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Alkis Rouber
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1995-04-06 (24 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
    Alexandra Crown (Dead) [Single]
  10. Family
    John and Mika Rouber (Dead) [Orphan]
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    85 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Short Coal Black Hair
  5. Eyes
    Dominant Brown with a taint of green
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    An Entirely Missing Right Cheek (Treated)
    An X on his Right Wrist (Scarred) [Tattooed over with a Compass]
    Entirely Broken Right Hand (Surgery Finished)
    Lower Lip cut Open (Healed)
    Hair burned off (Regrowing)
    "Family" carved into his right bicep (Scarred)
    The "Family" carving has been scratched and cut over multiple times (Scarred)
    The Right set of teeth has been chipped and sharpend.
    "W" Carved into his neck (Scarred) [Tattooed over with a Skull]
  8. Equipment
    A Collection of hand made pens.
    A Necklace with the star of a christmas tree.
    An Iron Cast plate of a horse and its rider.
    A knuckleduster with "United" carved into it.
    A Flask with a doll sitting inside it, bound with a necklace.
    A Badge of a wolf and the words "Cloi les an alfa mac tire"
    A green armband with a wolf on it.
    A black armband with roses on it.
    A black lighter.
    A Clamp Shell necklace with a plastic rose inside it.
  9. Occupation
    Freelance Hunter and Butcher
  10. Affiliation
  11. Role











Pre Outbreak: Originally returning back to South Zegoria with his parents 6 years ago alkis used to grow up back on the Isles, England. With his father originally being a Chernaurussian Hunter it would only be a matter of time until they would have returned to the country he once lived in. Being raised by his parents he would gain the same skills his father used to provide for their family. Not long after their arrival both of them found stable occupations in the woods of Chernarus. Able to provide for his freshly found fiance and himself it wouldn't allow them to evolve into a fully grown family before the infection hit. Being separated and left alone in the chaos alkis began sinking further and deeper into the woods he knew so well. Over a year he lived of the few things he could scavenge unseen while providing himself shelter and food by the gain that he hunted. Only late in the winter he would be forced out of hiding, not talking to people over a radio but to be in face to face contact with people who might take everything he owned just because they wanted.

Post Outbreak:

"The Elektro Commune"

Seeking out only small numbers of people, trading things that he had for helpful tools, ammunition and quality of life objects. Time and time again he was pointed towards the direction of Elektro, a camp would've been set up there allowing people to trade, handing out warm food to travelers and traders passing by. It didn't take long until he would be known as a common trade coming by time and time again to offer the skin and sometimes meat that he hunted and didn't use himself. Growing to the people who lived in and around the camp he made valuable connections, some that lasted months and years after. Ready to be called to arms Alkis offered his full support and become part of the Compound, gathering for the survivors and fighting for his brothers in arms.

"The United Front"

In the end, after countless attacks from raiders and agressing groups the compound fell, scattering their remains in all directions, sending Alkis onto anther journey. Only to run in one of the most colourful collection of people he ever had to meet. A guy of the name Lemon, along with Sunny and a lady by the name of Samantha stumbled upon him, sticking like glue to thick and thin. It wasn't anything stable, anything secure but he had people by his side who would be willing to defend him when they were together. Sunny stuck out from the group, open, supportive, helping alkis to grow more open the more time he spend with mere travelers. It brushed off on him, the chirpy nature of Sunny allowed him to enjoy this mess they were in, for a little atleast. The group grew larger, smaller, seperated and recollected. But soon only few remained, the chain loosing it's links. In the end they aswell left, but leaving him knowing, there are people out there, that he will walk into one day again.

"Dead Horse"

He began travelling more, meeting more people he could interact with, openly, a community living on the road. He offered jobs, hunting, crafting, scavenging. He turned more talkative with each person he would meet. Remaining in cities to attract most attention. One man had caught attention, Kase. A man who only recently would've returned to Chernarus with a following of his man, ready to make a name for his people, offering Alkis a hand to come along for the ride. His fluent tongue soon allowed him to be the spokes person of their groups, making trade deals, arranging agreements of protection and handling hostage takings. The dynamic trio would lead their very own camp, allowing traders, helping doctors, speaking to news reporters and make a name for themselves.  Reputation comes at a cost. With fame comes the gaze of people who seek to claim it. Attracting all means of attention of rivaling groups, one that was set to claim back the lands of chernarus, Pimyati. Their Military forces hammered away on their camp, attacking it time and time again. Their recourses dwindled until there was none left to protect them, letting them shatter and send the last survivors off into the wind

"Mac Tire"

They fought their way back, slowly gathering the remains of their shattered force. But they survived. Hungry and willing to take back what they once had "Always follow the alpha wolf". They took matters into their own capable hands. Rising under a new banner to claim back what was once theirs. Willing traders, hungry bandits, loyal men. They were good, but not nice. They were evil, but not reasonable. They had to do what had to be done, yet capable of aiding the weak. An Alpha, two betas and a hungry pack on their backs. 

