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Tony Dixon
Character information
  1. Mental
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1995-03-12 (25 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Newcastle, UK
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
  8. Relationship
    No Partner
  9. Family
    Mother, Father, Brother and Sister


  1. Height
    179 cm
  2. Weight
    77 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Dark Brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    True Neutral
  7. Occupation
    Northumbria Armed Police



So..... you know me? You know why I'm here? or do you want to know? Because let me tell you something, getting here, to this VERY point, it weren't easy and it still continues to get harder along journey, along the road down to a very steep darkness where only I, Tony, can escape.....or at least die trying.

I was born to challenge myself, to conquer my inner strengths, to accomplish my deeds and to defeat my fears into becoming the man I achieve to be. But, the story that set me a foot this path began not too long ago, a distant time of when the world was civilised and true to becoming a wasteland filled with death and destruction, a place that belonged only to animals.

Though the story of how I got here, begins as a haunting tale of despair and aggression upon those I have loved and lost and placing me in a lonely space that drives my sanity up the wall.





Truth is, about me, I ain't a good guy, but I ain't exactly a bad guy either. I'm more in the middle when it comes to being social but *chuckles* then again, I ain't really been the social type before. Never really talk much to other people, not co-workers, not friends, hell, not even my own goddamn family. I've always been about my work and even when it comes to that, some people see me as a hero whilst some others see me as a killer. They're either afraid of me or they praise me and somehow I always manage to take one or the other because I pretended to care what people thought about me when the truth is.....I don't.

My mind has been a blank for a long time and my hearts already dark enough with the stuff I did in my work. I've always been about me and what I plan to do, but that doesn't mean there aren't any people in my life that I care about more than anything. Obviously, my family for one, and a few others. Even though I don't see or talk to them much, I know that they are there for me and I there for them. Never really had the time to get myself a girl, maybe I just couldn't handle the hassle or maybe I never wanted the time for any of that shit.







Ahh, this place. Yea, may have been a shit hole to some people but to me it was like my very own paradise, my home, Newcastle upon Tyne. It weren't all a picnic though, living and growing up in the North East of England, it was tough. "The most friendliest place in the UK" people used to call it, they obviously had never been mugged on the streets of Walker or Byker before, or get caught in the crowds of Northumberland Street, or maybe they've never walked past the Bigg Market on a Saturday Night out *laughs*

Oh yes, it was carnage at its best, but it had its good moments too, Byker Grove created the two most famous and iconic guys in the UK: Ant and Dec, Newcastle United scoring 5-0 against Manchester United, and also Greggs the Bakers first opening up back in the 50s and all the way to this day it has over 25 shops around the city, god we were fat fucks *Laughs* Newcastle had some many nice looking Icons too, the Angel of the North, the Tyne Bridge, Grey Street, Byker Grove..... I could go on and on.

I used to have a proper life here, wasn't the best life but surely wasn't the worst. Like I said, growing up was tough but I had a loving family to get me through it all. School was sort of rough back then, so was the area I lived in too. I used to have a few "admirers" back then, if you know what I mean, they'd try to push me into the ground but they should have known that I'd be right back up on my feet to knock them back down. So yea, they'd end up with some loose teeth and broken bones but they should have some common sense not to fuck with me. Just like that, I became probably the most respected person in my school, few others would fear me but they had nothing to worry about at all. I was there to learn, not to take control, its a school for gods sake.

After school, I landed myself a job as a rookie in the Northumbria Armed Police in 2013, I was only 18 years old. I had worked really hard to land myself a job like this and had to work as twice as hard to earn and climb up the ranks. Because of this, I distant myself from everybody else, making it quite hard to keep in contact with family or friends, but I knew they would be proud of me wherever they were, I'd would always be thinking about them as they do with me. So yea. you could say I had it all here..... but unfortunately, that all changed.

August 2017, Reports were coming in from out of nowhere about some sort of outbreak happening in the City Centre, Armed Forces were called to set up road blockades in front of the hospital to ensure safe passage into the area. I was heavily armed that day, trying my best to ensure the safety of others and to get them the best medical attention. A couple hours later, it started getting dark and people started getting attacked, people going crazy and biting every person they saw in sight, Armed forces tried their best to eradicate the threat but then were later devoured by the Biters. I, for one, retreated out of there in a patrol car and headed straight for my family's house. When arriving there, I saw flames coming from the house and, in shock, crashed the car into a wall and went unconscious for the next few days.

