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Cid Owens
Character information
  1. Mental
    Twisted, lost beyond all saving.
  2. Date of birth
    1981-10-17 (37 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Nashville, Tennessee
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    English, Russian, Chernarussian [Average]
  7. Relationship
    Sue Summers
  8. Family
    Mary Owens - Mother [PRESUMED DEAD], Arthur Owens - Father [DEAD], Zakhar Morozov - Mother's Boyfriend [LAST KNOWN ALIVE]
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    198 cm
  2. Weight
    93 kg
  3. Hair
    Messy, dark brown hair that is usually kept tucked under his cap.
  4. Eyes
  5. Alignment
    Neutral Evil
  6. Equipment

    • Black radar cap covering his, typically, messy hair
    • A mask or bandana covering his face, for reasons unknown.


    • A white, long sleeved sweater
    • A suit kept away for special occasions and really good moods
    • Some sort of protective vest to protect his torso area, in the case that things get tough
    • A smaller backpack to make up for the weight of his vest

    Legs and shoes:

    • Cargo pants, typically blue, when wishing to feel comfortable
    • Black suit pants that he keeps tucked away, in the case he is in a really good mood
    • Some sort of black boot, though his wishes are always to keep something that he can store a knife in without any conflictions
    • Dress shoes, for if he is in a really good mood
  7. Occupation
    Pre-Outbreak - Personal Bodyguard, Bouncer


Before the tragic incident of his father's death, Cid lived a relatively normal life.  His parents, Arthur and Mary, were happily married, he was doing well through middle and high school, Cid had many friends and was a nice, well-raised kid. Though his family was not the most financially stable, that didn't stop his mother and father from teaching Cid the values of what was positive in life. Of course, happy stories don't last forever, and unfortunately for Cid, this happy story ended at a very young age.  Although Cid did not learn the intricacies of his father's death until he was older and outside of the United States, his father had appeared to have been in a car accident not far from the apartment they kept in Nashville.  The death of Arthur spurred an episode of depression for his mother, an, in turn, started the slow spiral of Cid's mental health to the point of where it is to this date.  His mother turned to alcohol to help quell the thoughts of her dearests demise, and in her irresponsibility stopped caring about what Cid was doing or where he was, or wasn't, going.  Cid wasn't as soul crushed as his mother, but his father's death did lead to him missing some school whilst in his freshmen year as well as picking up a bad smoking habit to help with some of the stresses.  He continued to miss school throughout the year until eventually, he dropped completely out of high school before what should have been his freshmen graduation.

It wasn't long after when, what seemed like a way out, had stumbled upon Cid's mother whilst she was out for another drunken night at the bar.  A Russian man, Zakhar Morozov, had managed to get enough coherent information out of Mary to bring her home that night, leaving his phone number and address with Cid as he brought her mother home.  Taking a chance, Cid called the next morning, asking Zakhar to come once again to keep an eye on his mother, who was trying to escape back to the bar to continue her unhealthy habit.  Once Zakhar came, he was able to help convince his mother to stay at the apartment.  This continued for a few days before Zakhar managed to earn the trust of both Cid and his mother.  Hearing of the incident of what happened to Cid's mother, Zakhar continued to counsel both Mary and Cid.  Cid's mother spent less and less time drinking, while Zakhar spent more and more time over at the apartment, and it wasn't long before Zakhar's company led into a new relationship with his mother.  To continue to keep an eye on both of them, Zakhar urged the two to let him move into the apartment, which was met with little resistance.  Cid was appreciative of the effort that Zakhar was putting into making sure that he and his mother got their lives back on track, but it all felt so given.  Perhaps Zakhar was just this upstanding?  Cid was skeptical, but there wasn't much choice in the matter in order to get out of the hole that Cid and his mother dug themselves into.