"Vlad Visus"

Mac Tire wasn't the only group growing strong. A rivaling gang of raiders stepped on the map, under the leading of Bozzo and support from the drug they had brought along. A war would broke loose after multiple unfortunate encounters were made, including hooking members of Mac Tire, along with Alkis to their drug, Comfort. Eating away on the mans sanity, craving the drug while fighting countless battles against the seemingly more hungry raiders. Vlad Visus, a man high in their messy ranks being the face of their merciless attacks, the hunting of Mac Tire Members. But so did they in return. Both groups seeking each other, to break each other. Mac Tire returned the favor, capturing the man and his Iron gaze in the form of a signature welding mask. Claiming the mans tool of striking fear into people, alkis wore the welding mask as a trophy and sign of victory over the Dead Batteries. Weeks went on of them fighting against the raiders with new found energy. Defending settlements to break of any supplies of weapons to their enemies. Until one night, whilst sleeping in the camp they protected, they got woken from their slumber, by death. The raiders had sacked the camp and ripped people out of their beds. They came back, for them. Vlad came back, for his mask. After endless hours of torture and pain alkis would be laying in a ditch, burned, stabbed, shot and mangled he would lay there defenseless. He didn't want to end like this, not losing everything he had fought for, again. He crawled, holding on to dear life, fighting to survive, alone.



Crawling his way aimlessly for hours through the dirt, slowly, hallow and on deaths door he soon bumped into a wooden wall. Another camp, at the sight of safety he collapsed. Unconscious he was found by the people of the camp, Camp 52. Along side them a lady, by the name of Constance. They carried him back into the land of the living. With burned off hair, crushed bones and a missing cheek, but alive. He had people who didn't know he was or who he was going to be, but they helped him, maybe thats why he made it in the end, living not one day longer, but many.


"The Toymakers"

With only constance by his side for support he began roaming the roads again. Something had changed way back when, after the addictions, the losses, the scars mentally and physically left him right back at point zero, sending him way back when he was alone and enclosed, just this time with one friend at the start. They didn't walk together, they just met each other more often then not. Until eventually the fell into the arms of the silent danger that walked around them. A group called the  Toymakers, known to drag people into the woods to fuel their sick desires for pain and torture, that's where they landed. Taken, marked and kept around for their desires, Alkis became one of them. A toy. Learning new standards, new behaviors, new morals to follow while knowing the position they were in. But weirdly, some how, they grew to it. They enjoyed themselfs around their alike, other toys, toy collectors...toy masters, one huge, very fucked up family. It wasn't so extreme, it wasn't so light harder as people rumored about them, at least if you followed the  rules. Alyssa, Brodie, Sunny, Constance, Ryker. One weird family. He trusted them, oddly. He likes them, for some reason. He just felt safe. In between the torture, the pain, in between something that has been around since it all started, but at least, they were family.


"Fast Forward"

Some how it was destined to break. Like all who came before. Starting in the Winter in Elektro, all the way past Mac Tire. His family fell apart, internal fights and rioting toys eventually broke the bond of their family apart, forcing them to be either buried with the remains or scattered in the wind. After everything that has happened, everything he tried to be, seeing the good, the bad and everything in between. He grew cold. Everything he tried failed. High powers above not allowing him the most bare feeling of safety. He gave up, to fit in. He was blunt, just like he was taught by Kase. He was nice, just like Sunny helped him to be. He was caring for the ones who were left, just like Constance was for him. He was arrogant, just like Vlad, the man who pushed him down this cliff. He was protective, just like Lemon. He seeked loyalty, just like Alyssa. He remained curious, just like penny. Every person along the way gave him a piece of themselves. But who he is now, he doesn't know. All he knows is that the only thing left is honesty, at least to yourself.



















Loving how this is coming along. 

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I love alkis, but I think he hates me 😞 sadboi XD

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Twink King putting the character page of the year out here like it's nothing. Graphics made me nut 

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Nice updated graphics

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This looks incredible.

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Alkis is so incredible... he hits me in the feels ❤️ love the way this character has changed and he breaks my heart in so many ways. Seeing him down or upset hits so hard. One just wants to see him happy. He is one of the few Elly enjoys around even when he protects her or even exactly because. Its sweet.

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I remember when I used to be mentioned here.

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