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Alexander Rudnik
Character information
  1. Mental
    Perfectly Sane
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1995-04-28 (24 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Gdańsk, Poland
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    German, English & a little bit of Russian
  8. Relationship
  9. Family
    Sofie Richter [Best Friend - Gdańsk] Marie Rudnik [Sister - Crimea]
  10. Religion
    Open Minded


  1. Height
    184 cm
  2. Weight
    74 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Brown, wavy and rather short
  5. Eyes
    Grey / Blue'ish
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Good
  7. Occupation
    Retail Manager / Bundeswehr Reservist (HG / OR-3)
  8. Affiliation
    The Nameless
  9. Role
















I was born in 1995 in the polish city of Gdansk. While I was born there, I never really established a closer connection to the country or it's people. 
A large part of my family is from eastern Prussia / Poland and Livonia originally but I never really cared too much about it. We occasionally visited some relatives there ("we" visited my uncle the day I was born) but that's about it.
My father was a manager for a major German engineering company and my mother worked as a nurse in the local hospital. My father is from southern Germany while my mother was born in Livonia. I wouldn't say my childhood was very special to be honest. Rather normal for German standards, we always had food on our table and I mostly got what I wanted. I am very grateful for that looking back and the fact that I grew up in a rather small town. I feel like I got to experience a lot of things that kids from the city wouldn't have ... ? But that's just a wild guess honestly, kids growing up in the city would probably say the same thing about me, missing out and all the great things a crowded town has to offer.
I spent most of my childhood playing outside with my friends. Swimming, skating,  running around, "hiking" and doing all kinds of other nonsense.
We lived in a small village, it had almost everything you could ask for... a small store, a popular hotel, a public swimming pool, elementary school, kindergarten and the local church was built on top of the mountain in the center, quite a sight to enjoy. The beauty of the church didn't really convince my parents to visit it regularly though. I went through most of the... let's say catholic rituals, but my parents didn't force me to do it or anything like that, they just thought it would be the "normal" thing to do, to fit into the community.  Other than attending those lessons/events I never really visited the church, and never bothered to leave it all together either... paying tax until this very day I assume, doubt a little apocalypse would stop the catholic church…




I always got along with everyone. Wasn't really an outsider, but not the center of attention either. I wouldn't say I had a lot of friends, just a few really good ones. I met them in our village's school and in our local football team and spent almost every day of the year with them, much more time compared to the time I spent with my family. The only exception would be my younger sister, she sort of also stuck with us and the younger siblings of my friends.
I enjoy playing football until this very day (Right Back). Our local team wasn't the best, but it doesn't matter as long as we get together regularly, play together and have fun.
I was always the captain of our football team and class representative a few times in my school days. While that is a "leading" role you could say, I wouldn't consider myself to be a great one. Most people naturally trust me though for some reason (at least that's how it's been in the past, don't know about now) and I always tried to please everyone if there was a conflict and tried to resolve it in the best way possible... I guess people noticed that I do care about them. The additional attention I received in those two roles wasn't something I was enjoying that much, but it is what it is.
If I wasn't chasing after a ball in my free time I mostly just spent time with my friends at the pool and played cards, games, darts, pool and went out on small village parties and events. Regular stuff, never really had any special hobby or talent, unless you wanna count the ball chasing. Parties or alcohol never really became a problem for me, always knew when to stop before I would do stupid things... or let's say my body knew when to make me stop. There were a few minor incidents where I actually got into trouble with my friends and the police, but minor is the keyword here, nothing that would have ruined my future or generally is worth mentioning. Been an Angel more or less in my youth. Never took any stronger drugs. Never smoked a cigarette in my life and I don't drink coffee either.



After graduating from school with mediocre results I was a bit lost and didn't really know what to do. While I was unemployed for a few months I basically did the same things I always enjoyed. Difference was, I had much more time on my hand and because of that my love for football took a small trip into a dark territory. Essentially I used the time to visit every game of my favorite club at the start of the new season. It made me really happy to be able to do that and the joy of it and alcohol for an even bigger part, made me dive into the more violent side of the "sport". For 2 or 3 games I joined the violent Ultras or hooligans ,if you wanna call them that, in their fights with supporters of other clubs. It only stopped because my girlfriend pulled me out of it, after I got beaten up badly. Must have been 16 at the time, I really don't remember. Nobody really bothered to ask me how old I am, guess I looked older than I actually was.



After this my girlfriend, who didn't know where to go and what to do either, decided to go study in western Germany, roughly 250 km away from our home and kind of being out of options I decided to voluntarily spend two years with the German military, finishing the 3 months of basic training and then spending the rest of the time doing numerous different tasks until I could start with a normal apprenticeship. Our relationship didn't last through it unfortunately, which is completely my fault. We knew each other for as long as I can remember and while I still loved her, I was too afraid to lose her a year down the line because of the distance or because she found someone else and decided to just cut it here and now. I don't regret much in my life, but this I do... I really do and I hate myself for doing that to her. Funny enough it's also been the last time that I had a partner. Karma maybe.
While the time in the military was enjoyable and a very character-building experience and I learned a lot of things that would come in very handy in the years to come, it wasn't anything I could imagine doing for the rest of my life. Turns out especially the combat skills I acquired there would come in extremely handy... who would have guessed. The unit I was part of was a "Jägerbataillon". Mostly consisting of light infantry and a few transport and light vehicles. We were trained to fight enemies in the forests, highlands and low mountain ranges.
Anyways...  Instead of continuing that career... I started to work in a small shop of a larger chain of stores as a salesman for sports gear and eventually became responsible for the small shop at a very young age after finishing the apprenticeship.




The shop was located in Würzburg which turned into my new home. I was familiar with most parts of the inner city already because It's kinda like a central hub for the region where you go to buy clothes, have a good dinner, party and so on. Moving there wasn't difficult for me as you can imagine. Most of my childhood friends moved away or at least were gone from our hometown anyways for most of the week and my hometown was still in driving distance, maybe a 60 to 90 minute drive. I found new friends there, loved my job and even made it into the 2nd team of the cities football club. Always hoped to make it into the 1st team to end up playing in Germany's 2nd or 3rd highest division. Guess I will never figure out whether or not I was good enough
The best thing was though, that my sister decided to study medicine in the city. I was very glad that someone that was close to me was there every day now. And the fact that it was her was just perfect. She moved into my apartment and to make a bit more money she also started working in my shop part time. I tried to help her where I could with this new environment for her, since I was in the same situation just a few years prior. Sadly I couldn't help her at University though. In terms of that I almost seem like a guy from the stone age in comparison to her. She really is the star of our family when it comes to Intelligence.









When the infection took control of Chernarus and the surrounding areas, I was on vacation with my sister on the newly acquired Russian land of Crimea. Enjoying everything the beautiful peninsula has to offer. Residing in the eastern most city of Crimea, Kerch. We got stuck there when the borders were closed.
The reasoning for this rather odd travel destination was mainly the curiosity inside of me, I wanted to see how things really are after the Russian takeover. Depending on how your brain works you either believe that Russian's are evil and Ukraine joining NATO is a great idea or you call all that BS and are more supportive of Russia. Obviously, the truth is in the middle there. Personally... I never trust the shit I hear on TV, I'd much rather see it with my own eyes... even though it is sometimes very difficult and requires a lot of time. One bias I couldn't get out of my head though... all that bad press Russia received over the years in my country, sort of put them into the "victim" role in my head. Now I know that is a really stupid thing... but I cannot help it. It did not make me blind though, I just felt there was a double standard. I hate Ideologies of all kind and I hate people that think the world in black and white. This is partly the reason why I have a Tattoo of the "Iron Front", Three Arrows, on my lower left arm. Their believes don't really add up with mine to 100%, and it's less my support for this dead movement and more of a sign of resistance against all those fools that wanna burn foreigners and those that think damaging other people's property will solve anything. The fact that parts of Antifa use this symbol makes me sick though.
So, yeah... I went there with my sister even though the German foreign ministry officially advised against any trips to the region, our curiosity was bigger than the fear of ... whatever.
She got the same tattoo in the same spot, we both think alike in many ways.




