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Richter Cain
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1983-03-07 (35 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Houston, Texas
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, Arabic, Russian
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    180 cm
  2. Weight
    84 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Evil
  7. Features
    ● Burn scars across his back
    ● Burned / disfigured fingertips

    ● Ouroboros symbol on his right hand
  8. Equipment
    ● Black baseball cap
    ● Black bandanna
    ● Black sweater
    ● Blue jeans
    ● Black combat boots

    ● Combat knife
    ● Suppressed FNX pistol
    ● Suppressed Colt M4A1 rifle

    ● Pliers
    ● Canteen
    ● Binoculars
    ● Toothbrush
    ● A map of the local region
    ● Plate carrier or kevlar vest
    ● Packaged trauma kit that includes medical scissors, medical gauze, and tourniquet.
    ● Leather bound journal filled with names, factions, and various other pieces of valuable information (he typically keeps this stashed away at one of his safe-houses in order to keep the information out of potential enemies hands)
  9. Affiliation
    Czolgosz Otriad
  10. Role
    Security Detail, Intelligence & Interrogations



Abandoned at at an early age, Richter was orphaned as a child at seven after his mother overdosed on heroin. With his father having been absent since his birth, Richter was lost in the government system. When he reached his teenage years he began to act out against society and became fond of alcohol and fist fighting. This caused him to be frequently be incarcerated in juvenile institutions. For him, life carried on as usual until he was twenty one. He started a fight with the wrong people and was booked for 1st degree assault. At the time the military was hurting for personnel, causality rates were high in the Middle East in 2003. The judge gave him an option, a jail sentence or military enlistment. He opted for the latter. The structure of the military was foreign to him, but he quickly found something that had been missing in his life.

Purpose. Brotherhood. Discipline

Richter excelled in the Army. Originally part of the military intelligence corps he was eventually transferred into Army Intelligence Support Activity and served several years in Afghanistan, mostly working closely with informants and handling intelligence gathering during raids on terrorist cell safe-houses and compounds. After years of successful raids and medal ceremonies he was recruited by The Agency and spent time in shit-holes where the United States wasn’t suppose to be. Unfortunately that's what landed Richter on a most wanted list. While deployed on a classified mission he was betrayed by an asset, which led to Richter destroying the building that contained the informant and causing the authorities to put him on their radar. In order for the current administration to save face, the United States denied any existence of him.

Blacklisted and on the run, Richter fled and went off the grid. Eventually he found his way to an island country known as Taviana. Situated in the Baltic Sea, the country was approximately 120 km off the coast of Lithuania. The island was home to a small group of criminals known as the Czolgosz Otriad who smuggled illicit goods and weapons. Looking for work he began tracking illegal activity in the region. It took two years but Richter managed to infiltrate the organisation and began to work for them.

It was here that he met the leader of the Otriad's son, Dominik Romanowicz. He worked closely with Dominik and the Czolgosz Otriad, mostly as part of the security details for their illegal shipments. After an incident involving the kidnapping of Dominik's sister, Dominik abruptly left his home in Taviana. Leaving his family behind without notice, Dominik's father sent Richter in an attempt to track Dom down and ensure his safety. Using the skills he learned during his time in the service he was able to track him to Chernarus.

In order to keep close eyes on the his new "asset", he established himself as a local weapons dealer in South Zagoria. He mostly peddled small-arms. A few pistols here some sub-machine guns there. But eventually he was able to make contact with an old NAPA guerrilla who agreed to sell him leftover weapon caches from the Civil War. With business expanding, he put together a crew of washed up ex-military in order to oversee larger operations and possibly make connections in the area for the Otriad. As the outbreak hit South Zagoria, Richter lost track of the "asset". After almost a year and with the help of his crew they were able to track down Dominik. For a time the crew was attempting to get by, by doing whatever was necessary.

They gained a reputation working for other groups as intelligence gatherers & guns for hire. Unfortunately they caught the attention of a much larger force composed of former members of a group known as The House. The group were mercenaries and arms dealers and once they learned of a smaller crew operating in their turf they sought to reign Richter and the others in. Surrounded and at gun-point Richter was forced to agree to their terms or suffer the consequences of saying no and be gunned down. Eventually the new agreement displeased the remainder of Richter's forces and they departed the region to look for work elsewhere. Richter stayed behind however in hopes of falling in with a larger crew in order to ensure the asset's safety.





Due to his past, Richter finds it difficult to trust people. He prefers not to rely or trust others as they tend to be liabilities. Though there are some exceptions. Those he does trust are within a tight knit circle, people he's known before the outbreak. Despite living the life of a gun for hire he operates by a strict code, albeit one that seemingly lacks morals.

1. Those who he owes his life, he will never leave behind.

2. No job is too dirty, but he will not sell out a contract holder and refuses to abandon any contract he accepts. 


● Find a local crew to fall in with [Ongoing]

● Keep the "asset" safe by whatever means necessary [Ongoing]

● Maintain anonymity at all times when carrying out a contract [Ongoing]


Dima Lopatin [Alive]

Jeffrey Finley [Alive]

Dominik Romanowicz [Alive]




I was just poking around in character sheets and i just wanted to stop and say your character looks so interesting! Would love to run into them in game some day ?

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Love this music and hope to make a run in with this character. Interesting backstory!

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