bandits that now terrorise the local populace. Ranger O'Hara's wounds have healed but he has not forgotten what transpired here and he won’t let the bandit groups terrorise the populace any more.





// With losing our active members, issues with friends getting online IRL and our groups archiving on the 11th, I write this now to say that we accept what’s to happen and should we in the future, (and after the 30 days) be in a position to retry this group, I’ll contact the admins and take the steps to retrieving this group from the archives. But thank you for the opportunity to try this out. It’s something I do want to come back to but currently isn’t really feasible. Just had some bad luck! lol

802963297_SpykeOhara.png.ccfbff1eb8ac4a48815951e74b08748f.pngIn Character:
**Ranger Captain O’Hara communicating with Rangers Diago and Filth of long-wave radio**

This is Ranger Captain Spyke O’Hara of the Sheriff’s Ranger Department broadcasting on Ranger Radio, frequency 102.5 contacting our forces stationed in the Ukraine.

I’ve made contact with the United Nations and a group of marines and even though we’ve opened up negotiations for an alliance, I regret to inform you... Diago, Filth... I’m pulling out. I’ve lost contact with Danny Vadoma and Gene Starwinds, Cane is KIA and Lt Nalapsi is MIA. The problems here are too much for us to deal with currently. We need to regroup and take our full force into Chernarus. As of now I am activating Operation: Home Run. Chernarus is out of hand with all our rangers dead or MIA, we are left with no choice.



This whole operation has been a waste of resources. Things are so bad here that civilians are stealing whatever they can from whoever they can. Human good will is a myth to these people. They’re even stealing off of people that put their lives on the line for them… us. The base we established was delayed for an entire day because civilians kept stealing our stocks. It’s hard enough to get somewhere here without all the civilians being against us too.

I’ll check in periodically on my journey back. Wish me luck, I’ll see you soon. 

Ranger O’Hara, out.

Ranger O’Hara places his radio back in his backpack and begins his long road back to the Ukraine, leaving from where he began again, the streets of Kemenka leading to the borders. Feeling regret in his heart and a mind full of questions, he ponders his short time spent in Chernarus. He hopes that he will at least find out what happened to Lt Nalapsi and that his fellow rangers, Danny and Gene are alive and well.

Spyke walks off into the distance and disappears from Chernarus. Hoping to one day return again.


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