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Peter Sokolov
Character information
  1. Alias
    Peter The Eater
  2. Date of birth


  1. Occupation
  2. Role


My name is Peter Sokolov nicknamed Peter the eater and I used to be a professional Paramedic and during my spare time I ran a little bar with some friends in Chelm, I got the Name Peter The Eater from a food eating contest I won just before the breakout. When the virus started spreading the live of a paramedic was hard and there were many long shifts, eventually almost everyone was dead. I began wandering around helping people but it became more and more difficultt with all the bandits roaming around. these days i'm even lucky if I find some food somewhere... heh it's ironic the Famous Peter The Eater is struggling to find food and cant barely help himself anymore...

I always was a ladies-man atleast for a while, most women came running for me but I never managed to get one to stay, until one day when I found my beautiful wife. I lost her i all the chaos during the outbreak and my two only goals is to primarily find my lost live in this unforgiving land and also help as many other poor souls on the way. I will give it my very best, even if it means that I will go down trying


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