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Dr. Helden Tatcher
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Optimistic; Slightly Nihilistic
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1981-07-15 (36 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
    United Kingdom
  7. Ethnicity
    White; Few German characteristics
  8. Languages
    English; German; Slight Russian
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    Parents (Deceased)
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    179 cm
  2. Weight
    73 kg
  3. Build
    Regular / Muscular
  4. Hair
    Blonde and spiky
  5. Eyes
    Blue and green (Central Heterochromia on both eyes)
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Good
  7. Features
    BODY FEATURES: Uses glasses for reading (hyperopia); German facial traits;
    -->SCARS: Big stitched wound on his left arm, under his armband; Treated bullet wound on his left leg; Upside down cross scar on his left arm, right next to a half moon scar, both made by a knife.

    OTHER FEATURES: Great archery skills; Knows few self-defense close quarters techniques; Plays the guitar, piano, harmonica and violin; Loves reading and writing
  8. Equipment
    SMALL: Necklace with a photo of his mother; Wristband with his name, blood type, and age, written onto it; Samsung Galaxy J7 cellphone; Solar cellphone charger; Wallet with few personal documents, alongside his personal WHO ID card

    OTHER: Blue UN Issued Beret or Black cap; Black / White checkered-shirt; Tan M65 Military Issued Jacket or Blue raincoat and Jeans pants; Leather Rucksack. Carries a long and versatile Walking stick; a Bow / Crossbow.
  9. Occupation
    General Pathologist
  10. Affiliation
    World Health Organization / United Nations
  11. Role
    Researcher / Doctor


===PERSONALITY: Highly friendly person. Loves to talk and tell stories.Tries his best to always be up-to-date with the things around him. Doesn’t like to have long-term relationships due to his small inability to express enough affection. Always respectful towards others, and tries his best to keep as professional as possible during conversations, but when he’s with friends, he allows himself to go informal. He believes that the main purpose in his life is to help others, and would take a shot in order to do so. Doesn’t ever ask anything in return (Post-Outbreak mentality), since the only reward he needs is to hear a “Thank you”.


Born at the city of York, in the UK (1981), Helden was always a prominent student. Since he was a child, books were always on his table, and the kid wouldn’t stop reading about mathematics, biology, chemistry, and science in general. He always had a dream of being an astronaut, but his will to help people ended up turning him into medicine.

With the help of a supportive family, his grades were always excellent, but the “A”s came to a stop once he reached 14 years old, involving himself with new friends on a new school, getting girlfriends, and changing his life completely. When he finally noticed what he was doing to his own life, Helden decided to ditch everything that made him slow down, including some of his friends, that in fact, didn’t even like him. Upon doing this, at the age of 15, he recovered himself from his past experience, granting a free pass through high-school.

Due to his great scores and his wealthy family, he studied in one of the best universities for medicine: the Queen Mary University of London. The fact that it was far from home made him feel lonely, but his studies kept him balanced in mind. Helden had made himself mental rules in order to keep himself comfortable with his hard studies that only grew harder. He reserved two weekends of each month to take a break from his studies, having some time with his new friends and acquaintances.

After graduating the university, in 2004, and finishing residence, in 2008, Helden decided it would be best to go for a master’s degree in science (2 years), and right after, a MD in medicine (4 years).

In 2014, he finally decided to stop with full time studies, and start working as the professional he aimed to be. During this year, and the following, he would take his free time to develop small researches on cells and body fluids, that would only be published in 2016, earning him a few recognition, and a fellowship with the Royal College of Pathologists.

In 2015, his Father died of lung cancer, leading to Helden’s mind to think once again on what he could do in order to help even more people that he already did in London with his normal job. In 2016, Helden decided to apply as a candidate for the World Health Organization, but at the same time, his mother died of cardiac arrest. This unpredictable event, made him lose his interview, forcing him to set it to another date a few months later. The loss of his entire family in such a small spam of time shook him, but not enough to make him quit his objective.

In early 2017, Helden passed through the interview, leading him into the career he always wanted, and at the same year, being deployed into the country called Chernarus, after a suspicious Ebola outbreak, so they said. The day he moved was the 17th of July, only to be ready to work at the 24th next to a local town: Balota.

17 OF JULY, 2017 ---------------------

It would be a great day for his career. The moment he put on that identification card around his neck, with a United Nations symbol, alongside the "World Health Organization" tag right beside it, he knew that he couldn't get any better than that to make his dream come true. Helden know that nothing could truly get him off his track after what he had been through the last few years, so he recomposed himself as he went through the wooden door in front of him, and after washing his hands, he walked right off the bathroom, directing himself to the airport gate. Outside, the big USAF C-17 cargo plane that was already preparing itself to take-off. He would go as fast as he could towards the gate, leading him into a line of united nations personnel, most of them checking on other passengers, and some of them being security. Helden showed the security his identification and other needed information, getting him trough in a matter of minutes.

