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Victor Novirov
Character information
  1. Alias
    Jack (GenZ) | Lime (Saviors) | Sam Smith (The Asylum)
  2. Mental
    Insane | Developing Multi-Personality Disorder | Suicidal
  3. Morale
    Rock bottom | Emily is no more
  4. Date of birth
    1983-06-07 (36 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    London, United Kingdom
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
    Japanese - Unknown Caucasian Mix
  8. Languages
    English, Chernarussian
  9. Family
    All pre-Outbreak family dead | Generation Zero | Emilia Uusimaa (Guardian) - K.I.A.
  10. Religion
    Lady Of The Lake


  1. Height
    192 cm
  2. Weight
    95 kg
  3. Build
    Medium build, average shoulders and upper body muscles - larger legs and thighs.
  4. Hair
    Black, short, messy.
  5. Eyes
    One blue eye, one light blue eye
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    ᴡɪɴɢꜱ ᴛᴀᴛᴛᴏᴏꜱ ᴄᴏᴠᴇʀɪɴɢ ʜɪꜱ ʙᴀᴄᴋ
    ꜱᴡᴏʀᴅ ᴀɴᴅ ꜱʜɪᴇʟᴅ ᴛᴀᴛᴛᴏᴏ ᴏɴ ʟᴇꜰᴛ ʙɪᴄᴇᴘ
    ᴄʜᴇᴅᴀᴋɪ ᴄᴀʀᴠᴇᴅ ɪɴᴛᴏ ʙᴀᴄᴋ
    ᴊɪɢꜱᴀᴡ ꜱᴍɪʟᴇ
  8. Equipment

    ᴘʜᴏᴛᴏ ᴏꜰ ᴇᴍɪʟʏ
    ᴊᴏᴜʀɴᴀʟ ᴀɴᴅ ᴘᴇɴ
  9. Occupation
    Hunter / Freelance Medic
  10. Affiliation
    Generation Zero
  11. Role



"The Angel of Chernarus"



Victor was born in London, 1983. He grew up in Chelsea - without his biological father present. This left him with an abusive and addicted step-father, and his innocent mother - who worked her ass off with two jobs. Victor was taught to not speak up, something he picked up himself to avoid beating from his step-dad. He didn't grow up in a good family, and any money that he would get from his mother, his step-dad took for himself, of course buying drugs and alcohol. 

At the very least, he excelled in school, sort of. He was the stereotypical quiet, shy kid - dying inside. In year 8, he was diagnosed with depression - and his life was going downhill, but he braved through it and got 5 A's and 6 B's leaving secondary school and was meant to go on a trip with his mother and a few buddies to Japan, as a reward for doing so well. A few days before he could leave - their step-father got a new job in Russia, which was insane. He would have to move, and he was taking Victor and his mother with him. 

Victor's mother was done. She had worked her ass off for years, barely getting any sleep just trying to provide for Victor. She spent all her money on that trip, and was being abused much worse than Victor. Rape, beatings, borderline torture, for no reason. She. Was. Done. On the 19th of September 1999, hung herself off of the balcony of their house in Russia. This was... a sight, for him.


This only made the abuse worse. Victor almost had the same fate as his mother, but one day Victor found his step-father dead, in his kitchen. Heroin overdose.

He never felt so happy, yet sad at the same time. 

Victor was forced to go to an orphanage where he would be adopted by a Chernarussian family, living in Russia. 

The visa's of the family ran out, forcing them to go back to South Zagoria. The life was adequate, much better than his life previously, but not higher class. It was adequate as most, but his life improved from that point on. He was able to volunteer at a hospital, receiving basic first aid training - knowing how to resuscitate people, stitch up bullet wounds and treat animal bites, something that would help quite a bit in the future. After finishing his training, he didn't become a doctor or anything, he was interested in hunting. Throughout the years, he picked up on the language a bit.

At the age of 35, Victor was living in Moglievka as a commercial hunter, he became renowned as the best shot in the local area. He hunted deer, elk, and a number of wild animals that he struggles to remember. At this point however, the outbreak was beginning - his foster-father was a soldier and was called to Kamensk. It is unknown what happened to him, however it was easily presumed that he died to the bombardments carried out by Russian forces. The news of the bombardments led to his foster-mother and sister turning to alcoholism - and later dying, which wasn't great for the already depressed Victor Novirov. 


Whilst out shopping for supplies, Victor heard a PA for an outbreak of a flu-like virus, and people 'eating eachother'. He resorted to living in the forest, and only occasionally ventured out, seeing these people who are corrupted with this virus. He had to kill for his life, and since then, Victor has been forced to take up a kill, or be killed mentality.