Being on our own and not able to properly communicate with most of the locals, the first few weeks of living within this chaos were extremely difficult for the two of us. We settled down in a small apartment on the western end of town, but knew it wouldn't be a permanent solution. The whole building was abandoned actually, I guess everyone flee'd, we just used that to search through it all, pick the nicest furniture etc. from all the apartments and moved it into "ours". During the day we mostly stayed close to our new home and only went further into town at night to get food, water etc. For the most part we tried to avoid contact with other people, but eventually realized that to be a stupid idea, it probably would have driven us insane.  While we did have each other to talk to, play games etc. I was just a matter of time until we couldn't stand each others presence. I love my little sister and we spent lots of time in the past, but now it was 24/7. For a while I was naive enough and actually hoped to make my way back home somehow, into an at least familiar environment but I rather quickly accepted the fact that it's not going to happen, ever. I was very surprised with the way Marie just shrugged everything off, the situation didn't really bother her that much if that makes any sense ? In a way of... I feel as though I should be the stronger person in this nightmare given my military training. But I wasn't…
So I instead of just sitting around, we focused on finding some people that we could stick with and provide help with whatever we could and hopefully receive something in return. And the search was a success... in a way. I  ... found a Russia Soldier called Maxim Ivanovic and his friends who were able to communicate with me in broken, but understandable English. To me it seemed like they weren't really following official orders anymore... at least not directly but I could be mistaken, could have just been the circumstances, maybe they just didn't think the orders they received made sense, or the command structure was just chaotic which wouldn't surprise me... I never asked them though.




The way we met was a bit odd though. During one of those nightly adventures of mine, to get something to eat for the coming days, I was surprised and almost overwhelmed by a couple of infected near the center of town. In the fear of dying, panic took control of my body and I just started to run into unknown territory that I didn't explore yet. I left the main road as quickly as possible and thought my chances to get away from them would be much better in smaller alleys. That was the moment where I suddenly got knocked out cold. It was Maxim and his friends, who themselves were in a terrible situation and were trying to escape from the infected, at least that's what they told me later on. Maxim tried to find a way out of the building they were in and slammed the door open, just as I was running past... odd coincidence that could have been the end of me. But I guess I got lucky there.
Being the nice guy Maxim is he couldn't just leave his new best friend helpless on the floor, changed his plan, and told the others to take the infected, they were trying to move away from, head on. They grabbed me and carried me back to their little hideout nearby and helped me to get back on my feet. Providing food, water, shelter and most importantly conversation. I instantly felt a sense of loyalty to them for not just leaving me there on the floor. Being incredibly thankful, I offered them help with everything they could possibly need help with. The next day we went and brought Marie over as well, she seemed very happy to not be alone anymore.




What I didn’t know though was that this small group of friends was part of a larger movement founded by soldiers, just like Maxim. They were trying to lock down the city and nearby bridge, and much like the people in Donetsk and Lugansk, tried to create their own small republic. They brought me up to speed with their plans and prepared me for the upcoming effort to “cleanse” the city.

A brutal crackdown on all the local thugs and people that were considered criminals was conducted. No prisoners were taken. Infected were almost entirely eradicated from the city itself, and all found civilians in the need of help were escorted into the safe zone surrounding the Cathedral of St. John. During those days of constantly killing either already dead people or ... the living... I sometimes felt like that my humanity is slipping away. Seeing actual, living, breathing human beings drop dead to the floor because of your actions... it was something else. I was never in an active combat zone during my training and never really severely hurt anyone. I still remember how the guy looked like that I shot... the first person I killed… Maxim always told me that those people are bandits, thugs and other criminals that have terrorized the civilians for a while and also hindered military efforts to keep order intact. So I always tried to remind myself of that, everything I am doing here is for a greater good... and I really hope it was. I would be a liar though if I honestly would think that everyone shot that week really was guilty of.... well whatever they considered to be a crime. But I can't tell for sure... I am almost certain that everything I shot at, deserved it... The operation went down with rather low numbers of casualties on our side. Mostly because the majority of fighting people had military training. I guess the few BTR's that were still operable helped a bit as well.
While I was out clearing the city with the Russians, Marie stayed near the town center and helped the wounded civilians and soldiers, our mother was a nurse and she studied medicine, so she knew a thing or two.




To stay sane in these dark times a lot of people turned towards faith and the church quickly became more than just a suitable HQ and storage. It became the people’s light in these dark times and a place of hope. I enjoyed listening to the local priest quiet a lot myself, even though I didn't really understand what he said. It was calming to sit in that church. Especially at night when no one was around. I didn't always sit there alone, Marie was always there and sometimes Maxim and a few others joined us. We lit the candles and just talked about whatever came to mind. When I was with Marie, she usually just wanted to draw and remained quiet. I guess the church calmed her down just as much as it did to me. I always enjoyed drawing myself but never really had a huge talent for it. In school I decided to focus on scientific things, but looking back I regret that I didn't learn another language, like she did with french, or focused on art. I convinced her to teach me a few things though, and soon we sat there every other night drawing random things for hours.
After expanding and barricading the safe zone, securing the, yet to be completed, Crimean Bridge, establishing safe routes to farming outposts outside the city and maintaining fishing bases… the Free City of Kerch was born, and I was very glad to be a part of it.
It wasn't really that free though. More of an autonomous base of the Russian government that watched over the Kerch Strait and made sure the eastern part of Crimea stays in order. Russian Military presence was still heavy around the Sevastopol area and the peninsula slowly but surely turned into a fortress to maintain control of the black and green sea.




We found a new home. It wasn’t and still isn’t a republic of the people. The majority has no saying in internal or external affairs. Voting rights reside to the city council. Containing leading military figures, priests and doctors. The council contains 10 people. External affairs obviously resided to the military and with that to the Russian government. The council was mainly there to make sure the people of eastern Crimea are "happy". Any sort of rebellious movement to give voting right to all citizens that appeared had been stomped by the local military, and to be fair... there only ever was one minor incident at all. Some local wanted to turn our Republic into a "Soviet State". He was hanged in the town square. And the rest of his ilk got first arrested and then banished from the city, at least that's the official story we were told.
Maxim, Marie and I had obviously nothing to say. The other guards appreciated our eagerness and loyalty to the cause though. I got all of that from him. His uncle was in the council, and while they didn't really get along that well... I don't know why but Major Ivanovic kept beating up his nephew, and I don't think it was just because of his drinking problem. Maxim never really told me why, but did tell me to stay out of it... and so I did. At least for the longest time. It appeared to me that Maxim had accepted it and believed that he deserved the "punishment", If that makes any sense. But like I said, he never told me and I never felt like it's my place to talk about it.

Maybe if I would have asked a few things would have went differently.




A bit of a jump into the future now.

One night the 3 of us were out on a scavenging and reconnaissance mission, the Major joined us because he thought we couldn't get the job done on our own and I guess wanted to convince us that we are shit at the job and teach us a lesson. The same night he ... had an accident. All this was after me and Maxim spent a few months as city guards. I don't recall whose fault it was... actually I don't remember a lot of that day at all, but we somehow got trapped on top of a construction site, surrounded by infected. The Major obviously blamed his nephew for it. I tried to calm both down and wanted them to focus on a way out and back to the city... but all they did is argue and eventually they started fighting. This time Maxim fought back though. When nothing seemed to work, I decided to step in between them and one of them did not like that. The Major pushed Maxim back with all his force, grabbed his knife and cut into my lower left leg. I dropped to the ground immediately. I didn't see that coming and for a few minutes was shocked and couldn't move. It hurt too much, and I wasn't really used to that kind of pain. Just a minute later forced myself back up, the two of them continued fighting after I went down onto the ground. Maxim got seemingly angrier at his uncle for what he just did.

It must have been the adrenaline or whatever you would call it, which allowed me to walk. I stood up, pulled my pistol and knife out, stabbed the Major in the left shoulder, put a bullet in his left leg and pushed him, with my knife still stuck in his back, off into the crowd of undead just below us that were spectating the whole time. All the anger about how he treated my friend boiled over in that moment.
What happened after that? I cannot remember. Maxim told me that I passed out just a seconds after that. And while he was relieved that it was over, he told me that for the rest of that night he also felt angry about my actions. He stopped the bleeding on my leg, put me on his shoulders and must have walked all the way back into the town like that. Whenever I asked him about details about how he did it, he would raise his voice and start telling me a heroic story of how he fought his way through hundreds of those damn creatures just to get me back in one piece. I don't buy any of it though. He is not that kind of guy you would expect to pull that off. But maybe I am wrong.

He also gave me my knife back... I have really no idea what the fuck he did and how he managed it... maybe everything he said was true after all.