A year into their relationship, Zakhar offered to bring both Mary and Cid back to Russia, where he was originally from.  He had already been making plans to move back, though those plans ended up being delayed due to the situation that Zakhar put himself into.  It would allow both Mary and Cid to get away from the awful memories that Nashville had brought to them, giving them a new perspective on life.  Zakhar even went as far as to offer lessons in Russian to both Mary and Cid so that they would fit in more with the locals back where Zakhar was from.  Cid, not even having a finished education nor the cabability yet to be out on his own couldn't refuse, and too stricken by her infatuation with Zakhar neither could his mother.  Cid couldn't blame her either; this man had stepped into both of their lives when they needed it the most.  Though, Cid continued to focus less on his own success and instead kept an eye on his mom and Zakhar.  He could have done more to look after himself, like quit smoking and go back to school, but he didn't.  He had his own worries about the situation that he was in now, and perhaps the loss of his father helped him hold onto those worries rather than going back to focus on himself and trust in Zakhar, but that couldn't be changed now.

It didn't take long for Cid to realize that Russia certainly wasn't the best choice that he made, at least, not for himself.  Already feeling displaced back in the United States and throwing himself into an unknown environment with people that looked at him like an outsider didn't help with his worries and anxieties.  Neither his mom nor Zakhar could convince him to quit smoking, and although the lessons in Russian certainly helped with the ability to communicate with the local populace, it didn't stop their prejudices.  After learning the language quite fluently, Zakhar lined a job up for Cid as a bouncer when he turned 18 for a local club.  The one thing that Cid had for him was his size, and though his status as a foreigner did get him into more altercations than he wished, Cid was able to flourish in this job, and though Cid fit into his new position quite nicely, it wasn't exactly what he wished to do for a living.  He didn't enjoy a job that just got more eyes and more prejudice against him.

As Cid got more settled and became more independent, he started to notice some changes in Zakhar's treatment to his mother.  Zakhar was by no means abusive but became more bitter and argumentative with his mom regarding certain decisions.  By the time Cid had noticed this change in behavior, he was already making enough money to be out on his own.  Zakhar came to Cid, mentioning to him that his mom was going to support the decision to kick him out of the house.  Cid was baffled, he couldn't believe that his mom of all people would support such a decision.  Zakhar wouldn't let Cid talk to his mom anymore, which only proved to infuriate him.  Cid left Zakhar with a final goodbye, headbutting Zakhar after he had barred him from seeing his own flesh and blood.  Zakhar was able to fight Cid off, and surprisingly the altercation ended after Cid was locked out of the house.  There was no police involvement, and Cid managed to find an apartment a few days after he was removed from Zakhar's home.  The owner of the club that Cid had worked at was generous enough to let Cid stay in the offices for about a week whilst Cid found a new home.  After his separation from his family, Cid grew to be more bitter and angrier.  His smoking habit got worse, and his boss constantly was talking to him about his attitude to those wishing to come into the club.  Cid sought out his own professional help for his anger, and it helped to the point that he was able to keep his job.  Though, the thoughts brewing through Cid's mind towards what he wished to do to Zakhar never left.  They were simply only repressed.

Many years had passed at this point.  Cid's mental and home situation simply stagnated over the years.  With Cid not getting any better mentally, he was simply left to his own devices, the thoughts managing the brew in his head over the years.  Cid jumped to a few different establishments over the years, bouncing for different clubs and taking jobs on the side for professional protection, albeit only temporary work.  Cid lost complete contact with his mom many years beforehand, but managed to keep an eye on her as best he could from outside Zakhar's home.  He would make sure that they hadn't moved, or tried to go back to America.  His mom didn't exactly look the happiest when he was able to spot her.  Her head was always down, and there were a few times Cid could have sworn that he saw bruises on her face, but he was never sure enough.  Zakhar would never leave her side, always looking over his shoulder and even spotting Cid a few times whilst he was keeping an eye on them both.  He wished that he could say the same for his mother, but never did his mother look at him when he was noticed, nor did she ever bother keeping the same perception as Zakhar did.  It crushed him as a son, but in general, it simply continued to keep him suspicious.

--To be continued--




oh snap! They back!

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oh snap! They back!

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