The Saviors


Victor ventured out of his cabin in the woods, and journeyed out for the first time in months. He arrived in Novaya Petrovka, where he met the Saviors, and became acquainted with a few members, namely Arthur 'ToeZ' Wade, and Noah McKaine. He had heard about them from a few people he had met on his adventures from Black Forest to there. It wasn't a long experience, only being with them for a few weeks, maybe one or two. It was here that he received the name 'Lime', a name he is still called by now.

This is where he met someone he wish he had stayed with to this day. Samantha Becker. He knew who she was through stories that he was told by the Saviors, and she seemed innocent. Just at the wrong place at the wrong time. But to the Saviors, she was the enemy, a Green Dragon. She got robbed in Novaya, under the guise of 'Abby' - and Victor's instict kicked in. He wanted to protect her, and he knew that the Saviors would kill her if they found out who she was. He had to hide her identity, and he knew he was the only one who would be willing to do it.  

Victor convinced a drugged up Seth Hatcher that 'Abby' was an innocent girl who was robbed of her weapons and equipment - and was left helpless in the wastes. A few hours later, Samantha was able to leave the compound - however her real identity was revealed. Thankfully, since Seth was so high on alprazolam, he was mellowed out - and didn't involve the other Saviors in the business, who would have surely killed Sam. To this day, he wishes he could have followed Samantha out of the city.

Victor felt like he had connections with some members in the Saviors, but most of them were either assholes, or dead. One different person though was Arthur Wade - or ToeZ, the renowned Novaya fighting champion. Once Victor found out about Arthur's lung cancer, he spent as much time as possible being around him, and regrets not being with him for ToeZ's last moments.  Victor was put into a deep, depressive episode when the news of his death was broken to him. At the very least, Victor was relieved that ToeZ's death was quick and painless, shot in the head by Kamenici - and not dying to his cancer.

His death caused him to take some time off from the Saviors, and as a result, Victor joined the Cavaliers. 




The Cavaliers


Leaving Novaya for the first time in weeks, he headed east, along with Carmen Rowe, and someone else he can't remember the name of. When he reached the church in Severograd, he was welcomed with open arms. He was still dressed in his Lime outfit, a green paramedic uniform. At this point, Victor was being called a name he would have rarely been used to. 'Mister Novirov' they called him. One thing that Victor remembers to this day is that 'Lord Ashford' abhors informality. One month later, the Cavaliers had formed an alliance with a few other groups - namely the Freemen, Alpha Company, Sheriff's Ranger Department and The Sentinels.

After this alliance, Victor and the Cavaliers had also decided to have a change of location. From Severograd to the famed Albion based in Chernogorsk, Victor wasn't bothered by such a far relocation, and he helped build it up a bit, but nothing too much. 

One week, Victor had heard something over the Alliance radio frequency. That Dale Fontaineaux, a doctor at Albion, had taken a prisoner - Jacob Melrose. Something that tipped Victor closer to his breaking point was Alpha Company's iron fist. That they thought they could kill whoever they want. Alpha Company wanted to execute Melrose as soon as he entered the gates of Albion, and the Alliance council didn't even bother to give him a trial. Two days, Dale, Victor and Jacob waited for the council to arrive and give him a trial. Two days is a long time, and they didn't even bother with him. Execution would be the only verdict that Jacob would have. 

Victor, Dale and Jacob's saving grace arrived one day at the front of Albion. Generation Zero.



Generation Zero


Alpha Company, being Alpha Company, gave the group a rude introduction, and Victor had to step in. He had mentioned that Jacob was their prisoner, and most of the interaction was blank to Victor. But Generation Zero had mentioned something that excited Victor. Joining them. Abandoning the Cavaliers, and being allowed to roam the lands freely, and not being yelled at by some stuck up British guy. It felt nice. Victor took the offer and dumped his clothes, wearing new, comfortable and modern clothing for the first time in months. He left Albion and joined his new family.

Victor's introduction into the family was quick and simple. From day one, he enjoyed the company of people who wouldn't yell at him, and his life became much more eventful. He attended weddings, lived life and met friends, old and new. His life was feeling relieved and he felt like he began to fit in. He had lots of fun, some serious moments and all in all had a feeling of freedom.

His life, as good as it was, became restricted as he met someone who he would consider his daughter.

 Emilia Uumisaa. He refused to leave her side, only leaving her once she wished to go out and help a friend for a few days. He was reminded of Samantha Becker when he met Emily, except, Samantha could speak. Because Emily was mute, Victor knew she would have a bit more trouble on the people side, and because of this - he didn't introduce Emily to GenZ until a few days had passed with her.

