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Max Thompson
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Will do anything to survive.
  3. Morale
    Sad, Griefing
  4. Date of birth
    2002-04-12 (17 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    United States
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Family
    None, all dead
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    168 cm
  2. Weight
    48 kg
  3. Build
    Pretty Skinny
  4. Hair
    Medium long brown hair
  5. Eyes
    Green with a small touch of brown
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    Scared but tries to not show it.
    Likes to mess with people and annoy them.
  8. Occupation
  9. Affiliation


DayZ (Needs work)

Max Thompson was born in 2002. Stay at home mom, dad fired from his job. Father's brother, Max’s uncle, had a fishing business in Chernarus, offered to come work for him and live there. Accepted the offer. Lived there for a good while. Father and uncle died when the boat sank. Max and only his mom. Max started to go outside a lot was away from home a lot. Became a trouble maker. Not long before outbreak his mom overdosed on pills. Started living with the group he met in the city and that he hung out with all the time. They gave him the name Hawk because of his good eyes. Started living with some of the members of their little group in an abandoned building. Outbreak, all members killed by zombies. Max or now known as Hawk was all alone.

Max was born on 6th of december 2002 in Houston Texas. His dad worked a high paying office job and life was good. His mom did not work since his dad earned enough. They lived in a nice neighborhood where Max’s uncle also lived. His father and uncle grew up near the coast and did a lot of fishing and it was his uncle’s dream to one day move away from the US and live somewhere where he could start his own fishing business.
Max went to school like any other normal kid, didn’t have any issues in school, everything was as normal as it could get. When Max was 8 years old his uncle moved to Chernarus to start his fishing business. His uncle moving didn’t really have an impact on him since they weren’t that close. Life continued but things were going down hill for the company his dad worked for. Bosses getting fired for money laundering didn’t do good for the company. Time passed and things were only going down hill more. His dad started to get paid less and less. After a while the company went bankrupt and his dad lost his job. His uncle offered his dad to come work for him and move to Balota in Chernarus to help with the fishing business he had started. After a lot of thinking they decided to move to Chernarus and work for his uncle.
Two months in and everything was going well. The fishing business was doing pretty good, but it was weird for them to live in Chernarus and needed more time to get used to their surroundings. Another 4 months passed and business was still going strong.
It was a slow and stormy week and his dad and uncle didn’t really get to fish because of the storm. But they needed to make some money in order to buy food. So his dad and uncle decided even though there was a storm to go out on their fishing boat and go fishing.
Hours past and they weren’t at the time they were supposed to be back. Max and his mom were worried that something had happened. They called police and they flew out a heli to try and find them. Police came back and they didn’t have good news. His dad and uncle’s ship had sunk because of the storm and they both drowned. Especially the loss of his dad was very rough on Max and his mom. His mom fell into depression and was forced to work a job in order to buy food and to pay for their home. His mom was stressed and depressed and was on pills to reduce these things. Max started to go outside a lot to keep his minds off of things. He started going to Chernogorsk a lot where he met some 2 other kids that were the same age as him and happened to know some english so he could actually communicate with them. He hung around with them a lot. Started to become a bit of a troublemaker. Max and his now 2 friends loved to mess with people for the fun of it. His 2 friends gave him the nickname Hawk because he had really good vision and was able to spot things from very far away.
After a couple months his mom lost her job due to some issues with her boss. This was very hard on both of them because they had barely any money to live from. Max who was still in the city a lot started stealing things here and there, like food, water and some money. This only made things worse. He confessed to his mom that he started stealing things. His mom was worried for him. All the stress led to his mom taking more and more pills. This led to her overdosing one day, now Max was left all alone. He was now forced to live in a foster home. He really didn’t like this and so he decided to sleep in an abandoned home where he and his friends used to hang out all the time.
Then the outbreak happened everything went to shit, the family he lived with died, his 2 friends both died. Now he really is on his own……….




It's HAWK!

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