Everything went back to "normal" after this incident rather quickly. Marie patched me up upon returning to the city. Maxim, Marie and I talked about what happened and all agreed to never speak about it ever again. My sister didn't talk to me for a week after we told her what happened, but it was important to me that she knows everything that is going on.
Obviously the fact that the Major was missing didn't go unnoticed. We told them that he was drunk on our mission, which was true... and then twisted the rest of the story a bit. No one questioned our story, they replaced him in the council and business continued as it always does.



Well... where was I ... ?

Initially I had a few issues with the way things/decisions/politics were handled in the city, not enough to make my voice heard, but the thought about it never really went away.
But things were going rather well overall from my observations, and I just tried to blend and fit in. I doubt they would let the German give them advise about the politics structure of your new society anyways.
After securing the city center, Maxim managed to get us some great guard posts on the east side by the water and arranged it so we would stay in the same area most of the time. Infected never came out of the water, and boats were a rare occasion as well so we spent most nights playing cards and drinking. While it was probably the best job we could have asked for, we both felt like we could put our skills to better use. We wanted to go out, exploring, gathering supplies, helping the town in a more productive way. We started to feel a bit guilty, having fun at "work" all the time while others actually contributed to the community. 




We decided to sign up for the, already mentioned, scavenging runs, or any other outer city operations.It wasn't a very popular task to take. It naturally put you into a much more dangerous position being out there rather than behind the safe walls of the city. Not many people signed up voluntarily. Generally the Russian military didn't really need volunteers, but I guess were still glad that people stepped up. The only real benefit you got out of it, is that the men & women leaving the town were the highest regarded members of this small society... and you got to see more than just the same old dusty streets every day. While it was unpopular to sign up, they still didn't accept everyone. People not fit for the job would die rather quickly, while they could be used in more productive ways in helping the city. Given my basic military training and the fact that I helped during the initial founding process of our city, I can't say I had a hard time getting accepted.




Leading numerous expeditions east over the, uncompleted, but yet passable bridge me and Maxim managed to gain a lot of experience in survival. Being mostly left alone in hostile territory, gathering anything of interest to the cities survival and rescuing any sane person in need of help. The area east of Kerch was chaotic, unlike most of southern Russia. We mostly went out there together, sometimes accompanied by 1 or 2 more people, depending on the assignment and place we would go.
I was always put in charge of the missions. They initially wanted Maxim, being related to a council member and all, to lead us, but he refused and suggested me as the squad leader. And by god, him having to make tough decisions and keeping the group together would have ended our efforts extremely quickly. He knows how to fight... but if you don't stop him at some point he would probably start fighting the infected with their own weapons... biting their bloody heads off. Probably a tiny stretch on my end, but that's honestly how I would imagine it to go down. Never would have thought that I would lead Russian soldiers into combat. Leading wasn't really something I learned during my time in military, nor did I ever want to.

We often spent more time out there than necessary. Climbing on top of buildings, drinking, playing cards and shooting every single infected that we saw. There was more than enough ammo and it sort of turned into a game or competition for us. If someone would have ever found out that we were borrowing more ammo than really necessary I wouldn't even hesitate to tell them the truth. We didn't waste it... no one misses bandits and the undead when they are gone. Every bullet is well worth it.
And when we were back in the city the fun continued. Life itself seemed so much better than before, exploring new places, having fun, occasionally slipping past death and being appreciated by the other citizens for it.

Just like all the other guards that left the city walls, our reputation and the way people looked at us changed dramatically. The people of the town appreciate the scavengers work and almost viewed them as guardian angels, since they often provide the sick citizens with crucial and lifesaving medicine, among other things. Some people even regularly visited the church to pray for them to return home. The Russian state regularly sent us supplies but there wasn't a wish-list of sorts. Some things like already mentioned specific medicine we had to get ourselves.
We never really got into trouble when we were back in the city. Marie was an angel, Maxim had a free pass because of his uncle, and I am usually just sitting around relaxing. Never really liked arguing or conflict in general.




Things were about to change though. For me at least.

One night in the pub made me snap though. Some old, ugly ass Russian Lieutenant had a few too many shots of vodka and suddenly discovered that my sister isn't terribly looking. At first he was just having a casual conversation with her but it slowly got worse and worse. I don't mind anyone getting closer to my younger sister, but not guys like him... his age I assume he was close to 40 didn't help either. He proceeded to make terrible jokes and compliments and just wouldn't lay off of her even after she, Maxim and I told him to stop. When he started to touch her, I couldn't control myself any longer. I stood up from my chair next to them and knocked him onto the ground with my fist. He started bleeding from his mouth, started laughing and told me that I just made a terrible mistake... looking back, he was not wrong at all, but I couldn't take it anymore.
He stood up walked towards me and in the same moment his friends grabbed me, rammed their elbows into my stomach and dragged me outside behind the building. Marie tried to stop them but Maxim held her back, he knew it would only make it worse and that I had to go through what was about to happen.
Behind the building he started to lecture me of how stupid I am ... long story short... he beat the crap out of me and then left me laying there on the wet concrete floor. He turned around and smiled at Maxim and told him something along the lines of "There is a lot you still have to teach your friend", when he was almost about to reach the end of the Allee he stopped, turned back and walked up to Marie again, his two friends continued walking back into the building. I was still trying to gather my strength to get back on my feet but wasn't capable to do so yet. When he reached my sister, he started to caress her face and said "We will meet again, you can thank your brother over there in the dirt for that..."

In that very moment I broke. With the little strength I had left in me I upholstered my pistol...shot him straight in the head. His body instantly fell on the ground and the water that filled the gaps and cracks was painted red.

I passed out just a few seconds later.




The next day I woke up in a prison cell.
I don't remember a lot of what happened that day. Apparently Maxim made sure that nothing would happen to my sister and used what was left of his uncle's influence to spare me of getting hanged just like all the other criminals in the town square. Murdering a Russian Officer wasn't a small crime after all.  I really don't know how he managed to prevent me from dying that week, but he did and I will be forever thankful for it. Whoever he talked to, reduced my sentence to just being banished from Kerch forever.
My sister was allowed to stay... even though she wanted to accompany me, I talked her out of it... and it was a terrible mistake... for me at least... she is save there but being left alone broke me again in the coming months. Maxim promised to take care of her for me.
I packed my bags, said my goodbyes to my two best friends and started heading east over the makeshift paths of the bridge, leaving the city behind.

Later that day I noticed a note in my backpack. My sister wrote me down a safe way of contacting her, even over long distance. Apparently transmissions would go through a frequency no one really used in or around Kerch, not secret or secure... just rarely used.














I was alone... again, not knowing where to go. On our journeys we never really found another, comparable safe place like Kerch. Just a few small hubs where people lived of trade, farming and profited from caravans that were traveling across the country. Like I said the area east of Kerch was rather chaotic. Even if there would have been a place, I am not sure if I liked to head there.
I was just wandering around, trying to survive, even though I didn't really know what for anymore, I lost everything once again but... giving up wasn't something I could do. 
Weeks, months passed while I moved through far southern Russia. I went through Novorossiysk, Krasnodar, Kropotkin, Armavir, Stavropol and then headed all the way down to Sochi. 
In that time I rarely talked to anyone... not that they would understand me anyways...
Most contact I had with locals was the occasional ... let's call them bandits that I took out from a far. Maxim stashed military SVD just on the other side of the bridge around Kerch for me when I left.
When scavenging through all these places nothing was off limits for me... I quiet frankly didn't care about the consequences. Death can't be so bad, would I even notice that I am dead ? I went through the underground, sneaked past all kinds of weirdos, stole from the military and so on. Looking for an adventure ? Adrenaline ? No clue, after some time it did take a toll on me though, you can't distract yourself and bury your problems forever... I was slowly going insane.
The only person I could fall back onto was my sister... and that was only if the line of communication was stable, which it rarely was, wasn't carrying a long range radio with me... at least not one that was made for this kind of distance. I managed to boost the signal through different kind of means here and there though.
Looking back, this was a test for me, don't know who was testing me and what for but I am still alive aren't I ? And it certainly made me stronger.



Around the area of Sochi, multiple locals warned me about some rebel forces that apparently took over the area around the city. I didn't really have an encounter with them, but saw multiple military patrols and convoys in a way around the city.
Free Russian Movement they called themselves, and from what I heard they tried to cause a revolt in Moscow... but failed miserably. Their flag could be seen all over the place.
I don't know much about Russian history... but I am guessing the bird on it was the imperial Russian eagle pained black on a white background, followed up with blue and red on the right side of the banner, resulting in a 90° turned Russian Federation flag.

