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kris kamakaze
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    friendly but cautious
  3. Morale
    tries to be a good person
  4. Date of birth
    1993-09-20 (26 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    washingtion dc
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    born a orphan
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    170 cm
  2. Weight
    65 kg
  3. Build
    medium build
  4. Hair
    short hair
  5. Eyes
    brown eyes
  6. Features
    bland looking person
  7. Equipment
    whatever is available to him also loves guns
  8. Occupation
    used to be a mechanic
  9. Affiliation
  10. Role


Kris kamakaze was born in Washington dc in America as a orphan. growing up as a orphan was not easy for him as he had to only rely on himself and no one else, as a result of this he became somebody that always looked over his shoulder. as he grew up he was always a loner but always friendly to others and willing to help those who needed a hand. After graduating high school he entered a trade school to become a mechanic and eventually found a job working on airplanes on a nearby airport. at 25 years old and working at the airport for some years now Kris felt like he was wasn't making enough money for all the hours he was putting in and when he asked for a raise he was rejected. about a month later he received a email with a job offer for a lot of money in some part of Europe. he later called and was informed in a thick accent if he wanted the job he needed to hop on the next plane over, without skipping a beat he quit his current job and flew over to what he later learned was called chernarus.


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