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Rustin Jones
Character information
  1. Alias
    Rustin "Rust" Jones
  2. Mental
  3. Date of birth
    1989-02-01 (30 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Sheffield, England
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
  8. Family
    Younger brother called Tom
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    188 cm
  2. Weight
    85 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Unkempt brown hair
  5. Eyes
    Dark blue
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Evil
  7. Features
    -Scar from a bullet wound on right shoulder
    -Various cuts
    -Gunshot wound on his forehead
  8. Occupation


- - - INTRODUCTION - - -

Rustin was born and raised in Sheffield, United Kingdom to a middle class immigrant family from Armenia. Throughout his upbringing and childhood was neglected by his parents as they payed more attention to his younger brother who was autistic and required a lot of special care from his parents. This led to his teenage years being spent mostly in solitary conditions resulting in poor communication skills and lack of confidence in all aspects of life. Rustin had a closer relationship with his grandparents than his real parents and would regularly visit them as he enjoyed when his granddad showed him his collected of guns and how to handle them. His brother had was a year into secondary school and was getting bullied badly as he was a social outcast and didn't know how to communicate properly resulting in him having no friends. The bullying started small with simple name calling and laughing at him but it soon turned much more sinister when the bullies started to use physical violence on him. Rustin had known about his younger brothers bullying issues but lacked the confidence and physical ability to do anything about it so he ignored it as he thought it was only verbal. The bullies began shoving and punching his brother as they knew he couldn't do anything about it and they found it enjoyable and amusing seeing him in a vulnerable state. This gradually escalated over a period of a year and it gradually turned into his brother receiving beatings and getting abused. The bullies manipulated his brother into thinking that he was apart of their friend group and that he would get beat up so that he could stay in the group and think that he had friends. On one particular occasion the friend group met up and told his younger brother to join them as they were going to explore an abandoned well in a forest nearby. They began fucking with his brother at the well telling him to squeeze through a small gap in a stone wall. His brother was reluctant to do it and began crying saying he wanted to go home but the group just laughed and forced him into the hole before deciding to leave and telling him to make his own way back home. His brother became stuck in this small hole in the wall and was unable to move or escape, he cried and screamed out into the forest but no one heard him, eventually he suffocated to death as his lungs crushed and were not able to fill up with enough air. Eventually his body was discovered after the group of friends confessed to going to the well with him but not to forcing him into the gap. The death was eventually ruled as suicide and none of the boys were punished for the acts that day.

- - - DESCENT - - -

The death of his brother drove Rustin in a deep depression and gave him a sense on unbelievable amounts of guilt as he knew about his brothers bullying and did nothing about it. Rage ran through his veins and all he could see was red, he knew he was completely helpless for his brother and he came to realise that it will torture him for the rest of his life and there was nothing he could do about it. The things he thought about and wanted to do to the group of so called "friends" of his little brother were unspeakable and depraved but nevertheless he knew he was weak and continued on with he bleak and unpleasant life. Anger and rage were constantly on his mind and he knew he had a way to let it out some how, that is when he decided to join the military as he would then get the chance to feel strong and helpful by doing his duty and protecting the people in his country.

- - - MILITARY - - -

Rustin then went on to join the British Army, more specifically the 1st battalion parachute regiment which is a part of the special forces support group (SFSG) . He was deployed in 2008 to Afghanistan and assisted in many offensive assaults along side UKSF. In 2009 Rust alongside other members of the SFSG supported a raid by the SBS on a Taliban bomb factory in a province known as Helman. The SFSG carried out a number of diversionary attacks during the operation with support from an RAF Harrier and a single Apache gunship. This mission was successful with 21 Taliban and hundreds of IED's destroyed. Rust completed  numerous deployments and in 2011 he left the military to pursue other avenues in life. 


(Rust in his old SFSG uniform)

- - - CHERNARUS - - -

Rustin eventually ended up in Chernarus, South Zagoria to be specific due to the country being a good place for him to lay low and such. When he eventually left the military, he had decided that he would avenge his brother due to the fact that he was finally able to with him being stronger and already having experience killing people. He had managed to track down each of the boys who went with his brother to the well that day and killed each one of them in various different ways. Most of the deaths were due to blunt force trauma which was caused by a hammer that Rust had used on the now grown up men. Even before commiting these acts, he knew that he would automatically be investigated as the prime suspect and so he planned to flee the country right after the final kill had taken place. Rust thought that Chernarus, specifically South Zagoria was an ideal location as the province was still quite poor and it would be extremely hard for the authorities to track him there as it was quite a remote land.

- - - OUTBREAK - - -

The outbreak had a severe effect on Rust's psyche and general mental health overall. He still had slight amounts of PTSD from his time in the military and during his deployment he could gradually feel his empathy levels decreasing. The outbreak has nearly completely drained him of empathy as through trial and error he has learnt that feeling sorry for people only leads to more issues that could get himself killed or injured. Looking through his scope in the Iraqi desert, he would feel a level of empathy when the bullets he shot hit and killed people, however that feeling has disappeared and he feels nothing now. Rust has noticed this change within himself and he hates it, he feels as if a part of his humanity has disappeared and he's not so different from the infected after all. He has managed to gather a few friends and associates to help keep himself safe and have people to watch his back but he still has a strong feeling of loneliness inside him. Showing weakness after the outbreak is a certain way to get yourself killed or severely abused so he bottles these emotions up inside himself and sometimes lets them out in the form of anger and aggression towards people. The main reason that he hasn't given up and ended it all is that he feels he would let his brother down and must go on to help those are in desperate need like his brother once was. 

- - - French Foreign Legion - - -

After his bounty hunter endeavours Rust had once again a large void and lack of purpose in his life. He began feeling bored, and that bothered him a lot as it gave him too much time to think about the nature of the new world and to reflect on his actions. He had heard of the French Foreign Legion and decided to enlist into the ranks to fore fill himself once again and have a brother in arms dynamic like he once did in the SFSG. His time in the FFL was fruitful and he found himself getting involved in various activities that took his mind of things and got him into very interesting situations. He provided over watch at the large summit between warring groups and helped in the creation and protection of New Paris. Lieutenant Jamal Moore had received orders from the commander up north in the black mountains to return to the main regiment and that's what he decided to do. The unit gathered various supplies and made the trip up north but before they could fully navigate through the Black Mountains they got ambushed by a group of unknown assailants. The unit took heavy fire and were outnumbered by a large margin resulting in many fatalities and injuries. Many of the men died or eventually succumbed to their injuries with only a few return to South Zagoria on the orders of Jamal. Rust was one of the lucky ones to survive however the mental toll of seeing his new brothers in arms shot and screaming near him was too much to handle. Rust has nearly fully lost his moral code and does whatever is best for himself and his new brothers. Tormented by the sights of his FFL brothers lifeless bodies on the mountains he decides that life is unfair and that other people must feel what he feels so that he doesn't suffer on his own. 

-Find an ex-psychiatrist to help his mental health and general well being

-Find a sense of stability in his life that can help calm him

-Keep himself busy so that he doesn't have time to self-reflect on his actions
-Protect and prosper with his brothers


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