All in all I just moved around them. 
I was near the Russian border now... leaving me the option to either go back north or continue south towards Chernarus and Takistan or head east into the Caucasus.
My decision was rather easy though. On some evening in the bar near the harbor of Kerch... I don't remember when ... I heard that this Infection or whatever it is originated from the eastern most part of Chernarus. I am not sure why... maybe it was my curiosity again but I wanted to see what happend there. While I was alone traveling through the Russian wasteland, I never really struggled in terms of surviving. My military training and the scavenging runs in and around Kerch prepared me well I presume. Maybe it wasn't just curiosity... maybe I was looking for another challenge ?
Running into the heart of this nightmare ?
I really don't know…
Live alone slowly but surely ate me up from the inside. I wasn't used to this... it has never been like that in my life.  I tried to gather information while heading southwest of Sochi into the Black Mountains. I didn't get anything interesting though. Mostly talked to ... farmers ? They could barely understand a word I said ... and likewise I understood every 4th or 5th word.



While I was running through the mountains I ran into a Chernarussian man called Lukáš Čelanský and he allowed me to stay in his cabin outside of a village called "Březník" for a few days to get some strength back. In return I helped him with taking care of his animals and cutting some wood for the coming winter. At first he wanted to shoot me thinking I am a Chedaki... which he later on explained to me what "that" even is. I tried to communicate with him in Russian... to no reply and in my desperation tried English... surprisingly he spoke it fluently.
He told me a few interesting things about Chernarus in general and about my target location.
Apparently the military compound around ground zero was bombarded by Russian artillery during the outbreak of the disease in Chernarus, and for some reason the area is rumored to be contaminated with radiation and even worse things than that. He tried to stop me from going there and looking back at it now was a really stupid idea, but at that point in time it was the only goal I had and what kept me going. He insisted that I should visit the town of Berezino on the eastern coast and told me that in the basement of the hospital should still be a locker with all kinds of protective gear inside of it. Lukáš told me that he used to live and work there, but once things got out of hand, he and his family moved up here into the mountains to stay away from the horrors they witnessed in the city.
Another thing he added was that South Zagoria has a system of hiking paths that nearly lead you anywhere in the country. He advised me to stick to those to avoid trouble, since Chernarussian is yet another language I am not capable of using, and he doesn't know what is going on in the region at this time.
I grabbed the key, he told me I could come back anytime and continued southeast, towards the city of Berezino... winter was slowly but surely starting to arrive.












After a few days of traveling along the Russian border I hit the eastern coast of Chernarus and with that the Green Sea. From there I continued south. Moving past a few smaller cities and villages and a giant shipwreck and shortly after arrived in Berezino. Figuring out where the hospital was proved to be rather easy, literally the biggest building in town. The city itself was rather quiet and seemed abandoned from what I could gather during my nightly raid.
Gun drawn, I moved inside the building through a window on the backside and made my way down into the basement. "3rd door on the right" Lukáš said, and he remembered it correctly. The key worked, the door opened. There was a strange noise when I opened the door... it sounded almost like some kind of electronic device or lock went off. Was probably my imagination though. None of the light switches worked... strange habit of mine... always check if the electricity is working... maybe I get lucky one day. Strangely I heard the same noise again when I left and closed the door behind me... anyways I went up to the locker he mentioned and entered the code 1-7-4-9. Seemed like no one has been inside here for quite some time. A bunch of other lockers stood open and you could tell that the last person left in a hurry.
Inside of the "doctors" locker... was just as he promised me.  A full "level A" CBRN suit, a Geiger-Counter for gamma detection, 2 gas-masks, multiple spare filters, a flashlight, lots of pills and medicine... the only thing missing was the handgun he mentioned he wasn't sure about whether or not he took it with him. Old man is losing parts of his memory, I guess. He told me that he was a doctor, working in the hospital, but seeing this kind of stuff in his personal locker kind of makes me doubt it, almost positive that he is hiding something from me, but ... he helped me and it's not my place to question him like that.
Maybe... just maybe one day I will go back and ask him and if he doesn't want to answer then so be it.
I grabbed everything from the locker and quickly made my way out of the building again and then out of town heading northwest towards Kamensk.




I went back the way I came, north and once I reached the shipwreck continued moving west through the forests. Moving a bit past the military base, I set up camp in a shelled barn just northwest  and scouted the surrounding area for the next 2 days to get a better idea of my surroundings and what I am getting into here. Looking back this was a waste of time, but I never had to deal with radiation on that scale before. So better safe than sorry.
Lukáš warned me about wolves being spotted quiet regularly around the area, but also mentioned that in the year just before the outbreak the sightings significantly went down.
Again I feel like he wasn't telling me everything.

At first, I didn't really notice it and maybe it was just my imagination but I didn't hear or see any animals in the 3 days that I stayed near the base. Maybe the atmosphere on the base itself and those infected in there are clouding my memory, I am not sure. I moved inside the place at dawn on Day 3, entering from the northwestern side. What I was actually looking for? I am not sure... anything that would peak my interest really... documents -that I couldn't even read if I wanted to- but mainly wanted to just see what the rumors are all about.
The sight of the Infected that I encountered inside shocked me. I stabbed one of them, not really wanting to fire my rifle at all in this area. Parts of its skin literally fell off when I hit it. It almost seemed like it was burning alive from the inside out... never seen anything like it in my life. Spotting that, I decided to go about even faster than I was already moving and I avoided any further confrontation with those creatures. The radiation levels I gathered were mostly "normal"... well to be fair I don't know that much about it but the Counter didn't go crazy while I was looking through the buildings trying to find ... anything. It seemed to me that someone already went through this place and gathered anything of interest from the desks and so on. Maybe even multiple times. In the end I left with empty hands.



One thing I did notice though is that there are indeed certain areas with a lot higher radiation levels. I cannot 100% confirm it cause I didn't dare to move any closer, but it appeared to me that there is some kind of hole in the ground on the southeast side of the base. Radiation also seemed higher around the main entrance of the base. I went back towards my camp at the barn and followed Lukáš's advice and burned everything I had with me other than my knife and the SVD I was carrying with me.

I picked up my other belongings that I left stashed there and moved to the southern coast to see more of the country now that I completed the only "task" I had.





Important bullet points that happened after this ingame


>   Traveled to South Zagoria alone and lost contact to my sister completely. Slowly but surely the loneliness that I wasn't used to was driving me insane. Hesitant to meet and trust new people and thus the constant silence kind of changed me. (Personality shift/change from what it used to be)
>   Got tied up and interrogated by a man called Karn and his friends. Gained their trust and respect after a while and managed to calm them down peacefully.
>   Met Amy and Emily in a snow covered forest, after they scared me and I jumped off a cliff because of it. They agreed to let me come with them.


>   Spent a few weeks or months traveling with them, slowly but surely recovering from this "down" I was in. The time spent with them kind of gave me a new purpose after I had lost everything I held dear. I just wanted to see the two of them happy.
>   Got introduced to a guy called Rob, during a meeting of Amy, Emily and Radan.


>   Went separate ways with the two of them for the time being but stayed in contact with Emily and grouped up with Rob, to roam the countryside, helping out where we can, while keeping low profile and remained neutral in conflicts aka stayed the fuck out of shit. He turned into my best friend after I got separated from Maxim.
>   Slowly started up a small gun runner / weapons dealer business. Never really expanded upon it though. Just supplied what I thought are the "right" people.



>   Met a girl called Sofie in the most random spot I could have ever imagined.Talked with her for hours but ultimately went our own ways. Promised her that we would meet again though and told her to contact me whenever she needs something.
>   Grouped up with Thomas and the other people of the Haven for a short amount of time until things collapsed...


>   Reestablished contact with my sister after months of radio silence and met up with her halfway ,in between South Zagoria and Crimea, in Novomikhaylovskiy. Escorted her the rest of the way to Březník, where she would stay with my friends family, the doctor, until I would find a place for the two of us to stay at.
>   Taught her the basics of shooting a gun and combat in general after she asked me to and promised to expand on it every time we meet.
>   Rescued a CDF soldier in the Black Mountains who had been kept hostage by ChDKZ, while moving back to South Zagoria alone.
>   Split off from traveling with Rob and regrouped with the Haven folks in the process. Spent a few weeks inside of Berezino under CDF presence.


