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Emma Petrov
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1993-03-21 (26 years old)
  2. Place of birth
  3. Nationality


  1. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral


Emma Petrov

How did I end up here?..... That sure is a question I ask myself each day when I wake up in the next random piece of shit house. on some worn down shabby mattress,some hard wood floor that would leave splinters in my skin or just some wide open barn in a corner on top of some hay bale.

I miss my life back home in England, that gap year from studying to be a psychiatrist was something I really needed. So I took to traveling all through eastern Europe. Things were great made some friendships with people all over til one evening I was out enjoying few drinks.... then things turned to black. I woke in a pitch black room. The room was cold and the sound of dripping water was around me. I was hungry, confused and very afraid.

Where the fuck was I?

I could hear voices in a distant. They had accents but were too far away to make out. There seemed to be no injuries inflicted upon me. I lay there waiting, and waiting some more, until he came into the room a torch shining in my face almost blinding me I could see a dark figure standing behind the blinding glare of the torch. His heavy breathing told me he enjoyed the occasional cigarette or one hundred.
His thick what I would call russian accent was somewhat scary, but he was somewhat kind to me and would bring me food and water. Sometimes when he was angry he would leave the food on the floor and tell me to eat like the disgusting greedy bitch I was.

Time seem to pass slowly I had no idea of the day or time or how long I had actually been in this room. Mikhail, that was the man who brought me food started to come see me more often I think more than three times a day, he started to talk to me like more of a human then some caged animal. That's how I learned his name. He wasn't a bad man, He was actually pretty kind.
He told me he had to go away to sort some business and I found myself in a state of panic. It seemed as if he was my only friend in this fucked up situation. The day he left he slipped a small note in my shirt. I was under strict instruction not to read until he had left the room. I did as i was told and waited for him to leave.

I opened the note and it read as follows….

*GET OUT! GET OUT OF THERE AS FAST AS YOU CAN! Please Mrs. Beth Pavlov, trust Mikhail, I will find you and tell you everything*

What was this? Mrs. Pavlov? My name is Wilson!!
How on earth was I going to escape? Where the hell was I?

I was overcome with fear for my safety, Mikhail had gone and I had no one. In my head I tried to think and plan my escape but not knowing what was behind that door filled me with dread. As the minutes, the hours days went by I was getting increasingly anxious hungry and thirsty. No one has come to me since my friend Mihail had left. I was worried for his safety. But I had to think of my own and I knew I had to get out of this place or I would rot away.

I waited what seemed like an eternity, waited for silence. I made my way over to the door, expecting it to be locked to my surprise it was not. I slowly opened it to more blackness. I used my hands to feel my way along what seemed like an endless corridor. Then i saw it, my god I saw it. A glimpse of light. I sped up desperate to bask in that sunlight.
I got outside, I breathed in the crisp cold winter air. My eyes struggled to adjust to the bright winter sun, I blinked it away, and looked around and there I was in some compound, looked kind of military and weird sounds of growling from the right side of the building I had just left. Not hesitating i moved quick towards the treeline, no clue where I was, everything was so unfamiliar.
Then a voice from nowhere screamed out.
‘’Hey!!!! Lady!!!! Get back here!!!!’’

I ran but I was never great at running since I had surgery on my knee when I was a teenager, but I gave it all I got. It proved hopeless as the man gained on me. His hand grabbed me by the back of my neck and pushed me down to the ground. I fought back with everything i had, screaming at him, begging for my life. My hand reached out in the gravel and desperately tried to find something to protect myself as the grip of his hand tightened around my throat. He said the words that will stay with me,

‘’You disrespect your husband and leave your home you little bitch?’’

Without taking in the words I got hold of a small rock and I hit him over the head, he fell beside me and I jumped up and bashed him over and over. Crying out loud with each blow.

I killed a man, i actually killed a man, I remember liking this feeling feeling powerful and having some kind of control. This was a scary thought. What was i turning into?

Scared and confused i made my way through chernarus to find shelter and to try and discover what the hell is going on in the world. While fighting the elements, the infected and dangerous people in this strange country.


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