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Jamal Moore
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1995-03-15 (24 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    Only the FFL
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    180 cm
  2. Weight
    70 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Evil
  7. Features
    A real one
  8. Equipment
    Whatever he can use to survive
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
    French Foreign Legion
  11. Role


Jermaine was born in Tooting, South london. He never knew his mother due to labour difficulties and he never knew his father as he left Jermaine behind to do work in another country. He grew up in care moving home to home as and when the social services felt fit. Every weekend was the same for him families would come by and greet all the kid and some was lucky enough to even get adopted and live a somewhat normal life. As time went on it started getting harder and harder living in care kids doing stupid things like getting drunk and taking drugs then bullying the little kids, so fighting became a regular thing for Jermaine, people would try to steal his things and he'd fight them to get it back same thing day in day out but he started seeing himself doing the same things as time went on. Jermaine decided if people would keep stealing from him then he'd steal back and steal more things better things and sometimes even things that meant a lot to people. One night the biggest thief in the care home was out and Jermaine broke his way into the room and looked for things he could take, after a short time he found this picture of a young kid standing next to a woman and written on the back was the word mum. He assumed this was something that meant alot to the thief of the house and decided to take the picture, once the thief returned home he started screaming and shouting about the picture of his mother that had gone missing. Jermaine stood still and watched as the thief know as Ed punched and screamed tears rolling down his face attacked kids and screamed at the carers. After around 15 mins decided it was time to take the next step he found a little metal bin and set the picture on fire and then called Ed to come and see, Ed ran over and saw something was on fire he asked what it was he saw that it was a picture and instantly tried putting the fire out but by the time he could it was too late the picture had nothing left apart from black marks. Ed lunged for Jermaine and this caught him off guard Ed landed to punches to the face and before anything else could happen the carers picked Ed up and started dragging him away. Jermaine was sent to a new care home in Brixton where all the troubles would begin.


Jermaine lived in Brixton now that would make me enemies to people in different  places such as Peckham. There was no schools open to let Jermaine in apart from Harris Academy which was in the centre of Peckham. Jermaine kept his head low and never really spoke much till the local kids who was part of PYG (Peckham Young gunners) surrounded him and asked where he was from Jermaine told them that he was from a care home in Brixton and this instantly got him pushed against some lockers but as last time a teacher was nearby to stop anything from getting out of control. As Jermaine was waiting for a bus home a car pulled up and 4 masked guys jumped out and chased Jermaine down they beat him until one smashed a brick over his face. Jermaine was sent to hospital and had to get stitches. After a few days Jermaine was talking to a friend from the care home and talked about what happened and how he knew where they like to post up. As he was telling his friend an Older known as 'Sq' was listening in. Sq walked up to Jermaine and asked how he knew this and if he would to like to put some work in and get some revenge, he agreed and SQ took him under his wing Jermaine was now known as Young SQ.


Jermaine and Sq with a couple of other GAS gang members rolled up on where PYG was hanging out the GAS members chased off most of PYG youngers and SQ and Jermaine stayed behind to get revenge on the guy who bricked Jermaine. Since that happened he was known as Bricker around Peckham and he had a older brother. So as Jermaine was beating on Bricker his older brother came running round the corner but Jermaine was prepared and pulled a 9mil pistol from his waste and he told Bricker "You fucked me over now I'm going to do worse" He shot Brickers older brother 3 times in the chest and Sq and Jermaine took off back to Brixton.


Jermaine was arrested but nothing came off it as Bricker never showed up to court to post evidence so the case was dropped. Jermaine went back to his room in SQ's flat, nothing really happened after that PYG's Bricker and GAS would fight and have shootouts in the streets nobody died not yet a least about 3 years down the line and Jermaine turned 17 and looked about 30.

He was chilling on his Xbox 360 playing FIFA when he heard shooting from outside, he looked out his window and saw SQ running away from 2 masked guys who was taking shots at him. Jermaine jumped to life and ran out in his shorts and started shooting back there was a exchange of fire but nobody ended up getting hit. Sirens started echoing through the streets and everybody took off Sq and Jermaine ran inside and was paranoid the whole day. SQ felt like he had to do something due to them coming to his home and making him run so later that night SQ and Jermaine and a handful of GAS in two cars drove through Peckham and they ended up getting into a big fight with PYG. During the fight Bricker shot SQ in the chest, Jermaine stood there and watched as his older was killed he left of a series of shots and hit Bricker in the leg,arm and chest. Everyone started running their own ways and trying to get away from  the scene. Jermaine had to leave SQ in the middle of the road and ran back to his flat.


Jermaine needed to get away after the funeral of his older broken and nobody left he looked up options for him. He read about the French Foreign Legion taking people in from all over the world no matter your background. Jermaine booked a open return ticket incase it never worked and off he he went to Paris, he arrived late at night so the next day he went to the recruitment office and signed up. Under the FFL rules Jermaine had to change his name. He chose Jamal Moore. This was his name now and this what he was called. After completing training he applied for the Parachute regiment. Jamal had never seen or heard of Chernarus before being told they was being sent there to support NATO forces in the North.




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