>   Got introduced to Officer Nedved (who Amy & Emily told me about before) and met Sofie again in Chernogorsk as promised.
>   Traveled around with Thomas and Sofie for a while, investigating the Prison Island and Mr. Lemons, who also used to be at the Haven. Started to "work for them"
>   Spent most of my time with Sofie now, we visited Boris's pub and Kathrine's library a lot.


>   Settled down with the two of them and a bunch of other people north of Chernogorsk. Never figured out how this came about, some of them were people we met at Boris's pub. A man called Arnost called the shots now, at least it seemed like it. I disapproved... but no one except for Sofie probably noticed it or cared about it. Honestly the guy is an idiot, the type of leader that is load and no one really dares to speak up and tell him about his bullshit, shame he faked his own death instead of actually hiting the dirt. Didn't really stay at the camp much, either traveled around alone or together with Sofie.
>   Moved to Orlovets after Legion and Wolfpack settled down next to us in Chernogorsk and things started to "disappear" during the night.


>   I helped to fortify the new place, not because I thought it was a good idea to settle again, at least not like this. The main reason was Sofie enjoyed being around the others and it was a nice change of pace for me as well. Deep down I hoped this would turn into the place where me and my sister could stay at, so I could finally get her out of those mountains, but I knew it would never happen and it turned out to be false anyways unfortunately and I am glad I didn't do it.
>   Established an agreement with the nationalists around Husky (a friend of Emily) & Maxim and the Slovaks who settled down in Dolina.
>   The agreement lasted for a few days until that idiot Arnost pissed off the nationalists. I walked out when they were about to attack our place, and went my own way again. At this point being out there on my own didn't really get to me anymore, I accepted the fact that I am extremely picky on who I spend my time with and the fact that I won't find anyone I can rely on like I could on Maxim.


>   Regrouped with them a few weeks later when they settled at Red's pub, our third and last home. I missed being around Kruger and Sofie.
>   Sofie got heavily injured and I got crucified by another group of nationalists under Kuba (Černá Liška), because of other people's actions. The day before I wanted to suggest to her that we leave, but I didn't and I regret it deeply.
>   I refused the help of the others after they freed me and split off from them for good this time. Don't really hold a grudge against any of them except for one person.
>   Took Sofie to Emily and Jona's new home up on the eastern coast. Rob was there when I needed him and helped me fix her up. Not sure if we would have survived without him. He disappeared after this again. None of the people from the pub asked how Sofie and I were doing or where we went after this incident. I understand that they did not care about me after what I said to them, last time we met... but Sofie... I really don't get it. Guess you need to pick your friends wisely. I, for myself concluded that the majority of the people we shared camp with were no friends of mine, I think Sofie came to a similar conclusion.
>   The pub was abandoned and our little group completely separated after Vlad's attack, again because of Arnost. After this he faked his own death as already mentioned. Personally tried to stay in contact with them, used our old radio frequency from time to time to ask how they are... most didn't reply and I was the only one... at least from what I know who tried to stay in contact. I really don't understand people sometimes, should have stepped in and stopped the unavoidable downfall right at the start... but I didn't... didn't know them, didn't care about them at the time and thus saw no reason to do so.


>   Continued traveling around with Sofie after this and helped her figure out what had happend to the others after we got wounded.
>   Stayed with Emily and Jona after they got drugged by Vasily in Kirovograd to make sure they are alright.
>   Promised Red help with the "Comfort" problem after a small incident which ended in Emily and Jona being moved to Jelení Ostrov, more or less by force and against my will, not that I have a right to tell them where to go and do, but the alternative to going there seemed more reasonable in my eyes. Husky and especially that dumbass Maxim disagreeed though and I didn't want any bloodshed, so gave in.


>  I brought Sofie to my sister after her condition got worse and worse, while she was still recovering from the gunshot wounds that Kuba and his men inflicted. She stayed there for a few weeks and received proper medical attention. Rob and I tried our best but at the end of the day all we can do is close wounds and make sure someone doesn't die, everything beyond that is out of our range of skills.
>  Followed Emily and Jona to the island upon returning to South Zagoria, to make sure they are alright and thus spent a week with them on the island.
>  Returned to South Zagoria after Emily heard of Red's death and was obligated to fulfill a promise she made to him. Red never called upon my offer to help him before he died.


>   We spent a few weeks going after the clues and riddles Red left behind to encrypt the things he knew, saved in a locked laptop, a mobile phone and a few other things. 
>   I was capture by Eclipse together with Emily, I tried to prevent it but felt like my hands were tied and the only option out would have been shooting a guy that didn't really seem like he ... deserved it? He stalled until Xander showed up, looking back I should have shot him, to prevent her from experiencing more pain... they brought us to different places, separating us and released me for whatever reason I still don't understand just a few hours later. They released me not realizing that I would be back to kill each and everyone of them, if given the opportunity. Emily wasn't as lucky and Xander took care of her personally. I called upon everyone I knew to help searching for her, but despite that... she simply managed to get herself free a day later and I called off the search after Kruger and I found her at the very same place where they took her away from me. While I didn't like... I brought her back to Jona, together with Kruger and a few other people that helped out, back to safety I guess... I don't know, I just wish things were different, had this bad feeling in my stomach when we walked back.


>   Stuck around with the two of them for a few days again until I left for Březník, to visit a dying old man one last time, my friend the doctor.
>   Arrived too late, after I passed out because of severe lack of sleep, the result of me pushing myself too far in the weeks prior.
>   Killed 6 Chedaki militants with the help of my friends during their raid onto the doctors estate to "finish the deal".
>   My sister, Marie, yelled at me for not being there when she needed me... for always stalling... and arriving too late. She decided for herself to return to Kerch, back to Maxim, into a safer environment and I can't blame her honestly. My search for a place for us to stay went nowhere, as I got sidetracked all the time and after sharing a few information with each other we agreed that this country is cursed and not a place for us to stay. I didn't really worry about her being out there on her own for a few days, I taught her everything I know and... I can't and don't want to control what she does, at the end of the day she was always the stronger one from the two of us. I think she realized that she loves Maxim, who we both left behind and just wanted to return to him and tell him that. I hope it makes her happy. I would have went with her, but that bridge is burned for good.
>   Moved south towards the coast, out of the mountains, east of Miroslavl and stayed down there at a secluded house near the coast together with Sofie and Rob for a few days.
>   I returned to Jelení Ostrov a week after this incident to investigate something together with Sofie. Rob went west towards Novigrad on his own little adventure.


>   Grouped up with remnants of Xander Night's Eclipse Chapter (without knowing) and settled at a big tower in the main city at first and afterwards at a small pub in the middle of the forest. Instead of finding a safe place, I thought why not create one for the people are care about myself and came up with the idea of setting up a bar or pub to get attention from other survivors and slowly establish a little community. Wulf, Makarov, Siegfried and Sofie were there. And a woman called Lea and a man called Sandman stops by every now and then.
> Returned with them to South Zagoria after thousands of Infected flouded the islands coming from the Mountains in the north just as things started to shape up. I got out with Sofie on the eastern coast while the rest continued moving towards Chernogorsk by boat.
> I regrouped with Wulf and Sandman to help them set up the Pub in Stary Sobor (3rd time's a charm). Came under the "protection" of Vlad and his people, The Time and paid Union membership.
> Sadly after having failed with it twice, over on the island, I had no energy for this little project of mine anymore and mostly stayed away from the area, helping them from time to time with random things. I slowly started to realize that my time to leave had come.