The airplane's ramp was down, as some Peacekeepers entered carrying few boxes of supplies, and others were carrying rifles, which scared Helden for a second. After talking to the man who was directing everyone to their seats, he got assigned to a seat on the right side alongside a few other WHO members. It was hard to identify if all of them were doctors, since they were all using civilian clothing in contrast to the military personnel, so he just assumed their profession. He felt like he was one of the only persons who were not sleeping in that area of the cargo bay, since most of the other WHO passengers looked exhausted. Helden put on his security belt, leaving his bag under his seat and taking off his glasses, sliding them down into his shirt's pocket. He picked up his small notepad from his right pocket, alongside a blue pen, and would start writing down a some words:

"Although I'm excited for this travel, I'm expecting a lot of things that might or might not happen. I hope that most of these don't. May this flight be safe, and may we all be able to save as many lives as we can."

After sliding the notepad and the pen back into his pocket, he waited until the takeoff began. The ramp started closing to his left, leaving the cargo bay in total blackness for a few seconds, until the lights went on. All that sudden stuff woke up a few passengers, but they seemed used to it. After a few minutes the C-17 was already at takeoff speed on the runway, and they were off to the land of Chernarus in order to save the world once again.

18 OF AUGUST, 2017 ---------------------

As a matter of fact, working in collaboration with the NATO forces wasn't the easiest thing in the world, specially when we had to deal with Russian personnel as well. The diversity of the team that secured the camp was almost concerning. A few members kept questioning our reasons and protocols, even thought they were all clear and explicit. That wasn't the worse part, no, not at all.

On day 28 of July, a group of Russian nationalists came to the doorstep of the UN FOB in Kabanino, and decided it would be a good idea to intimidate the guards. They got kicked out of the city in a matter of minutes. Problem is, they came back at night. There were only a few sentinels up, and, sadly, some of them were sleeping in guard duty. Most of the doctors were out dealing with other matters, so it was only Helden and the general practitioner in the camp. The Russians sneaked into the camp, and unfortunately, captured the pathologist. They got him through a hole in the wall, and probably used chloroform to make him go unconscious.

When he woke up, Helden was tied down to a chair in someone's house. It was already daytime, so a lot of time had passed since that last night. They kept making questions that he simply couldn't answer, or didn't know the answers to. Eventually, they started torturing him, from punches to hitting his face with bats and almost shooting his kneecaps. It was like living a nightmare. After a few days and nights, most of his body was bruised and fatigued. Some day, another group of Russians, that seemed a little more like military, followed them into the place, and they didn't seem happy to see Helden sitting there. These new guys knocked out the nationalists, and put him to sleep.

Helden woke up in the middle of a forest on day 17 of August, with nothing but a few bandages he had in his pocket before he was captured. They didn't give him a map, nor a compass, meaning he would have to fight his way out of that place, and hope that he would get to the right place, in the right time, before it was too late.

01 OF NOVEMBER, 2017 ---------------------

The supplies were running low. His stash wasn't going to last much more than a week, even if he stopped eating too much, so Helden didn't have a choice. He spent his entire day in that shack, in a certain room that had been completely cleaned, washed and sterilized. He covered most of it with plastic foil, and mounted a small wooden table over at the middle, which he also covered with the foil. His goal was to finish the studies he couldn't end when he was kidnapped months ago. Few weeks later he actually heard about the evacuation, that didn't really go as planned, so he knew that there was no way for him to get out of that country any time soon, but if he was, the least that Helden could do was finish his main job that he was assigned to.

Every week, a new infected body was brought into the lab, and he tried his best to search for any unknown symptoms, alongside side-effects of common drugs used to fight infections and bacteria, but not too much was discovered. After few days, his papers were complete. He was never good in writing reports, but since he had time, his efforts were doubled. It was now only a matter of time for the study to be 'complete", but where, or who, would he take it to? The rest of the U.N. remnants were mostly M.I.A, and his resources were scarce. The only thing Helden could think of doing was finishing those texts and hoping that some type of miracle would happen, and if not, he would stash them away until actually needed.

On day 01 or November, he had already finished everything he was working with, and now, his only choice was to venture out in the wasteland for food and water, and hopefully, some intel on the world's current situation, and on the rest of the surviving U.N. members, all of that effort wasn't going to be put in vain.



Update #3: Added more backstory. Tweaked "Mental" due to recent events. Changed "Equipment" to match actual loadout. Added "-->Scars" under "Body Features"

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Nice guy!

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