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Willy Peppers
Character information
  1. Alias
    Poor Boy
  2. Date of birth



born in new York to southern parents who were massive 70s band fans, his name is a mash of the song down n the corner and sgt peppers, he went to chernarus to develop a more isolated lifestyle, and wished to live primarily alone, in a farm he would maintain, the hubbub of the city life drained him out, and he wanted to move somewhere desolate. He would sit at home and  plau his guitar while pursuing other creative efforts, his home nearby Vybor was the same location he sold his produce from. When the outbreak occurred he sat at home, boarded up his windows and use his attic as watchtower. he stayed confined in here, living off his food he had saved and preserved. Willy was able to stay there for nearly a 16 months. His food supply running short, he knew he would have to leave shortly. During his time confined in his home he still pursued his creative efforts while also farming in the home, using one window as his light source. he as a viewer only has seen what goes on in chernarus and hes hesitant to leave his home, he doesn't want to be exposed to the inhumanity that now flourishes in this intentional safe haven that Willie has made it to be. Eventually however, while he was in his attic, he saw a helicopter, he attempted to stop it using a homemade flare he wanted out. The heli slowed down and began to lower itself. A gunshot hit the pilot causing the heli to quickly fall, the wind pushing it towards WIlly's home. Willy ran as fast as possible to his exit door, he shot the lock and left his home, he ran into the woods and the helicopter fell on his home, almost demolishing it entirely. 

Willy is reserved, young, and smart, however his desire to be alone still stands true, and over time hes developed a nasty demeanor, and has at times been seen being a part of the inhumanity that caused him to lock himself up. Willy must've known he was better off alone/.


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