> I received a radio call from my sister a few weeks later. Surprisingly she apologized to me... which really confused me because she has nothing to blame herself for, it is more or less all my fault that she got angry.
After this little talk, I again told her that I am sorry for not being there when she needed help. She told me about how things are in Kerch and how Maxim is. We somehow ended up talking about our family. More specifically mom and dad. I always avoided that topic and tried not to think about my friends and our family back in Germany. During the first few weeks in Kerch she kept mentioning them almost everyday, it affected her much more than it did me to be separated from them, not knowing how they are, if they even are still alive.
Moving on, I told her that I wouldn't mind trying to go back home. She loved the idea, but at the same time felt content with the way things are. And I can see why. She is in a safe place with the person she loves and there is no guarantee that returning home... I doubt we will find what we are looking for... most of our friends are most likely gone.
Listening to me, it glimpsed through to her, that I was exhausted and tired of the way my life is going. It was time for a change again, after all... the sole reason why I moved to Chernarus in the first place was because I got banished from Kerch and my interest in Ground Zero and she knows that. 
But I was done with that little goal of mine almost a year ago, last winter. The only thing that kept me here was the drive to keep people I care for, people that helped me or even saved my life in a way, save... but that is something you can only endure for so long. I don't mind helping... it's just... I get tired of it, looking at myself... staying out of trouble and then feeling obligated to help friends because they aren't as... let's call it "lucky". But that is really not on them but more on me, I treat this kind of stuff like a Wookiee life debt from fucking Star Wars.
The only people I cared about now were Rob, Emily and Sofie. Rob made it pretty clear though that he doesn't think it's a good idea, the two of us being around each other a lot. Not sure why but I accepted it. Emily I just hope manages to stay out of trouble, she really deserves it. She has Jona and I hope he will try his best to make her happy, I enjoy being around them but always felt out of place, like a watchdog that is just there to keep an eye out for trouble, or the third wheel on the wagon. At least I think that's what it is, not entirely sure but there... ah whatever. And with that there was only really Sofie, I still feel like I am somewhat responsible for her being hurt and all I want now is to make her happy and put a smile on her face. It broke my heart to see her get hurt, when she was limping after me, not being able to help her or at least convince her to stop and rest, I am glad she is with me.
Marie then told me that she would like to ask me for a favor, she wants me to go to our mothers place of birth and told me that Maxim might actually have something of interest for me.
Upon hearing what it was all about I started heading through Southern Russia back to my old "home", Kerch. Having no other plans Sofie decided to accompany me.




> Maxim & Marie met us in a town called Sauk-Dere near Krymsk in an old warehouse, since I wasn't allowed to cross the bridge over to Kerch anymore. This was the same place Maxim and I ambushed a bunch of ... let's say... bad guys almost 2 years ago now. Must have been rather exciting for Sofie to actually see the place, having only heard me tell her stories about it.
> Maxim told me that he had recently heard rumors about some kind of "Lab" located somewhere around Rostov that started producing a new drug, "something that has never been seen before" and suspected it could be or at least be very similar to Comfort. He got that suspicion because an unusual amount of travelers from Chernarus showed up in and around Kerch in the past few months, which turned out just to be coincidence... but moving on...  he told me this because he heard about the drug from my sister and didn't want anything like that to spread around here. He essentially asked me for help in investigating the area and possibly taking it out with brute force. In return he would help me with getting to Livonia... and I really wouldn't mind some help from the russian military.
I agreed and we went on our way, while the other two returned to Kerch.
> We then proceeded straight to the city with the help of a Russian patrol boat and started our little investigation. One of Maxim's men accompanied us, a sniper, he provided overwatch... never met him before in the city I think but he seemed alright.



> It turned out there was indeed a Lab producing drugs, but nothing like Comfort from what we gathered. Seemed more like your local meth dealers trying to go big and do some proper business. The little slogan they spread was just to get people interested in it and the people there weren't Chernarussians as Maxim thought either... again just a coincidence...
> While I was ready to turn my back on it, Maxim heard from some soldiers in Rostov that the lab was located below the city in an old soviet bunker and the idiots running the place recently managed to blow up their own lab and released some kind of toxic gas all over the bunker. But what sparked Maxim's interest was that, they told him there are supposed to be a lot of valuable things down there like Meds for example. He told me that if I go down there with him, he will do everything in his power to help me with getting to Livonia and beyond, whatever he could arrange for me in connection with the Russian military. I agreed, if he could get us proper equipment to go down there. That he did and so the 3 of us made our way there.
The place itself was a shithole, lots of dead bodies, deadly air and destroyed, burnt out equipment to produce drugs and other kinds of medicine. The storage itself was fine though and we packed out bags not only with medicine, but also military equipment, guns and ammunition.
We weren't the only people that heard about the riches down there though. On the way out we got... well almost ambushed, Mikhail, the other guy Maxim brought along noticed something is fishy before it happend. A bunch of thugs... I don't think they were mercenaries, if they were, they were really bad at their job at least. Entrance to the bunker was in a ruined house, just outside of Rostov. That is were they set up and waited for us, judging by their equipment, they planed on sending one guy in, while the rest covers the entrance, noticed that someone went inside already though.
Long story short, we took them out. They had the upper hand initially, but were under-equipped and generally seemed to be a bit overwhelmed with the situation.




> We returned to Sauk-Dere, where we once again met up with Sofie and my sister. Still for some reason obsessed with the idea of finding out about our family, she asked me if I could imagine going back to Germany to find out about our parents or at least check on distant relatives in Poland/Livonia and honestly... I love traveling and exploring the world so I told her that I will think about it.. Always wanted to see where our mother was born, she never really told us about it much, and the furthest east we ever went to visit relatives was Marienburg... or whatever the polish name is ? Malbork ? No clue.
The day after my sister came to me again and told me that she doesn't actually expect me to return to her with information about our family (would be glad if I could of course) and just wanted to give me something to do, something to wrap my head around and maybe find whatever it is I was looking for, if I hadn't already found it. She obviously hinted towards the fact that Sofie came with me all this way and was preparing to move further west with me. I agreed to it and we planed our trip first to Livonia and then from there to Marienburg, Danzig, Berlin and then south into Bavaria. That was the plan at least, I wasn't too dedicated towards this route... just wanna find a place where we can stay and just live our life's in peace, peace considering the circumstances, I am not delusional.
> Maxim used the time to turn the stuff we looted from the bunker into "money" and the pulled some strings as he promised and managed to get Sofie and I a ride with a Russian Military Convoy close to Livonia and a little document that would help us if we would get into trouble with Russian authorities on the way. He also informed an officer, stationed close to the Livonian border that we were coming and that he should help us out if we would require it. To my surprise he actually got the document signed from the city council... at least 2 members, the highest ranking military officers in the city. Maybe they don't remember my name... but from what Marie told me, a lot of people were rather happy with what I did in the past before I was forced out... she said they didn't banish me because they disagreed with my decision, more just to keep order in tact. If they let my crime slide, people will start getting stupid ideas I suppose... just glad they didn't hang me like originally planed.

> The Russian convoy took me and Sofie close to the Livonian-Russian border where we both got off and met up with the officer, Maxim had dealt with. He seemed a bit stubborn but was more than willing to help us within reasonable boundaries of course.
> We asked him some basic questions about the current situation within Livonia and prepared for the trip there.
> Moving there on foot took us about a week, both trips went rather uneventful. Just glad I am not alone in this.
> While it is quiet far from my actual home, this place feels a lot more familiar and friendly to me than Chernarus and I can see glimpses of German Influence wherever I go. In general this feels more than home and I enjoy traveling Livonian lands.




> For a week or so I just scouted the area alone. Tried to find out what is happening in the region and figure out where to start searching for relatives.
> To my surprise, Wulf and Sandman also made it over here, which was good. A few more reliable people that I can trust doesn't really hurt.



> After this first week in the region, Sofie regrouped with me and we continued traveling together. We were just sightseeing really. Also found a nice, rather secluded house, but just stayed there for a few days. It wasn't even close to the pub on Deer Island... god I miss that place.
> All in all my search went nowhere, but to be quite honest... I didn't put much afford into it. I guess everyone is dead or my mother isn't from this region after all, I don't really care.
> In the time there we met a nice woman called Iris, who owned a restaurant and a bunch of forest rangers that try to maintain a healthy animal population in the region, a noble task in my opinion. One of them also went around looking for clues about my family history, with no success though.
> Wulf still had my idea of running a pub stuck in his head, so he picked some random pub at a crossroads in the forest, The Garrison. Hung out with him and Sandman there almost everyday.



> I came to the conclusion that staying here is ... a waste of time ? That's probably not the right term. Nothing really held me here, I like Wulf but not enough to stick around. 
> I decided... well Sofie didn't object, to keep on traveling... maybe returning home ? Just maybe. 
> I set up a travel route together with here, at least a rough plan on where to go, always able to adapt and change course if necessary. 
> The first destination was East Prussia. Visiting some of the old German cities there, after that we planed on heading to Berlin to look for her family and friends. Not that any of us has high hopes of actually finding anyone. It was on the way basically, cause the next destination would my home in southern Germany. Just wanna see what happend to my store. After this ... Prague ?
> I contacted my sister and Maxim and told them the search was unsuccessful and also informed them that we would move on and keep traveling.
> In addition to that I also reached out to the Russian Officer, east at their border to ask him a few questions. He advised us to move around the Prussian territory that is or was under Russian occupation and instead move directly through Poland.
> Sofie picked a few places to visit on our way towards Malbork.













