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Hilde Kovaden
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1986-03-11 (33 years old)
  2. Place of birth
  3. Nationality
  4. Ethnicity
    Third generation German
  5. Languages
    English, some german
  6. Family
    Dillon, son. Unknown status.


  1. Height
    166 cm
  2. Weight
    60 kg
  3. Hair
    Dirty long blonde roots that fade out into a faded out bleach blonde.
  4. Eyes
    Dark chocolate browns eyes.
  5. Alignment
    Lawful Neutral
  6. Features
    She doesn't look particularly abnormal and more often then not she looked a bit spaced out and absent minded. Her default expression void of a smile and often she looks sad or at the very least troubled.
  7. Equipment
    She wears a thin gold chained necklace with a very simple and small diamond pendent hanging from it.
  8. Occupation
    Researcher, medical doctor


Hilde grew up devoted to being a good student and a hard working citizen. Graduating from high school with rather impressive grades she immediately enrolled in university for a masters in medical science. Half way through her studies she fell in love and unexpectedly had a baby boy; Dillon. Shortly after having the baby the father took off leaving her mid way through university, two jobs and now an added child. Unable to juggle the burden of a child at the time she passed on her child to her Aunt allowing her to finish university and get her life together.

After she finished schooling she ended up bouncing between working as a nurse at various hospitals while looking for a doctor she could shadow. The sporadic work caused her to drift far from her family. She eventually landed a stable job as a research attendant working on the study of diseases; specifically the work of virology. Two years into working with the company Chernarus broke out with a mysterious virus. Her team was given the chance to be one of the first to deploy and begin study on the sick at a hospital bordering the main city. With the offer of a great payout Hilde signed up hoping that by the time she came back she'd be well off enough to return to her home town and finally provide for her child.

Upon landing on the foreign city there was a clear language barrier and many of the citizens were aggressive and difficult to work with. It was only three days of them studying blood samples that the hospital they were working out of became a major target for the spread of the infection and it was quickly overrun by what they thought at first was rioters. The halls turned into a chaotic mess of civilians, doctors and soldiers and the only way to escape getting bit or shot was up. It was just her and only one other from her original research team that made it up to the rooftop where they blocked the roof top access and held up. The military in the area eventually lost their ground and those alive watched as they retreated back and the streets filled with undead. On the second day of hoping for rescue people began to get restless and starved and it only took one person to lose their mind and try to unblock the access for everything to go from bad to worse. The hospital was full of undead and once the roof top access was opened the dead flooded through.

Hilde and her colleague watched helplessly as the remaining doctors and patients began to be ripped apart and before she knew it her coworker jumped from the roof taking death into their own hands. Forced to the back corner of the roof unarmed and soon to be eaten Hilde spotted a emergency ladder hidden away behind a transformer. She quickly descended down and into the city of horrors refusing to give up on life. Panicked, weak and desperate she ran through the streets screaming for help only being found by shambling monsters that gave chase. Hunted until she was at near exhaustion, she crossed some flat fields just outside of the city only to be met with gunfire; bullets ripping past her to peg the zombies that had chased her for hours. Unable to handle all the events happening around her she collapsed before meeting whoever saved her.

When she woke up she was surprisingly just left alone with merely a couple of cans of food, a half filled bottle of water and a letter that only said 'we can't help you, good luck'. Though afterwards she eventually found groups of people to travel with and survive with Hilde began to discover that she was never going to get to go home and that anyone she managed to find solace with would eventually die. The only way she figured to be able to escape would be to find a cure thus now she researches for a possible cure...at any cost she feels necessary.


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