4 Days went past, I woke up in the car and saw everything deserted and destroyed, vehicles and properties were left abandoned. After exiting the smashed car, I ran over as quickly as possible to my family's home only to see that it was all burnt to the ground, no bodies were in sight. I wanted to hope that they made it somewhere alive but the chances weren't very big, I tried to cry, I tried to feel emotional but nothing came out of me. I stood there, still as building, staring, nothing to express. I begin to walk away from it all, a part of me was left behind, a part that can't be recovered once lost. 

For the next year and a half, I survived doing what I could do, killed many biters than I could count, met a few people, killed a few people, anything that happened I knew I would, again, end up alone after. Newcastle was nothing but a concrete wasteland, a paradise that turned into a never-ending nightmare. I had travelled over to Newcastle Airport to scavenge myself a plane, had no luck with the first hour I had until 30 more minutes of searching I see a plane that looked salvageable, the only thing that was cautious about this plane was the mysterious man that was filling it up. As I got much closer, I pulled out my gun and locked it onto the mans head, I had no intention of robbing him, only to find out which way he was heading, he said "East". I keep my weapon trained on him whilst he began to fill up the plane again, I told him I'd be going with him as I also wanted to get out of this place. Once I was up in the air, I looked down on Newcastle one final time to say goodbye as I knew my life here would be the end.







We was entering an unknown foreign country that we had no knowledge about. As I looked down onto this mysterious land, the pilot attempted to snatch my gun but mistakenly shot the controls of the plane and in the process, shot himself. I began to panic as the plane went down at such a high speed, I began to look around for anything that would help me survive the crash, turns out I didn't have to stay in the plane at all as, luckily, I found myself a parachute. I then open the door and carefully jumped out of the plane and secured myself a safe landing with the parachute on the shore of the unknown country.

Walking around with nothing but a pistol, I searched around for clues that could tell me what this place was, looking in a random house I found myself a tourist map that had the name "Chernarus" on it........


Through the Winter

So after a while of walking around by myself, limited amount of resources and fear of being killed at any second, you would think things couldn't get any worse in this fucking country but no, instead it got much more colder by the days and then sooner or later, it started to snow. My journey on the road to nowhere became more slower and food was getting harder to find, luckily The Biters were dying off in the cold and couldn't move as fast but that didn't help my chances of trying to survive. 

I then bumped into a southern American man with a blue armband, who called himself 'Clay Cassidy'. Lad seemed suspicious at first but then he turned out to be an alright guy. I sort of just stuck by him on the way up north, later then, he introduced me to a big group of Survivors who called themselves 'The Saviors' led by a man called 'John Moody'. These guys looked big and were not the type of people you'd want as Enemies but after a while of socialising with almost everyone in this group, I decided to join them, I mean, I was getting lonely anyway so why not? We were usually set up in a town up north called 'Novoya Petrovka' where Moody and everyone worked their asses off to turn this dump into a living and breathing community, achieving to bring back civilisation. I became fast friends with these guys, they were determined to bring back the world that once was and you'd think that was enough to gain a good reputation......but that wasn't the case.

These guys were a good group, yes, but that didn't mean many people liked them, rumours were spread around Chernarus that Moody was a known Child Molester and with these rumours, came with almost daily attacks upon the compound to which we were held up in but The Saviors knew how to fight and stand their ground, with their knowledge of construction and defence they manage to protect their town, their compound and themselves. I didn't once believe any of the rumours and stuck my loyalty with The Saviors, the men that kept attacking the compound were apparently either Mexican or Armenians which I didn't have a clue as to who they were but they all seemed to have a grudge. Later in the cold month, they just vanished, gone, never to be seen again, as if they had actually accomplished in fucking off from the country. The constant attacks stopped and The Saviors resumed their efforts in making Novaya into a Community, once they released a radio announcement about Novoya people started arriving to the town.






                                                      -Loyalty                                                                                                                         -Lying

                                                      -Brotherhood                                                                                                               -Betrayal

                                                      -Eating                                                                                                                          -Gaining Weight

                                                      -Respect                                                                                                                       -Accusations






--Black Baseball Cap--

--Black Tactical Vest--

--Black Combat Gloves--

--Red Raincoat--

--Black Jeans--

--Black Combat Boots--





--Black Hunter Backpack--

--Combat Knife--




Cool page my guy

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9 minutes ago, Watchman said:

Cool page my guy

Thanks Man!😁

And thanks for commenting at all because I REALLY need to remember to update this.😂

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