Current Tasks:

> East Prussian Sightseeing: Visit Malbork and Gdańsk
> Somehow manage to send a postcard from Gdańsk back to Wulf (Livonia)

> Finish the list of tasks Wulf handed to me
> Help John Smith
> Find out more information about our new "friend" from Malbork
> Pay Joker the remaining debt for the apartment 
> Befriend him, once the debt is payed
> Continue traveling?







Writing this on a google doc atm, 6 entries into a diary. Got 4 of them finished, ~ 9000 words so far.















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Pistols                                            No-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.png
Fully Automatic Rifles                  No-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.png
Semi Automatic Rifles                 No-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.png
Shotguns                                       No-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.png
Survival & Navigation                   No-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.png
Hunting & Fishing                         No-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.png
Cooking                                          No-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.png
Medicine                                        No-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.png
Climbing & Sneaking                    No-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.png
Poker                                              No-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.png
Amateur Football                          No-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.png
Physical Strength                         No-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.png
Mental Strength                           No-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.png
Endurance                                      No-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.png
Social Skills                                   No-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face.png.e59e7299ba9163f8a5a2930fc57ab8e1.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.pngNo-Face-Trans.png.dcf5ae8e3eae25eb96429c090942c422.png



















The first time I met Sofie was really random, I literally bumped into her and knocked her over by complete accident in a very random location, both of use were running and didn't really listen to our surroundings I suppose. I picked her up and we talked for a while, she seemed busy and was expected somewhere so after... it must have been a hour or two we parted ways, I told her that we would probably meet again though at some point and gave her a way to contact me if she needs anything.
A few months later I met her again when I was with Kruger in Chernogorsk and he had one of his emotional moments, turns out they were together a while ago and got separated from each other. 
We were kind of around each other for a few weeks after this and didn't really talk that much to my surprise.
In a way we are both a bit... don't really know how to put it, we are a bit alike I guess. Not taking everything too seriously, staying out of other people shit and trying to have fun. 
It shifted rather quickly though and with that talking and doing rather stupid things made us stick around each other a lot.
When we settled down with the other people north of Chernogorsk, we from that point on spent a lot, if not all our time of time together. She took me to meetings she set up as backup or +1, we went swimming together, shared alcohol and just explored the area around our camps.
I guess I was looking for someone to replace Robert with. In a way they are similar... or maybe I am just stupid and wanna believe that.
Sofie is probably the person that knows the most things from all my friends about me and my past, the only person I really talk to and I feel like the only person that actually cares... actually no, that's not true, but everyone else just settles with the fact that I am an unknown entity that is just there to help, she asks me about all of this, digs deeper into who I really am... god that sounds weird...
When Sofie got shot by Kuba's men just outside of Red's pub, up in the mountains, Rob and I tried to take care of her wounds. I feel like it is my fault, should have just grabbed her and ran... which I wanted to just the day before this shit show went down and both of us got hurt. Shouldn't have given the others another chance... I rarely fit in, and this was yet another one of those situations.

This whole incident made us stick together even more though. From time to time I reached out to the people we shared camp with... ask them how they are. They never bothered with any of that though, didn't even ask about Sofie's condition after she got hurt, I understand why they didn't really care about me... but her ? Really don't know what to say... I am still trying to be the bigger man in this though, smile and wave, still makes me angry though.

Generally I am not really sure why she is sticking around me that much, I can't really remember a moment when this started.
Not that I am complaining though, I can't really think of anyone I have gotten more attached to ever since I left Kerch. We have a lot in common and I don't want to be separated from her for too long, while I know she can take care of herself, it... I get worried, wouldn't want her to get hurt again, knowing that I could have prevented it if I was there.
She kind of finished what Emily had started, fixed me, turned me back into who I am. 
I really like her, do I love her ? Probably, I don't think about it that much... I am just happy when she is around.

She followed me to Deer Isle where we found a little pub in the forest I called my own, she followed me to Livonia to search for my family... 










Well, what is there to say about Marie... she is my sister... I would and actually have killed for her. 
I don't remember a single time we argued or got mad at each other for a longer time, we just always got along and also as far back as I can remember did lots of things together, even though we don't really share a lot of interests. After I moved out and started my apprenticeship there were a few weeks where we didn't talk, that changed again though when she moved to my city to study.

After we got stranded in Crimea and everything that happend until this very day, she was having my back and might just be the reason why I am still roaming this god forsaken world we live in. 
When I got banished from our new home I insisted that she would stay behind safe walls and not come with me.
At first I thought it was for the better, she shouldn't suffer because of my stupid decisions... and for her it might have been the better option. For me though... it drove me insane. 
Gladly recently I managed to get in contact with her again and we met half way between South Zagoria and Crimea. I took her to Dr. Čelanský's place in the Black Mountains where she would be safe. 

While living with Čelanský and his family she was able to rather quickly learn Chernarussian, at least the basics. 
Communication between us was now a daily thing again... not in person... but hearing the voice of a close family member regularly is more than I could ever wish for.
She also provides me with let's call it "news" about what is going on in Chernarus, listening in to random frequencies when she is bored.

She took care of Sofie together with Dr. Čelanský after Sofie got shot.
After the doctors death and the Chedaki raid on his estate, she took care of the wounds that Rob, Sofie and I sustained.
Right now she is back at Kerch with Maxim, where she is working as a Nurse/Doctor alongside the Russian Military stationed in the city.










Maxim is in many ways the complete opposite of who I am... or was at least. Which is why we are such a good team.
He saved my life on the day we first met and did it again on the day I was banished from Kerch. He risked his life and position within the city to safe me from certain death.
Because he is my best friend, but also because I stood up for my sister... the person he loves. While he was too focused and scared of the consequences of acting, I simply did it... this made him question himself and he told me later that he regrets not doing it himself, shooting a Russian officer that harassed my sister. He also never asked me to return the favor for saving my life twice... maybe because he felt guilty ? I don't know really.
We spent months scavenging for medical supplies and other things for the people inside the walls of Kerch and scouted the wasteland ,that is the area east of the city, together.
We saved people in need, killed bandits, cleared towns of infected, played cards, drank vodka and did all kinds of other things we weren't supposed to do out on patrol.
I guess we just tried to have fun... did this affect our efficiency out in the field ? Not really... this is what made us as strong as we were and still are. When we are together he is my shadow and I am his.
While they didn't marry and I doubt my sister and him will do such a silly and stupid thing, I consider him to be my brother-in-law. He is part of our small 3 headed family.
Maxim and I have the same tattoo on our necks. No-Face from Spirited Away... I think that's the English title. We had it made by an actual tattoo artist near the bar in Kerch. The symbol itself doesn't really have a deeper meaning per se. It was the only thing we could come up with. 
We used the that characters face once out in the field to lure out a group of thugs that terrorized the survivors of massacre in Anape, south east of Kerch. 
Maxim and I painted it all around the city onto walls and he used public speakers to call them out and told them that we are watching and that the Silence is their worst enemy along with a few other things, just to name the most important parts.
We were trying to get into their heads, pressuring them into making mistakes. And it worked rather well. After this the locals there just refereed to us as "Silence" and thus we decided to use this as our call sign from that point on.










I met Emily in the middle of a, snow covered, forest near Stary Yar on a quiet hiking path. I never expected to meet anyone taking these routes, especially not during winter, but in the end it was probably the luckiest thing that happened to me in a while. It turned out that just a few minutes prior to us meeting I had already seen them, and while it sounds silly... She and Amy scared me so much that I jumped off a cliff

At the time I was lost, no where to go, no one to talk to and I didn't know much about the region I was in or what was going on in general.
I asked them if I could tag along and to my surprise I was allowed to do so.
For a month or so we traveled through the country along with some other people and it kinda made me happy again. Being all alone was the worst thing I have ever experienced. 
She never really bothered with asking me why I was alone or ... why I behave the way I do... or did... at least not that I would remember. 
I appreciate that, not that I wouldn't answer it but it's good to know that someone likes you even without knowing the answers.