Victor introduced Emily one day, when the group went up to Camp Hope. They made her uncomfortable. He didn't like it, but there was nothing he could do. A few weeks later of introducing Emily, the group took over the now abandoned Camp Hope. Too many things happened. Chedaki took him and carved something into his back for an act that wasn't his fault. He couldn't protect Emily. He felt weak. He went west. Took some drugs, found a random shed in the military base and OD'd on some drugs. Some people found him. Insane people, but he liked them...







Head : Glasgow Smile

Torso: Knife scar on armpit | Multiple cuts on back | Chedaki Emblem carved into his back.

Legs: None






- Loyalty
- Rifles
- Black Clothing
- Writing 
- Music



Generation Zero - Family


All of the relations are yet to be written


Blue = Loved

Caleb and Luca Marshall

These guys took me in - no second thoughts, nothing. I knew that I could trust them off the bat, and I hope that they trust me the same way. I was there for their wedding, and I've been by their side for a good amount of time - only leaving to go up to the medical camp and check on Emily. Recently, I have reason to believe that their questioning my loyalty, and I understand why. From this point on, I'll do what I can to prove myself to them and build it back up.

James Carter

James was the first person I trusted. I came to him for personal reasons and he gave good advice. I'm more confident around James, especially when speaking, for some reason. However,  I haven't spent lots of time around him, I just know that he's someone I can trust, with my life - mentally and physically.

Anastasiya 'Nas' Vrubel

Nas is James' wife, and is a good person. Innocent and light-hearted, she's an amazing person - just don't get on her bad side. Honestly, she raises the morale of the family, and I believe the whole group would go downhill if we lost her. Her and James' relationship is incredible, messing around and being all lovey dovey- it's nice to see such a thing in a place like this.

Jordan Holt

I find Jordan to be the comic relief of the group. Admittedly, the entire group has their wits and jokes - but Jordan's stand out to me. He's a little insensitive, and he didn't like Emily when I tried to set them up. He's Caleb's right hand man, and I can see why. Being the Irishman Scotsman he is, he's quite nagging, but that's fine by me - I actually find it quite entertaining.

Eddie Sorella

I don't think me and Eddie have ever spent a moment alone, so I don't know him too well. He does however show that he has a past that he'd like to forget about. We've spoken a few times, but nothing more than trying to find the rest of the family. Hopefully, I can get to know him better over time and trust eachother more from that point on.

Viggo Bjerke

Viggo's the head doc in our family, and he's one of the first people I could trust, medically. He's proved himself in the field, and if I was in the need of medical attention, I know I can trust Viggo. However, one of my concerns is that he's... 'unstable'. Recently, at the Tisy Medical Camp, he left his armband that had a note on it, and scrammed. We found him not too far from Novaya, slumped in a corner and had some drugs that didn't mix well next to him. I don't know if we can save him, all I can do is hope.

Poppy Reynolds

Poppy is a sweet girl, she wears different clothing from us - sticking out pretty hard, but I haven't gotten the chance to know her too well. I mean, I've played truth or truth with her, but she seems innocent and that's enough for me. 

Aaron Grey

I think Poppy and Grey are a thing? I'm not sure. I haven't spoken to Grey too much,  but he seems like a swell guy, and I reckon that I could trust him more if we had the chance to speak again - but then again, I haven't seen him in a while.

Duncan Evans

Duncan keeps his mouth closed. I've barely heard him speak and he's not on the radio all too often. He seems like a good guy, but I've yet to talk to him alone and from what I know, he can help around - most recently he did some heavy lifting for a bag full of freshly hunted meat. He seems like someone I can trust, but I don't know yet.



Similar to Duncan, he doesn't speak much. However, he doesn't need to. Kai does our overwatch, and keeps his eyes out for trouble - something that we could use a lot. Something leads me to believe he was ex-military, probably CDF - considering how he dresses, what he carries around and how well he knows the terrain. The family could use someone like him.


Jason North

North's our newest guy, I don't know too much. He seems nice, but I think he's hiding a traumatic past behind him. I'd like to get to know him, and then I think we can get both of our pasts out and known to eachother.





Mac Tire




Jackals - Neutral


Cavaliers - Disliked


Secrets are for me and me only.


Peace to the fallen

Emilia Uusimaa

Arthur 'ToeZ' Wade

Seth Hatcher

John Moody

Samantha Becker

Minnie 'Mouse' McKaine



Short Term:

Update my journal as much as possible

Find out about the pink armbands

Help out the medics at the camp as much as possible

Help Hope Pisces and Noah McKaine survive - left Chernarus


Long Term:

Protect Emily. At All Costs.

Protect the family

Improve relations between the family and others

Beat my addiction

Help the Saviors

Gather supplies for Albion













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@ToeZOG One of Victor's first friends in the Saviors - and the one he trusted the most. Ofc he would be there 😉

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good page my child

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traitorous cunt ✌️ had a good run my guy

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