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Zolotov Vinyet
Character information
  1. Mental
    Slipping into a deep depression
  2. Date of birth
    1942-12-26 (76 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Rep'yevka, Russia
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    English and Russian
  7. Relationship
    Tanya Vinyet
  8. Family
    Tanya Vinyet and Hanna Vinyet
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    170 cm
  2. Weight
    80 kg
  3. Build
    A wide but very strong man
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
    Bright Blue
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Good


Zolotov was born in 1942 in a town of Rep'yevka in The U.S.S.R when the war was still at war with each other. Zolotov grew up without his father for a bit because he was in the war fighting the exciding Germans. Zolotov grew up on a farm with many animals to keep him occupied and out of his mother’s hair so she could do jobs around the crops and the animals. Zolotov’s mother was tall and thin with pail skin, she had long beautiful black hair that was always put up in a neat bun when she had to do jobs around the farm, at the end of the day she would sit in Zolotov’s fathers chair and nit and let her beautiful long hair down, when she stood up straight her hair could touch her lower back. She was the sweetest person to everyone she met always waving and greeting people with a smiles, all the kids thought she was the prettiest woman in the whole town. All the grandmothers in the town say to Zolotov that he looks just like his mother, he didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

November 23 1945, Zolotov’s father comes home ready to see his family again after a long time at war, Zolotov father tells Zolotov that he had befriended a man the lives in the next town over and would love to meet them all. At the time Zolotov did not realize his father’s mental scars that he had but he had hid them very well because he could lie like a snake in the grass. When the family left their home to go visit Zolotov’s fathers friend he didn’t know what to expect but when they got there they were met by a bear of a man that toward over all three of them, Zolotov would just stand there not knowing what to do. The silence was broken by laughter and hugging Zolotov’s father induces the man, Rah, Zolotov’s father quickly introduces everyone, his mother goes in for a hand shake but is picked up from the man and hugged held in a bear hug, she just laughs. The man also picks up Zolotov and swings around with a big hug and tell him that his father has told a lot about him. They all walk inside and is introduced to the Rah’s family. Rah’s wife stands next to the stove storing a pot and smells amazing and a little girl running around the kitchen helping Rah’s wife, she is the same age of Zolotov maybe a year older. The young girl had short red hair that just touches her shoulders and freckles scattered around her face and arms. Her eyes are bright blue and smile that could kill any man. Rah’s family lived in the middle of their town which was wired for Zolotov because he lived on the outside of town and the only time that he would go into town was for school but other than that he stayed on the outside of town on his farm.

When Zolotov grew up he kept Rah’s daughter as a friend close by, Tanya. Zolotov would always invite Tanya over to play on his farm, when she first went she was very confused and didn’t want to get very dirty by the end of the day she was covered head to toe in dirt. They were very close and never left each other’s side. In Zolotov’s teen years he started to gather feelings for Tanya while he was studying bachelor of nursing, when Zolotov was 17 he asked her if she wanted to go to the pictures with him, she said yes without letting Zolotov finishing. By the time they were both 18 they were both deeply in love and Zolotov took a leap of faith and asked Tanya to marry him, she said yes without letting him finish. They got married two years later and their honeymoon was at Chernarus and they stayed at the Chernarus Hotel.

7 years after their wedding they had their first and only child a beautiful baby girl named Hanna. Hanna was the smartest kid in all of her classes in graded school, her smartness was mainly from her mother. Zolotov’s favorite story of all time to tell people when Hanna had a math test in grad school and she was stressing so much about it and she wouldn’t leave the car because she was so nervous, but Zolotov knew that she would finish it with easies and he was right when she brought that piece of paper home it was the proudest moment of his life, an A+. One year for Christmas Zolotov did something very special for Hanna when she was 7, he dressed up as Santa for her and brought in a St Bernard puppy because that’s all she wanted for Christmas that year, she named him Benji. Zolotov was always loving and supportive of his own daughter but there was something that he could never change or get ready for, her teen years. In Hanna’s teen years she lashed out to almost everyone, sadly Zolotov and Hanna got in a lot of fight because of it. Hanna’s grades dropped because of her new outlook on life, Zolotov did not approve of her new outlook. At the end of her schooling she wanted to move to the UK, her mother supported her in the move but Zolotov did not say anything and was not going to talk to her.

A few years past and Hanna is living in in the UK and Zolotov is not getting any younger, Tanya tells Zolotov that Hanna was coming to visit. Tanya tells him that she thinks it’s time to make things right with Hanna, Zolotov agrees but is still nervous because he doesn’t know what will happen. When they picked up Hanna from the airport she greeted her mother and just looked at Zolotov, Zolotov goes to put his hand out for a hand shake but Hanna pushes his hand away and hugs him instead. Tanya swears that she saw tears in Zolotov’s eyes but he would never admit to it, Zolotov was just happy to have his daughter back in his life. Hanna told him about everything again like when she was a child, he was so happy to have his daughter back.

Years past and Zolotov and Tanya are getting older, Hanna is back living in the UK and Zolotov and Tanya are staying at home waiting for her to call. Tanya asked if Zolotov would like to go back to Chernarus for a holiday, Zolotov smiles and agrees because it’s something to do and he missis when he use to go outside as a kid and with Hanna when she was young. Tanya books the first flight to Chernarus and two days later they were on the plan to Chernarus, Zolotov was excited to see all the places that he saw when they first got married, they even stayed at the same place they did all those years ago Chernarus Hotel. Day 2 of their stay an alarm went off in the Hotel and they were told to evacuate the hotel and told to get on the back of a military truck, they were driven to a military camp above Chernogorsk. They were told to sit and wait before they were checked for bites then a gun shot rang out through the camp, a body of a young man laid dead in the middle of the camp. Silence throughout the whole camp, then roughs and blood curtailing screams from outside the camp walls, infected started to climb over the walls and into the camp, gun fire became a river of sound in the camp and more and more infected started to climb the walls. Zolotov and Tanya make a run a truck, an explosion goes off and Zolotov blacks out. When Zolotov wakes up bodies are scattered around the camp but none of them are Tanya, she isn’t in the camp.

Zolotov mission is to find Tanya before it’s too late


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