Maybe we just have a lot in common without really knowing it, since we never really talked much, which makes me realize that I barely know anything about her...
Emily also might be the only person that asks me how I am... every time we meet actually, the only other person that is concerned like that would be my sister.

I feel a sense of loyalty towards her... she kind of saved my life in a way, who knows how things would have went if I met someone else on the path I was taking.
All in all I am just trying to return the favor, ease the pain and help wherever I can, I'd do everything to see her smile... all that pain she had to go through, it isn't deserved and it eats me up from the inside just thinking about it. Further more thinking about someone hurting her again gets my blood boiling, it scares me sometimes that I care so much, I usually try not to show it though.

I haven't heard back from Emily after she told me that they got into some kind of trouble again. I wanted to say goodbye before I left with Sofie towards Crimea, but... I... I hate that kind of stuff, hate saying goodbye.

Rob is listening to the same frequency that we used to communicate over, I asked him to tell her where I am in case she or Jona ask and contact Maxim or my sister if they need any help...








Wulf and I should be natural enemies... to explain this... the first time we met was in the tower I claimed and called my own when me and Sofie went to the Island off the coast of Chernarus to the east.
Leading up to this meeting I had already grouped up with his friend called "Makarov". The tower got surrounded by infected and Makarov, Wulf, his men and I fought together to get out of this tiny mess we were in. 
After this I told them about the idea I had to create a pub or bar on top of this tower and eventually if everything goes to plan, create a little safe zone for the islanders around the tower / town square.
This little idea of a pub, while it was originally my idea made us stick around each other a lot... business partners ? ... and as it stands right now, we are at our fourth location and fourth attempt to create this "pub", even though the definition of what we imagine has changed a lot since the first time.

Coming back to the "Enemies" part. 
What I did not know for the longest time and this is rather funny in my opinion... Wulf, Makarov and the rest of them all worked for Xander and thus for Eclipse.
Hence he would be my natural enemy and if I would have found that out from the get go, at least one of us wouldn't breath anymore, probably me.
I figured it out and straight up asked him about this after he continue-sly made comments that hinted towards Eclipse.
Luckily it turned out that our opinion about Xander wasn't so different, so I dropped it and we continued like nothing ever happend.
For the future it is good to know though that I could rely on Raider help. Might come in handy in case I get dragged into Kirovograd affairs again.

Generally Wulf is a good guy, sometimes too smart and cocky for his own good, but for some reason it works out for him. We often play cards against each other which I would like to pretend is a 50/50 thing in terms of who is winning, but honestly he is much better than me. He always pretends to have been dealt 2 Kings which drives me insane...every...single...time. That is also where the original name for the pub came from "The Two Kings".

I am now assisting him with his business in Livonia, at our new place "The Garrison".









Robert grew into my best friend after I had to leave Maxim behind.
The specifics of how we met are a bit cloudy. I think Radan brought him to Sinistok sometime. He later told me that he sort of kept an eye on me for a while, since I regularly went in and out of the Black Forest where Radan lives... I am not sure why he never came up to me and asked what I was doing there.

I don't really know too much about him to be honest. When we met in Sinistok it just seemed like we had a lot in common at the time. 
Not really talkative and just minding our own business. When we left the town he decided to stick with me and we from that point on wandered the region together.
Sometimes it felt like he is my shadow, just following quietly after me, and he was just as reliable as a shadow... no matter what, he is there.
You could probably say we acted as one person, while being two.

The "quiet" part is a bit of a stretch since we did talk a lot, mostly lots of nonsense though. 
We must have went through almost every town in South Zagoria together, clearing it of Infected, that were present at the time, and "sight-seeing" how I liked to call it.
In reality we both just didn't know what to do with our lives. Never really stopped us from being positive though.
A while ago Rob disappeared to take care of some personal things, yet he was still there when I needed him to get me and Sofie to safety after she had been shot. 
After taking care of both of us in Svetlojarsk we went separate ways again.

A few days later I reached out to him again via radio, thanking him for his help and telling him to move to Březník in case he needs a safe place to stay at.
According to my sister he did that and now roams the area around the village in the mountains, stopping by every other day/week.

He arrived late to help defend the mountain estate against the Chedaki raid and got shot there. 
The recovery from it went rather well and he roams the area around Miroslavl last I heard.








I met Jona the first time west of Zelenogorsk at the summer camp near the lake. He introduced himself as a friend of Amy and Emily... so naturally a friend of mine I suppose.
At first I didn't really like him. He can be very straight forward sometimes, directly the opposite of me, at least the current me, that used to be very different.
He also always kept saying something along the lines of "If shit goes down it's every person for themselves" when we were traveling together. I didn't really believed him... not once. I mean sure maybe I wasn't high up on his list of priorities. But I doubt he would have left behind Emily or Amy.
Anyways... now I am still not so sure what he thinks about me and I don't really know what to think about him. He always kept joking that Rob and I are a great couple when we were roaming around, and that I would be a great dancer in some strip club.
It's just something about the way he says this kind of stuff that makes me unsure whether or not he is joking and actually likes us or is... I don't know.
Other than that, I guess we get along... even though I don't quiet see things the way he does. Actually when I think about it, I feel like punching him in the face sometimes... but not because of something he did on purpose... bad luck.
Different personality, different lives, different experiences... I just hope that never clashes.









I briefly met Thomas in Mogilevka and Dubrovka when he was running a small settlement called "The Haven". After those short encounters he vanished again.
I met him again when I was checking on Amy's house. His weapon got jammed or he ran out of ammo and was chased by infected in the outskirts of Chernogorsk.
I didn't hesitate and opened fire on the infected that were following him and sort of saved his live I guess.
After that he introduced me to his friends Officer Nedved (that Emily and Amy were looking for before) and Sofie. Apparently they were a couple at some point, until Sofie vanished, sad story.
We roamed around Berezino and Black Lake for a while and ultimately settled down north of Cherngorsk and  Orlovets with some other people. 
I never liked the idea of living somewhere and staying there, not since I have been exiled.
And I was correct with that feeling, everything turned to shit. 
Now we don't really see each other as often anymore. His attitude confuses me sometimes. In one moment he is a funny guy that I love to talk to, next day he gives you that tough guy / I don't give a shit attitude. 
I doubt it's because of me or something I did, but it annoys me. 
I recently met up with him again after he asked were everyone went... guess he was alone for a while. As far as I could tell only me and Birger responded to his call. We talked for a while, but sadly couldn't take him with me since the others didn't want to. 
I have a feeling I can rely on him a lot more than anyone else... not that the others wouldn't help me... It's more about the way we do things and how effective we are in doing so. 
Ah well... two germans...

Time has proven that I am correct, he was there without hesitation when I asked him for help.








Amy, I met along with Emily on the hiking path near Stary Yar. 
I was surprised that she was the person from the two which approached me and talked at first. 
She believes in the good inside of people and thinks everyone will return the kindness you give them. And while I think that isn't a very smart way of approaching situations these days, I would never dare to talk her out of it. Telling someone to stop being positive is not something I could do. Especially not since she is I think 16 years old, don't wanna crush the hopes of dreams of what some would consider a child.
When Amy, Emily and I were traveling together she was usually the one that talked the most and I think she didn't mind that either. I didn't really fully recover at that point yet and was just glad to listen to someone, no matter how silly the stories were.
Amy was looking for her sister and when we were in Chernogorsk she showed me the place where she used to live. Every time she is there she leaves a message for her sister to let her know that she is still around searching. 
Every time I am down there I try to visit the house to see if either of the two left a message. I guess I am a bit concerned. Right now Amy should still be living somewhere in a cabin in the woods, reading books and exploring the wilderness.
























Love it ❤️

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Lovely lovely 😆

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Your page is lovely. Enjoyed the read it's very detailed and I love the graphics 

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Damn, what a story and interesting read. Perhaps a part of it comes from the fact I can relate to this a bit in some parts as German but that's not the main thing. This character is filled with depth more so than others (not that I expect everyone to be able or want to invest as much work of course, same for me) and what's interesting is the shown, I guess, regional progression.


I wondered myself if I should let my "native" Chernarussian character evolve through this and take the chance with Livonia but decided against it and made a new one. So kudos for spinning the story forth you this character. Maybe our characters run into each other one day, whether it's my "main" (CRN) or new one (LIV). I look forward to that either way.

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1 hour ago, Combine said:


Thanks 😄 I am sure we will one day

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