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Victoria Aske
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1993-11-01 (26 years old)
  2. Place of birth
  3. Languages
    Norwegian and English
  4. Relationship
    Nathen Wright


  1. Height
    159 cm
  2. Weight
    51 kg
  3. Hair
  4. Eyes
    Light blue





Victoria Aske:

Victoria Aske has always seen the world from a different point of view. Everything around her seeming so fragile, that with ease could be broken at any point. At first, this was just a quick thought that was shrugged away. Over time, however, it became a constant tick that could appear no matter what she was doing. Eventually, it took over and everything blended into this idea and she began to become infatuated with it. Just how fragile the human body and mind can be. How easy it would be, with just one quick slash with a knife, one quick pull of a trigger, could cause all these fragile little pieces to crack and shatter away.

Finally, Victoria decided to put this idea to the test. How hard could it be? Just one swing of a hatchet would be all she would need to settle the lust for this idea. In her small town, how easy it would be to get away with this too. She began studying people that would walk by her house in the dead of night… watching and waiting for somebody to take that role of her victim. Finally, she spotted a younger man, who every night would walk by. Probably returning home for work but whatever it was, it was the perfect opportunity. She would begin to follow the man, dipping in between the shadows, behind cars and trees until she finally followed him all the way home.

The next night, she took her plan into action and went, an hour before the man would pass in front of her house, over to an alley that was near his. It began to rain and while wearing an oversized jacket to conceal the hatchet in her sleeve, she waited until she could hear the echoes of the soles of the man’s shoes approaching closer and closer down the street. When he was close enough, she began to suddenly cry out for help and in pain. The echoes began to pick up in pace almost running. The echoes began to become more clear as he came closer. Finally, the man arrived into the alleyway just as Victoria had planned, pleading him to help her, claiming to him that somebody had tried to rape her but she had escaped. The man offered her shelter in his home just around the corner and invited her inside to sit down while he phoned the authorities.

As he went to fetch something to drink, Victoria silently stood up from the table, and let the hatchet slide down from wrist and rest in the grip of her hand. She waited around the corner at the ready for the man to return. As she listened to his footsteps returning, right as they were around the corner, Victoria sprung like a spider that had led her prey into a trap and with one swing, had dug the edge of the hatchet into the man's throat. She watches as the shock in his eyes faded into nothingness, the blood pooling around them as she pulled the hatchet out from his neck.







jeez sounds like my jamcian will get serial killed here pretty soon hahahaha

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Just now, OxeN said:

jeez sounds like my jamcian will get serial killed here pretty soon hahahaha

Come and step into my web ? 

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1 minute ago, OxeN said:

jeez sounds like my jamcian will get serial killed here pretty soon hahahaha

This time... I would advise you keep your distance from my woman. Unless you feel like you need a few stitches.

-Nathan Wright

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